As Sulaymaniyah Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by Robin020
  • Local Customs
    by Robin020
  • Local Customs
    by Robin020

Most Recent Local Customs in As Sulaymaniyah

  • Culture Dos and donts

    by Robin020 Written Feb 6, 2012

    Cultural Do’s and Don’ts Do:

    (U) Do be prepared for people to smoke in different venues.

    (U) Do expect that in many Kurdish households seating is arranged on the floor.

    (U) Do give women the opportunity to avoid physical contact with men. Handshakes between the sexes may be allowed; a two-handed handshake is especially welcoming.

    (U) Do be respectful and express gratitude for Kurdish hospitality and generosity.

    (U) Do bring a small gift to your Kurdish host. An offering of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, pastries, and even cigarettes (for males only) will be welcomed. Avoid offering a gift that draws attention to your relative wealth.

    (U) Do repeat your offer of a gift two or three times until your host accepts. Kurds may initially refuse to accept gifts.


    (U) Don’t pay undue attention to a person of the opposite sex even if he is a guest.

    (U) Don’t shake a woman’s hand (if you are male) unless she first offers it to you.

    (U) Don’t refer to any Kurds as a dog or a mother of a dog. Dogs are reviled in Kurdish culture.

    - It is considered rude for a host to not offer a guest something to eat and drink. This custom holds to unexpected visitors as well. It is polite to accept your host’s offer.

    (U) Don’t offend your host by refusing to enter a room first. Kurdish culture has a rank system where the oldest or highest-ranking person socially enters a room first; women are usually among the last to enter.

    (U) Don't admire something in a Kurdish household unless you are prepared to accept it. To do so is a guarantee that you will be presented with the item. It is impossible to graciously refuse a gift, especially after admiring the object. Although reciprocation is not required, it is usually polite to try to offer something of equal value in return at a later point.

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  • Kurdish National Anthem

    by Robin020 Written Feb 3, 2012

    (Kurdish national anthem)


    Hey enemy, the Kurdish nation is alive with its language
    Can not be defeated by the weapons of any time
    Let no one say Kurds are dead
    Kurds are living
    Kurds are living, their flag will never fall

    We, the youth are the red colour of the revolution
    Watch our blood that we shed on this way
    Let no one say Kurds are dead
    Kurds are living
    Kurds are living, their flag will never fall

    We are the children of Medya and Keyhusrew
    Both our faith and religion are our homeland
    Both our faith and religion are Kurd and Kurdistan
    Let no one say Kurds are dead
    Kurds are living
    Kurds are living, their flag will never fall

    The Kurdish youth have risen like lions
    To adorn the crown of life with blood
    Let no one say Kurds are dead
    Kurds are living
    Kurds are living, their flag will never fall

    The Kurdish youth are ever present and
    Forever will be ready to sacrifice their lives
    Sacrifice each life they have, each life they have!!!...

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  • Language time

    by Robin020 Written Feb 3, 2012

    English Kurdish
    Hello Mrhaba -roj bash

    Goodbye bakhatrita

    Thank you Supas

    You’re welcome Sar Chava

    How are you? Choni?

    Are you well? Bashi

    I’m fine, thank you Bashim Supas

    What’s your name? Navi ta chiya

    My name is John Navi min John

    What would you like to drink? chi vakhi?

    Tea (without sugar) chai shakir?

    Where is the bazaar? Kani Bazaar?

    Where is the Khanzad Hotel?

    Yes Bali/Arey

    No Na

    OK bali Arey

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  • Cell phone cover and sim cards

    by Robin020 Written Feb 3, 2012

    Cell Phone Coverage

    Your cell phone and SIM card should work in Iraqi Kurdistan if roaming is activated. This incurs extra costs though and it may be cheaper to buy a local SIM card such as Korek or Asia Cell. Please note that your cell phone might have a SIM lock which would need to be removed before it will accept a new SIM card.

    We have had a report that a Talkmobile (England) SIM card could send and receive messages to other international numbers but not local Iraqi numbers.
    Setting Up a Local Mobile Number (with Korek)

    Visit a Korek office in Iraqi Kurdistan
    Provide a photocopy of your passport and a photograph of yourself
    Give your thumbprint as signature for the contract
    Pay 3,000 dinars

    Setting Up Korek Mobile Internet Access (for 10 days)

    Make sure that you have a balance of at least 11,800 dinars ($10 USD)
    Send a blank text message to 9595
    Adjust phone settings to:
    Username: korek
    Password: korek

    To get one month rather than 10 days of Internet access you'll need to have a balance of the equivalent of $30 USD and send the blank text message to 9494.

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  • Tipping

    by Robin020 Written Feb 3, 2012


    There is no wide practice or expectation of tipping - it is OK to pay the price requested for a product or service, or leave some small change as a thank the is not so high the waiter will definitly appreciate it if you leave some changes specially a little can make a big difference.

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