Iran Transportation

  • Salt Lake near Shiraz
    Salt Lake near Shiraz
    by Orchid
  • Gate of All Nations
    Gate of All Nations
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  • Lunch stop
    Lunch stop
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Iran Transportation

  • Esfahan-Tehran Bus

    Every hour from Esfahan. Costs 3500Rials with Hamsafar Bus travel company. I got out of Esfahan at 11:30pm and arrived in tehran 7 hours after in a night trip.

  • My Guide and Friend!!!

    Travelling to and around Iran requires government recognised tourist agencies for invitations as well and for taking you around the country!!! So when we went for the Total Solar Eclipse Expedition in 1999 (which I arranged for a group of six of us from India) we booked over the net, a travel agency recommended by the Iranian Consulate in Mumbai...

  • Iran by Train

    Unfortunately Railways are not so expanded in Iran, while traveling with train is frequently cheap and comfortable.There are 2 internatiol train routes to Iran.1) Istanbul-Tehran: WeeklyDeparture from Istanbul: WednesdayDeparture from Tehran: ThursdayIt takes about 72 hours (so long!)Price: about $50 - one way 2) Damascus-Tehran: WeeklyDeparture...

  • Over Iran by Pakistan Internation...

    In the beginning of our trip we were planning to come back to Moscow by Siberia Airlines (S7) - the same company which had brought us to Dubai from Moscow as I've already written in previous tip. But at the last moment our operator changed Airline Company and we had to use Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) instead of S7. We were angry because...

  • Over Iran by Siberia Airlines

    Our way from Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) to Dubai was laid over Iran. All the way has the length about 4200 km including 1300 km over Iran. It took us an hour and a half to cross the Iranian territory by Airbus 321 of the Russian Siberia Airlines (or S7 its another name). I asked a seat at the window and didn’t regret about it. As soon as we...

  • Price of transport in Iran

    100.000 Rials or 10.000 Tomans = 7 EUR = 10 USDIt's cheap. Gasoline price was 0,15 USD in April 2008.For taxi ride 350 km you'll pay 35 USD !!! Garmeh to Yazd.Always negotiate about taxi price.Average internal airline ticket will cost from 35-40 USD and can be book few days in advance.Bus is really cheap too. Tehran to Rasht was 50.000 Rials with...

  • London Heathrow to Tehran Imam Khomeini

    I flew with IranAir. My flight was booked through Persian Voyages as part of my package. I had to pay for the flight separately (£420 return), which was deducted from the total cost of my trip. An e- ticket was issued a week prior to my departure.I'm pretty certain that I was the only English female travelling on this flight - but the stewardesses...

  • What to do if overnight bus arrives at...

    To save time, I took 3 overnight journeys in my 2 week trip to Iran: overnight bus from Kerman to Shiraz, from Shiraz to Yazd, and overnight train from Esfahan to Tehren.For these journey, I usually arrived at 4am or 5am. It was too early to go anywhere as you need to wake the hotel people up and the worst part, the hotel you hunted for was FULL! I...


    This is a Soviet built T-72 tank. It has main cannon which uses 125mm shells – either armour piercing or general explosive for use against soft targets. It is also capable of mounting a 12.7mm anti-aircraft gun. It has a crew of 3, an 840 horse power engine and armour plating as thick as 520mm in some places. It is all-terrain and can crush any...

  • I must first bring to your...

    I must first bring to your attention that routes in and out of Iran can and do change so it is advised that you seek as many opinions as possible from airlines and travel agencies before you finalize your plans.>You can enter Iran by air, road or sea although the using sea routes across the Persian Gulf is rarely used. >In addition to Iran...

  • Getting ticket

    Getting ticket:In Australia: There are no direct flights between Iran and Australia the best thing is to fly Malaysia airlines to Kuala Lumpur and iran air to tehran.similar options would be Gulf air and Europe: Iran air and several major european carriers fly directly between western european cities and Tehran. cheaper tickets are...

  • Plane

    Flying is a convenient way to cover the distance in Iran and it's cheap too. We flied Shiraz - Tehran for about $30 on Iran Air. It's a good idea to book the tickets in advance. I was trying to find one to Kish Islands but the flights were full for the next couple of days. Some people told me the trick is to go to the airport and buy one there as...

  • Understanding Iranian Buses

    There are three different types of buses in Iran with are cheap and comfortable. The Mercedes aka the super is in Western Iran. These old looking Mercedes buses are dirt cheap and often have no air con. They are slow but are very cheap. The Super Luxe aka Lux, super lux cost about half the price of the Mercedes. They are usually at least 10 years...

  • Getting around by bus

    Iran is well connected by bus and most people prefer this option because it is cheaper and more reliable. Fares are dirt cheap and the buses are very comfortable. The best companies with the most extensive networks are Iran Peyma, Hamsafar and Seiro Safar which has air con Volvos. You dont need to book ahead unless there is a religious festival...

