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  • the old gate of Tehran
    the old gate of Tehran
    by alirezza
  • Tehran
    by AlexInacio
  • Shahyad Square
    Shahyad Square
    by ajackaln

Tehran Things to Do


    The Azadi or Freedom Tower is the symbol of Tehran. Foreign reporters always film in Azadi Square. It was built by the former Shah of Iran in 1971 to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire and named the Shahyad or King’s Tower. This massive 50 meter (148 feet) tall tower is completely clad in white marble. It can actually be...

  • National Museum (also called Bastan...

    Found this to be the most interesting place in Tehran, a lot of prehistoric pottery, ceramics, stone carvings etc. You'll also meet many groups of young students there.

  • Glassware & Ceramic Museum of Iran,...

    The beautiful mansion housing glass wares and ceramics was first ordered to be built as the personal residence of a politician named Ahmad Qavam in early 1920s. The building was occupied by him as residence and office up to 1953 when it was sold to the Egyptian embassy. At last, in 1976, it was converted into a museum following some repairs and...


Tehran Hotels

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  • Escan Hotel

    Enghelab Ave., Mousavi, Tehran, Iran

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Azadi Grand

    Evin Hotel Chamran Expressway, Evin Crossing Tel : 0098 21 22234410-13

  • Taj Mahal AP Hotel

    I came to Tehran last night from US. Since I live in US for more than thirty years, I do not have...


Tehran Restaurants

  • European dining

    This is a quiet, elegant restaurant, a favourite with Tehranis (who call it the "Swiss" restaurant) when they want to splash out. The menu of classic European dishes, good steaks and seafood makes a change from kebabs and rice. Service is efficient and discreet. If you are looking for somewhere to take your Iranian friends, this is an option worth...

  • Fast Food chain

    Boof is a chain restaurant in iran with many branches in different cities..it's not the best but the food is OK! you can have complete information about the restaurant at it's site. http://boof.cc chicken and meat steak is good. The pizza is not bad. The food overall is fine.

  • Local Food

    Nayeb is one of the famous restaurant in Tehran, the first restaurant open 50 years ago and now it have seven branches.In Nayeb serve Iranian food and first branch located in Bazaar and one of them is in Vozara St. Barg ( it made with meat ) چلوکباب برگ...


Tehran Nightlife

  • Nightlife - but not as we know it

    Nightlife and Tehran are not two words which often occur in the same sentence. On the other hand, there is a thriving café and restaurant scene where you can sit and watch the world go by over a coffee or soft drink or – whisper it – a beer lookalike which tastes surprisingly good after a day plodding the streets as a tourist. And for a real...

  • So you wana Party!

    If you have some how lost your mind and decided that Iran is the place you want to visit for the night life; then you better be pro. There are underground parties happening here and there with booze and girls some of which are even unmatched by western standards (i know its hard to believe but its true). Do some checking around, but beware, this...

  • No Alchohol No Dance .....

    Do not miss Iranians night in Cultural Resturan with live music you can visit shabestan in Hafez st. also Azari in Gomrok sq.


Tehran Transportation

  • the metro

    Getting around some parts of Tehran is fast and convenient, if it is an area served by the metro. There are only two lines so far (2008) and I have heard that more lines will be added in the future... works for some are already being on their way. Thumbs up.I found the metro efficient, clean, safe and - the first day I took it, free as well. It was...

  • Train, Mashhad - Tehran

    Train leaves Tehran to Mashhad 12 times in a day & vise versa.~6:45 am to ~22:50 (it's not constant for every day)Best one is Ghazal trains costs 215,000 IR, 12hours.& Sabz Trains costs 199,500 IR, 12hours.Pardis Trains leves every morning 6:45, costs 197,000 IR, 7:30hours.in the year 2007/86Mashhad Railway Station located at head of Azadi st....


