Iran Things to Do

  • School group huddle
    School group huddle
    by Orchid
  • Marshalling the troops
    Marshalling the troops
    by Orchid
  • C h a a a r g e!!
    C h a a a r g e!!
    by Orchid

Iran Things to Do

  • things to do

    HiMy name is Mohamad. I live in Iran, in a small town located in the west of Iran. As i go to school(university i mean :D ) there in Tehran I should remove and go over there in a few weeks.Since I've never been out of my country, I have no idea how getting a visa for going to Iran could be hard (or maybe easy ;)) but i can share my information...

  • Watch Iranian rituals and street theater

    One of the important aspects of tourism in each country is its cultural features such as local traditions, feasts and rituals. Iran is quite rich in its cultural qualities, customs and religious rituals. Iran, as a Moslem country, has many religious ceremonies and rituals rooted in Islam. While there are many old customs originating in...

  • Persepolis

    Persepolis is a must-see in Iran. was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty (ca. 550-330 BCE). Persepolis is situated 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. In contemporary Persian, the site is known as Takht-e Jamshid (Throne of Jamshid) and Parseh. The earliest...

  • Imam Mosque, Isfahan

    The Imam Mosque stands in south side of Naghsh-i Jahan Square.Built during the Safavids period, it is an excellent example of Islamic architecture of Iran, and regarded as the masterpiece of Persian Architecture. The Shah Mosque of Esfahan is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran and all over the world. It is registered along...

  • Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque

    The glorious Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque is one of the architectural masterpieces of Safavid Iranian architecture.The mosque was built in 1615 by the orders of Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty. The architect finished construction of the mosque in 1618. The mosque was used as a prayer hall as well as a lecture hall. Oviously in 1618 there were no...

  • Day 7 Ali Sadr or Alisadr Caves

    Before my trip, my work mate, who's parents are Iranian, told me that her mother had said that I HAD to visit these caves as they were very special. So I was pleased to see that this was on my itinerary.The caves are considered to be one of Iran's main tourist attractions. It is located between the cities of Tehran, Qom and Hamadan, so is in reach...

  • Day 7 Takht-e - Suleyman to Bijar and...

    Our journey to Bijar took us past an old caravanserai. These places of rest were introduced by Shah Abbas the Great in the 17th Century. His idea was that there would be such places throughout Iran for merchants and traders etc to be sure of a place to sleep and eat for themselves and their animals. They were also places where trading and business...

  • Day 6 - Ispanjan village

    I think I'd misinterpretted my LP, when it read that here, 2 mosques share 3 minarets. I thought that this meant that they were joined. As far as I could see as we drove by, one mosque had 2 minarets, and the one further along the street had 1. However, it could be that there was another mosque hidden from street view, sharing a minaret or two!We...

  • Damâvand volcano

    Mount Damâvand is a dormant volcano and the highest peak in Iran. It is located in the middle Elborz Range about 70 kilometres northeast of Tehran. It is the highest point (5610 m) in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia. It has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore in Zoroastrian texts and in Persian poet Ferdowsi...

  • Qeshm and Abu Musa Islands

    Our flight went on over Qeshm and Abu Musa islands in the Persian (Arabian) gulf. Qeshm is an island situated in the Strait of Hormuz off the south coast of Iran and east of the Persian Gulf and about 180 kilometers from the UAE. The island is 135 km long.Abu Musa is a 12 island in the eastern Persian Gulf, part of a six-island archipelago...

  • Elburz Mountains

    Alborz, also written as Alburz or Elburz is a mountain range in northern Iran stretching from the borders of Armenia in the northwest to the southern end of the Caspian Sea, and ending in the east at the borders of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. In Russian transcription we call it Elburz and we often confuse it with the Elbrus which is a volcano...

