Iran Favorites

  • Killan from up road
    Killan from up road
    by samsalehim
  • Kohan in Killan
    Kohan in Killan
    by samsalehim
  • The maine street
    The maine street
    by samsalehim

Iran Favorites

  • mysterious carved wall

    in the west of Iran, Kermanshah province, there is a historic mount, called Bistoon. There are several depictions, inscription and mason carve work, carevan building on and around this mount. In hillside of the mount, (just in west side of the Darius 1, the Great, inscription), there is a huge carved vertical wall. This well known carved wall is...

  • Iranian food

    Most foreigners who visit Iran do not get the opportunity to enjoy the Persian food variety. Actually in most cases, they get fed up with Kebab, and chicken and rice quite prevalent in all Iranian restaurants. Perhaps, lack of local dishes in famous restaurants is one big problem. Even when some limited choices are available, the quality is not...

  • Green nature of North of Iran; Beautiful...

    For those interested in green eco-tourism, Jungles of the north and twisty road of Chaloos are most commonly known tourist destinations. But Iran is such a big and vast and there are still many areas less known. A bit further to the North-east you will some even more beautiful and amazing forests. There are several parks and intact jungle which are...

  • Shiraz; next vacation resort?

    Shiraz is definitely a name always recalled whenever somebody talks about Iran. It is a melting pot with so many things to offer; culture and art, heritage and archeology, poetry and music. So many variant aspects make Shiraz a must-see destination along with other beautiful cities in Iran. Persepolis, the Achamenian most important Palace,...

  • Flight over Iran

    Actually I haven’t been to Iran. Actually my foot didn’t step on its territory. According to VT rules I shouldn’t mark this country at my VT-map as the country I ever visited. But I decided to make an exception out of this rule. Three hours of flight over this country (one and a half hour on the way from Moscow to Dubai and one and a half hour...

  • Friendly people

    I have been to Iran 3 times by now. The first time I must admit I was definetely not very comfortable going, but all my worries turned out to be irrelavnt!We wnt to Esfahan, definetely my favorite place to go. The city is so beautiful and still not very touristed by foreigners. We stayed at Abazzi hotel - probably the best in town. Do not expect...

  • 4 season country

    in one time you have spring , summer, fall and winter together, hospitable people are famous in the world, welcome to my beautiful country I love Iranian people and the nature and Damavand

  • 2 Iranian stamps about Ataturk

    I am sure Iranian friends will like to see those stamps. He is the best leader for some of Iranians too...

  • ATMS and Credit Cards

    Most travellers that go to Iran forget to realize that the country does have atms but none of them are linked to any western bank. Your credit cards are absolutely useless and you wont be able to pay for hotels, any shopping purchases etc. This was def one of the biggest hassles while travelling around Iran because if you have ever seen an Iranian...

  • Visa Extensions

    The best advice I received from travellers and guide books was to plan my trip around Shiraz and Esfahan as my visa was about to expire. You usually cant extend your visa if you still have 3 days of validity left and your new visa begins from the date of issue. If you are in the above cities then you can usually get a 30 day extension without any...

  • My GOD the Visa . . Rules change fast

    The visa issue is without a doubt the biggest reason why travellers dont go to Iran and it is a shame. I thought that I could get one within reason meaning a few weeks but after it was all said and done , it took me nearly 6 weeks in total. Americans/Canadians and British will have to do backflips to get a visa or find an agency that is 'well...

  • Customs

    Most people you cant bring anything into this strict country but the customs are not as strict as it may seem. You are unlikely to be searched but that doesnt mean you should try and take vodka or beer into the country. You shouldnt take anything that is semi revealing with regards to womens or mens magazines including Mens Health etc. On arrival,...

  • Rials - tomans

    The Iranian currency is rial, but it can be very confusing as you often will get the price mentioned in tomans, ten rials is one toma. So if you ask for the price and get the answer 1000 it is probably IR 10 000 that it cost.I have heard people calling the 10 000 rial bill for one Khomeini (even if he is on all other bills as well).

  • Bring cash

    There are no ATMs accepting foreign bankcards in Iran, and you can’t use travellers cheques. So, your only option is to bring cash.I mostly brought 100 dollar bills, which was easy to change at banks (you will need your passport) or exchange offices. From the money exchangers on the street you will get a bad rate.Banks close early in the afternoon...

  • What to Wear?

