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  • Things to Do
    by omidamini
  • Things to Do
    by omidamini
  • Things to Do
    by omidamini

Neyshabur Things to Do

  • Tomb of Farid al-Din Attar (1)

    Farid al-Din Attar the poet, scholar mystic & Pharmacist was born in Neyshabur in 1142 & killed by Mongol invaders in 1221, buried in Shadiakh area.Attar means herbalist, druggist, perfumist, pharmacist.Attar is one of the most famous mystic poets of Iran. Attar works along with Sanai were the inspiration of Mollana(=Rumi) and many other mystic...

  • Tomb of Farid al-Din Attar (2)

    The 1st tomb was built shortly after his martyrdom, by Ghazi al Ghozzat Yahya Ben Saaed Neyshaburi.Then Amir Alishir Navaei, vizier of Sultan Hussein Bayghara, built edifice upon Attar’s tomb in 15th century.The new Tomb built during Qajar, by Naier ol-Dole the ruler of Khorasan in 19th century.the National Heritage Association implemented Tile...

  • Tomb of Omar Khayyam (1)

    Omar Khayyam the poet, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer & physician was born in Neyshabur in 1048 & is buried close to Neyshabur in own garden, next to Imamzadeh Mahroq Mosque.According to famous legend called 3 Schoolmates, He & 2 other students studied under the Emam Mowaffaq Neyshaburi at about the same time: Nizam ol-Mulk, who became the...

  • Tomb of Omar Khayyam (2)

    Poet:Khayyam's poetic work has eclipsed his fame as a mathematician and scientist.He is believed to have written about a thousand four-line verses, quatrains.Khayyam himself was undevout and had no sympathy with popular religion, but was not a convinced atheist.Khayyam's disdain of Islam in general and its various aspects.Although a great number of...

  • Tomb of Omar Khayyam (3)

    Tomb of Omar Khayyam is located in 100m north of Imamzade a beautiful garden as Khayyam predicted, "around my tomb would be blossom & flowers"The shape of The Building is like 18m upside down chalice inspired from poems with 10 piers in geometrical shapes inspired from his works in Mathematics, The exterior side of walls flourished with...

  • Ride hourse and camel

    Near Attar Tomb are many man and have hourse and camel , you can with pay low money ride them and take pictures .

  • Kamalolmolk

    Mirza Mohammad Khan Ghaffari Kashani, or Kamalolmolk, remains one of the greatest and most highly revered artists in Iran's history. The representational and miniature art communities will forever remain indebted to the legacy of this man's genius, and its expression through a life of prolific, stunning artistic output. Ostad Kamalolmolk's art...

  • Ghadamgaah

    Between Neyshabour and Mashhad road is a village , Muslem tenet Emam Reza ( innocent man for muslim live in 1200 years ago and his tomb is in Mashhad ) past from here and he satid here and from his spoor made a fountain .

  • Khayyam Tomb

    The tomb of the poet, mathematican, an astronomer of Iran (d. 517 AH) is located in Hireh cemetery, near the tomb of Emamzadeh Mohammad Mahrooq. The Structure was devastated in different periods. A handsome monument was built on it in the Pahlavi period. In 1959 a new tomb was built by Hooshang Sayhoon Tarrahi and K. Zh. T. Co. in Khayyam Square at...

  • Attar Tomb

    Its first construction was built by the supreme judge Yahya ebn-e Sa´ed, one of the nobles of Neyshaboor. It fells in ruin in the Timurid period. Later on, a handsome mausoleum was installed on it by Amir Alishir Navai`, the sage minister of Soltan Hossein Bayqara. It was restored and completed thanks to the efforts of the National Monuments...

  • Bazzar Sarposh

    Bazzar Sarposh(=roofed bazaar) is one of the unique Bazaars in Khorasan province.bulit during Safavid (16th Century).Bazzar Sarposh is very small part of great Bazaar that was from Mashhad gate(in West) to Iraq gate(in East), whole width of the city.There are a bathhouse & a caravansary in Bazaar area.located in downtown.

