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  • Mizpe Ramon
    by FruitLover
  • Mizpe Ramon
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  • Mizpe Ramon
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Mizpe Ramon Things to Do

  • Ein Avdat National Park

    Ein Avdat is a spectacular narrow canyon in the Negev, The Ein Avdat national park encompasses the canyon for all its length. There are two entrances - the northern one an the bottom of the canyon, and the southern one at its top, separated by a distance of a ten-minute drive.

  • Hiking in but not jumping into the Ramon...

    The Hiking and Biking Hotel's stairway led directly down to the Ramon Crater. Hiking in and into the Ramon Crater is an impressive experience that should not be missed. The desert and especially the sunsets in that area are spectacular. Agent 0815 (who was my hiking companion) and I photographed all the views that were to be viewed on that day...

  • Carpentry

    The Carpentry Shop is a hill made up of black prismatic rocks. The rectangular pipes on the side of the hill are made of the same sort of sand found on beaches. That makes it the only place in the world where prisms made of heated sand turned into liquid which, in cooling naturally formed rectangular and hexagonal prisms.

  • Enjoy the desert sunsets

    At Mitzpe Ramon you have, of course, the Ramon Crater, or Maktesh as it is called in Hebrew.Enjoy an evening on a jeep trip along the bottom of the crater, it is many, many kilometers long. But the best part is the last minutes of the daylight when the sun progresses westward on its journey. If you are lucky and have some clouds to get lit up from...

  • Avdat National Park

    Avdat National Park in the Negev encompasses the remains of one of the famed ancient Nabatean cities along the Incense Route.

  • Ben-Gurion's Gravsite National Park

    The graves of David and Paula Ben-Gurion overlook a breathtaking view of the Tsin canyon and the Avdat highlands in the heart of the Negev.

  • Take a walk on the edge

    Just at the city's southern border you can find the Maktesh Rimon visitors center. From there you have a perfect viewing station to see some of the sights from the crater rim. While it cannot compare to the Grand Canyon for sheer size, it does have its own beauty.We took Polona (Oja) with her husband Igor and son Marko to see, but it was a very...

  • Mitzpe Ramon

    On our way from the Dead Sea to Eilat, we took this one - breathtaking landscapes!Mitzpe Ramon's biggest sight is the Ramon Crater, 500 meters deep, 40 kilometers long, 10 kilometers at its widest, and claimed to be the largest in the world. This is not, however, an asteroid impact site: just a particularly large asymmetrical hole dug out of the...

  • The Crater

    The Ramon Crater is the largest amongst the three craters of the Negev, shich makes it the largest in the world... These craters were not created by meteorites but are a unique geological phenomenon, not to be found anywhere else in the world.The entire crater is a geological park with such sites as the "sawmill", the ammonites wall with is fossils...

  • Not one more step

    Looking over the edge into the crater you can see that dark pyramid shape, that is the "Devil's Workshop" where the stone is a dark color that makes it stand out in the lighter colors of the surrounding desert. Here you will find eight sided stones that have split along the sides giving you an affect as if a giant had been cutting wood and this was...

  • Hiking down at the canyon

    This one is the lower pools and the waterfall where we have stop and rested after we came down from the hiking till half way.It can be quite nice and relaxing there unless if you arrive in a day when School classes kids has arrived as well.... Should i say more...... ???!!!One important thing: Bathing in pools is absolutely FORBIDDEN !

  • Not for the Spoiled and lazy ones..

    There's a two options for hiking in this Canyon:1. Is the short and easy one which can take between 1-2 walking hours. Actually we did it though i think that it could be interesting to do the longer one but i was the minority so i did the Fatty's rout.We have went from the lower entrance up to the middle way just to watch the cayon from above but...

  • You're not alone here ...

    Yes ... this are ibex's ... and you have pretty good chance to see them when you're hiking, The Ibex's are quite common in the negev area (as well as in the Judean mountains in the dead sea area and the hills around Eilat)If you see them please keep quiet, dont try to get too close to them nor run after them or anything else.

  • Bird's Watching

    If you're a birds lover you might be lucky to see some of the more unique birds.I didnt manage to get a clear photo of this one but i suspect it to be either a falcon or a Hawk although if by any chance you know birds and you have a nother idea regarding this photo please let me know.

  • Changes of colors at Sunset time

    One of the most beautiful things in the desert area is the change of the sand's colors through sunset time.If you were hiking in the desert all day and you want a magical and relaxing end to your day i suggest you to enjoy it in the Sunset time and watch the amazing show of the changes of colors.


Mizpe Ramon Hotels

  • Mitzpe Ramon Guest House

    Nahal Nikrot 4, Mizpe Ramon, 80600, Israel

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

  • Ramon Inn

    1 Ein Aken St., Mizpe Ramon, 80600, Israel

Mizpe Ramon Restaurants

  • A nice breakfast in the middle of...