  • Getting to Iran by Air

    Irans major international airport is in the western supurbs of Tehran and it is called the Imam Khomeini International airport. It is about 30 + km outside the city and cost around 80,000 IR or $9 US for the taxi into the city. The national carrier is Iran Air ( but smaller airlines included Iran Aseman ( and Mahan Air...

  • To Tabriz from Yerevan (Armenia), part...

    ... At 20.30 we arrived to the border, where it took two hours on the Armenian side. I was the last one to be ready as the Russian controller took long time to check my passport. Not until everyone was seated in the bus and we crossed a bridge all women took their scarves on. As we arrived on the Iranian side all our passports were collected and we...

  • To Tabriz from Yerevan (Armenia), part I

    I went to Tabriz by bus from Yerevan, Armenia. A few weeks before leaving home I booked a ticket via email through Tatev Travel, but not until I picked it up I had to pay for it, 17 000 drams (about 40 dollars). I was going to Tabriz, but the price was the same for Tehran, to where the bus was continuing. There is supposed to be a bus every day,...

  • From Iran to Azerbaijan by air

    My first intension was to apply for the Azeri visa at the Azeri embassy in Tehran, but arriving to Tehran on a Friday and knowing it took about three days to get the visa issued (and not knowing if the embassy was open every day except weekends) I decided to buy a plane ticket from Tehran to Baku, as you can get the visa at the airport, but not at...

  • Domestic flights - to Kish

    It is cheap and easy to take a domestic flight in Iran. Most of the domestic flights leave Tehran from Mehrabad Airport. There are several smaller companies, but Iran Air is the biggest with most connections ( I flew to Kish Island with Kish Airlines.From Tehran it takes 1,5 hours to fly to Kish. Both Iran Air and Kish Airlines are...

  • "SAve a day"

    In Yazd I met some people who had taken a tour from Shiraz in the morning and during the day visited the four sites; Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, Naqsh-e Rajab and Pasargadae. And after they drove on to Yazd. The price was IR 500 000 (July 2006), and I heard it was the same going the other way round.Seeing the sites along the way between Yazd and...

  • Getting around by bus

    We took buses only in two occasions: From Yazd to Kerman (less than 5 hour trip) and from Tabriz to Rasht (a long overnight trip) and that because there were not direct flights to move from one place to the other. Bus stations are usually a bit out of town and there are several bus companies making the trip to different destinations. A bit of...

  • Getting around by Iran air

    There are more than just one airline in Iran (Iran Air, Iran Aseman, Mahan Air, Kish air etc). We decided to book through Iran Air all of our domestic flights as they had a representative office in Athens. My experience with Iran Air is the best: on time departures and arrivals, airplanes in good condition, friendly FAs, ok meals on board but above...

  • Getting there

    There were unfortunately limited flying options from Greece to Iran. The most convenient (which we booked) was Turkish airlines for almost 670 € (a bit extra because we had a short stop over in Istanbul). The second option which was 120 € cheaper (but I found it out later) was a combination of Olympic Athens-Istanbul and Iran air, Istanbul-Tehran....

  • Journey Breaks...

    When taking the night buses, it's fun when the bus would stop in a small town (normally by the road sides...) for passengers going to the toilets & have something to eat & drink.Me, I just wanted to smoke ! The drivers can have some rest also.It's nice seeing the passengers getting out from their buses with sleepy eyes; Rushing to the toilets or...

  • Terminals...

    'Terminal' is the word used by Iranians for bus station.There are terminals in all the cities & towns around Iran.The terminals have big areas, clean & comfortable.There are of course ticket counters inside the terminals.When buying ticket, just mention your destination so this wouldn't be any problem.The problem would arise when you want to take a...

  • Buses Around Iran...

    Buses are taken by many Iranians & also tourists when going places around Iran.They are so convenience & clean (well, most of the buses that I took anyway).There are 2 types of buses :VOLVO : They are slightly bigger with comfortable seats. This is the type of bus that you MUST choose when taking the overnight journey around Iran.MERCEDES : They...

  • Iran Air...

    I was so lucky to be able reaching Iran with their national airline called Iran Air.I bought the ticket here in Kuala Lumpur at Iran Air Office, cost me RM2200 (about 550), return flight.I also bought the one way ticket from Tabriz to Tehran that cost me just USD 12, Iran Air was having their promotional fares at that time so I was told by the lady...

  • Islamic Prayer Room aboard Iran Air...

    On the aircraft there is a small space fitting two prayer rugs for those of you who would like to offer the prayers. You can even sort of see a monitor which electronically indicates the direction of Makkah. I wonder if directional adjustments are to be made when the aircraft banks a new direction ;-)

  • Helpful refreshment pack from Iran Air

    On the International Flights on Iran Air, even though we sat only in Economy Class, we received a Refreshment Kit, both arriving and leaving Iran. So, now I have a spare for future use or gift! I have only ever received such a kit on Business Class on other International Carriers. That said, I heard that flying business "Homa Class" on Iran Air is...

  • Tokyo - Tehran Twice Weekly on Iran Air

    There are several ways to get here from Japan besides Iran Air, another reasonable alternative is to use Emirates Air and transfer in Dubai. Iran Air has the cheapest prices, the fleet is somewhat old, but well-maintained.There are no transferable frequent flyer miles points on Iran Air at this time, however, that shortcoming is made up, as our...