  • Fazl ebne Shazan

    Fazl ebne Shazan was a decent of Prophet Muhammad was born in 9th century AD. He was a Shia Muslim scholar &'s religious shrine, some go for pilgrimage.The interior walls are decorated with mirror & there is beautiful wooden ZarihTile workings are recent one ~1960

  • Tomb of Heydar Yaghma "Shaer-e...

    Heydar Yaghma "Shaer-e Kheshtmal" was a poet, born in 1926 in a village near Neyshabur & died in poverty in March 1986 in Neyshabur & buried beside Shadiyakh. Yaghma was a simple bricklayer worker and was not literate.He has described everything just through his rural simple view, that there had never been such those poems before, that made his...

  • Tomb of Kamal ol-Molk

    Mohammad Ghaffari, better known as Kamal ol-Molk is the Iran's greatest contemporary painter,Born in 1847 in Kashan & died in 1940 and was buried in Neyshabur next to the Attar.He studied at Dar ol-Fonoon. His progress was so rapid that he became the royal painter of King Nasereddin Shah at the age of 18.His tomb buit in 1961, Designed by eng....

  • Imamzade Mahrogh, an Amazing Safavid...

    Imamzadeh Mahrogh is a Shi'a Imamzadeh, the son of the 4th Shi'a Saint Sajad.Imamzade Mahrogh is the Masterpiece of Safavid tile working. the entrance veranda is covered with glorious Tiles & decorated with mirrors.The shrine is located at southeast of Neyshabur, in the south of same garden where tomb of Khayyam is located.He called Mahrogh because...


Neyshabur Transportation

  • Ghazal Trains to Neyshabur & then to...

    About 10 trains leave Tehran to Mashhad daily.The Ghazal is best & most expensive one, they used new wagons.a single ticket to Mashhad cost ~210,000 IRs in 2007.The 2nd one is Sabz, cost ~190,000 IRs, offer better service & food but air conditioner are not adjustable.The Ghazal leave tehran in 21:30 (in 2007) & arrive in Neyshabur about 7:00 & in...

  • Tomb of Khayyam to Tomb of Attar

    Tomb of Attar & Shadiakh & Tomb of Kamal ol-Molk is located about 1.5km in west of Tomb of Khayyam.Taxis are available & takes you to Tomb of Attar, Shared taxi costs 1000IRs.Tomb of Heydar Yaghma "Shaer-e Kheshtmal" is located on middle way.Walking takes about 20min.

  • Train Station to Tomb of Khayyam

    We arrived ~7am, both taxi & bus was available in Train station.Buses takes you to Iran sq., (the 1st sq. after train station),Then you should take another one one.Tomb of Khayyam(& Imamzade Mahrogh) is located at it's last stop.Abbasi Caravansary is at middle routea ticket costs 300IRs (2007)& takes ~30min


Neyshabur Shopping

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    by omidamini Written Jul 14, 2005

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    Dating back to the Safavid period, it is one of the unique roofed bazaars in Khorassan province. It is the only part of the large bazaars stretching from Mashad Gate to Iraq Gate.
    It enjoys some houses, a caravansary, a small bazaar and a bathhouse. From 1998 onwards, the bazaar has been restored by the Cultural Heritage Organization and tradesmen of the Bazaar.

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Neyshabur Off The Beaten Path

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    by Behi Updated Jan 7, 2008

    Shadiakh is Archaeological site in south east of Neyshabur, 1.5km west of Khayyam & 200m west of tomb of Attar.

    Shadiakh constitute from 2 Word "Shady" & "Akh" means Happiness Creator.
    The name Also recorded as "ShadKhakh", "ShadJahan" & "Shad Mehr".

    Shadiakh was firstly a royal Garden in south western of old Neyshabur founded by Abdolah ebne Taher in ~830 AD.

    Some notable people like Attar lived there. Attar's tomb is nowadays in that region.

    The great earthquake destroyed this site in 1308 AD.

    Some buildings has been discovered as audience hall, Forge, wine production, Glass blowing workshops & pottery kilns.
    & some Objects as Pottery, glasses, metallic artifacts , Fresco, plaster statues & some skeletons.

    some object are kept in small gallery in site.

    Shadiakh Archaeological site Shadiakh Archaeological site Shadiakh Archaeological site Bowl,10th cent. NewYork Metropolitan Museum of art
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