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  • Beersheba
    by Danalia
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Beersheba Things to Do

  • Israeli Air Force Museum

    To the north of the city, at Hatzerim Air Base, there is one of the most famous aircraft museums in the world: The Israeli Air Force museum. Here, preserved by the dry desert air, are aircraft from Israel's entire history. And that history is an eventful one. Not only has the IAF operated planes from nearly every major Western power, it has also...

  • "ruler hous" negev museum of art

    open hour :Monday,Tuesday , Thursday : 10:00 - 16:00Wednesday : 12:00-19:00 Friday and Saturday : 10:00 - 14:00Sunday : CLOSED

  • Beer Sheva's Shuk "Bedouin shuk"

    The term "shuk" translates into "market". The Beer Sheva Shuk is a traditional mid-eastern market. It is a real pleasure to see it. It is a real working market. Many Beer Shevans rely on the shuk.

  • Israel Air Force Museum

    Open every day except Saturday, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Fridays until 1.00 pm).A collection of over 140 aircraft. Most aircraft are in excellent condition.I didn't think I would enjoy this museum as much as I did (I'm nervous of flying to start with!) We were shown around the indoor part of the museum by a girl soldier and then she took us to see some...

  • Avraham's Well

    Entrance is free unless you want the slide show. For opening hours, call 08-623 4613. The well is 12 feet across and 50 feet deep. Its top 28 feet are lined with stones, set, probably, at the time of the Byzantine settlement. After that it is hewn in bedrock. In 19th-century representations, one sees grooves in the stones, made by the ropes of the...

  • Abraam's well

    Not much to do in Beersheba, though you can go to the flea beduin market or visit Abraam's well. However with a little effort you can rent a car from avis and go around travelling! everything is very close in Israel, and some neighbouring cities are marvelous.

  • Lost in Space

    Go into any kindergarten and ask the kids what they want to be when they grow up. At least one will say “I want to be an astronaut.” One boy who grew up in Beersheva actually became one. That boy was Ilan Ramon, who flew into space on the Columbia Space Shuttle on January 16, 2003 and spent a total of 15 days, 22 hours and 20 minutes there. On...

  • A Modest Monument

    Walking down the streets of Israeli cities, you will not encounter colossal bronzes of emperors on horseback or towering statues of the country’s founding fathers. In fact, you will not see much figurative art at all in public places. Municipal by-laws, particularly in Jerusalem, have always taken religious sensitivities into consideration. “You...

  • Onward Jewish Soldier

    In Flanders Fields the poppies grow; between the crosses row on row. Lines of poetry from my school days came back to me as I wandered among the graves in the Beersheva war cemetery, the resting place of 1,239 British and Australian soldiers who died in World War I (1914-1919). Even if you are not a great fan of cemeteries, the Commonwealth...

  • Ben Gurion University beer sheva

    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was established with the aim to spearhead the development of the Negev, a desert area comprising more than sixty percent of the country. The University was inspired by the vision of Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion, who believed that the future of the country lay in this region.

  • the ceramic studio of Yehudit Meir

    chiseled stone house, wall separate between the house and the street and it have internal garden.the house be kept well at his origin condision.since 1961 used as ceramic art workshop , in exhibit and sold her work of Yehudit Meir .

  • "wealthy turkish house" Hanegev...

    at the past it was "wealthy turkish house" , today it's Hanegev pharmacy.two floor house, once of several unique at the turkish period. at the origin the ground floor used as fuel supply shop and the second flor used as the famely residence, until 1914, since then as hotel.from 1948 use as the first pharmacy in the Negev.


Beersheba Hotels

Beersheba Restaurants

  • Excellent service and food at The...

    Sitting on the corner of Histadrut street just off Smilanski, the exterior is not imposing, but you walk up a few steps at the entrance and find yourself presented with a glass of wine before you are seated. The interior is almost pure white, the walls, drapes, tables and chairs, with touches of color here and there, a very relaxing atmosphere with...

  • Spagetti, where else but Spaghettim ^o^

    Not a fancy place and the prices are right, but the waiters and waitresses are friendly and helpful and the seating is comfortable and of course the food is good.As you can see in the second photo it is also a nice place to enjoy MULITPLE birthdays, of the 8 people there 5 (Zohara, Martin, Nissiem, Ziv and Reuven) all have birthdays within a few...

  • Revivo, food or soccer (football) ??

    Revivo is a swarma bar (meat, usually lamb, but can also be chicken), cooked on a spit, cut into small pieces and then stuffed into flat (pita) bread along with salad, gravy and other spices...But this was special because as soon as our friend (here seen with Tal and Zohara) saw this sign she started jumping and saying "Revivo & Turkey"...I believe...

  • Ringelblum, great pasta dishes

    Since the majority of the dishes are pasta, or pasta related, I would classify this restaurant as can find several other dishes such as Salmon or Denise, two tasty fish dishes.The food we had was excellent, 4 people, 4 different dishes, 4 different sets of taste buds and ALL were delighted.But what makes this place just a little bit...

  • Business lunch at Avazi, till 6pm

    Avazi is what is called a "shipudiah" in Hebrew here in Israel. It began by serving meals on steel sticks braized over an open fire (not sure what you call these types of steel sticks in English). Today it is a chain of restaurants found in many parts of Israel and serves up a decent and simple meal for an acceptable price.The restaurants...

