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  • Golden Dome on the Rock
    Golden Dome on the Rock
    by Ramonq
  • Jerusalem
    by jacobzoethout
  • Jerusalem - the city of Christianity
    Jerusalem - the city of Christianity
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey

Jerusalem Highlights

  • Pro
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    ophiro says…

     Beautiful and Holy city. 

  • Con
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    ophiro says…

     Too much politics. 

  • In a nutshell
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     Unique and a must at least once in your life time.. 

Jerusalem Things to Do

  • Wailing Wall - Western Wall

    the Wilson's Arch is a continuation of the Male Prayer area of the Wailing Wall and it was named from the british explorer named Charles William Wilson who found the remains of an roman arch built during the time of Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire beside the wailing wall in the 1860's while doing survey work for water works for Jerusalem....

  • Mount of Olives

    The Palm Sunday road is a narrow and steep concrete road starting at the parking lot of the Seven Arches Hotel in the top of Mount Olives, near the Pater Noster Church and it slowly winds down to the foot of the Mount Of Olives at the Kidron Valley Below, this is the biblica Road that Jesus took when he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and along...

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

    An unassuming entrance hides a massive, sprawling, awe inspiring church carved into the rock of Jerusalem, and built around the shrine which venerates the place where Jesus is believed to have been buried. The church is also meant to have been built on Golgotha, the hill upon which Jesus was crucified. As you can imagine, it is a very holy place,...


Jerusalem Hotels

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Jerusalem Restaurants

  • New City: King of Felafel and Schwarma

    For tasty, fast and cheap falafel, there's a popular place in the center of New Jerusalem that you can't miss: King of Falafel and Schwarma. It's a simple take away, but people loiter in the small area inside, probably because they know that once they've finished one, they'll immediately want another. The falafel sandwiches come with a special...

  • Coffee Shop and More of Dormition Abbey

    tired from all of the walking and hiking along the pilgrimage sites around Jerusalem? if yes and you are at the mount zion area, you can have a break and have a drink or coffee and even light snacks and beer at the coffee shop of the Dormition Abbey Church. the Coffee Shop is just beside the entrance to the church and is sells assorted coffee...

  • Kibbutz Restaurant in Jerusalem

    The Ramat Rachel Restaurant, located in the middle of Ramat Rachel Kibbutz, on the outskirts of Jerusalem near Bethlehem and Beit Sahour Towns, is a popular restaurant frequented by Groups of Holyland Christian Pilgrims of various Nationalities on a package tour in Big Tour Buses and Vans. the restaurant is large and can sit a few hundred people...


Jerusalem Nightlife

  • One Of The Best Electronic Club In...

    If u want to dance, to meet some great people from all over the world, if u want to taking a breakand forget from everythings, Bass Club is one of this places that u must to know if youlike Electronic Music and people with this passion to music.Bass Club since 2005 is one of the best electronic music in jerusalem,this club is the only club that...

  • Ramada Jerusalem Bar

    the Royal Wing of the Ramada Hotel Jerusalem is mainly for the Christian Pilgrims but the Main Ramada Jerusalem Hotel is geared for Upscale International Travellers and Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews and the only bar of the two hotel complex (Royal Wing and Ramada Hotel Jerusalem) is located at the lobby of the Ramada Hotel Jerusalem. in the bar...

  • Come & Play

    ou are having a crazy, stressful week. All you feel like doing is taking a little break, relax, and have some fun. You want to dance, move around, feel the beat, drink to your hearts’ content and maybe meet someone new and exciting. The bottom line is, you are in Jerusalem and craving some fun and good times. You are tired of the same old and...


Jerusalem Transportation

  • Bus or Taxi

    as major part of the Visitors to Jerusalem are the Various Christian Pilgrims around the world who day multi-day tours in Groups, the preferred transportation is the big tour buses and large private vans that take the pilgrims around the biblical sites around Jerusalem, but since the Roads are Narrow in the Mount of Olives area and in the Old City,...