  • Qazvin - Day 2

    Day 2 and Guide Number 2 - Majid, who was to be with me for the next 6 days. After breakfast, I checked out of Hotel Mashad, and we set off through Tehrans 'rush hour' traffic, heading for Qazvin, Masouleh and Rasht, before reaching Bandar-e- Anzali, where we were to stay for the next 2 nights. Qazvin is well worth visiting, to see the stunning...

  • Day 7 - Hamadan

    After visiting the Ali Sadr Caves, we set off for Hamadan, where I was to stay for the next night. I was feeling a bit sad, as I'd be saying Good Bye, to Majid, also a bit apprehensive, as I'd be meeting my new guide, also called Majid, who I was to spend the next 12 days with.Arriving in Hamadan, I was quite impressed, it looked like an...

  • Day 7 Takht-e- Suleiman - Throne of...

    A short drive from Zendan-e-Soleiman, we arrived at this Unesco World Heritage Site. It was once known as Azergoshnasb, and was important as the Spiritual centre for followers of Zoroastrianism in the 3rd Century AD. This was the main religion of Iran until the Arab Conquest. Followers, believe their omnipotent and invisible god, is represented as...

  • Day 5 Shabil

    Although I'd hardly slept - it was quite cold, and I couldn't get comfortable, the early morning view of Mount Sabalan woke me up. There was a whisp of cloud across the top. A few more tents had appeared overnight. Today was Friday, (the holy day) when many Iranians head to the countrysideWe took down our tents, and headed for breakfast at one of...

  • Day 4 Shabil - Camping and PALS...

    Refreshed, but now a bit chilled from my bathing - Majid had a bowl of warming soup ready for me at a nearby shack. The white coloured broth was Ash Dugh - yogurt soup- yogurt, water, dill? and beans, which we ate with flat bread. Dugh is the yogurt and water drink flavoured with mint, that I'd first tried in Tehran -(which felt like a lifetime...

  • Day 3 Bandar-e-Anzali

    After a shower and rest, we headed for the fish market - it was mid afternoon, so most of the stalls had closed. We would return next morning to buy some fish to grill later. Next stop was a mobile phone shop. Although I'd been able to use my phone in Tehran, I was having problems now. Majid had advised me to buy an Irancell Sim card, and said that...

  • Day 3 Masuleh

    The road to Masuleh ended at a car park! This was the only road in and out of the village.Majid parked his car, and we set off to explore this ancient village, where one houses roof is its above neighbours terrace. Majid explained that we were going to go up a different route than most visitors walk to reach the village.We climbed up some steps,...

  • Day 4 Bandar-e-Anzali - Fish market

    Although, I'd enjoyed Bandar-e-Anzali, I was quite excited about our next destination We were going to be spending the night camping near Shabil, hopefully with the Shahsavan nomadic tribe.So, our first stop this morning was the fish market, to buy our evening mealThere was quite a lively atmosphere, with stall holders arranging their fish in small...

  • Tehran - Day One

    Tehran was the start and end of my tour around Iran as I flew in/ out of the cities international Imam Khomeini airport.It was hard to imagine that this concrete megalopolis (population 12 million plus) with its thousands of vehicles spewing acrid fumes into the air, was once a village, famed for its pomegranates. It became the capital of Persia in...

  • Visit Persepolis

    UNESCO heritage site.Ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty. The biggest touristic spot in Iran.Why o why Alexander "The Great" demolished it?? "Great" people don't do that for sure. Sorry about my comment but I was so impressed and sad when I visited this place.It's 70 km from Shiraz and must see !

  • Visit Shiraz

    Huh...when you walk down on Shiraz's streets you'll see so many beautiful young people. Girls are trying to provoke all laws they can with their hair and forelock; their finger nails will tell you how modern they want to be, how fashionable this city is and no matter what, they want to breath freely. This is unique city in Iran. Kind of easygoing,...

  • Visit Yazd

    City settled between two deserts, one of the oldest in Iran, with interesting architecture, with largest community of Zoroastrians in Iran, with interesting neighborhood, cool accommodation, quite religious, one of the kind in country.You can easily spent few days here but in spring, if you come in summer, it won't be as nice as in other periods....