    The Metro is a very modern network connecting the whole of Tehran along 3 lines. Tickets are easy to buy at the ticket window and you’re off. You can buy tickets for single round trips, 10 journeys and 1,3 and 7 days. Trains start running at 5:30 am and close at 11pm. The trains run every 2 to 10 minutes depending on peak periods. The stations and...


Tehran Shopping

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  • shopping mall

    Hyper Star is the joint venture project of a Korean entrepreneur with some Dubai-based Iranian businessmen and foreign investors. Here you have high end boutique shops carrying imported brands such as Mango, Geox, G. Ferre, Massimo Dutti, Benneton, Giordano etc. Also ahuge supermarket located on the ground floor, takes after the City Centre’s...

  • Grand Bazaar, Tehran

    In number 3 in this page ask about Select An Appropriate Type For This Shop, but really you can find all of them in this Bazaar. Traditionally, the Tehran bazaar was split into corridors, each specialising in different types of goods, including copper, carpets, paper, spices, and precious metals, as well as small traders selling all types of...

  • Expensive carpets 2

    To give you some idea of how expensive Persian carpets can be, the initial asking price for this small Qom carpet was $1,600. Of course, you don't pay the asking price, but the dealer really wasn't prepared to come down very much. It is beautiful though, isn't it?


Tehran Local Customs


    The first few times I saw these boxes I understood right away that the slot in the top was to put money in. What I didn’t know was for what. In Tehran (and some other cities) there are hundreds of these metal boxes on the side of roads where cars park. They are strong large steel boxes that are clearly anchored into the pavement (sidewalk). Oddly,...

  • Churches in Tehran

    Not everyone knows that has other religious buildings other than mosques. There are at least five churches that I know of: Surep Georg Church, Thaddeus Bartoqimus Church, Tatavus Church, Enjili Church, Assyrian Church - and maybe more.Another interesting and less known fact is that the Iran government is not trying to get rid of churches - quite...

  • Valiasr Ave: the longest street in the...

    Valiasr Avenue is quite an interesting street... it's the the longest street in the middle east, and maybe also in the world. it divedes tehran into east and west and runs from the Tehran's railway station in the south of the city to the Tajrish square in the north, for a total lenght of 19.3 kilometers. Just for fun, I would suggest you walk some...


Tehran Warnings and Dangers

  • getting lost in Grand Bazaar

    attend to direction & be careful about where you go, the Grand Bazaar is very crowd & huge & may easily getting lost.


    THESE MEN ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINALS. In fact the fat one on the left physically assaulted me when I started shouting for the Police. These evil criminals are Moneychangers on the street. I needed some cash and they offered me a better rate than the Exchange shop and the banks were closed. I knew they would charge me a small charge, but then they said...

  • Gutters

    One of the major hazards in Tehran, is the state of the roads and pavements. And not just in Tehran, it is the same all over Iran in all the cities we visited. It really is not a place for wheelchair users. The gutters are deep and wide (and full of very fast flowing icy cold mountain glacier water in spring, often causing severe flooding), and...


Tehran Tourist Traps


    This is a must visit museum if you visit Iran. It is a huge complex mostly built by the Qajar ruler Nasser al-Din Shah. He expanded and developed a few earlier royal building into this massive and ornate collection after seeing some grand European Palaces. It has a staggeringly huge collection of alabaster statues, murals, paintings, Quaranic...


    trying to find a money exchang in tehran is a question that many forigner and visitors might be asked. the situation is going to be better and many banks do exchang now in the big cities like Tehran, Mashad, Isfahan, Shiraz and others.

  • Sad abaad

    Known as the Saad Abad Cultural Complex, and bounded by Velenjak to the north and Kolak-Chal to the east, it occupies an area of 410 hectares. Actually, it is the greatest cultural complex in modern Tehran consisting of seven palace-museums (out of 18, turned into public museums after the revolution), not all open at the same time.However, they are...


