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  • Karron...

    Ahvaz Things to Do

    Karoon is the biggest river in Iran, it is more than 950 km, it is the only river all of them is inside Iran and it is the only river in somewhere of this available for shipping.The first civilization developed along the Karoon river, the old Karoon's name are Korn, Korang.Main branches originate are Armand, Koohrang, Bazft...

  • Falaafel

    Ahvaz Shopping

    The Falaafel's bazaar located is in Anooshe St, in Arab district. Falaafel is a cheap food and in this shopping place exist more than 100 shops, most of these are self service.Here you can find another food the same as Samboose ( سمبوسه ). Falaafel is very popular food, i suggestion if you go to Ahwaz, test it,...

  • speaking with people

    Ahvaz Warnings and Dangers

    more than 90% of the ahvaz people cant speak english. they speak persian an arabic. if you want to buy some thing you probably have problem with seller. so you must find some one that he speak english or maybe you shoud learn persian.



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  • French castle

    Shush Things to Do

    Near Apadan is a nice castle , it make in 150 years ago with iranian Architect for french soldier's , but you can see only around it and can not go inside .

  • Susa Musium

    Shush Things to Do

    Near Apadana and French castle is a musium but it is off in monday , i can not inside it because i went to Susa in Monday ;)

  • Apadana

    Shush Things to Do

    Apadana is near Danial Tomb , it is not big place like Perspolis . Great Dariush come here more in winter for see people and listen what they said .


Chogha Zanbil

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  • Ziggurat

    Chogha Zanbil Things to Do

    Ziggurat is built more than 3000 years ago. It was built by Elamites (their enscriptions are visible on bricks of ziggurat) for their chief god Inshushinak. You can not enter even first level of ziggurat, just go around see this wonderful building. On the highest levels (now ruined) is or was the tomb of Elamite King Untash Gal which ordered to...

  • Car from Ahvaz to Choqa Zanbil

    Chogha Zanbil Transportation

    I asked at reception desk of Iran hotel in Ahvaz how much would cost taxi to Choqa Zanbil. It ended that one of hotel employees took me there and back by his own car for 220 000 rials. I am sure it is possible to make better deal, but then probably you should go to taxi station where there will be more drivers willing to bring you there and make...

  • A Taxi...

    Chogha Zanbil Transportation

    I hired a taxi from Ahvaz to reach Chogha Zanbil, which also inluded Haft Tappeh & ended in Shush.That cost me USD 20, one way (from Ahvaz & ended in Shush).You can also hire taxis from Shush, Shustar, Andimeshk or the nearby towns to reach Chogha Zanbil. Maybe that would be cheaper, I wouldn't know.I just wanted some conveniences on my side...



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  • omidamini's Profile Photo

    by omidamini Written May 14, 2008

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It made in 3000 years ago in Ilamian duration . in this place you can see 4 body portrait in mountain , his name is Hani with her wife ( his wife is his sister together ) . his child and his musician with them god .

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Haft Tappeh

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  • A Taxi...

    Haft Tappeh Transportation

    I hired a taxi to reach Haft Tappeh from Ahvaz, which also took me to Chogha Zanbil & ended in Shush.Cost me USD 20.Travellers could easily hire a taxi from Shush, which would be nearer to Haft Tappeh than hiring a taxi from Ahvaz.In my case, what happened was I arrived in Ahvaz by the night bus from Shiraz.Arrived in Ahvaz at about 7 am, instead...

  • Go Up...

    Haft Tappeh Favorites

    We can go up the mounds if we want. No entrance fees whatsoever.Just be careful as there are holes here & there.Also, there would be some workers doing some works there & they might not like you climbing up the mounds as it would probably interupting their work.Better ask permission first.

  • Being Here...

    Haft Tappeh Tourist Traps

    To most travellers, Haft Tappeh itself is a tourist trap !The site is not well-preserved at all, just some mounds of where the ancient site would be.For me I still wanted to reach here simply because I would like to see the countryside this side of Iran. I saw cornfields & some factories though.I still captured them through my camera but not to...


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