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  • Zippori
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  • Zippori
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  • Dionysus mosaic in Roman mansion
    Dionysus mosaic in Roman mansion
    by mindcrime

Zippori Things to Do

  • Zippori National Park

    If you like ancient history, ruins, culture and art the National Park of Zippori is a great place to spend some hours. We bought our tickets but didn’t really know what we were about to see here although I have read it about the day before.In the entrance pavilion there’s a scale model of Zippori (pic 1) while in the souvenir shop you can watch a...

  • Nile House

    The large building east to Cardo is the Nile House, opposite the bath house. The large (50x35 meters) building was constructed in early fifth century AD (during byzantine period) above some roman buildings and as expected it’s named after the numerous mosaics with scenes from Nile river. There are many different mosaics with figures but also some...

  • The Amazons Hunting Mosaic

    The Amazons Hunting mosaic is one of the most interesting although it’s not in good shape. There’s a sign with information there:The origin of the word AMAZON lies in the Greek words MAZOS, which means breast, and A, which means no. The legend tells us that these warrior women cut off their right breast in order to draw the bow more easily. Yet on...

  • Orpheus House

    The Orpheus house was built in 2nd century AD at the middle of Cardo street. It was 17x28 meters building (a church was added in the middle during 6th century) and had some simple geometric patterns in most rooms but also some interesting mosaics at the dining room related to Orpheus (hence the name), the divine musician/poet of ancient Greece who...

  • Mansion from the roman period

    Not far from the citadel we walked into a building that supports/protect a mansion from the roman period. This two-story residence (45x23meters) was built during the 3rd century AD with a living room in the center and a colonnaded atrium-type courtyard while several other rooms surrounding them. Many rooms were paved with beautiful mosaic floors...

  • The Synagogues Mosaic

    Although originally there were 18 synagogues in Zippori only one has been excavated. It is a 20x8 meters building that was built in 5th century AD on the north side of the town, a bit far from the center probably because Christians were taking over and jews population was diminishing. The synagogue has a beautiful mosaic floor that was designed...

  • Crusaders' Fortress

    Overlooking the archeological site is the crusaders fortress. It was originally built in the 3rd century AD but it was rebuilt as a two story fortress by the crusaders. For the construction they used many large stones from the roman ruins. The main door constructed by Daher el-Omar that repaired the fortress in 1745. The upper part of the fortress...

  • The citadel

    In the middle of the National Park of Zippori on a hill you will find the citadel. It was built by the crusaders on the remains of older structures. From the top you have a great view over the park and the surrounding landscape. Inside there is an exhibition of the various things that were found in the park during the excavations.Note that some...

  • Huge Cistern of Zippori

    Here in Zippori I saw the by far largest cistern during my trip in Israel. Actually I came to the park in the afternoon. There was so much to see and I spent so much time here that I got close to closing time. People were asked to prepare for leaving, but I wanted to see the cisterns. I didn't kow that it is so large, but they told me I could go...

  • The Synagogue Mosaic

    Don't miss the mosaic of the Synagogue! It used to be the floor of a synagogue and is strongly related to the synagogues floor in Bet-Alfa National Park. Both mosaics were made by the same artists. The mosaic is well preserved and is kind of similar to the one of Bet-Alfa, sort of mass production. Have a look on my Bet-Alfa page to compare.

  • The Roman Villa

    On a small hill in the Park you can go inside a building which protects a huge mosaic of a roman villa. It has many different scenes related to Dionysus, the god of wine. Plates set up there explain detailed what there is to see. I recommend to spend some time here. You will be fascinated by the huge detail rich mosaic!

  • Mosaics with various patterns

    Walking through the National Park you will come across many different pattern of mosaic floors. It is impressive how many mosaic floors were found here. Keep your eyes open!

  • Amazones Hunting Mosaic

    Looking around at the mosaics you will come across a mosaic marked as the The Amazons Hunting. Amazons were the women who cut off their breasts to have it easier to use bow and arrow. If you look at the mosaic, you will see that it is half proven that these women aren't Amazons.

  • Orpheus Mosaic

    Orpheus was a mythical musician who impressed and charmed everything around him, from people to animals and things. On his weddingday his wife was killed by a snake bite. Orpheus got the permission from the god of the underworld to follow her and bring her back. Only he was not alllowed to look back, but he did this to see if she followed him out....

  • The Nile Mosaic

    The Nile Mosaic is located in the Nile House. It shows the celebration held in old Egypt at the times when the Nile had is peak and brought fertile floodings. These allowed the egypt culture to florish and therefore this event was very important. On the mosaic you can see the Nile in the center as a band flowing horizontally through the mosaic. You...


Zippori Transportation

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    how to go there

    by mindcrime Written Feb 15, 2014

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    Zippori is 8km NW of Nazareth, 40km W of Tiberias, 42km SE of Haifa, on the road to Nazareth junction (Route 79)

    By bus
    Buses from Haifa to Nazareth stop at Zippori junction near the Zippori village but then you have to walk for about 3km to the national park, not a smart move considering the heat you have to fight inside the park anyway.
    By car
    It’s much more convenient to drive there and park inside the archeological site. Don’t forget to fill up your water bottles at the souvenir store as it gets brutal to walk around under the sun

    parking lot in Zippori inside the archeological site

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Zippori Shopping

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    Zippori Spa: Cosmetics

    by Martin_S. Written Jul 3, 2005

    This is a combination of spa, and outdoor activities center. We did not have time to enjoy, we just stopped in to purchase some cosmetic creams. My wife checked and informed me that the prices are 30-40% less than in the stores or pharmacies where the products can be found.

    Zippori Spa, Zippori, Israel
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