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  • Avenue in the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
    Avenue in the Weizmann Institute,...
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  • Guided tour of the Weizmann Institute, Rehovot
    Guided tour of the Weizmann Institute,...
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  • David Lopatie Visitor Center, Weizmann Institute
    David Lopatie Visitor Center, Weizmann...
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Rehovot Things to Do

  • Herzberg Winery in Moshav Satriyah

    Sorry that I could not put this location in VT, but it does not exist on the VT map. Satriyah is a small farm commune, called a Moshav, just outside the large city of Rehovot. A description on how to find Satriyah is included below.We were enjoying a day out at the open air market in nearby Ramla and decided to check out the newest winery in...

  • Gardening on the Weizmann Institute...

    Over the years the Weizmann Institute has dedicated effort and resources to create not only the most beautiful campus in Israel but also the most interesting and unusual vegetation.It started with an "acclimatization park", an area where different trees from all parts of the globe were planted in order to find out which ones would adjust well to...

  • Sculptures on the Weizmann Institute...

    A Weizmann Institute campus can also be viewed as a sculpture park. The sculptures are part of the landscape and are harmoniously integrated with the trees and shrubbery.Some of the outdoor sculptures (see photos) are: "Continuity" by Menashe Kadishman, "Internal Light" by Gidon Graetz; "Together" by Mark Halter; "Tree of Knowledge" by Nathan...

  • Architecture in the Weizmann Institute

    Walking the avenues and plazas of the Weizmann Institute is also a lesson in architecture over the last 6-7 decades. The Sieff Institute was built in 1934 in the colonial style. The renowned international-style architect Erich Mendelssohn designed other early buildings. Later styles include "brutalist" raw-cement buildings, structuralist and...

  • The Weizmann Institute Campus

    One of the best science research institutes in the world is located in Rehovot: This is the Weizmann Institute of Science. Its humble beginning was in 1934, when the Sieff Institute for research in organic chemistry was erected on a hill at the entrance to Rehovot, headed by Dr. Chaim Weizmann (who later became the first president of the State of...

  • Minkoff Orchard Historical Site:...

    This historical display & museum was developed in the late 1990s on the site of Minkoff's orchard, the first citrus orchard of Rehovot: The orchard was planted by Zalman Minkoff in 1904.You enter through the old gate into a walled farmyard with the orchard owner's house, a water well, a trolley which used to carry the boxes of freshly-picked...

  • Weizmann Institute of Science

    I spent 10 days here attending a science teacher's seminar. The campus is fantastic! You should visit the Clore Garden of Science for an interesting view of the natural world. A tour of the Weizmann House is also a must! There is a memorial to those who died in the Holocaust located near the Davidson Insitute of Science Education. A walk around the...

  • The Weizmann Institute Accelerator

    This is the most famous building in Weizmann Institute, it is the Koffler Accelerator of the Canada Centre of Nuclear Physics.

  • The Weizmann Institute of Science

    It was founded in 1935 and got its name from Israels first president that was living and also buried here. World famous for its physics researchers.


Rehovot Restaurants

  • Give a miss to CafeCafe at Bilu Junction

    CafeCafe is a chain of coffeehouses here in Israel and we usually enjoy their coffee and pastries. The outlet at the Bilu Junction (Tsomet Bilu) was so far the only exception. It says on their calling card "take your time", and here they sure do, they are in NO HURRY to serve you, nor any hurry to give you your bill after your request it, nor to...

  • Best Falafel in Town!

    Great Falafel, fast and friendly service, you can order in English. ;-) I think a falafel filled pita with a soft drink was about 26 NIS. I had the sesame falafel...yum, yum....

  • Steakhouse 72

    This Steakhouse 72 I assume also since 1972 is my favourite place to have lunch or dinner if I want to have the traditional local food. Family run, you can be sure you will get the best of the house. The local Humus of course, this place reputation is built on it.

  • Meat Ranch

    So this is the new place opened where it used to be the Balcony. Same owner, same friendly service but total different menu and business concept. So, now it is not really a place to sit in but good place to get your fast lunch meal in case you are in the city. Shish-Kebab

  • Falafel

    This is not exactly a restaurant, actually, not a restaurant at all but a small corner kiosk that has a great falafel. So, when in the city and you wish to have some small snack, that is the best place to have falafel. Fresh, clean, not so oily and very tasty. The Falafel of course.

