Georgia Local Customs

  • The Pipe and Parasol: Helpful Symbols to Know
    The Pipe and Parasol: Helpful Symbols to...
    by Hanka
  • Natakhtari Beer
    Natakhtari Beer
  • Georgian cash point
    Georgian cash point

Georgia Local Customs

  • Churchkhela

    Churchkhela is a snack that originated in Georgia and can now be found in other countries such as Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan or Armenia. It's traditionally made at home in autumn months, because this is when its two basic ingredients, i.e. grapes and nuts are harvested. How is it made? A freshly made grape juice is poured into a large pot and then...

  • Khachapuri

    Khachapuri is another famous Georgian dish. It's a kind of flatbread filled with cheese. The amount and kind of cheese added can change the taste of khachapuri dramatically. Some Georgians say that Imeretian cheese should be used, others prefer sulguni. Everybody agrees though, that good khachapuri should have a high cheese content, i.e. about 2:1...

  • Khinkali

    Khinkali is probably the most famous Georgian dish. Those meat-stuffed dumplings are so well remembered and often mentioned by travellers not only for their delicious taste, but also for the way they should be eaten to fully appreciate their flavour. Originally made with lamb, today other kinds of meat are also chosen, the most frequent being the...

  • Georgian folk music and dance

    Coming to Georgia I was certain of one thing: I wanted to listen to famous Georgian folk music known world-wide because of its polyphonic traditions. When in Batumi, I noticed a poster inviting the public to a charity concert in State Drama Theatre during which quite an array of folk groups were to present themselves.We went there instantly and...

  • 20 thousand godchildren?

    If you happen to visit a church in Georgia on Saturday, you are very likely to witness the ceremony of baptism. It is interesting to see how little ones are becoming new members of the church by being immersed in water three times. It is usually accompanied by some cries, quickly hushed by caring mothers. Unlike in western churches, here baptism is...

  • Georgians Are Night-Owls

    Most Georgians are night-owls and stay up at night until 2:00 in the morning. Most Georgian businesses do not open before 10:00 in the morning, so most Georgians do not get out of bed before 9:00 AM. If you're an early bird you might appreciate having the countryside, the roads and the sites to yourself in the mornings. Gas stations are open 24/7...

  • If You Like Peace and Quiet... Bring...

    Georgians seem to love loud noises. If you are a peace and quiet loving person, you will certainly be bombarded with loud noises here in Tbilisi, if not the rest of Georgia.If you go to a restaurant after 8:00 PM be prepared. Most large restaurants will have night club singers, jazz bands, a laptop "jukebox" or traditional Georgian musicians...

  • The Pipe and Parasol

    When in Georgia, it helps to know these symbols: the pipe and the parasol. It's hard enough trying to determine which bathroom to use if you can't read the Georgian language, but if one of these images are on the door, you will know that pipes are for men and parasols are for women.

  • Georgia

    “I even don't blame them if they think of the Stalinist era as an age of paradise”Where did u get that? :))Georgia achieved its renaissance and golden age by the young King David IV of the Bagrationi royal family, at the age of 16 (Builder and Georgian Reconquista)!Stalin, “Great Russian man”, Soviet dictator and political criminal, who led the...

  • Georgia

    "I'm only wondering how could this wonderful country and proud people produce such a monster as Stalin and such an idiot like Sakashvili? "well...hade to comment and get involved in political debates, but this is just not right in my opinion.Mikheil Saakashvili won the presidential elections in Georgia with more than 96% of the votes cast, making...

  • wine

    "You might think that as a Pole you're throat is well trained, but you can't imagine how much wine and vodka a Georgian throat can take! :-) "Weldone! :))))*Yes, Georgians drink a lot of wine, but not every day. Only if there are guests over or something is being selebrated.*To refuse a glass of wine is rude,but to toast along,hold speeches and...

  • A Georgian Wedding

    A traditional rural wedding - everybody has been invited: not only the villagers, but also the tourists who happened to be there. As the guests would not fit in any room in the whole village, they have gathered in the backyard of the bridegroom's house. Men and women are sitting apart. They are still waiting for the newlyweds, but the feast has...

  • To the rhythm of Lezginka

    When at the dawn of history God created the world, all nations gathered in one place, waiting for their share of the Earth. Each nation wanted to get a beautiful piece of land for themselves. They started to make a great noise, jostling one another. When the Georgians saw this, they decided they'd rather spend the time dancing, partying and...

  • Women in the Muslim community in the...