Tehran What to Pack

  • Packing for Tehran

    I carried a holdall on wheels and a barrel bag with handles and a long carry strap. I was camping for part of my trip, so had sleeping bag etc, which took up quite a bit of space.For sightseeing I had a day sac to carry my camera, Travel guide and phrase books etcI also packed a small handbag for going out to restaurants etc at night - just so I...

  • Great ulternative to cash, Iranian...

    ATM and credit cards won't work in Iran. I have no choice but to carry cash. For me I wanted to carry some US dollars and some Irani rials. The biggest Banknote is 20 000 Irani Rials (about 2 Dollars) which mean the 300 US dollars will turn into 150 notes of 20000 Irani Rials. This will make any walet big and painful to carry. I was pleasently...

  • Packing List

    Carry small sized suitcases if on a flight inside Iran as the aircraft are very small and it is not possible to take very large bags. Toilet rolls are a must unless you are staying in 4 to 5 star hotels. Medicines are also preferably to be brought by you if you need anything specific. Camera film is available but very expensive and only in 100...


Tehran Off The Beaten Path

  • Park-e Hazrat Maryam

    Park-e Hazrat Maryam (St. Maryam Park) established in 2002.mural of the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus in her arms painted on a large building & a statue of Madonna & the son flourish this small park.Just across the street, Sarkis Armenian Orthodox church the most visible non-Islamic building in the city, is located.Address: KarimKhan zand St.

  • Bonyad-e Neyshaboor

    Bonyad-e Neyshaboor established in 1980 by Prof. Fereydoon Joneidi the Iranologist & Linguist.Bonyad-e Neyshaboor works on Shahname & Iranian history & languages.Shahname reading sessions are held on 5 pm ,Saturdays.Pahlavi Persian Language courses are starts at October.Bonyad-e Neyshaboor also hold valuable library.address: no 4, Jalalieh st.,...

  • Park-e Laleh

    Park-e Laleh (formerly called Park-e Farah) is one of the 800 parks in Tehran, established in 1966, provides pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation.Around the park are some popular coffee shops, fast-food outlets, and shopping centers and designer boutiques.Iran's National Rug museum is in the northwest & the Tehran Museum of...


Tehran Sports & Outdoors

  • Over the moon

    The Iranians are very hospitable but if you really want to get them smiling, mention football. The national team cannot be ranked among the world's greatest but Iranians still remember - of course - the time they beat the USA at the World Cup in France in 1998. And 20 years earlier the team had held Scotland to a 1-1 draw in Argentina. With all the...

  • Dizin Ski Slope, Karaj ,chalus road...

    This vicinity offers caoching facilities as well as tennis courtyards, volleyball grounds, a park for children, slope for skiing on turf, some altitudes for mountain climbing and walking as well as riding and some routes for cycling. The region has six restaurants.for more information about chalus dont hesitate to check it's pages.

  • snowboarding in shamshak slope ...

    there is charming slope with suitable equipments for skiing and snowboarding with the nice people there.


Tehran Favorites

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  • FREE FREE FREE haircut for Males in...

    Qasre Mou Hair InstituteHello Guys! Its only for you gentlemen and not females :-)Well there is a Hair Institute for students who are willing to become Barbers and male beauticians to study different styles of Hair Cut, Shampooing, Head Massage, etc….This institute accept males for haircut and its for FREE!! So if your hair has grown long and you...

  • visa on arrival

    There are certain countries that can obtain visas from the airport for 7 days. The list include 65 countries. The link is from the Iranian Consulate in Dubai. I got one month in the Airport. You can obtain this in all major airports in Iranhttp://www.iranconsul.org.ae/newvizarul.html

  • Murals ... of martyrs

    They dominate the roadsides in Tehran. Huge murals that take up the whole side of a building. Some are of men killed in the horrendous 10-year-long Iran-Iraq War (called in Iran The War of Iraqi Aggression).Sad faces that stare out at you of men in uniform, with roses and butterflies, rainbows and tulips, to show that they are now in Paradise.I...


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