  • Arabica's excellent service

    The decor is done in "modern", which means that the air conditioning ducts are on the walls instead of in the walls, but they ARE painted black. They did have light and enjoyable background music, not intrusive. The food was presented in a very nice manner and the protions were satisfying. The SERVICE is where we found this restaurant to be one of...


Beersheba Nightlife

  • Martin_S.'s Profile Photo

    by Martin_S. Written Aug 19, 2013

    You might ask is this pub the type of place you would let your daughter go...NO.
    No I would not let her go there, I took her myself, much better if you have the right company don't you think....^O^
    This enjoyable pub is located in the back garden of the Saba Gepetto restaurant. They have taken a "wasted space" and turned it into a small comfortable garden pub.
    They also have 40 beers on TAP, which is unusual for Israel, and they include some goodies from Belgium.
    They also serve up some of the finger foods from the Saba Gepetto restaurant which adjoins them. I have include some photos that I found on the internet.
    Oh and one more thing, don't forget to use the bathroom while you are there, even if you don't really need to, nuff said.

    Dress Code: Relaxed atmosphere, shorts and sandals are fine, or a tie if you are feeling stuffy.

    Opening hours: Sun-Thurs and Saturday, 12:00-16:00 and 21:00 - 01:30

    BarBaSaba Pub, Beer-Sheva, Israel BarBaSaba Pub, Beer-Sheva, Israel BarBaSaba Pub, Beer-Sheva, Israel
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Beersheba Transportation

  • BE`er Sheva Taxis

    Be`er Seheva Taxis are handy when you need to go to the outer parts of town. A journey from the station to the city limits will be about NIS 35.The new Be`we Sheva center is just 2 blocks from the train station and the old town a bit further.The University is served by buses and has its own train stop.

  • Take the train

    We took the train from Tel Aviv to Be`er Sheva. It was a smooth ride in an air conditioned carriage. The train has a stop at the Be`er Sheva university in the Northern edge of the city and thereafter enters the town following a half circle track to the end of the line at the Main Station Be`er Sheva Merkaz. Ticket prices were half what I pay for...


    well .... what can I say, I like so mach train travel so I am not objective ( - :it's the most comfortable way to move in israel but !!! it's mach expensiv then bus and also not all israel are netted with railroad track . thos days there is 24 hour train between ben gurion airport and Nahariya , the train pass tel aviv.price: air port - tel aviv =...


Beersheba Shopping

  • The "BIG" and the "ONE"

    All brands are easy to find. Internationals next to local chain stores. Winter fashion ends very quick in Israel and spring and summer fashion are coming almost together. Since winter fashion during very short time , it is possible to find sales around the end of February, sometimes even before. The spring and summer fashion goes between March to...

  • Commercial in Be'er Sheva

    I haven't been to Be'er Sheva for a very long time so it was only natural that Id like to go outside of the Amazing apartment and check whats going.So I must say right here and right now: This is good as Tel Aviv ! Be'er Sheva holds tow commercials : the "ONE" and the "BIG" . What can I say? The "ONE" is the one! and the "BIG" is really really big...

  • the bigest mall in beer sheva

    this mall is grait , I like it , I can fount what I want, there are meny things as , fast food shop , Men's Clothes , Women's Clothes , Books, Computers and Electronics, Gifts, Jewelry,Bath and Beauty, and's near the center bus/train station. a Bedouin carpet , camel from wood , (Arabic) kaffiyah I dont know it's depends of what you want...


Beersheba Warnings and Dangers

  • Flood in Nahal BeerSheva

    BeerSheva, like all other towns in the desert are subjected to floods whenever it decides to rain (not often enough to grow crops properly, but often enough to cause damage). Here you can see the flood water raging through Nahal BeerSheva which divides the town of BeerSheva. This is a normally DRY riverbed. In the second and third pictures you can...

  • Beersheba - Boring place

    Beersheba is a very boring place - so hot , so primitive (to my opinion).You can come to Beersheba only if you want to stop on your way to Eilat or Masada but not to travel here.Every time i come to this place it is like the time stoped.

  • Beduin people near beersheba

    Near Beersheba and on the way to Arad (and the dead sea) there are several beduin settlements like Hura , Kuseyfe , lakya and a few more.I am not saying that all of them are bad people but the youth is sometimes not very good people - the trying to take protection money from people who build their houses in Beersheba , omer , lehavim , some of them...


Beersheba What to Pack

  • Ketikand's Profile Photo

    by Ketikand Written Jul 16, 2008

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: It so hot during the day in Beersheba! Because it is literally in the desert! dont forget your sunscreen! Evenings may be chilly. Sometimes they get sandstorms, but most of the time weather is calm and hot. Dont forget to drink water frequently!

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Beersheba Favorites

  • Collectors Car

    Spotted this old Peugeot on the streets of Beer Sheva, it must be a collectors edition by now. If anyone can identify the model and year it would be appreciated. I am not knowledgeable about cars, but even I can appreciate a car that has a sense of self.

  • Chess Anyone?

    Bet you didn't know this, but amid the timeless sands of the desert, in the heart of Beersheva, the grandmasters of the world are huddled over their chess boards. Beersheva, Israel's chess capital, was chosen to host the 2005 World Team Chess Championships. Starting today, November 1, 2005, teams from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, the United States,...

  • All's Well That Ends Well

    When God made the world and distributed resources like water, Beersheva must have been playing hookey. Rainfall in this city averages about 11 days a year. When rain does fall, it comes down in buckets, and the dry stream beds, known as wadis, turn within hours into raging rivers. These rivers are short-lived. They vanish almost as abruptly as they...


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