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  • Horbat Timna`
    by Martin_S.
  • Drive into nowhere, Timna Park, Israel
    Drive into nowhere, Timna Park, Israel
    by Martin_S.
  • Mushroom and a Half, Timna, Israel
    Mushroom and a Half, Timna, Israel
    by Martin_S.

Horbat Timna` Things to Do

  • The famous "Mushroom" (new photos)

    From the parking area you can see the mushroom formation in the distance and it will seem to be of no importance...but as you approach it over the open desert of the Timna landscape it will begin to "grow". Standing under its colorful "umbrella" of rock it seems to reach out to protect you from the hot southern sun of Israel.Nearby there is also a...

  • Mushroom and a Half

    The "Mushroom and a Half" is the famous Mushroom's poor brother. Although I think it is the more beautiful of the two, in terms of color it is more striking, a reddish ocher that is especially beautiful at sunset. The last photo shows Lea so you can have an idea of the size.

  • New Entrance and Cinema

    The "new" Timna park has now put up these cheezy mock Egyptian statues along both sides of the entrance road, really BAD. The new cinema where you can watch a movie telling about Timna, its nature and history is almost as bad, but the information is good.As you drive in you can see on your right hand side the Spiral.The road looks like it goes off...

  • Solomon Pillars

    Maybe the most famous rock formation in Timna are Solomon Pillars.

  • Timna Park

    Timna Park is actually a valley (the Valley of Timna), surrounded by steep mountains. The special Geology of the valley makes Timna Park unique for its rock formations, of which the Mushroom, Solomon's Pillars and the Arch are specifically noted.

  • The "writing on the wall"

    This canyon wall was found with creatures carved into the soft sandstone face. I am not aware of a specific date given for the drawings, but they may be pre-Israelite.

  • Amode Shlomo (Solomons Pillars)

    Solomon's Pillars, found in the Timna Park just 40 kilometers north of Eilat is one of the main attractions there. The pillars rise above you between 20-30 meters sheer from the desert floor. There are several paths that you can take to reach the top, but the view from the bottom looking up is the best.

  • The famous "mushroom"

    They estimate that this has been standing since the time when the Queen of Sheeba had her copper mines here along with King Solomon. The action of the gritty sand in the high winds in the changing seasons here have caused the weathering, NOT the action of water, of which there is very little here in the southern desert of Israel.You can estimate...

  • The half Mushroom

    This half mushroom of red sandstone rock shaped by wind and water is not the only one you will find here, there are many other formations and you can guess what they are....

  • The Mushroom

    One of the most famous sights in Timna is The Mushroom.It is a red sandstone rock shaped by wind and water that looks like a gigantic mushroom. But apart of this you can see many more amazing formations in Timna.

  • The Chariot rock drawings

    You can find this drawings on the stones, they represent the rituals and lifestyles of the people who lived on the area.You can see scenes of hunting, animals, etc. but the most famous are the Charriots, the imagen of the egiptian charriots, that is situated in the narrow canyon

  • The ancient mines

    Here in Timna Park we can find the world's earliest mine, beloning to the period when man first learned to produce copper. Maybe we are talking about 6000 years lolThere are many ancient copper mines in the valley, some look like holes in the ground, others are caves hewn in stone ....


Horbat Timna` Restaurants

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    by Carmela71 Written Jul 21, 2003

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    In the price of the entrance is icluyed a coffe or a tea at the Bedouin tent by the lake.

    You can relax on the cushions and enjoy a light Middle Eastern-style meal.

    the Pitta bread there was really nice.

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Horbat Timna` Off The Beaten Path

  • Hike around the park

    There are many more things to see and do than you find only at Solomon's Copper Mine and his "Pillars", the whole of the Timna Park is full of walks that you can do. Take a look at the website attached and open the section "Tours and Maps" to see for yourself. The pictures here show just a few of the scenes you might find.

  • Rock Painting

    Any visitor to Timna sees the rock formations, but many visitors doesn't bother to look for less visible things, like these ancient rock painting.

  • Mines of Time

    In the entrance fee is also incluyed a multimedia presentation that tells you about the creation of the park, stories of the goddess Hathor and other Egyptian gods, and the story of copper, its production and more.


Horbat Timna` Favorites

  • Timna - working bellows to make copper

    The park authorities at Timna also give demonstrations on how Solomon's miners would make copper. Here you can see Tal working a foot bellows to make air which makes the fire hotter in the smelter.

  • Timna - The curved wall

    This curved wall was "built" buy the action of wind and sand on the soft stone. No water here to do the erosion, the average YEARLY rainfall is in the range of 60-80 mm (yes a year), that is about 2.5-3 inches....

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