  • Sherut (mini van)

    A convenient and inexpensive way to get to Ben Gurion Airport from Jerusalem is to go by Nesher Taxi (nesher = eagle). This is a shared taxi (usually a van, with place for luggage) that you order by phone about half a day in advance. You tell the dispatcher when your flight is and he tells you what time to be ready for pick-up. The cost is 64...

  • Walking

    due to the small and irregular streets and uneven pavements along the Old City of Jerusalem and the small roads along the Mound of Olives area at the outside of the Old City. Walking around the various attractions, both secular and religious is the best as your favorite tour buses and private vans cannot go inside the old city due to the narrow and...


Jerusalem Shopping

  • Muslim Quarter

    This shop sells much more than jewelry but this site only allows for one choice. What makes this place so special is the family that runs it. First of all, it's been in the same family and in the same location for 384 years!! As a retailer, I can tell you you can't stay in business that long and not know what you are doing. They are honorable,...

  • Kenion (Shopping Mall)

    Malha mall (in Hebrew Kenion Malha) is also called the Jerusalem mall is a mall that was build in the 90s in Jerusalem on a neighborhood called Malha . This is one of the most famous malls in Israel and a very successful one. You will find there a lot of shops and places to eat like any other mall in the world.

  • Jewish Quarter

    When walking through the markets, for women, dress modestly. Otherwise you will feel strange. People will be talking to you from every shop. Don't be rude, but turn off your ears. Look at everything and decide where you want to stop. Anywhere you stop will have all the same basic things. Anything they dont have that you were looking for, they will...


Jerusalem Local Customs

  • Tradition

    My daughter converted to Judaism many years ago and I have consequently been over to Israel many times in the last 20+ years .I lived in Africa when I was younger but can honestly say that the cultural differences in Israel and especially in Jerusalem where there is a larger proportion of the population that is Orthodox is greater and can be a...

  • Religious Holidays

    Good Friday, the day on which Jesus was crucified, according to the Christian belief, is a festive day in the Old City of Jerusalem. Pilgrims from every continent flock to the Via Dolorosa Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They carry wooden crosses of different sizes, small ones which they hold close to their bosom or huge ones which are a heavy load...

  • Culture shock

    My daughter converted to Judaism many years ago and I have consequently been over to Israel many times in the last 20+ years .I lived in Africa when I was younger but can honestly say that the cultural differences in Israel and especially in Jerusalem where there is a larger proportion of the population that is Orthodox is greater and can be a...


Jerusalem Warnings and Dangers

  • Old City Jerusalem Streets

    My credit card was charged with US Dollars instead of Israeli Shekel. The transaction was done by paper, not electronically, which was a serious mistake on my part. The currency was set to Dollars even though the deal was done in Shekel.

  • Pickpockets

    Being a major area to visit by 3 of the Major Religions of the world, Jerusalem has it's share of scammers, touts, pick pockets, hustlers and more. walking especially at the old city has lots of crowds and some of them are these unholy people so your best bet will be to secure your valuables into bags or back packs that are slash proof (i'm using...

  • At the Airport

    This is the place where you stop being a traveller and you start being considered a possible threat. When the hotel receptionjist told me that I should be in the airport 3 hours in advance, I thought: yes as usual but 1 hour and half will be enough. Fortunatly for some reasons we were in the airport 3 hours before the flight infact, I had been...


Jerusalem Tourist Traps

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre Souvenir...

    Since the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the main Attraction for Christians around the world on a Holyland Pilgimage in Jerusalem as it is the site of Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection, there are many hawkers and sellers and even photographers who will offer you a group photo with your tour group with the holy sepulchre as background and print...

  • The Orthodox Church next to St Anne's...

    There is no truth that this was the true place of Mary's birth as opposed to the church next door that has Betheseda on it's site. We heard more than one guide mention this to people as they walked past the Orthodox Church. However, we were heard this after we had toured the tiny grounds by some strange man that was not afilliated with the church....

  • Muslim HolySites forbidden for...

    Unfortunately I wasn't allowed visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to the Dome of the Rock. I don’t know why - may be it was because of Jewish Passover or another reason… But when I came to the passage to the Muslim part of the Temple Mount I was asked by a policemen if I’m a Muslim or not. I answered that I’m not a Muslim. So I was forbidden to go...


