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  • Car to Gazor Khan (Alamut Castle) and Lamiasar
    Car to Gazor Khan (Alamut Castle) and...
    by Sambawalk
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by sheilamansour
  • i tried  the one on the left and in the middle
    i tried the one on the left and in the...
    by sarahshm

Iran Off The Beaten Path

  • Excellent guides

    Hard to talk about off the beatn path activity if you're on your own.I suggest, take local guide and you'll surely be part of "Off the beaten path" activity. They'll take you further more into areas that aren't described in LP, this forum or some other tourist info office.So let me be un-polite and share contact :tour guide for Yazd and...

  • Trekking in the mountains and jungles of...

    Iran is a beautiful country with a veried temerature and landscape. Here I would like to help people who like to trek in the beautiful mountain ranges of Iran.

  • get into the mountains

    Get into the mountains and see a hidden cave-a shrine-mainly to AliPeople here are either Shia or a few are secretly Zoastrians -yeah I know I've probably got the spelling wrong!

  • Gazor Khan (Alamut Castle) and Lamiasar

    The car+driver was arranged by Hotel Iran in Qazvin. For 1 person 1 castle Gazor Khan (Alamut Castle) US$50 and 2 castles - both Gazor Khan (Alamut Castle) and Lamiasar US$65. Later in the night the hotel managed to arrange 3 more Swiss travellers to go together. At end, the car charges for 2 castles was US$90 for 4 people. When we negotiated, the...

  • A walk through a small village taking in...

    One of the most rewarding experiences for the adventurous traveler is venturing where the tour buses don't go. As long as you stay away from anything that looks like a military area, the sky is the limit for places to discover and explore.A walk through a small village taking in the daily activities of the locals is rewarding in and of itself. A...

  • Soltaniyeh

    The name of the village signifacte the town of the sultans, this small village host one impressive and unique sight of Iran, the Oljeitu Masuleum or Gonbad-e Soltaniyeh its the most big building of the town and the tallest brick dome. Was considered to rehouse remains of Iman Ali but mongol sultan Oljeitu Khodabandeh was converted by Sunni Islam,...

  • Sand Dunes near Lake namak

    The lake namak is surrended by Dasht e Kavir desert, some parts of this desert are covered by sand dunes, some of they are very big and impressive especially for one who don't know this type of desert.

  • Lake Namak

    It is a salty lake, and he is one of but great of Iran, in winter is covered by water but when the summer arrives is dried and becomes in a salt desert. I and one tourist from France was wanted see the salt desert but i was see water.

  • Chuch of St Stephanos, Jolfa

    The Armenian church and monastery St Stephanos is situated about 50 km west of Jolfa in the Aros River valley, with a beautiful mountain scenery around.The church has a typical Armenian architecture with a tall bell tower and in the middle a cylindrical tower with a conical roof. On the exterior walls there are well preserved relieves of crosses,...

  • Kandovan

    Kandovan is a small picturesque village about 50 km south of Tabriz. The landscape reminds a bit of Cappadoccia in Turkey, but the cone formed rocks cover a much smaller area. The volcanic rocks has been eroded to strange formations and houses have been carved into the rocks. People are still living in the cave houses, and have done so for the last...

  • Ovan Lake, Qazvin

    Ovan Lake is situated in Qazvin province, about 75 km from Qazvin and near Alamut. The lake is 8 km from the Qazvin - Alamut road. The view over the lake and the surrounding mountains ( Alborz Mountains) is beautiful and really worth the detour. In the area around the lake are four villages. The water in the lake comes from springs in the bottom....

  • Qal'eh-e Doktar

    Qal’eh-e Doktar (also spelled Ghal’eh Dokhtar) is situated on top of a hill near the Shiraz - Firuz Abad road, about 6 km before Firuz Abad. Qal’eh-e Doktar means Maiden’s Palace and the castle was probably dedicated to the Goddess Anahita. It was built by the Sassanian king Ardeshir I in AD 209.From the main road there are steps and a path leading...

  • Persepolis Ancient city

    Persepolis is a wonder in the middle of the Valley 40 km from Shiraz. To get here could be not that simple unless you're willing to pay a lot with this private taxi that will take you at least 4000% plus the original price of the whole trip.Persepolis is a palace and tombs complex from the 5century BC and was house of Emperous like Darius I...