    Cafe Neto is a chain restaurant in Israel that offer breakfast , sandwiches style food.When we came here to meet friends (we were on our way to Eilat and thay live in the area so Mizpe Ramon was the best option to meet). The breakfast is ok - not the best one but it will satisfy you.You get 2 eggs for your taste , cheese , bread , salad , coffee ,...

  • Not really a restaurant but...

    No real restaurants in the crater, only this bedouin tent. This is the perfect place to relax in the shade during a hot summer day or warm a little in a cold winter day, with a glass of a strong bedouin tea. The tent doesn't serve real meals, but you can get some light dishes like a pitta with hummus. Bedouin tea.

  • Mizpe Ramon Hotels

    2 Hotels in Mizpe Ramon

Mizpe Ramon Transportation

  • How to get there

    Okay... so of course it depends on HOW youre traveling.Basically the canyon is located in teh south just near Sde Boker so if you travel by bus you have to check that at the information of Egged bus company or at this website:www.egged.co.ilIf you're traveling by car then it should be pretty easy if you're having a map... you have to use road...

  • Ein Avdat

    At around 45 km south from Beersheva on the Road 40, you will find the North aprking.Go left to Ben-Gurion's burial ground and them you will see the signs for Ein Avdat.There are two entrances, but we took the northern one at the bottom of the canyon. The souther one is just ten minutes drive south from the 40 Road.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mizpe Ramon Local Customs

  • Call of the Wild

    Well, I'm not sure this qualifies as a "local custom" but one thing which is special about Mizpe Ramon is the proximity of the desert wild life. Several years ago someone had found an exhausted leopard resting on the stairs. While this is really rare due to the small number of leopards, it's much easier to see some wild ibexes grazing on someone's...

  • Ibexes at Ein Avdat

    Ibexes are not afraid of humans and you will see soon the photos to prove it.Also is home of the griffon and other birds of prey. Before the sunset ibex go out and start looking for food and water, or when you have a sandstorm and there are only 3 strange humans around ;-)

  • Caravan scultures at Avdat

    See the scultures that you can find outside the national park, showing aprt of the daily life of the city.We found simialr to this ones, all along the negev while driving down to Eilat.


Mizpe Ramon Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't Fall

    There are many lovely places to see the view , some of them require you to climb on rocks that can be very steep.Try to be extra careful or even avoid the dangerous places here - there are many beautiful observation post that are not risky.

  • Ibex on the streets

    Although it can be a must see activity it can be also very dangerous to meet an Ibex with you car or while walking around.Pay attention and if you see one (or more) don't make him angry , take a pictutre say hello and leave him alone.

  • The Weather

    This is a desert so in the summer it can be very hot and dry , so if you are in the area don't forget to use a hat , sun cream and carry water.On the other hand , the area is a little bit high so during the winter it can be very cold and it snows once in a while.


Mizpe Ramon What to Pack

  • Sharon's Profile Photo

    What to take to the desert ?

    by Sharon Updated Mar 18, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Okay ... i guess you all know it but i'll just make it as a reminder.
    Wear a good and comfortable hiking shoes, ahat and a LOT of water this are the most important things to have with you.

    Remember that the south of Israel has a desert climate and that means that during the summer temperture rise up to 45c !!!!!

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Mizpe Ramon Off The Beaten Path

  • Ein Avdat Canyon 2

    Keep a lookout for the local fauna and flora. We were lucky and saw many Ibexes, dragonflies and frogs. We also saw some interesting plants, wild capers being just one of them.

  • Wild goats by Mizpe Ramon

    Mizpe Ramon is a small settlement on the road 40 leading down from Beer Sheva to the Eilat Bay. This road makes a good alternative to famous road 90 (Arava Highway) but with less traffic and more views. For the most magnificent of them you need not even get too far off the road. The vista point is on the left shoulder just after you pass the...

  • Ammonite Trail

    The Ammonite Trail is just south of Mitzpe Ramon, on the right side of the road (just keep a lookout for the sign after you leave the confines of the Maktesh). This is an area of an ancient seabed and as the weather wears away layers of rock, sand and debris you can often find denizens of the seabed jutting out of the mountain side. The first...


Mizpe Ramon Favorites

  • The "Nagaria" (Woodshop)

    The Nagaria (Woodshop) is also sometimes called in Hebrew "HaMinsara". You can see this geological oddity from the Makhtesh Crater rim. It is just below and to the left of the visitors center on the crater floor, you can recognize it by its blackish/greyish color which stands out from the beige of the typical desert landscape. There is a wooden...

  • lost in the desert

    mizpe ramon is the best place to start a little visit in the desert ; you have buses (full of delicious girl soldiers) from beersheva and eilat ; I slept in mizpe ramon youth hostel , it was empty


    Travel, cycling & walking, alone. Some 2fights" at nigth whith these nice desert-wolves by my food. The sound of the narguile at nigth. The happy to meet some tree after several hours. The happy to meet some water after three days without it.


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