Southern District Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by mindcrime
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by mindcrime
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by mindcrime

Southern District Warnings and Dangers

  • CAMELS crossing

    Camels crossing the road (also at night) are a real danger.Even at day time camels can be hard to spot due to their skin colour, that is about the same as the soil colour.

  • Desert animals

    I saw this fella at the site of the Petrified (or Fossilized) Trees. This snake is a horned desert viper (Cerastes Cerastes) and it's usually found on the desert environments, like the Negev Desert - so please be careful not to tease one of these guys so that you don't end up at a hospital.Martin noticed some tracks on the sand and at first I...

  • Camels cross the road at night!!

    Many car accidents have occurred on the Negev roads at night, when drivers crashed into a camel wandering across the road. The road is dark and so is the camel, and if you drive fast you won't see the camel until it's too late.The camels are owned by Bedouins, who are supposed to mind them and prevent them from wandering off, but unfortunately this...

  • Parasites (do not take home)

    Sorry, but don't know the name of this parasitic plant that grows on the few trees in the southern desert here in Israel. The first photo shows the growth itself and the second shows the seed pod that many children pick up and take home, helping the spread of this killer. Normally parasites achieve a balance with the body they are parasitic upon,...

  • Stay awake...

    This shows the wreck of a large crane that went off the road (on route 25 just after the turnoff to route 206) the section between Dimona and the Dead Sea...please stay awake and pay attention the roads are winding and steep, perfectly safe if you are an average driver.

  • Weather in the desert

    During the night it can be very cold in the desert so i suggest that you will take some warm clothes with you if you want to be outside during the night.Also beware of snakes , scorpions and other good "friends"

  • Salt of the dead sea

    The dead sea water is very salty !if you have open wound , shaved legs etc be careful it will sting for a while , avoid contact with salt and your eyes.

  • The sun in the Desert

    The sun here is very strong so take a good hat , sun glasses , sun cream and be careful.Also a lot is water is a great idea !

  • Driving to the dead sea

    The road to the dead sea is very dangerous because its from +500 meters to -400 meters and a curvy road...Drive carefully so you will be able to enjoy your stay here.

  • Beware of the cliffs

    Don't try to walk close to cliffs - you might fall.Dont try to walk on places you shouldnt or you will find yourself going down and fast.

  • The animals

    Don't try to feed the animals or scare them.This is their natural environment and if you will be quiet you will enjoy those animals.It is a very beautiful thing to see.

  • No entrance Trails

    When you walk in the area and see the No entrance sign - Don't enter !This sign is because there is a cliff or dangerous path.

  • Water

    You should take a lot of water with you because it is very hot there and on the track you should drink a lot.

  • BeerSheba - Boring place

    Beersheba is a very boring place - so hot , so primitive (to my opinion).You can come to Beersheba only if you want to stop on your way to Eilat or Masada but not to travel here.Every time i come to this place it is like the time stoped.

  • Beduin people near beersheba

    Near Beersheba and on the way to Arad (and the dead sea) there are several beduin settlements like Hura , Kuseyfe , lakya and a few more.I am not saying that all of them are bad people but the youth is sometimes not very good people - the trying to take protection money from people who build their houses in Beersheba , omer , lehavim , some of them...

  • Flash Floods, the aftermath

    You can get a better idea of the depth that the flood swept aside the manmade road from seeing the cars passing over the road. The depth that the water cut here was close to 3 meters.There are warning signs on many sections of the road and also depth signs, red and white poles marked from 0.5 to 2 meters in depth and YES the water can get that deep...

  • Flash Floods

    Flash floods in the desert can be quite destructive, be careful of them. Here in the picture you can see my friend Giora sitting alongside the road at the Dead Sea after a dam that was supposed to control some of the flooding here burst because of torrential rains. Where he is sitting was at the level of the road only the day before.

  • Scorpion, be careful

    This is a very serious warning....If you are hiking, riding or driving in the desert and turn over stones, the chances are you will sometime find a scorpion. We have both the black and the yellow (seen here). The yellow is by far the more posionous and can kill a grown man. They will not "attack" you unless you disturb them by trying to pick them...

  • Sheep on road

    As you drive through the southern parts of Israel you will be likely to encounter a Bedouin herder with his sheep, goats or camels. Any and all sometimes wander onto the road and you should be very careful not to harm them or yourself. If you see a dust cloud in the distance, it may be a herd of sheep approaching the road. I have had the dubious...

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Southern District Warnings and Dangers

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