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    Painted doorways, Haifa
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    Haifa Harbor
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  • Bahai Shrine and Gardens

    Haifa Things to Do

    One of the most stunning gardens in Israel is the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa. The gardens are a number of different arrangements of trees, bushes, flowers, terraces and fountains in 3 different sections. The gardens are lovingly maintained by Baha'i believers who do an incredible job. The lawns are immaculate, the hedges perfectly trimmed, trees...

  • The Colony Hotel Haifa

    Haifa Hotels

    28 Ben Gurion Street, Haifa, Israel

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Fattoush

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Haifa Restaurants

    This Cafe / restaurant look like one of the nices at the area. We only looked for a warm drink after walking around for a few hours and we decided to check this one and look inside, the surprise was big and we immediately "conquered" one of the warm comfi sofa's. The room that we set it was under the ground so it felt like being in a cave. It is...



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  • Bus from Tiberias to Capernaum

    Tiberias Transportation

    Não há transporte público entre Tiberíades e Cafarnaum. Uma boa opção de viagem é apanhar a camioneta 450, que vai para Safed, e descer no cruzamento Capernaum (15 minutos). Depois, caminha-se 3.2 km. Pelo caminho há duas igrejas que vale a pena visitar: 1. Igreja da Multiplicação dos Pães e Peixes:2. Igreja da Primazia de São Pedro.Junto à entrada...

  • Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel

    Tiberias Hotels

    There are hotels in the world in which you stay to see the city and area in which they are located,...

  • Bus from Tiberias to Jericho

    Tiberias Transportation

    Se quiseres viajar de Tiberiades para Jericó utilizando o transporte público, podes ir com a camioneta 961 que vai para Jerusalém via vale do rio Jordão. Tens de descer no cruzamento Almog e depois tomar um miniautocarro (NIS 3) para Jericó.Apanhei a camioneta que parte de Tiberiade às 08:30 e cheguei ao cruzamento Almog às 10:50. Depois, enquanto...



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  • Uri Buri

    Akko Restaurants

    Uri Buri, AKA, "the fish restaurant" is run by Uri Buri. the man behind the luxurious Efendi Hotel. The restaurant is on the beach promenade, about 5 -7 minute walk from the Efendi hotel. He uses the freshest ingredients, focused on seafood of all kinds - it's not kosher! You can choose from the menu or let them arrange a tasting menu for you if...

  • Nes Ammim Kibbutz Hotel

    Akko Hotels

    Nes Ammim Village

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Bus from Akko to Nazareth

    Akko Transportation

    Bus 343 links Akko and Nazareth and there are some per day. I have travelled with the first departing bus.A camioneta 343 faça a ligação entre Acre e Nazaré e há algumas por dia. Viajei com o horário da primeira camioneta. Horário / Timetable07:03 - 09:28Bilhete / FareNIS 31.5



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  • Getting to Caesarea by Public...

    Caesarea Transportation

    There used to be no public bus service to the Caesarea Archaeological Park; The nearest town to Caesarea is Or-Akiva. Bus # 921 goes from the central bus station in Tel-Aviv to Or-Akiva (60 km, 96 minute bus ride, NIS 24.5 only). From Or-Akiva one needs to take a taxi to the Caesarea National Archaeological Park. The price is about NIS 30 one...

  • Dan Hotels Caesaria

    Caesarea Hotels

    Although its been about 12 - 13 years since i've stayed there i can definitely say that this is a...

  • golfing at caesarea

    Caesarea Sports & Outdoors

    if u cant have a vacation with no golf ...well i think caesarea is the only place with golf. (maybe there is another 1 somewhere but there arnt many....)anyway golf while u can :-)



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  • Bus from Nazareth to Tiberias

    Nazareth Transportation

    Bus 431 travels between Nazareth and Tiberias. Until 11:00, it departs from the city centre, Bus Station, close to the Basilica of the Nativity. After this time, it departs from the Upper part of the city.After waiting for about 1 hour for the bus supposed to depart at 11:15, a tourist guide noticed me I had to go to the upper of the city. Then, I...

  • Casa Nova Hospice

    Nazareth Hotels

    Casa Nova Street, POB 198, Opposite Basilica of the Annunci, Nazareth, 16101, Israel

    Good for: Families

  • Sabah W Masa

    Nazareth Restaurants

    We stopped at Sabah W Masa for a light lunch before we visit the orthodox church of Annunciation. It’s located on the square in front of the church (just over Virgin Mary’s well) so the outdoor seating is also a good spot for watching the people passing by.Unfortunately the menu was only in Hebrew but the waitress was helpful with us, the name of...


Rosh Pinna

See all 29 Rosh Pinna Tips
  • the town

    Rosh Pinna Things to Do

    Although tired we loved strolling around Rosh Pinna, the small cobbled streets along with the numerous steps brought us to many picturesque corners and we liked the fact there weren’t many people around. There are many art galleries in town, you can find some nice paintings or other items like a store with unique colorful glass lamps.Most visitors...

