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Tel Arshaf Things to Do

  • Apollonia:Observation Point of the Keep

    The keep was an octagonal, 30 feet-high tower constructed over a gradated arch. This was the third system of fortifications of the fortress, and was also the highest. The keep affords a view of the Crusader port, at the entrance of which were two towers, one on each side. The remains of the two towers can be seen jutting out of the water. With good...

  • Apollonia: Remains of the Crusader Port

    A view from the Fortress down to remains of Crusader Port on the Mediterranean Sea.Crusaders had also port at Caesarea and Jaffa

  • Apollonia: The Fortress

    Courtyard:located on the lower floor of the fortress, and is 28m long and 10m wide. the courtyard floor was composed of rough plaster. An ascent led from here to the second floor of the fortress, and a descent to two subterranean halls. The courtyard was surrounded by rooms, and the keep was located on its western side.The Northern Hall:contained a...

  • Apollonia: Inner Gate of the Fortress

    This gate rises to a height of two stories and was protected by two semi-circular towers. The gate included an iron portcuills, behind which were two wooden doors. It was roofed and there were benches on each side.

  • Apollonia: A lime Kiln

    An Ottoman lime-kiln, used in the production of slaked lime. The lime was extracted from limestone in a lengthy firing process. Here the excavators found remains dating to the Persian period, when the site was occupied by the Phoenicians (6th cent. BCE).The kiln was dug into the ground and had a circumference of four meters. It was lined with...

  • Apollonia: The Seal of the Crusader...

    The seal of Belian 1st, seigneur of the southern Sharon country, whose seigneurial seat was in Arsour. The seal shows the main fortifications of the fortress: a gate flanked by two semi-circular towers, two corner towers and a tall keep dominating the entire fortress.The excavations at the site revealed all the fortification elements seen on the...

  • Apollonia: The Battle Over the Fortress

    Crusader Arsour fell in a land-battle against an army led by Mameluke Sultan Baibars. The battle took place in the spring of 1265 CE and lasted forty days. The Mameluke force was strong and well organized; its soldiers filled the moat with wooden beams that enabled them to approach the ramparts with their siege machines. They dug tunnels in the...

  • Apollonia: The Crusaders' Fortress

    The fortress was constructed, beginning in 1241 CE, at the highest point of the tell. It is surrounded by a moat and three systems of fortifications.

  • Apollonia: Observation Point of the...

    The observation point is located along the path that follows the wall dating from the Early Islamic and Crusader periods.The Roman Villa existed here in the first and second centuries CE. It was planned and constructed according to Roman architectural tradition, including a central open courtyard surrounded by a colonnade and roofed rooms.


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