Ostan-e Yazd Things to Do

  • Zurkhaneh warmup
    Zurkhaneh warmup
    by Orchid
  • Twirling the BIG clubs
    Twirling the BIG clubs
    by Orchid
  • Drummers, counting the Beat
    Drummers, counting the Beat
    by Orchid

Ostan-e Yazd Things to Do

  • Saryazd citadel

    Yazd Things to Do

    Saryazd citadel is an ancient citadel near yazd belonging to Sassanid era(3th to 7th century), and was used to protect grains and valuables. It has a moat round it. The citadel is good preserved and has won UNESCO award for cultural heritage conservation, it really worth to see and get lost its dark vestibules :)

  • Kharanaq

    The deserted and crumbling village of Kharanaq, on the side of a hill about 90km north of Yazd is an amazing place to wander around and you feel like you stepped back in time. Parts of this place are supposed to be over 1000 years old and it has been occupied for more than 4000 years. There are gorgeous mountains around with an ancient bridge off...

  • Old City

    Yazd is one of the best and most interesting cities in the middle east and I did not want to leave after 3 days. WIth its badgirs poking out of a baked brown labyrinth of lanes, the old city of Yazd stands on its own for one of the most amazing places in the Middle East. Yazds old city is one of the oldest towns on earth and is a UNESCO world...

  • Confusing streetwalking

    The old adobecity of Yazd are a must. It is like a living museum, and in one way it seems that things are unchanged for tousands of years. Here you find a maze of slent street, every casual visitor are bound to get lost. Here is a range of architecturl features like the badgirs or windtowers, the waterreservoirs, the sunken doorways and tunelled...

  • The pearl of Yazd

    Amir Chachmaq complex are one of the most spectacular structures in the city. Its wide, threestorey fasad is unlike any other building in the country, despite the identical tilework. During daytime it is majestetic, when floodlighted during nighttime it becomes amazing. Still, maybe the biggest attraction is the possibility to climb to the top...

  • Traditional sport

    An institution unique to Iran is the zurkaneh, a house where traditional sport is performed. In Yazd there are daily performances at 9 pm. Here a group of men perfomes a series of different physical ecersises accopagnied by drums. it is like an elegant dance down in the arena, it looks so easy but this is hard work. The almost never ending...

  • A break from mosques

    Yazd are home to Irans biggest comunity of zoroastrians, followers of the oldest monoethic religion known. In Yazd they have one of their temples of fire, were a fire is constantly burning. The fire burning in Yazd was, according to the records lit in 470 AD and then transfered here later. The zorohastrian people don't worship the fire itself as...

  • An other way of bury peope

    In the outskirt of Yazt there is a couple of "tower of silence", earlier used by the zoroastrians to get rid of their dead people in mutch the same way as the tibetan skyburials. Inside this circular buildings bodies was left so the vultures could clean the bones. The remains left was then dissolved by some sort of acid. Close by the houses used...

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Ostan-e Yazd Things to Do

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