    By law, all females over the age of nine must wear a hijab. Signs in public show that you can wear either the hijab(scarf) or chador(tent like covering) in public places. Today the religious police dont roam the street looking for foreigners to punish. Even socks are no longer required and few people dont even look if you show your hairline and...

  • Attitudes towards Women

    Contrary to popular belieft, many conservative attitudes in Iranian Islam (Shia) are more openly enforced by elderly women than men. If a womans hijab is not appropiate the elderly women are more likely to tell you to fix it than men. Even if you are not properly dressed, men in Iran will look at you out of curiousity if more than anything else....

  • Women Travellers

    Travelling in Iran as a woman means stepping into a culture likely to be dramatically different than your home country. The easiest way to have fun in Iran as a woman is to go with the flow and enjoy it. There are obvious inconveniences such as wearing a hijab in the summertime or being less of a person if travelling with a man. If you dont take...


    you see one of the gold handmades of achaemenid's priode (550 b.c) .it's a medal for posting on clothes or hats and it made according to iranian art basics.there are many same things that are showing in museums in tehran and major cities in iran.for more information and enjoing go to "national mueseum of iran " in tehran.


    camping opportunities in iran are can go outside of cities all over iran and reach many varied field for yourself.there are many activities for people who love the pure nature and mountains in iran to go and enjoy.many kind of animals and flowers which are unique and beautiful and new charming shahrud's forest ,you could see...

  • Norooz,Iranian new year_2

    Prayer said during the Haftsin:ya muqallib al-qulub wa 'l-ahwalhawwil halina ila ahsan 'l-hal "O you,transformer of hearts and spiritual statesmake our states the loveliest of states."Haji Firuz (Persian Santa Claus?): Troubadours, referred to as Haji Firuz, disguise themselves with makeup and wear brightly coloured outfits of satin.These Haji...

  • Norooz,Iranian new year

    A few weeks before the New Year, Iranians clean and rearrange their homes. They make new clothes, bake pastries and germinate seeds as sign of renewal. Of course, greenery and flowers appear during the Norooz, especially the hyacinth or "sonbol." This powerfully fragrant spring flower, native to Iran, appears on the Haft Seen set at this time. A...

  • The land--Iran is about three...

    The land--Iran is about three times the size of France. It forms a large land bridge between the eastern areas of the Mediterranean and Europe with the bulk of Asia. It is divided roughly into three regions, about one half is made up of mountains ,one fourth deserts,and the remainder forests, woodlands and arable land. The diversity of the the...

  • YADZ - carpet machine (museum)

    I stumbled upon this small but lovely museum, (but have since forgotten the name) showcasing traditional Persian craftsmanship; one of them carpet weaving.

  • YADZ - alleyways

    The alleyways of the ancient city shouts for hours of aimless walking...Getting yourself lost amidst the ancient city; you will stumble across local inhabitants going about their daily lives.

  • YADZ - details.

    I am a fan of Islamic fine art, entering a mosque or mausoleum; I would first gape at all the intricate tile works and mosaics. Here in Yadz, a few of them are often detailed with brown bricks..

  • YADZ - bazaar

    As with all other cities in Iran, a visit to the bazaar is a must. The bazaar in Yadz is spreaded out and although not as spectacular as its cousins in Esfahan, Kashan or Tabriz still has its own distinct flair.

  • YADZ - view of city from the Sharidian

    The best time to visit the sharidian would be sunset....( as with all other places in Yadz during high summer )....Here, you would get the most beautiful views of the city of Yadz and the surrounding mountains. It's however quite difficult to locate due to the lack of signs and the homogenous continuity of Old Yadz distinctive mud houses.

  • YADZ - badgirs

    The brilliance of ancient technology led to the invention of the badgirs; a unique sight common only to Yadz and the surrounding cities. The placement of the badgirs on the roof of the house meant that they would catch any cool prevailing winds and create a natural cooling effect to the houses.

  • YADZ - entry masjid e jame

    Personally I really did enjoy the style of this mosque as it's different to the other mosques I had seen so far. The slenderness and height of it was visually pleasing and at the same time subtle.Ancient Yadzi tradition meant that on a friday, unmarried (desperate or not) women would climb up to the top of the minarets and throw locks down. The man...

  • YADZ -Amir chakmah complex

    This wonderful complex is a gem and the best time of the day to see it is during sunset. I have forgotten the exact use of the building but it seems that it is acting as a gate since it only has a facade.