  • Visit Garmeh

    If you are into nature and you like unspoiled areas, almost untouched by human hand and you don't mind being in middle of nowhere, and you like to rest and eat good, come here.It's desert oasis where you can spend few days relaxing, enjoying sand dunes trip with fire in desert, or salt lake trip or hiking around or just sleeping - eating - sleeping...

  • Visit Esfahan

    Probably the last thing you should do in Iran is to visit this city.It's stupid to talk about its beauty and romance, it's just one of the best place on Earth. There are several spots in city that you won't be able to pass by and not stop for a while. And you'll keep coming back.So, at least you should:1. discover Imam Square and all the sites...

  • Visit Masuleh

    This small village can be reached through delightful mountain valleys, it's touristic place and locals are aware of the fact that you'll travel half day from Tehran just to spend 24 hours here. Elevation is above 1000m.Nature is amazing, green and wet, which you won't find easily in Iran and this region is popular among domestic travelers because...

  • Visit Tehran

    Not only this is touristic free city, but there isn't any touristic office at all.That's the reason why you should visit it. Probably there isn't such a city on globe, so big, so live and so local. Ok, politic can help to this situation but there are several things that you can do in this city:0. if you coming by air, you'll probably touch Iran's...

  • Day 7 Takab to Zendan-e- Soleiman

    I didn't really get to see much of Takab, just views from the car while going to and from the Ranji Hotel, which had been our base for the night. Near Takab I'd seen a huge model of a hawk on a roundabout, (pic 2) apparently this was Shahin Dezh, which translates as the fortress of the hawk!Takab is a market town, agriculture being its main...

  • Day 7 Zendan-e- Soleiman

    Zendan-e-Soleiman or Solomans prison is a large conical peak, which can be seen for miles around. It is 110m high, and its crater is 70m in diameter.Majid had promised a surprise at the top - phew! The huge crater had a drop inside of more than 100 metres. Swifts were flying around, darting in and out of nesting holes eroded into the calciferous...

  • Day 6 Maraqeh - other Tomb Towers

    So after a brief look at Gonbad-e-Arqala, a longer browse around Gonbad-e-Arqala and its grounds, we set off to find Gonbad-e-Qaffariyeh. My LP guide stated that it was in a riverside garden with a tacky trio of dolphins!!!!Yes, they were quite tacky looking! This tomb had some interesting blue tile mosaics and calligraphy. You couldn't enter the...

  • Day 6 Maraqeh - Solar Clock

    In the grounds of the Gonbad-e-Sorkh is a Solar Clock (Vertical type) Apparently it was inaugurated in July 2005. This was during the World Year of Physics and was a joint project between Maraqehs Cultural Inheritance and Tourism Office, Research Institute of Astronomy and Astro Physics in Maraqeh and The Embassy of France in Iran.The previous...

  • Day 6 Maraqeh Gonbad-e- Sorkh - Red...

    This Tomb Tower is located within a walled garden, and is considered to be the most interesting of the tomb towers of Maraqeh. Named the red tower, presumably due to its terracotta brick structure.The tower is square, with a squinch- pinched octagen - A Squinch is typical of Islamic, particularly Persian architecture, where a square room is topped...


    Locally known as Monar-e-Jonban, this simple shrine was built to honour a local hermit and holy man. The shaking minarets at the top of this shrine are famous all across Iran. The whole open plan structure was built around 1316 to cover the grave of Amu Abdollah Soqla (pictured). The minarets were added later, probably during the Safavid dynasty...

  • Day 6 Maragheh-Tomb Towers

    Maragheh is noted for its 800 year old Tower Tombs, and for having the worlds foremost Observatory, which was in operation in 1262. Although this was destroyed by the troops of Tamerlane, there is an Observatory (rasad - khana) on the old site 3km away from the city centre to the NW.According to my LP guide, "finding the tombs is the main fun,...

