Iran Restaurants

  • Tucking in
    Tucking in
    by Orchid
  • Shahrzad Restaurant
    Shahrzad Restaurant
    by Orchid
  • Only in Iran
    Only in Iran
    by Orchid

Iran Restaurants

  • Restaurant prices in Iran

    100.000 Rials or 10.000 Tomans = 7 EUR = 10 USDI'll just try to give you sense of what's fair price for food in Iran.Khayam restaurant in Tehran : 145.000 Rials lunch for 2 with drinksPark restauran in Tehran: 100.000 RialsDinner in Masuleh: 108.000 RialsLunch in Masuleh : 101.000 RialsDinner in Rasht: 182.000 Rials - sea food - must have it...

  • Bandar-e-Anzali Restaurant

    This restaurant was in the main square of Anzali. Majid and I were the only customers, but I enjoyed this place so much, that we ate here again the second night too. The 2 young owners were very friendly and welcoming. While we were waiting for our food, they showed us the photos lining the restaurant walls. Many were of local scenes, including the...

  • Tehran -Traditional Restaurant/ Teahouse

    After a morning and afternoons sightseeing, I was getting quite hungry. We arrived at the Park-e-Shahr, and this restaurant. Outside was a stall, watched over by a man, who was making tea from a samovar. Inside were tables and chairs, and carpeted platforms, where small groups were sitting eating plates of food, or drinking tea.There was quite a...

  • Masuleh - rooftop restaurant

    I'm sorry, but I didn't get the name of this restaurant- It was one of a few similar eating establishments in this village. My meal was included in my tour, so not sure of the price.While Majid went to order our food, I was approached by a man, who asked where I was from. He then asked how Iran compared to England. Well he seemed satisfied with my...

  • Dizi, fesenjun, and dolme bademjun

    The usual local food in Iran is Chelo, Kabab or Chicken, in addition to some other more famous local dishes of dizi, fesenjun, and dolme bademjun. See more pics for all these dishes.Dizi is a soup-stew thaqt involves an ago-old eating process. It's considered by Iranians to be the poor man's food. A dizi dish costs about IR35,000-40,000 (May...

  • Int'l cuisine restaurants in Tehran

    Actually not only in Tehran, but also in big cities like Esfahan and Shiraz there are thousands of restaurants in different categories: from cheap to very ecpensive ones, street-side to big luxury ones, hotels restaurants; and so many immunerable fast food shops of course! But most of restaurants serve Iranian foods, like many types of stews plus...

  • Faludeh!

    Faloodeh or faloudéh is a delicious Persian sorbet-like dessert made of very thin frozen spaghetti-like noodles with lime, lemon or rose water topping. The best place to find them is an ice cream (bastani) or more better, a specialized faludeh shop. Ask for "yek faludeh bozorg" (a big one) and let yourself cooling down. A portion shouldn't cost...

  • Some Info. About Iranian Foods

    Iranian food is generally known for its ingredients especially food with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.Iran preduces a wide variety of fresh fruits ranging from melons to pomegranites.Fresh bread baked on flat sheets and eaten with cheese is a real treat. Often when walking past a small bakery, you can observe bread being baked in redhot...

  • Irans Top Traditional Restaurants

    Malek o Tojjar, (Yazd) is in a restored mansion in the middle of the bazaar, this place is incredibly relaxed the atmosphere is fantastic. The food and service is excellent. Khayyam Traditional Restaurant (Tehran) is in a 300 year old building and it is both a historical and eating paradise. It is a bit expensive but the Persian classics are...

  • How to quench your thirst in Iran

    For refreshment, you can find many good juices, typical flavours are orange, grape, apple, cherry, pineapple, and others.

  • Pizza

    Wherever I go out for eating, it seems pizza is almost always in the menu card. Most of the pizza I tasted was good. Pizza

  • It's Not KFC!!

    When the taxi driver mentioned that Kish has K.F.C.I was impulsively asked him to drive me there. It turns to be a local restaurant serving pizza, sandwich and fried chicken. Their pizza is nice and I could walk out cheerily without thinking about franchised fried chicken and french fries. Pizza

  • Boof (Paradise II )

    Boof is one of youth favorite restaurant (that was one Kish youngster told me)The price is quite cheap and the restaurant offers selection of fast food menu, sandwich, pizza, burger and fried chicken. Situated in 2nd floor of Paradise II shopping mal, the restaurant seems always crowd. Pizza

  • Narenj Fast Food

    The restaurant is located in front of Paradise II Shopping mal. From outside, it’s not obvious that the place is restaurant. It looks like a small Kebab stall. They sell Chicken Kebab, Donner Kebab and Mixed Doner Kebab, with the price vary from 2300 to 2700 Tomans. The chicken Kebab sandwich is recommended. I like the way the seller stuffed...

  • Shakes + ice cream

    Various types of fruit shakes, smoothies and soft-serve ice cream are sold in cities all over Iran. I never had any trouble with the dairy in the ice cream, but the usual rule about avoiding them should probably apply if there has been a power failure (which are pretty rare in Iran though). The fruit shakes are great, particularly if you've been...