  • Mizpe-Hayamim

    Rosh Pinna Hotels

    Safed Road 89, Rosh Pinna, 12000, il

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Nimrod Lookout

    Rosh Pinna Things to Do

    I love viewpoints and open landscapes so visiting Nimrod Lookout at Rosh Pinna was a must. It’s an observation point over the Hulah valley but also a memorial site. Nimrod Segev was a local soldier (born in Rosh Pina in 1977) that died in 2006 during the second Lebanon War. He was on duty that day (a loader in a merkava tank) while his tank was hit...


Kafr Kanna

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  • how to go there

    Kafr Kanna Transportation

    Cana is 9km N of Nazareth, 21km W of Tiberias, 119km NE of Tel Aviv, 47km SE of Haifa, 159km N of JerusalemBy carWe drove to Cana from Nazareth on our way to Tiberias, we had to drive through Cana anyway and we found heavy traffic on our way in and out of Cana with the car getting stacked in the city for several minutes causing delay on our...

  • what to shop in Cana

    Kafr Kanna Shopping

    Christians stop at Cana because of the Wedding church of Cana that commemorate the first miracle of Jesus, this was the place where he turned water into wine. So there are many souvenir stores (mainly on the road up to Wedding Church) selling Christian related items including the the cana wedding wine :) It's supposed to be a good sweet red wine...

  • The Wedding Church 2

    Kafr Kanna Things to Do

    Part 2 of my two part tip of the wedding church with more picturesThe origins of the wedding church is from the 4rth century when empress helena, the christian mother of the then pagan and then became christian emperor of Roman Empire, Constantine, built a church here at Karf Kanna, this was identified with the remains of a large building found by...


Bet She'an

See all 16 Bet She'an Tips
  • Bet Shean National Park

    Bet She'an Things to Do

    This was the first archaelogical park I have visited in Israel and is worth a visit. It is very easy to reach it by bus from Tiberias.The visitor is invited to travel back on both Roman and Byzantine periods. Some ruins are well preserved such as: the theatre, the bathhouses and the colonnade that run along both Palladius and Silvanus Streets.In my...

  • Aussie Wildlife Park Near Beit She'an

    Bet She'an Things to Do

    The Beit-She'an national park is very interesting, but only a few miles from it there is a unique zoo. It's called the GanGuroo, and it features Aussie animals, including koalas. They managed to breed the koalas and they are taking very good care of all the animals in the zoo. They even exported a cassowary chick to a European zoo. The aviary is...

  • Main Land Gateway to Israel from Jordan

    Bet She'an Things to Do

    although there are 3 border crossings between Israel and Jordan, the other border crossings (Wadi Araba in Eliat-Aqaba) and Shiekh Hussein (Maoz Haim-Irbid), the most popular and the most number of tourist and commercial traffic is the Beit Shan Border Crossing as this is the closest border crossing going to Jerusalem and the only border crossing...



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  • crusader Castle

    Nahariyya Things to Do

    We took a side trip on the way home from Nahariya and stopped at this crusader castle in Yehiam near the Kibbutz famous for its meat products. The site belongs to the Israel Parks authority and is a beautiful place to picnic and to look at the view of the surrounding area from the top of the citadel. IT was inhabited by the Crusaders, the Turks and...

  • Carlton

    Nahariyya Hotels

    Haga'Aton Boulevard 23, Nahariya, 22444, Israel

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Chill out

    Nahariyya Things to Do

    Well really the only thing to do here is to get your book out and sit on the beach.We went to the beach nearest our hotel which was great. It was a paying beach but it only cost 10 shekel and I prefer to pay that and have a clean toilet and changing rooms. It is very quiet here mostly families and even on the Saturday it was not too crowded. There...


Beit Jann

See all 29 Beit Jann Tips
  • Yossef Kablan, Beit Jann's Mayor

    Beit Jann Favorites

    Yes the MAYOR of Beit Jann. While visiting the Aya Cosmetics outlet in Beit Jann we were talking to the owner and chemist and in walked the mayor. We were introduced and it turns out that his name is also Yossef Kablan, the exact name of our friend. They are from the same tribe, one of the 7 main tribes that make up Beit Jann, there are also 3...

  • Making Family friends

    Beit Jann Local Customs

    The Druze villages are usually centered around the family a supreme important element in their culture. If you become friends and are "accepted" with one member of a family it tends to "spread" and you may become friendly with many other members of the family.Here you can see Zoahra with other members of Yossef's family who invited us over to their...

  • Making family friends

    Beit Jann Local Customs

    As I have said, it is just so easy to make friends on Beit Jann, here Yossef's wife Adiva is with Zohara, and after this visit they also came down to our home here in Arad to visit us...The second photo shows Zohara with Adiva and her eldest son.The third photo is Zohara with Adiva and Yossef while preparing dinner.The fourth photo shows Rob and I...


Lake Tiberias

See all 97 Lake Tiberias Tips
  • Yardenit - Andie

    Lake Tiberias Favorites

    Andie visited Yardenit and decided to "partake" or at least put herself in the water....Here is where many devote and even some secular Christians come to be babtized or even re-babtized "in the same River Jordan waters as Jesus"Take a look at -http://www.yardenit.com/

  • Sea of Galilee Shot Glasses

    Lake Tiberias Local Customs

    Being an avid collector of Fridge magnets and shot glasses of my travels, buying these souvenir items in the Sea of Galilee area is a must, you can buy these shot glasses of assorted designs and sizes at the shops outside the Church of the Multiplication at Tabgha at shops and at Capernaum, at the Souvenir Shops of Yardenit Baptism Site and Beth...