  • Example Meal on Iran Air

    This is for the international flights. Rather standardised fare similar to other international carriers. For Iran domestic flights there is soda, juice and a sandwich box offered.

  • by train, bus or with a private driver

    We travelled for the second year by train from Ahtens (Greece) to Tehran (Ýran). Ýt is probably one of the most spectacular rides on a train. Not only is one crossing the whole of Turkey but there are days when there is not a living soul in sight. Ýt is just the train, its passengers and the incredible landscape.But there is so much going on in the...

  • Taxi

    Taxi is a popular transportation in Kish. First I was surprise when the driver picked up passenger, although I was already aboard. And later I came to know that some taxi implement sharing taxi, which makes the fare cheaper. But usually, the taxi costs me 1000 Tomans, or if they know that you are foreigner, he will asked you in Dirham (5). But for...

  • Bus Tehran to Bandar Abbas (Persian...

    This bus ride costs 10000Rials (10 euro) and takes 22 hours. Usually fot his big trips buses are very good quality ones, the same we have in europe.People are just great as they try their best to be nice to you and make you enjoy the trip as it can get a bit tyring for som many hours inside a bus. We had many stops until we actually arrived in...

  • Kish Airways

    From Dubai, I took Kish Airways to renew my visa. The plane is quite small. You don’t have to worry about your seat number. You can sit anywhere and the beautiful stewardess will guide you. Due to the short flight time, you’ll be given snack and soft drink for the trip. From Dubai, the airline has quite many number of flights every day.

  • Use Iranair domestic flights

    Iran is a big country and domestic flights are good. If you really want ot enjoy the major cities and not feel exhausted, I'd recommend that you use domestic flights.I flew from Tehran to Shiraz, from Shiraz to Isfahan and from Yazd to Tehran, on Iranair Fokker 100s.One added bonus is that, as you ascend from Tehran airport, you'll get an excellent...

  • Trains

    The buses run more frequently and are cheaper than the trains but on longer journeys the comfort on the trains makes up for it. Unfortunately the train stations are well away from the central part of most cities, but despite this, it is still worth the effort.

  • Tehran->Istanbul Bus, Iran to Turkey

    This is the cheapest way you have to go from Iran to Turkey and its quite simple to pass the border if you choose to go by bus. I took the SimaSadar International Bus Company in Tehran Bus terminal near Azadi Square.The trip costed 220.000 Rials for students, the normal price is 250.000Rials. Not all companies make you the special student price....

  • Persian Gulf taxi boat

    This is another view of the taxi you need to take from Bandar Abbas to Qeshme Island. you have 45 minutes boat ride until you get to the island. If you look to the water you can notice dolphins or were it sharks?This trip costed 7500Rials for 45 minutes ride.

  • Bandar Abbas to Shiraz Bus

    This bus left from Bandar Abbas 10am and got to Shiraz 11pm so we took 13 hours to make this whole trip. The price was 2800 Rials for almost 500km trip on a kinda old bus, not very old but old enough I say.

  • Tehran Bus South Terminal

    From this terminal in the Southern part of the city you can get buses to all the southern part of the country. Qom 2000Rials, Yazd 5000Rials and Bandar Abbas 10000Rials. You also have buses to the border city with Pakistan Zehadan.You can get here from the city centre in a taxi motorcycle for 15000Rials up to 20000, for sure tourist price but even...

  • Transportation in Tehran

    Tehran is very easy to travel around. Altough this city is huge you can easily get around with its easy to fint easy to get taxis and buses. Taxis usually cost around 2500Rials for a single trip, and public buses cost around 500Rials up to 1000Rials if you're heading the city outskirts.Subway is also a very easy to use transportation and can easily...

  • Motorcycle taxis

    This transportation in Iran is one of the fastes and fights back the intense car traffic in the cities as you can get to places faster ust payihng a bit more than the normal taxi. These guys will pass everthing speeding so grab on yourself really tight to the driver.The normal price for a short trip in the city will cost you from 5000Rials up to...

  • Taxi boats in the Persian Gulf

    This is the main transportation for local people in The Gulf. This is a very ast way of going at least 45 minutes to some Islands existing in the Gulf are both of The Persian Gulf and the Oman Gulf. It doesnt lok safe, and even with the life vest existing in all the boats you will still dont think the trip is that safe. It isnt. Some taxis are...

  • Bandar Abbas to Qeshme Island fast taxi...

    This trip takes about 45 minutes and takes you from the port city of Bandar Ebbas to the Island of Qeshme. This whole are is very beautiful and you can see many big ships passing from the Persian Gulf to the Oman Gulf.n my way back ride my taxi boat just stoped in the middle of the Gulf with engine malfunction. We had to wait for help for at least...


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  • Hasht Behesht Palace

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  • Homa

    The Homa is designated a 5 star hotel, and it does have the facilities of a top hotel - but they...


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