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Rey Things to Do

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  • Javan mard Ghassab ( chivalric butcher )

    In Rey is a tomb and it name is Javan mard Ghassab or chivalric butcher .his story is half fable and half historical. People said once upon a time a bondwoman wanted meat from chivalric, but she refuse all meat from chivalric, after that the man angry and refuse the bondwomen, she cried and in this time Ali ( ع ( the first Muslim leader said...

  • Tappeh Mil (1)

    Tappeh Mil is the name of a district near Varamin. When you travel 11 kilometers from the road leading Shahr-e Rey to Varamin (Varamin Road), you come across a side road which ends with Tappeh Mil. Tappeh Mil itself is visible from the Varamin Road.this historical site has been called Tepe Mil (hill of pillars) because of the two high pillars...

  • Tappeh Mil - Gallery (2)

    A small building beside Tappeh Mil housed excavated Large pieces of building ornament show decoration with leaves and other plant material on temple building, ceramic pot, oil lamp & three large ceramic containers are standing in the hallway.Tappeh Mil is place where you can exmine your knowledge about Mithraeism.Mithraeism symbols can...

  • Cheshmeh Ali

    Cheshmeh Ali is a small Neolithic and Late Chalcolithic mound. The 7m high mound, 3.5 hectares in extent, sits adjacent to a small spring and abuts a rocky ridge at the edge of the Islamic city of Ray.The hill, which is now entirely leveled out and most artifacts unrecoverable due to real estate expansion in the 80s & 90s, was the home of Aryans...

  • Dej-e Rashkan, Cheshmeh Ali

    Dej-e Rashkan is small remnants of the city rampart.The Rampart firstly build in the Parthian era when Ray was the spring residence of the kings.(247 BC - 220 AD)Ray called Arsacia, in the Parthian era then the name of Dej-e Rashkan come from Arsacia.

  • Zendan-e Haroun

    Zendan-e Haroun (Haroun's Prison) but it's not prison.It seems was kiosk in hunting ground dates back to the Buyid era (934–1055) & some believes it dates back to the Sassanid era.It's simple small cubic building but architecture make it an important & unique building.It is claimed to be one of the earliest type of Duplex building in world.Zendan-e...

  • Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine (2)

    It is comprised of two courtyards, the entrance veranda, a praying niche and a water well. It is bordered by a mountain to the north, a valley to the east and south and an asphalt road to the west.Its structure, which is constructed by stone and plaster, dates back to the Buyid era (934–1055)The Shrine dedicated to commemorate Princess Shahr Banu,...

  • Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine - Legend (1)

    Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine is located 1.5 km to the north of Amin-abad on the mountain rocks. Shahr Banu means "The Lady of the Land"According to a commonly-told story "Shahr Banu has been the eldest daughter of Yazdegerd III, the last Shahanshah of the Sassanid dynasty of Iran and Imam Hussein's (third Shia Imam) wife and the mother of the 4th Shia...

  • Borj-e Tughrul - History (1)

    Borj-e(Tower) Tughrul was constructed under the reign of Saljuks at the order of Toghrol who died in Ray in 1063. Originally, like other monuments of its time, it was capped by a conical dome, which would have added to its height. The dome collapsed during an earthquake.The brick tower is 20 meters high and The thickness of the walls varies from...

  • Fath Ali Shah portrait, Cheshmeh Ali

    In 1831, Fath-Ali Shah portrait and that of some Qajar princes were engraved on a rock at Cheshmeh Ali hill and its surrounding was decorated with tablets covered by poetry.

  • Borj-e Tughrul, the huge clock (2)

    The Tower is huge observatory same as Radkan tower in Khorasan province.each 24 sections of the exterior wall stands for an hour. among each 2 sections is a indentation that stand for a half hour. & then each half hour sections are divided in 2 sections that each one stands for 15 minutes. & the upper sections indicate minutes.same as The Radkan...

  • Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim

    The most interesting object in Rey is Imamzadeh Shah-e Abdal-Azim. There is a bettel wood sarcophagus of Imam Hussein descendent. Imamzadeh is very beautifull from inside. The taxi driver who lead me there told me not to make photos inside, so you have to go there yourself to see it.


Rey Transportation

  • Metro

    Rey can easily be reached by metro(red line). Once in Rey, I walked around and found it to be completely fine.

  • Taxi to get around the town

    Once you get in Rey it is possible to find the interesting places by foot. But since there is no map in Lonely Planet guidebook and the distances between major objects are rather big, it is wise to take a taxi unless you are on a very tight budget. There is a taxi stand right outside the metro station. Take the taxi for about 2 hours to visit all...

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Rey Off The Beaten Path

  • Borj-e(Tower) Naghare Khane

    An octagonal tower known as Naqare Khaneh.with a cellar is linked to the tower from underneath though a vestibule erected outside. The tower, constructed by stone and plaster and decorated by brickwork and zigzag vaults dates back to 1000 years ago.It was Ostodan (Tomb) of a Zoroastrian, Bozorg Omid.Located in middle way to Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine,...

  • Einanj

    Said it's tomb of Sanghar Einanj one of the monarchs of Seljuq Empire, assassinated in's circular area, 36m diameter & a small fort beside it.It seems fort built later.circular area seems as Zoroasterians Ostodan.Located in middle way to Bibi Shahr Banu Shrine, Amin-abad road, on the slopes of Tabarak mountain, Beneath Borj-e (Tower)...

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