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Georgia Restaurants

  • Cafe 5047 m

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Kazbegi Restaurants

    I decided not to have dinner in my homestay as I also wanted to experience some other places in town. Unfortunately, there are only very few restaurants in Kazbegi, so I twice chose Cafe 5047 m for dinner. It is named after the height of the Mount Kazbeg, which dominates the view from the outdoor terrace of the cafe. As the evenings in the middle...

  • Dzveli Metekhi

    This place is a class act. My coat was taken as I came in the door and a ticket issued. I was shown to a nice table and welcomed. Menus arrive and my drink was ordered. The waiter arrived with my drink and my meal order was taken. Then my lovely food arrived and the next drink ordered. The food was excellent and then the musician arrived. Even...


    My guidebook raved about this place. The menu has an article by the chef about all the care and attention they take in preparing great food and providing fantastic hospitality. Too bad they didn’t tell the staff or the chef who cooked my food. When I first walked in I was impressed with the large ovens in the floor where they bake the fantastic...


    In Georgian, the name of this restaurant is Dzveli Sakhli. This large stone building has the décor of a medieval castle and is definitely geared towards tourists. Not cheap, but not too bad. My meal started with an ice cold vodka and beer. Then the musicians started. After my meal order the dancers came out in full costume. Well, it was certainly...

  • favorit local restaurant

    on our last luch of our 6 days tour to Georgia we found our favoirt restaurantcalled Khareba...situated at crossing from highway from Tbilissi(Mzcheta) to the Gudauri-Kazbeig roadexcellent food excellent service...very good priced trout, shaslik

  • In the middle of nowhere

    Udabno ( meaning desert) is not only the name of the monastery, but also of the village which lies in the vicinity of Davit Gareji. Actually, it's the only settlement between Sagarelo and Davit Gareji with kilometres of nothing around. Most of the villagers are Svan by origin ( coming from Svaneti region in the far away corner of the country) who...

  • the best in tbilisi .... food delicious

    At first glance, I could not believe the Lebanese flag is a sign of a restaurant in Georgia , we entered and was welcomed features welcoming Lebanese offered us coffee Lebanese , surveyed the menu , which includes delicacies by various Lebanese start of the authorities, tabbouleh and fattoush , to appetizers hummus and marinated eggplant and drew...

  • Hinkali

    Every region specializes in its own cousin, Hazbegi specializes in Hinkali, so if you are going to Hazbegi you have to stop on the way in a restaurant to eat Hinkali, all the drivers know where exactly to stop.

  • The home of Shashlik

    Dzveli Sakhli is a "traditional" Shashlik place located on the west bank of the Mktvari river in downtown Tbilisi.The serve an excellent variety of Georgian food, their specialty being shashlik or "mtsvadi" - spiced cubes of pork and pork fat, skewered and roasted over an open flame.The food is excellent, but they do make a production out of it -...

  • Where to Eat and Drink

    Georgians eat and drink at all times of the day and restaurants stay open until wee hours in the morning. Breakfast is not a standard affair but consists of cheese, bread and oh yes beer in some situations. Rare places may serve up some eggs and bread but most offer khachapuri. Restaurants in smaller towns are very cheap and rarely exceed $4 US for...

  • Overload

    Every restaurant in Georgia serves up the same type of food which sadly for most or for me (I enjoyed it) was full of either cheese or meat. If you cant eat either one of these options then Georgia may be a difficult place for you to travel around. Most travellers eat the staple diet of khachapuri and wine/beer but khinkali is absolutely delicious....

  • Have some Georgian food!

    Unfortunately I don't remember how to say "come in" in Georgian, but "genasvali" means something like darling, dear, or sweetheart :) So the name gives it a warm feeling before you even enter. The restaurant is big but almost all the tables are always taken. It's very stylish inside, but food is the best thing there! They serve great Georgian food...

  • Good Georgian food

    Although the name is not Georgian, the food certainly is. The decor is inviting, the staff is very friendly, and the food is delightful. We did have the national dish, Khachapuri (cheese bread) here and it was the best we had anywhere (and trust me, we had a lot).We also had really nice smoked Georgian cheeses, a cucumber salad with walnuts,...

  • The most delicious XACHAPURI and XINGALI

    The first what i want to tell is - being in Tbilisi, i found out that if you want to save your budget, it is better and cheaper to eat at cafes and even in restaurants, than to buy any provisions in the shops. Because all food products are very expensive and, by the way, local food products much expensive than Russian food products and they have...

  • The famous Supra

    The Georgian table is conducted in a wise manner in accordance with the ancient ritual. The head of the table “tamada” is elected as proposed by the host. The tamada must be a man of humour with an ability for improvisation and a philosopher’s wisdom. If there are many guests at the table he appoints assistants who in Georgian are called...

  • Food, Food, and more Food...

    Admirers of Khinkali-a sort of strongly peppered mutton dumplings, a favourite dish with the mountain dwellers of Georgia-keep growing in number. Like everywhere in the Caucasus, mcvadi (shashlik) is very popular in Georgia. Depending on a season, it is made of pork, mutton or spits aubergines stuffed with fat of tail and tomatoes.The splendour of...

  • Exotic, Mysterious and Unique food from...

    All countries and nations have their favourite dishes, which have long stepped over the national boundaries and because of their virtues have suited everybody’s taste. Suffice it to recall Hungarian goulash, English beefsteak, Austrian schnitzel, Russian boef a la Stroganoff and others. But not everybody can boast of what one might call the...

  • Decent European Food

    Though Georgia has a very rich cuisine, I haven't found many restaurants in the city that serve purely Georgian cuisine (khachapuri, khinkali, etc).This one was recommended by friends so we decided to visit. The restaurant is located on 4 floors if I am not mistaken, and we were sitting on the 3rd, which was nicely designed with a large panno....

  • national cuisine: khingali

    This is the main national dish, usually filled with mixed meat and spices, or cheese. Locals eat khingali with the fingers...not as easy as it seems ;)

  • national cuisine: khachapuri

    khachapuri is one of the national "dishes", you can find it everywhere in Georgia,. There are different kind of khachapuri, but this one is from Adjara, you can find it in almost all cafes and restaurants of Batumi.

  • Stepping into days of old

    Set on the river, the stone house complex features the typical large house of the Georgian countryside in days of old. The 12 foot fire place in the center of the main building adds to the warmth. Food is traditional Georgian fare, accompained by traditional male singing and dancing. All your senses are pleasantly assaulted in this delightful...

  • Georgian food

    In Tbilisi at least, there are plenty of restaurants, Georgian and foreign, but the best place to enjoy Georgian cooking is in private homes. It is amazing that even the poorest family would not think twice about inviting a foreigner into their home and providing enough food to feed five thousand. Not to mention all the wine/vodka/cognac and...

  • A friend said this place,...

    A friend said this place, restaurant is ok for eating and in Summer it's open! :) Do you know what's common between Lithuanians and Georgians? Shaslyk!!! It's peaces of marinated with spices meat put on the sticks and roasted on fire! One real georgian also tried to convince me that real Georgian shaslyk is also from vegetables only, but many...

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