    The Georgian Pankisi Gorge lies in the heart of the High Caucasus. The Kists came here from Chechnya 200 years ago and adopted many Georgian customs, but also kept many of their own. They still obey Muslim norms of social life. During visits to the mosque, women must dress in accordance with accepted canons, putting on a scarf, a long skirt or...

  • A toast to the children, the little...

    To people living in the Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, children are the greatest treasure. A toast to them is raised at every opportunity — whether it is a Kist or a Georgian feast.

  • Money

    Not many POS, but ATMs in the centre of T’bilisi are common sight. You can cash in both Lari (2,3 lari/1 euro) and USD. There’re some ATMs just outside the railways station, in front of a bank kiosk on the left side. Should you have Manats left from Azerbaijan, they can be exchanged into Laris at quite reasonable rates in the exchange offices in...

  • what did i sign?

    Travelling by train from T’bilisi to Baku, I had to fill in and sign a sort of “customs declaration”. The only problem was that the paper was printed in Georgian only, with its marvellous hermetic letters. So I didn’t have the slightest clue of what was I supposed to fill in and where on the form. An English speaking local helped, but I still took...

  • Visa

    Travelling to Georgia under a Romanian passport requires a visa, which can be easily obtained from the Georgian Embassy in Bucharest, in exchange of 2photos + application form + passport + visa fee. The visa is issued same day, in the afternoon. I even managed to get a two entry visa for 57 lei (less than 20 dollars), single entry visa 30 lei. Visa...

  • Wish Trees

    Everywhere in Georgia you will see ribbons or some type of material tied to trees. Local tradition has it that if you tie something around the branch of the tree then your wish will come true. I dont know if it will but now you will know what these ribbons / everything are all over the country.

  • Toasting Order

    Georgians have a very rigid order of toasting. The toast master will call on everyone around to listen as he addresses everyone at the table. The head of the table will (in an intimate atmosphere) will pour the drinks himself. They toast God first, dead grandparents, living grandparents, brothers and sisters and on and on and on until you usually...

  • Toasting

    Georgians love to toast at the dinner table but there are many rules and regulations involved with the whole process. For example, the guest should never toast without asking the main person at the table as it is considered rude to the hosting family. You should always toast (if given permission) with hard liqour / spirits as Georgians only toast...


    Since summer 2005 there is no visa required any more for european citzens.Russian need one. Isn't it strange?You have to bring with your passport.Georgian border guards are very friendly on all border post.At night the risk of meeting a corrupt person is higher ...

  • Georgian dances

    The georgian dances are a national issue. There are hundreds of dancing schools around all the country, and a lot of professionals that perform all over the world.

  • when you dine with the georgians.

    when you dine together with georgians you will often be expected to drink quite a bit aswell.especially redwine.not from little glasses but often from big bowls that go around the makes for a fun evening where everyone lossen up once they have had the first 2 pints of wine.

  • buy your food at the market.

    if you wanna eat cheap and good, then do like the locals and buy your food down the local market.there is plenty of stuff be had down there and will only cost you a few cents.

  • chess

    playing chess is a very popular past time in georgia and if you know how to play it try and challenge the locals.that's one way to make yourself popular and meet the locals.

  • Trade along the roadside

    Travelling from Tbilisi to Jerevan In Armenia we passed in the countryside some villages, small farmhouses with vegetable-gardens and vineyards.We saw some small markets with shoes, clothing and household utensiles, sometimes just in the field with only a snackbar nearby.At several places we saw people along the roadside, selling all kinds of goods...

  • Cemeteries in Georgia

    Cemeteries in Georgia (and also in neighbouring Azerbaijan) are often quite beautiful, although at times a bit eerie, as you can see pictures of the dead on their gravestones. Sometimes the faces are accompanied by pictures representing their death...for example, you can see many cars on gravestones, as these represent deaths in car accidents. This...

  • Cultural interference Georgia...

    Cultural interference Georgia - Aphazia, of course is very close, and in the cultural aspect traditions, architecture, influences by other cultures during history where going together, might say brothers. So let's find out what's the catch about Aphasia and who where those mysterious cultures :) 'Originally colonized in the 6th cent. b.c. by the...

  • Have You drink tea from...

    Have You drink tea from Georgien,Middle East (Gruzia)?Yes I had.And I saw the places where it is from....Georgien for me:Dagomis,with swiming in the sea,Gagra with fruits,Suchumi with the monkies in the reservat..;Let's go to swim in the Black Sea...and remember the song of the men and music by Hachaturian 'Dance with the swords'.'Madlubt'/Thank...


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Georgia Local Customs

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