  • Day 6 Orimiye Lake

    Leaving Kandovan, we drove through Ispanjan again , and headed for Orimiye Lake (Salt Lake). According to my LP guidebook, Orimiye became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1976. It covers an area of 6,000 square metres, but is quite shallow (max seasonal depth 16m) There were a few swimmers there when we arrived, and although they were nearly dots on...

  • Day 6 - Kandovan

    Kandovan was a village that I'd been looking forward to visiting. Also known as Chandovan, this is Irans' Capadoccia - an area of Turkey, that I'd really enjoyed visiting. I'd spent quite a while there during my travels in the early 1990s, and it had some very special memories for me. So I was pleased that this was included in my itinerary.In some...

  • Day 6 Osku

    Osku was our next destination after leaving Tabriz, it is well known for its walnuts and its chinar -a giant plane tree that divides the narrow street leading to Ispanjan then Kandovan.Majid stopped the car to let me take a photo of the tree. I was just heading back to the car, when a man beckoned me over, he seemed keen to show me something. I...

  • Day 6 Tabriz - Azerbaijan Museum (2)

    In the basement of the museum is a room with about 12 sculptures in bronze entitled 'Misery around the World' For the 3rd time during my visit to Tabriz, I'd been awe-struck by a sculpture, or this time a room full of them. Again it was the detail and the expressions on the faces of the figures that held my attention. Although the subject matter...

  • Day 6 - Tabriz Azerbaijan Museum

    To be honest, I wasn't too bothered about visiting this museum, As far as I knew from reading my LP there wasn't too much to interest me, apart from The Chelsea Carpet.However, I'm really pleased that I did.This is one of Irans largest museums, with over 3,000 square metres under construction. The museum contains 4600 registered antiques and...

  • Day 6 - Tabriz Blue Mosque

    After breakfast we set of to see The Blue Mosque and the Azerbaijan Museum, before heading to Kandovan then to Takab for an overnight stayWe parked in front of the museum, which is next to the Mosque. We passed through the small Khaqani park, where I had another look at Khaqanis statue.The Mosque of was built on the orders of Jahan Shah, the ruler...

  • Day 5 Tabriz - Elgoli Park at night

    Our journey back to the park took much longer than in the day time, it seemed as if all the city was heading in the same direction as us. Majid pointed out a wedding party that were a few cars in front of us. Motorbikes with between one and three passengers wove between the traffic, music blared from cars, some with heavy bass notes booming out,...

  • Day 5 Tabriz - Gonga

    During my trip, I'd been enjoying spotting the statues or decorations sited on roundabouts on entering a village, town or city. They varied in style (some were austere statues, some quite tacky, such as brightly coloured dolphins) Driving through Tabriz, I spotted a work of art that made my jaw drop. On the central reservation was a life size...

  • Day 5 Tabriz - Elgoli Park

    As it was Friday, this large attractive park was buzzzing with couples, families and groups of friends strolling around the paths surrounding the lake. On every piece of grass, picnics were in progress, primus stoves were heating pans of food, or boiling kettles of water for tea. Music was relayed through speakers around the lake. Around the lake...

  • Day 5 Tabriz

    After lunch (Chicken kebab) we checked into the Hotel DaryaTabriz was once the Iranian capital, for a short while, before Quazvin took the honour, as it was considered less prone to invasion. Tabriz is near to both the Turkish border to the west, and Azerbaijan to the north.Tabriz is the 4th largest city in IranIt is the capital of Azerbaijam...

  • Day 5 Shabil to Tabriz

    Reluctantly, it was time to leave Shabil - I'd enjoyed my short stay here, and hopefully will get the chance to return one day. Even without meeting the Shahsavan nomads, I'd had a memorable time.Our next destination was the city of Tabriz, for an overnight stay - I was looking forward to a shower. We'd only travelled a short distance, when we came...


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