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  • Jameh mosque and clock tower
    Jameh mosque and clock tower
    by Orchid
  • Skulking in the Hammam
    Skulking in the Hammam
    by Orchid
  • Dome of Ganj e Ali Khan private mosque
    Dome of Ganj e Ali Khan private mosque
    by Orchid

Kerman Things to Do

  • Jewel Box Private Mosque

    Accessed through a caravanserai seemingly undergoing restoration, resplendent in turqoise tilework, and for which no entry fee was required.As with churches and cathedrals in Europe, mosques must be selected carefully for viweing, otherwise one will soon become 'all mosqued out' (well, those of us without an academic interest in the architectural...

  • Historic Silk Road Hammam

    What Iran is lacking in functioning historic bathhouses, it sure makes up with in museums!Kerman's contribution the the genre is the Hammam e Ganj Ali Khan, which, perhaps predictably is accessed off the Ganj Ali Khan bazaar. Entrance fee 5000IR. The various domed chambers were replete with very fine painted tile-work, and around the pools (which...

  • Sanati Museum Kerman

    The museum, in Qajar-era building set around an attractive courtyard. Works by local artist Sayyed Ali Akhbar Sanati, known for his expertise in stone inlay, might be worth a look. Admission IR4,000 (May 2008).

  • Tohid Square

    Tohid Square has an interesting Monument, whiuch looks like a bit of the AzadiMonument in Tehren. It marks the entrance of the Bazar-e Vakil.

  • Kerman National Library

    It is worth visiting this library because the inside and outside are a particularly harmonious example of Qajar-era architecture. Insdie has a forest of columns supporting vaulted ceilings, that this was once a textile factory.

  • Moshtari-ye MAshtaq Ali-Shah

    The attractive Moshtari-ye MAshtaq Ali-Shah (at Shohada Sq) mausoleum to a renowned Sifi mystic, dates back to Qajar period, although some parts of the structure are from the Mongol era. The stuccowork and the blue-and white-tiled roofs are beautiful.

  • Jameh Mosque

    The well-preserved and restored Jameh Mosque (off Shohada Sq) sites besides the bazzar worths visiting. With its four iwans (rectangular halls opening into a courtyard) and shimmering blue tiles, it was built in 1349 and extensively modernised during the Safavid period and later

  • Bazar-e-Vakil

    Bazar-e-Vakil runs between Tohid Sq and the Jameh Masque. The whole bazaar is about 1 KM long. Although it is not a very big bazaar, but it is a tatse of markets in the eastern Iran.

  • Ganj Ali Khan Courtyard

    Ganj Ali Khan Courtyard is located in the middle of the bazar-e-Vakil between Tohid Sq and the Jameh Masque. It was built in Safavid period.


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Kerman Restaurants

  • Teahouse in a Historic Hammam

    Yet another re-purposed historic bathhouse. One descends steps from Bazar e Ektiari to enter the space, resplendent with elegant arches and high vaulted ceilings. One first walks through the teahouse, where guys can be spied communing over hookahs, through to the restaurant where tables can be chosen over daybeds.There is also traditional music on...

  • Kebab Kerman

    I was walking all day so tired in Kerman and saw this kebab restaurant near Tohid Square. I ordered without asking for price. I had 4 kebab and bread with drink for IR25,000 (May 2008).


    RESTAURANTS:1. A 'zam Restaurant, Mahan Road.2. Chaikhaneh Sonnati Vakil (Traditional Tea House), Bazaar-e Vaki1225989.3. Ghaza Khori-e Mehrabi, Navab-e Safavi (Bahmanyar) Street 50022.4. Khayyam Restaurant, Azadi Square, Beginning of Shahid Sadughi Street, 49227.5. Mar Mar Restaurant, Felestin Street 225052.6. Restoran-e Bozorg-e Shahr (marked in...


Kerman Transportation

  • Bus from Shiraz to kerman

    Best to buy bus tickets from the bus station. You can get your hotel to do it, but we found much less choice in companies and schedules. There are buses at least every 1-2 hours.Town to bus station was 30000IR, and the bus itself was 80000IR each. The bus is comfortable, no smoking and in good condition. Neither to warm, not too hot.A word of...

  • Day trip to Rayan, Mahan, and Joopar

    I went to Rayan, Mahan, and Joopar through the hard way. From Kerman to Mahan, and then from Mahan to Rayan and back to Mahan. In Kerman, I didn't choose the option of IR300,000 (May 2008) for 3 places - Rayan, Mahan, and Joopar. Insetad I went through the following, but at the end, it costs about IR300,000.You can take shared taxi from Kerman to...

  • Bus from Kerman to Shiraz (O/N)

    To save time, I took overnight bus from Kerman to Shiraz. The journey was 8 hours, departing 9pm and arrived at 5am in Shiraz. I took volvo bus, costing IR55,000 (May 2008). The seating was alright, but I could not really sleep.As I arrived early and no point to search for hotel at that hour, I chose to sleep on the bench inside the bus terminal...