  • YADZ - ancient city

    ***As i have lost my guidebooks, its almost impossible to recall the name and places of each and every single mosque and museum.***I am alarmed at how fast the old town is disappearing and being "disfigured". I see at the edges of the town that the ugly concrete urban sprawl had already eaten into the old city. The over and bad restoration of...

  • YADZ - A living museum (almost)

    Yadz is a special special city. A very special place to slow down and relax and soak up the uniqueness of the ancient city believed to have been inhabitated for a long time ....unless it is 45 degrees outside!Walking around the old city, its easy to get loss within the labyrynth of mud walls and homogeneous brown of the streetscapes. Let yourself...

  • Museum of The Treasury of National...

    This would be the richest place I have ever set foot in! This one vault located underneath the Bank of Iran holds more precious jewels you would have ever ever seen in your life.Diamonds and gemstones the size of an egg! Wars have been fought over these gems.The diamond of Darya-e Noor (Sea of Light) is one of the few largest diamonds in the...


    With a single entry to the National Museum, you would be allowed to the enter the other museum in the next building. The National Museum ( showcases pre muslim artifects) was a let down after seeing the Islamic and Persian sections at the Louvre in Paris. The collections here were definitely limited and the whole top floor was cordoned off. Luckily...


    One of my absolute favourite museums here in Tehran due to its very cosy setting ( a restored mansion). The air conditioning was at a full blast and boy was it a relief from the 40 degrees heat outside.The bookshop sells great books on Iran and the Library below does have several great English picture books. The exhibits were limited but all very...

  • GOLESTAN PALACE - pavillions and mosaic

    The Palace consists of several scattering of buildings; which include the Throne Hall and the likes. Before the abolishment of the special entry fees for foreign tourists, it costs a fortune to see all these attractions as you pay separately to go in them. Luckily for me, the system was abolished a month before I arrived in Iran which meant that...

  • GOLESTAN PALACE - gardens and mosaic...

    The courtyards of the Golestan Palace provide an absolute relief to the unrelenting heat of the Tehrani summer. These stunning walls framing the courtyard looked so intricate and stunning!


    This buildings are the tallest in the grounds. And inside it is a small museum showing glimpses of the past lifes of the Shah.

  • Information for women traveling to Iran

    Current Iranian law requires the wearing of a 'headscarf' by all women when in public areas. i.e. covering their hair (or most of their hair). When in public, women are also required to wear a piece of clothing which covers their body shape up to the top of their knees. Usually this is achieved by wearing what Iranians call a 'Manteau' (French for...

  • Timing and Communication

    DirectionKish Island is not big. So, you don’t have to worry to get lost. Many taxi driver know the place not by the area, but by a name. For example when I asked the area of Paradise shopping mal, he did not know the area, but know the name.Business HourBusiness hours of shopping malls: The malls are open from 09:00 to 13:00 and in the afternoons...

  • People and Money

    Kish Island is most of popular place for people who wish to change the visa from UAE. There is no visa required to enter Kish. If you bought Kish Air ticket from Dubai to Kish, you will be given one free accommodation in Farabi Hotel. But you have to share with 6 other people in one room.People and Language*Mostly people are friendly. But language...

  • Short Trip, Brief Information

    I didn’t spend enough time to explore Kish. But basically, what I experienced was quite all right. At Airport, there was only one telephone and one fax. You need to queue to get your turn. Patient is the key, as many wise man said. But I met the nice guys who quite friendly and quite helpful, when I desperately need to call to Dubai.You need to get...

  • Qum

    A holy place for Islam Shi'i, a shrine of Hazrat Mo'atasimi, a pilgrimage place and a theological school.

  • Big map of Iran

    I found this another map, with better quality and detail. please follow the link:Detailed map of Iran

  • Iran Map

    This is the map of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the map you can clearly see some important cities like Teehran the capital, Isfahan the UNESCO city, Mashhad the religious pilgrimage spot very important for muslims, and you can notice cities in the Persian Gulf like the ones that start with Bandar (that means port). Near Shiraz you can notice...


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    Enghelab Ave., Mousavi, Tehran, Iran

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  • Hasht Behesht Palace

    We stayed 4 nights in a spacious 1 bedroom apartment in this conveniently located Hotel. The evening...

  • Aryo Barzan

    This is the only international standard hotel we stayed in all our Iranian trip. It is a modern four...


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