  • Visit the turkmens

    Close to Gorgan, down at the Caspian sea, you find the mostly overlooked village of Bandar-e- Torkeman. The place in itself are neither unattractive, nor is it specially attractive either. its appeal are the people witch are mostly turkmens with their own language and culture. i visited here on a monday morning to witness the weekly market, and...

  • Bastam

    is a village clse to Sharud in eastern Iran. it has a nice mosque, but the mainattraction is the very pleasant village itself. Walking around its many quiet streets are delightfull. It is a lush place, and the villagers grow several crops like for examplea apples and grapes. People here are very friendly, and i spendt hours in the homes of...

  • Irans greenest minibusride

    Most of Iran are Arid, but as you come down towards the Caspian, it suddenly turns green, with real forests. I really recomend the bus, or in particular, the minibusride from Sharud To Gorgan. In the beginning, mutch of the strech is arid, there is even some white saltpans. Then you pass a mountainridge and in some days you suddenly can smell the...

  • Enjoyable minibusride

    The road between Andimeskh and Khorram Abad in western Iran are certainly worth the hours needed to cover it in minibusslow speed. Most of it is very arid and hot, but the dessertlandscape are realy beautifull. In the mountains, ravaged by heat and sandfilled wind, there is a lot of formations to be sen, but you must use your eyes. Bring your...

  • Falak-ol-Aflak fortress

    is a fairytalelike fortress crowning the little city of Khorram Abad in western Iran. It is build by a mix of stone and adobe and bricks. The origin dates back to the 3.rd century AD, in the sassanian era. The precent structure dates from several later additions, mostly from the safavid and qajar periods. It has been in continously use almost all...

  • Choqa Zanbil

    This is deservedly one of Irans UNESCO monuments. It is a 3000 year old elamite ziggurat, the best preserved monument from that sivilisation in Iran. Originally it is believed it reached 60 meter high, now it is around 25, but still impressive. Normally you are kept some meters away from the building itself, but i managed to get a special deal to...

  • The landscape

    This rather large country, stretching from the green north, through many mountains and a couple of deserts to the hot south, offers a great variety of landscapes.Here's an example, one I took on the way from Tehran to Esfehan, March 2004.


    sometimes i suffer of lack of recognition and protection especially when heritages compared to older or more traditional heritage in addition sophisticated designs and often experimental technology give it addition vulnerablity,simple changes to meet more current needs,can alter the subtle architectural qualities of the buildings.


    Alamut is a valley near Qazvin, not far away from Tehran. Reaching it is not easy and most people use to hire a car in qazvin to make a day trip. the scenary is superb and the history held on that mountaind is worth a movie.Alamut was the place where The Assasins castles where held. little of those castles remains just a few stones on top of...

  • Meibod Fortress

    In Meybod, north of Yadz, in the center of Iran you find this amazing fortress, Narin Gale fortress.The view of the city and the dessert from its top is superb. It's all buid with mud brick, also the old city that over looks from the fort is of mud brick and conserve the old streets and homes.It is said it has a pre-Islamic foundation, locals says...

  • Yadz Wind towers

    This towers where build to refresh the houses. Yadz is in the middle of the desert and in summer heat is hard, so they managed that sistem so the air was taken and grounded to refresh the houses, and even the water kept in cisterns under the streets.


    this is one of the mopst important Zoroastian temples in Iran, about 50kms from Yadz, it not easy to reach unless you hire a taxi, or better a jeep, because the way is quite difficult. At Noruz there is a festival full of pilgrims that came froma ll the country to celebrate the Zoroastrian's New Year. it's is a singular place, the most impressive...

  • SUSH

    Little is left of the old Pesian Winter Capital. I would say that the only thing left is this fort build by the archeologists to deffend the poor ruins and the excavations from the arabs in the beggining of the XXth century.The site is very close to The Iraqi border and you came long way to see what is left of the great Summer Capital of Dario, at...


    This is one of the best Preserved Ziggurats of all Iran and even the World.It is one of the best Examples of Religious art of Messopotamia. It resemble the Babel Tower (Actualy the Ziggurat of Babilon)It is a few kilometers out of Sush, the Winter capital of the old Persian Empire.In Sush, there where two separated cities: Where the palaces and...


    This is one of the most important Armenian Churches o Iran it is a few kilometers from Maku, on a arid but montanious is a good stop if you are crossing the BAZARGAN-DOGUBEYAZIT Iran-Turkish Border.The church is fortified and there are pelegrinations once a year.There is no Public transport to the church that is out of the main road so...

