Iran Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DAO
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by DAO
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by jrashno

Iran Warnings and Dangers

  • Iran's Morality Police

    Iranian people, and most of the police as well, are very friendly and wellcoming (traveling during Ramadan trough Iran someone even opened his restaurant and cooked for me) but Iran's Morality Police is not wellcoming. While women have to be covered by there clothings (and might look like beeing native) they might get then problems for talking with...

  • Yazd - sexual harassment

    Too many story of sexual harassment in Yazd, the old city in Iran and too bad that I experienced one myself. I was walking in the old city and the culprit was on his motorbike and entending his hand behind me. I heard the sound of motor engine and turned around, successfully avoid his hand and catched his shirt from the back. He was on his bike so...


    This is bizarre, but a real danger of sorts. This is the picture of a sliding lock on a toilet in a restaurant. It slides DOWN to lock. Gravity anyone? It is also on the OUTSIDE of the door, not the inside. There was a secondary lock inside that did afford privacy. It locked sideways. So what happened? You guessed it. I shut the door just slightly...

  • Hard to tell

    I can't give warning tip but just can share possibilities:1. they drive madly2. they don't obey to traffic rules3. they don't respect pedestrians4. Tehran is one of the most polluted cites in the world5. some annoying carpet sellers are everywhere6. some people are willing to help but doesn't mean they know the answer or direction7. thieves are not...


    It is illegal to import it, have it in your possession or drink it. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture. You never saw this picture....

  • Iran-EcoTour company (Eco Expert Ltd) Iran-EcoTour company (Eco Expert Ltd) in Tehran, Iran is an eco tourism nature company. They were established 1998 to promote Iran's...

  • As previously stated,...

    As previously stated, Iranians are very friendly and hospitable to foreigners. If you respect and adhereto local customs your experience with Iranians willbe even more rewarding. I must point out some precautionary matters that you should should keep in mind when traveling in mycountry:* Be mindful of and adhere to the dress code. This is...

  • Dressing Type

    The only danger I could talk about is the way you dress. You should have an Islamic dress of scurf, long shirts -called Manto- and long trousers for women. And for men they have to wear not very tight shirts and long trousers. The other thing that might hurt you are the mosqitose if your journey is in Summer. And the other thing is the sun. You...

  • Fake police

    In Esfahan in particular, but also in Tehran, watch out for fake police. They will approach in a Paykan (small Iranian sedans that are copies of Hillman Hunters -- they look a bit like a Lada) but won't get out and demand to see your passport. Once they have it, they'll sell it back to you. Just go into a shop, or take the admittedly more stupid...

  • No Alcholic Beverages !

    Due to Islamic laws, alcholic beverages are totally forbidden in Iran, this order includes producing, exporting, importing, selling, buying, carrying and drinking ... so don't get yourself in trouble and beware of alchol during your visit to Iran. I assure you miss nothing without wine and beer :)It's the same way for different type of drugs.

  • miscellaneous

    Particular care should be taken not to offend Islamic codes of dress and behaviour, particularly with regard to sexual relations, alcohol and drugsDrinking, possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs as well as flirting or having sexual contact as an unmarried couple are considered to be crimes. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in...

  • Photography

    Photography near military and other government installations is strictly prohibited. Many such places are often difficult to identify and great care should be taken with photography in urban areas away from tourist locations.

  • Crime

    Major crime is not a problem for travelers in Iran, although foreigners occasionally have been victims of petty street crime.Care must be taken to guard against robbery.Visitors are advised not to carry large amounts of money (especially hard currency). In view of possible thefts, important valuables should be kept in hotel safes or other secure...

  • Money

    Declare all foreign currency upon arrival on a customs declaration form or, if applicable, at the Bank Melli branch at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport. Failure to do so may result in confiscation.Do not be tempted to change money on the street – this is illegal in Iran. Credit cards are rarely accepted in Iran However, Mastercards can be used in some of...

  • Driving

    Lane markers are usually ignored and some drivers tend to ignore traffic lights and for the people who are in Iran for the first time, it is suggested not to drive and try touse Taxis.they are cheap and plentiful.when crossing the street, do it carefully many drivers do not yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

  • Against the typical...

    Against the typical westerner's opinion, Iran is one of the safest countries of Asia! The only danger is the traffic. Be VERY careful when crossing streets. One life isn't much worth in this country.Criminality is very low, and the people are really kind. But you have to RESPECT THE LAWS. Make yourself confidential with the strong islamic rules,...

  • Dangers!

    If you are not used to warm weather you should be careful specially in summer. Mosquitoes and other insects may give you a warm welcome specially in open areas and marketplaces. You should also be careful about the place where you eat. Another problem there is the cars. When passing the city streets you should be cautious and fast! The cars won't...

  • I have never lived in any...

    I have never lived in any other place where the driving was so dangerous and appalling!This was a common site along some of the intercity roads!

  • I havent any special warnings....

    I havent any special warnings. Iran is a very safe country. I just have to say that according to the rules the women should dress modestly when outdoor. Mum was dressed in a coat that went below her knees, jeans and a scarf. In the private homes that we visited the women wear jeans, t-shirts, even miniskirts. ON THE PICTURE YOU SEE HOW MUM WAS...


    DRESS AND BEHAVIORAL CODE OF ETHIC. IRAN is Islamic Country. The goverment of Islamic Republic practices strict dress and behavioral code on female appearing in public. All Iranian and foreign females appearing in public should cover their hair and wear a dress that covers the body except the face, toes and hands. No point to cover the HAIR and you...

  • If you are driving in Iran,...

    If you are driving in Iran, there are very few road signs, you may also have to memorise cyrillic numbers to read the signs, sometimes there is no roman alphabet version. A big problem are speed bumps, there are no warning signs and you suddenly just come across them for no apparent reason, keep your eyes peeled for them, they will ruin your...

  • If you travel thru the desert...

    If you travel thru the desert be sure to carry enough water with you. I tried to freeze a 2 liter bottle overnight so I had cool water till late in the afternoon.If you go off road or outside the tracks explore the route to make sure you can drive. At certain points the sand is really loose. At one occassion I spent half a day to dig my bike uot of...

  • Be careful to keep your body...

    Be careful to keep your body covered if you are female. However, that can have advantages, as you suddenly become quite anonymous. However, can be very hot in summer.Don't forget to be polite. It is expected from everyone.When I stayed in Teheran, if you wanted to get around, you just had to stand in the street and put out your hand. Someone would...

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Iran Warnings and Dangers

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