Jerusalem What to Pack

  • Appropriate Clothing

    When visting Jerusalem, you must bring light colored shirts so as to deflect the rays of the sun as it can get really hot since this area the area lies in close proximity to the Judean Desert after all. you can use your walking shorts instead of jeans and slacks but you will not be allowed to enter some of the attractions as they have a strict...

  • Take a hat!

    like what I've said, although jerusalem is higher than other areas of Israel and has a cooler climate, the suns rays here still is hot, moreso during the summer season andthe spring season here is short like just a month or so. even if we where here in the fourth week of april, it was now hot, almost as summer. having a hat and umbrella will shield...

  • Suhscreen

    take your backpack with you! There is lots of climbing, walking and travelling around to do here! Walking shoes, slippers, light clothes and a sweater, long sleave shirt, trousers or dress for the religious areas and for the evening. Bring along a small medical kit and always have a bottle of mineral water with you. Drinking a lot of water is...


Jerusalem Off The Beaten Path

  • Outside the Wall

    just outside the City Walls, a stone's throw away from the Rockefeller Musuem and near the Lion's Gate is the Muslim Arab Yeusifiya Cemetery. The Cemetery is just beside the entrance of the muslim quarter in the Lion's Gate and inside are some of the graves of old arabic and palestinian residents of Jerusalem and the cemetery has a high retaining...

  • The Old City Jerusalem

    Queen Helen Coptic Orthodox church is located near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It includes one of the ancient sights in Jerusalem. It's a cistern (a water well). It was hewn in the rock and later discovered by Queen Helen, Constantine's mother in the 4th century. It provided water for drinking and building the Holy Sepulcher church. You...

  • Outside the City

    On the other side of Israel's controversial West Bank barrier, and just outside of Jerusalem, is the other town of Jesus: his birthplace in Bethlehem. Getting to this town, now almost completely surrounded by an 8m high concrete wall, is an adventure in itself, but the rewards are the chance to see the Church of the Nativity on Manger Square, a...


Jerusalem Sports & Outdoors

  • Beitar Jerusalem (football)

    Beitar Jerusalem is one of the most famous football clubs in Israel. The club was founded in 1936 and is one of the best football clubs in the country. The local stadium of Beitar Jerusalem is "Teddy Stadium" in malha.

  • Biking in the mountains

    Jerusalem is located in the mountains (between 650-850 meters above sea level) and there is a place called Tsuba where you can enjoy riding your bike.Climbing the mountain if very difficult and you should be in good shape because it is concidered to be one of the hardest climbing in Israel (not the Tour-De-France but still hard). Good bicycle and...

  • "Segway Jerusalem"

    This is a fun way of seeing Jerusalem! "Segway Jerusalem" operates tours on segway transporters for small groups. One favorite route will take you along the Haas promenade and Sherover promenade, overlooking the Old City and the surrounding valleys, and into the Peace Forest. There are several other routes, and they will also tailor a tour...


Jerusalem Favorites

  • The Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

    There is a plant between the rocks of the western wall. The name of the plant is Capparis spinosa (in hebrew it is "Tsa'laf"). There is a legend about the plant : When the romans attacked Jerusalem there was a boy called Tsalaf (the hebrew meaning of sniper) that stood on the western wall and fired arrows on the romans so they couldnt pass. The...

  • Outside the Wall

    Gehenna, gehinnam, or gehinnom are terms derived from a geographical site in Jerusalem known as the Valley of Hinnom, one of the two principal valleys surrounding the Old City. Gehenna is cited in the New Testament and in early Christian writing to represent the final place where the wicked will be punished or destroyed after resurrection. You...

  • The Old City Gates

    The Dung Gate is also known as Sha'ar Ha'ashpot or Gate of Silwan. The gate is situated near the southeast corner of the Old City, southwest of the Temple Mount. The gate is the closest to the Western Wall and is a main passage for vehicles. Directly behind the gate lies the entrance to the Western Wall compound. Buses stop on the road outside...


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