Kerman Shopping

  • omidamini's Profile Photo

    by omidamini Written Jul 24, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The extensive Regent's Bazaar, constructed of beautiful and well preserved brick, much of it from the Safavid period, is largely of interest for its architecture rather than for the range of goods, although there are a few metalwork shops selling brass trays and the like noisily hammered into shape on site. Built by Mohammad lsmail Khan, Vakil 01- Molk, who was an energetic governor of Kerman from 1859 to 1866, the Vakil caravansary with its attractively tiled walls adjoins the main Vakil Bazaar.
    The caravansary provides office accommodation for bazaar merchants. The two handsome "chimneys" are in fact wind towers (bad-girs), which are a common feature of Kerman, Yazd, and other desert towns of Iran. Cool air was drawn down to basement rooms that were used during the scorching summer months. The temperature in these rooms is between 20 to 30 degrees cooler than in those above ground in summer.
    Perhaps the most enchanting corner of Kerman bazaar is the entrance to the Ebrahim Khan Madraseh and Bath-House (hammam). Built in 1816-17byacousin and son-in-Iaw of Fath Ali Shah, Ebrahim Khan, who was the governor of Kerman from 1802 to 1824, the entrance portals are decorated with gay tile work, whose designs include peacocks, water flowers and calligraphic inscriptions. The interior of both buildings are worth their entrances. The tiled and single-story Madraseh is built round a peaceful, cypress-shaded courtyard, while the walls of hammam are decorated with amusing painting said to date from the end of 18th century. There is a traditional and very atmospheric tea house inside the Vakil Bazaar, which is called the Ghahveh Khaneh Sonnati.

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Kerman Local Customs

  • Ganj Ali Khan Bath and Ethnological...

    Look out tor the Ganj Ali Khan Bath and Ethnological Museum in the Vakil Bazaar (now a traditional tea-house). This building houses an interesting exhibition of good waxworks of men in various poses and costumes set in a traditional but no longer operational bath-house. There is an insignificant entry of 50 Rials or so.The Ganj Ali Khan Bath...

  • something wich is so unique in iran

    in Kerman or in fact in whole of iran something which so different than the rest of the world is the way they say YES and NO, like we in pakistan and also in indian move our chins up and down to agree or say yes and than move left and right for NO. they move their chins slightly to the right shoulder to disagree or NO and make a little sound from...

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Kerman Warnings and Dangers

  • Kanjoo's Profile Photo

    by Kanjoo Written Oct 20, 2004

    for tourists coming from pakistan, i would like to warn to change their currency at the border in pakistani side, but after comparing it with few ppl as there are lots of baluch young men are doing this mobile business of money changing, becuz when you are entered in, you wont have good rate again against your Pak Rupee or Dollor until Tehran or Isfahan. so for the rest of the places which can likely come in-between one must has to change at border and than it is easily possible in tehran. pakistani currency is favourite with dollor. wish to tell that however ppl of kerman are so nice in lots of ways and when you are doing any business they may feel shy to get money or rather they will wish to offer you free of cost but still barganing is MUST DO in entire iran

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Kerman Off The Beaten Path

  • Shafi Abad

    Shafi Abad is an oasis village a few kilometers just before Kaluts dessert, easily visited on the way back to Kerman. There is a deserted caravanserai with four corner tower where you can climb up. The village itself is picturesque with palm trees, where occasionally you can meet villagers carrying stuff on their donkeys. Beware again: temperatures...

  • Kaluts dessert

    If you have planned a trip around Kerman then don’t forget to include the Kaluts dessert in your itinerary. Beware though temperatures rise high during the day, so it is advisable to visit by sunset when the sand formations get nicer colors. What makes this place unique are the sand formations made by water and sand. If you stand the heat of the...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Kerman Favorites


    MEDICAL SERVICES:1. Ar.jmand Hospital, Dr Shari'ati Ave 29213,28989.2. Ayatollah Kashani Hospital, Jaihun Square 260041-4.3. Dr Beheshti Hospital, Jomhuri Eslami Blvd 28025.4.Kerman Darrnan 220015-8. 5. Khodadad Mehrabi Hospital, Shahid Bahunar Street 222629-30.6. Razieh Firuz Hospital, Salsabil Street 228484.7. Shafa Hospital, FarabiSt, 41051-4.8....


    EMERGENCIES: In addition to 115: 1. Dr Bahunar Center, Qarani Street 235011-7.2. University Hospital No 1, Mofatteh Street 20014-7.


    DRUG STORE (24-HOUR): 1. Azadi, Dr Shari'ati Ave 222828. 2. Madar, Dr Bahunar Ave 220020. 3. Omid 221574.


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