  • BAM

    This is an impresive phantome mud brick city left in the middle of the desert. The city was forgotten 200 years ago when its ihabitans left it to the mercy of dessert and weather, but its fragil materials have survived as if it where left yesterday.It was an important commerce city in the middle of no where in the way of the Silk road to...

  • Kashan

    Palaces and gardens in the middle of the desert!!, the one in the picture is one that was restoring at the time I was there.

  • Avianeh

    It is one of the best preserved villages in Central Iran, red mud-brick buildt houses,with ancient doors and colourfull dressed womens and a great landscape surrounding the place, its perched on a hill with several mountains around with fortresess.It's not easy to reach but is worth the effort, the village is not the only interest, its also its...

  • Unusual

    To see some image in Iran that is not of an Ayatollah, President, Prophet or martyr/soldier is highly unusual. This golden man attracted my attention immediately. He lives in Yazd, which used to be a city of bicycles in its day before motorcycles and Paykans (Hilman Hunters) took over.

  • Baby Persepolis

    These little known ruins are only 200km SW of Tehran in Khorheh, Markazi Province. Incidently the home province of Ayatollah Khomeini where his former house is open for (religous) tourists.

  • Mid Summer near Hamadan

    The golden colours of dry grass and freshly ploughed fields makes for a spectacular photo in the late afternoon light. This area is about 300km west of Tehran.

  • Those Lazy Friday Afternoons

    What else to do on a Friday afternoon than hang out with friends and chew the fat? These men are enjoying a mild autumnal afternoon in Yazd.

  • Bazaar, Tehran

    The bazaar in Tehran is just like a massive department store. If you are looking for touristy things as you might find in the bazaars in Shiraz and Isfahan don't bother coming here! Its interesting to see what your average Iranian has on offer to buy in this bustling place.

  • Nun

    The ubiquitous bread shop. Iranians eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When Jimmy Carter was recently accepting his Nobel Peace Prize he mentioned that he could have crushed Iran militarily during the American embassy hostage crisis. No doubt, his secret plan was to cut off the supply of nun (bread), berenj (rice) and morgh (chicken) to all...

  • Summer Holiday Home

    In a valley 50km SW of Yazd are these beautiful summer homes. Those more affluent people from Yazd (and there are more than you would think) escape the blazing summer heat during weekends to altitudes where the heat is more tolerable. These villages are totally deserted during the week which was when we visited!

  • Mansion

    Beautiful mansions restored to their former glory in Yazd. You can imagine that life for these privilidged people would have been sweet indeed.

  • Graffiti

    This "daring" piece of graffiti was spotted on a door in Yazd. This is about as crude as it gets - which speaks volumes for society.

  • Yazd's sweets and pastries along with...

    Yazd's delicious, aromatic sweets and pastries encompass a huge variety of for every taste, they go very well with lots of hot teaYou can buy a box of your favourate sweets at the famous original Haji-Khalifeh shop by Amir-Chaghmagh square.

  • Virtually everyone who enters...

    Virtually everyone who enters or leaves Iran on the terrestrial way, takes the border crossing to Turkey of Bazargan. This is the main border crossing. but there is another crossing: the border of Sero, about 50km from Orumyeh, in the Mountains of Kurdistan. The Iranian side is safe, but on the turkish side the situation is very volatile. It is...

  • Visit Masulule in the Alborz...

    Visit Masulule in the Alborz Mountains near the Caspian Sea. The village is lush and green and much cooler than elsewhere. The town is built into the hillside and the rooftops of many houses form a footpath for those above. It is easy to hike around the surrounding hills and possibly meet the local sheepherders

  • DENA Peak (4400m.) ZAGROS...

    DENA Peak (4400m.) ZAGROS MountainsI almost climbed it with a group of Bulgarian alpinists I met in Persepolis

  • Irrigated valley, again could...

    Irrigated valley, again could be anywhere but this one is in Kerman Province. In summer almost all creeks/rivers are dry (during drought-like conditions over the past 2 years) and it is amazing that crops are able to grow. It is noticeable that many village people are moving to the cities (especially Tehran) due to a lack of water.


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  • Hasht Behesht Palace

    We stayed 4 nights in a spacious 1 bedroom apartment in this conveniently located Hotel. The evening...

  • Aryo Barzan

    This is the only international standard hotel we stayed in all our Iranian trip. It is a modern four...


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