  • Berale Cafe

    This is relatively small coffeehouse. Standard Israeli type with good coffee, some selection of beers and good toasts or salads. Nothing really special here, but if you are regular customer you can be sure that you will get even better service with extra special care.


Rehovot Nightlife

  • Irish Pub in Israel

    Two-for-one Guiness from 17:00 to gotta love that!Good service...a little pricey I thought, but comparable to what I paid in Tel Aviv for a Stella Artois.... Come as you are....

  • La Morse

    This is currently the hottest pub in the city centre, well, not surprising, as there are not too many pubs anyhow, but at list its good to have one real good pub with good selection of beers, including from Belgium and Ireland. Anything welcome, just do not get overdressed.

  • Rehovot Hotels

    0 Hotels in Rehovot

Rehovot Transportation

  • The three languages

    I wrote already about the train here, but I just wanted to add this example picture from the train station. Just a reminder of the 3 languages used in Israel.

  • Bus station

    I already recommended that if possible use the train to get to Rehovot. Anyhow, this is the central bus station, you can take a bus from here Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and many other places. You can also use local city buses if you need to go to the suburbs of Rehovot.

  • Train

    Usually you will come to this place by car or bus, but actually the train is the nicest and easiest way to get here from Tel-Aviv and by this avoiding all the traffic, especially during the rush hours


Rehovot Shopping

  • Bilu Centre

    This is a large shopping area just outside the city on the south side, there are many stores, supermarket and all the other typical stores you expecting to find in such places including furniture, housing, fashion, shoes, food, sports, etc.

  • Alcohol

    The closest shop to the Weizmann campus just happens to be a liquor store. :-)Cold beer and soda...a great selection of wine, beer, and hard liquor from around the world!

  • Finlandia :-)

    I surely did not come all the way from Finland to buy vodka Finlandia here. But I was just thinking, what is it making them much cheaper here after those bottles travel 5000 kilometres?


Rehovot Warnings and Dangers

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    by Gili_S Written May 9, 2004

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    Is there any danger here?
    I do not really think so, the only danger I could think of is... well... you know...
    So be careful when going out here.

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Rehovot Off The Beaten Path

  • Hill of the Olive Trees

    "Giv'at ha-Zeytim", as it is called in Hebrew, is a small hill, yet it is the highest hill on the outskirts of Rehovot, east of the built-up area.There is a nice path leading from the city to the hill. The hill is covered with olive trees,and when you have reached the top, after a short and easy climb, you can enjoy the views in all directions:...

  • The Old Watchtower

    East of Rehovot, ovelooking the Ramla-Bilu road, the old watchtower is a prominent landmark. It is 10 meters tall, with a conical shape and a capped top. It is a unique structure, one of its kind in the country. Its history goes back to 1938: The Arab Revolt took place between 1936-1939, and a well-built watch and observation post was badly needed...

  • "Bassa": The Rehovot Swamp

    East of Rehovot there is a small nature reserve called the "Rehovot Pond Reserve" (in Hebrew: "Shmurat Breichat Rehovot"). The locals simply call it the "Bassa": the swamp.This is a seasonal swamp, covered by water only during the rainy season. The typical swamp flora, however, exists throughout the year.The swamp is created by rainwater trapped...


Rehovot Sports & Outdoors

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    by Gili_S Updated Jan 23, 2005

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    Handball used to be the most successful sport in this city in the past. The Hapoel team won again and again the Israeli championships during the 70's and 80's.
    Those days are over now.

    Photo of the Israel national vs. Finland

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Rehovot Favorites

  • Rehovot

    Rehovot established in 1890. It is just about an average Israeli city located in the centre of Israel not far from Tel-Aviv. Jerusalem is less then hour drive from here.Rehovot Official

  • New Rehovot

    Rehovot is growing and developing all the time, new neighbourhoods and nice house building are coming all the time. This one is the New Rehovot neighbourhood in the south part of the city.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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