Iraq Favorites

  • What's left of Qubahan School.
    What's left of Qubahan School.
    by canuckmike
  • The site of the battle of Gaugamela.
    The site of the battle of Gaugamela.
    by canuckmike
  • The remains of one of Saladin's forts.
    The remains of one of Saladin's forts.
    by canuckmike

Iraq Favorites

  • History

    There is so much history in Iraq. It's really quite amazing. Now it may not have the same cathedrals you would find in Europe or impressive temples of South East Asia. There are many smaller sites all around the place and with most of them, you just go to them. No lines for tickets or pushy guides, just raw history. Many sites are just on the side...

  • Visas and Extensions

    Visas are available for many nationalities at border crossings and airports. EU passport holders are given a free 10-day visa on arrival, although this is only valid for the Kurdistan region (i.e. the Kurdish regions of Dohuk, Erbil and Slemani (Suleymaniyeh), as well as Kurdish-held territories in the provinces of Nineveh and At-Tamim), not for...

  • Dogs

    Lot of really sweet dogs in Iraq and they are treated worse then vermin. It's quite sad, but with all of the other problems here.....

  • Family reunion

    Visiting My family!My uncle came long ago,from Indonesia (more than 60 years ago) to finish his studies to Iraq,he then setteld there and married an Iraquie lday,actually she`s a Kurd.he had 7 children from her,they all grew up to be either doctors or engineers.My uncle passed away in 1988,I saw him for the last time when he came to Makkah/Saudi...

  • French Culpability

    At the tank factory that was operated by Saddam's military you can find parts and boxes everywhere that are labeled in French or as being made in France. So much for that "Oil for food" program! Thank you France for stabbing everyone else in the back while Saddam tortured, gassed, and starved his own people.

  • And is it a real or a fake...

    And is it a real or a fake bill......i like to know, because it was send so my dad could send the man, who send him this, stamps from the Netherlands. So if you tell me if its real, the man in Iraq can get his stamps....THANKS!!!!

  • I went with a french...

    I went with a french group,starting from paris,then amman by plane.We travelled by bus from amman to baghdad(16 hours+the border);we stayed 12 days in iraq,visiting many archeological and cultural sites.Iraq has a very rich history,made of very different cultures(mesopotamia,assyria,christian,sunnite moslem,shiite moslem...) I had a good...

  • fabrice's General Tip

    the blue mosques of kerbala and an-nadjaf are marvellous;this is ali's tomb in an-najaf;I bought perfume in an-najaf because it is a tradition for pilgrims

  • Go out shopping, you will love...

    Go out shopping, you will love shopping there. They have everything from jewelry to food.You must try their pastries, they are the greatest. I was born and raised there, everything I saw was beautiful, especially up in the north where the Kurds live. But remember you have to be careful up north because of tribal conflicts. The one thing that...

  • I would take him to Holly...

    I would take him to Holly sherines in Kazmain with goldenMinars , close to Baghdad, Then to Najaf , to visit Imam Ali shrain then to Kerbala , to visit sherin of Imam Husain And Gazi Abbas , Then to Samarra city to visit Imam Hasan Askary And Imam Ali naqi, Then Babelon to see place of hanging garden , then Musal in North and Basrah In saothIraq...

  • visit Samarra with the...

    visit Samarra with the worldfamous spiral minaret.The city is interesting because of the spiral minaret, the Askari Shrines, the Qubbat as-Sulaimaniyya and some more or less preserved palaces. Most interesting for a visitor is the spiral minaret of the old mosque which dates back to the middle of the 9th century.don't miss the travelogues!809 the...

  • take some days for Mossul. In...

    take some days for Mossul. In the are you will find several excavations of old Mesopotamian cultur: Ninive, Khorsabad, Ashur, Nimrud. But Mossul itself is worth a visit as well. The people who live there are quite different from the Baghdadis. Mossul is located in the north of Iraq where a large quantity of Kurds lives, even other ethnic groups...

  • Visit the city of Basra. The...

    Visit the city of Basra. The beautiful old capital of the south is located at the Shatt el Arab. After two wars it has suffered a very lot but you can still find the charming Basra that is so much known from the stories of Sindbad.

  • visit Kerbela: 2 islamic...

    visit Kerbela: 2 islamic monuments are the main attractions in Kerbela: the shrine of Abu-l-Abbas and the one of Hussein. Both men were some of the most honoured martyrs in islam, especially in the shiitic islam. A shrine is a large mosque, ver much decorated with the sarcophagus of the mentioned person inside. In Iraq it is normally not allowed to...

  • Baghdad: the famous city of...

    Baghdad: the famous city of the stories of alf laila wa laila - 1001 nights. It is somehow disappointing if you expect the city to have the old charme mentioned in the 'alf laila'. Baghdad is a modern city with all the advantages and disadvantages of that.As a modern city Baghdad takes a lot of it's charme from the river Tigris. I was quite...

  • do a trip to Babylon:...

    do a trip to Babylon: Unfortunately the buildings of this worldfamous city have been destroyed not only once. What you can see today are mostly rebuilt palaces, walls, ceremonial avenues, ... While the famous statue of the Lion of Babylon remained there many other pieces have been taken away to museums in Iraq and abroad. Ishtar gate is may be the...

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