  • Don't forget to try more authentic...

    If you're travelling on your own in Iran you might find youself eating a fair bit of fast food -- burgers, sandwiches, fallafels and kebabs. They're cheap and you're pretty sure you know what you'll get despite language troubles. This all said, be sure to try some more 'authentic' Iranian food. If invited to someone's home, this is one of the best...

  • Hamam Restaurants

    Lots of old Hamams (turkish baths) have been turned into cool restaurants with a nice ambience. This is in Esfahan. Ghorme Sabzi - if you get a chance this is a nice stew of veggies and meat.

  • Abgusht and chelo kebab

    Food is very cheap in Iran. You can have a nice meal + a cold drink for only 2 USD ! Abgusht is my favorite dish - It's a stew made of fatty meat, usually beef, and thick chunks of potato and chickpeas, traditionally served in a small pot and eaten with a spoon.A pestle is provided to smash the ingredients into the right consistency.Order a glass...

  • So much to eat and so little time!

    Any area, if not every street would have a local kebab shop. At one glance you will see few men, probably with some facial hair and a few plastic chairs around a small table. You definitly won't think hygenic, but do go in. Ask for "koobideh" kebab and you will be sure to enjoy it. It will come with tomatos as well as some pickles, lemon and...

  • Iranian McDonalds !??

    With so many anti-American slogans and murals plastered all over the towns, it was extremely bizarre to find a hamburger joint that was the spitting image of McDonalds - right down to the Happy Meals and the design of the tables and chairs.

  • The north (Shomal) has great...

    The north (Shomal) has great restaurants but my personal favourite was on Kish Island. Im not just saying this because im Iranian but from experiance. We have the absolute best food in the world. From Kabobs to stews.

  • The fruit juice stalls that...

    The fruit juice stalls that are everywhereThese fruit juice stalls are everywhere and they are cheap and health plus the range of juices is amazing and they are all so tasty and refreshing! Cantelope juice

  • Don't have a favourite...

    Don't have a favourite restaraunt - the food was the most disappointing thing about Iran. Chelo kebabs, or various other tasteless kebabs or stews - nice bread everywhere - especially when bought straight from the bakery at less than 100 rial each. Various types of freshly cooked bread.

  • Well, You wont be bothered, if...

    Well, You wont be bothered, if you care too much about your food. You can find many different dishes in Iran, known or unknown to you. A budget and still a good meal in Iran is about 1-3$. You can have quality meals with less than 10$. Try Alborz and Nayeb Restaurants in Tehran, Eram in Mashad(Shandiz). Don't forget Traditional Restaurants where...

  • Resraurants

    There are a lot of restaurants in Iran. You can also find fast food restaurants everywhere. Not much of luxury but ideal for those who look for new experiences I think the most famous dish is Chelo_kabab, Rice served with kabab which itself is of different types. Different kins of food made from rice different kinds of stew and Dizi ( meat kooked...

  • There are restaurants all over...

    There are restaurants all over the place and they have very nice food in Iran. In Esfahan we tried the restaurant at Sahel Hotel. A restaurant located on the top floor with special traditional environment and good food. In Tehran we had dinner at one of the top floors of Hotel Laleh with wonderful view over Tehran. We also eat in a restaurant that...

  • IF you prefer to have your...

    IF you prefer to have your food at the classy place, they do have at the major cities of Iran. Ofcourse the Bills also CLASSY. To me, I'm still prefer eating at a medium size restaurant, instead the Bills is MEDIUM, the food is tasty.PHOTO : HIGH CLASS RESTAURANT IN THE IRANIAN CITIES.


    PHOTO : ORDINARY RESTAURANTS SCATTERED WHOLE OVER IRANIAN PROVINCE.I'm fully recommend, to have your food at this kind restaurant. To me, its clean and cheap. Foward a few menus for you to try during your tour here.OTHER MENU.Abgusht, lamb stew hash.Abgusht-e Bademjan, lamb stew with eggplant ( not a elephant's egg ).Jujeh Kabab, broiled...

  • All Restaurants are upto date,...

    All Restaurants are upto date, and with modern facilities/Better contact Ehsan Sahmahne Tour Co.Cant describe in words, it's better to go & find & see it in person.Contact Ehsan Sahmahne Tour for more information. Please have a look at www.ehsantour.comYou will find all the delicious foods of Iran.

  • The best meals I got in the...

    The best meals I got in the small restauranta along the road, where the grill was located outside and fired all day long.I checked if truckers visit the place, for me this was a sign I could expect a good meal. Most of the time I did not know the names of the meals,(except for the kebabs}, but I always managed to get what I wanted by pointing to...

  • I didn't look at the names of...

    I didn't look at the names of the restaurants we used, but anything with good chelo kebab is good. I liked all the places we visited. I don't know the name of this place, but if you are on the way from Teheran to Rasht and are using a yellow agency car, they stop in this village to the restaurant.the prices are very nice also Kebab with rice,...

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  • Hasht Behesht Palace

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