  • Capernaum

    Lake Tiberias Things to Do

    Capernaum is located at the north corner of the Sea of Galilee, on the side of the ancient road from Tiberias to the east of the sea of Galilee: Golan, Gamla and Jordan. It is a 3 minute drive east from the Primacy of Peter Church in Tabgha and a 16 minute drive north east of Tiberias. The village prospered in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and...



See all 18 Zippori Tips
  • Zippori National Park

    Zippori Things to Do

    If you like ancient history, ruins, culture and art the National Park of Zippori is a great place to spend some hours. We bought our tickets but didn’t really know what we were about to see here although I have read it about the day before.In the entrance pavilion there’s a scale model of Zippori (pic 1) while in the souvenir shop you can watch a...

  • Nile House

    Zippori Things to Do

    The large building east to Cardo is the Nile House, opposite the bath house. The large (50x35 meters) building was constructed in early fifth century AD (during byzantine period) above some roman buildings and as expected it’s named after the numerous mosaics with scenes from Nile river. There are many different mosaics with figures but also some...

  • The Amazons Hunting Mosaic

    Zippori Things to Do

    The Amazons Hunting mosaic is one of the most interesting although it’s not in good shape. There’s a sign with information there:The origin of the word AMAZON lies in the Greek words MAZOS, which means breast, and A, which means no. The legend tells us that these warrior women cut off their right breast in order to draw the bow more easily. Yet on...



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  • Yardenit Baptismal Site

    Kinneret Things to Do

    Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John… Although not the original site where baptism of Jesus took place (this most probably happened according to Mathew at Qasr el Yahud, 115km further south, just over Dead Sea) thousands of people (especially Christian pilgrims but also many from other beliefs) come to Yardenit (little...

  • How to go there

    Kinneret Transportation

    Yardenit is located on river Jordan at the south exit of Sea of Galilee, just behind the gate of the Dam that is used on rainy winters to lower the level of the lake. It is located just outside Kinneret kibbutz, 10km south of Tiberias, 40km W of NazarethBy carWe drove from Tiberias in less than 10’. There is a large parking lot with plenty of space...

  • what to shop in Yardenit

    Kinneret Shopping

    What a trap! If you want to visit Yardenit you must go through the large souvenir store, oh yes, it’s strategically located there waiting for the thousands of visitors that come and go daily. Obviously there many religious related items (rosaries, wooden crosses, statues, icons) but also regular souvenirs (magnets, tshirts, glasses etc) and many...


Bet She`arim

See all 27 Bet She`arim Tips
  • Beit She’arim National Park

    Bet She`arim Things to Do

    Next to the town is Beit She’arim National Park, an interesting archeological site of an ooold Jewish necropolis (Besara in Ancient Greek) from the roman period with more than 30 ancient rock-cut jewish tombs, they are carved out of soft limestone. There’s a footpath that connects many different caves with some of them open to the public where you...

  • Alexander Zaid monument

    Bet She`arim Things to Do

    At the top of Beit She’arim is the Alexander Zaid monument. Alexander Zaid (1886-1938) was born in Siberia but moved to Ottoman Palestine in 1904 when thousands of jews from Russian Empire immigrated there. Three years later was one of the founders of the jewish clandestine and in 1909 a founder of the defense organization Hashomer to protect...

  • how to go there

    Bet She`arim Transportation

    Beit-She’arim is located in the lower western Galilee near Kiryat Tiyvon on the main road to Nazareth, 100km N of Tel Aviv, 25km SE of Haifa, 20km W of Nazareth.By carOff road no. 75 between Hatishbi and Hashomrim junctions, on road 722, 10 minutes from the center of Kiryat Tivon. by busEgged bus 826 from Tel Aviv to Nazareth or bus 301 from Haifa...


Qiryat Shemona

See all 21 Qiryat Shemona Tips
  • Bat Ya'ar - The best meat restaurant in...

    Qiryat Shemona Restaurants

    Bat Ya'ar is a restauant that is located on a beautiful location very close to the Hula nature reserve.The restaurant is very famous because of the great meat.We went to the restaurant when we went to celebrate the birthday of my wife's grandfather and i can say that no one (we were 20 people) was disappointed from the food !The height of the...

  • Zooming around on an ATV

    Qiryat Shemona Things to Do

    These are called Tractoronim over here,and they can be hired from nearly all the kibbutzim around in the Galil and the Golan. We got a brochure from the Guest House and took it from a company called Iguana. It cost 170 shekels for an hour for two of us (we went on one thing together) and it was really fun!

  • Nature and Animal Lovers

    Qiryat Shemona Things to Do

    At har Haodem in the Odem forest there is a nature reserve where you can go right up to the wild fawns and deer and even feed them.Great if you have little kids and the views there are spectacular.


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