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    Herzliya Marina
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    Sunset at the Herzlia Marina
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    Apollonia (Tel Arshaf)

    by iblatt Updated Jun 17, 2009

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    Ten minutes from the Hertzliya city center there is a 13th century Crusader castle on a cliff overlooking the remains of an ancient harbor. Sounds too good to be true? Well, just go to the Hertzliya Pituach neighborhood and follow the brown signs to the Apollonia National Archeological Park.

    Actually, like most places in Israel, the history of Apollonia goes back to the earliest periods of human history. In the 6th century BC the Phoenicians built a city called Arshuf and produced purple dye from mollusks. The city was populated during the Hellenistic period and was then named Apollonia, then during Roman, Byzantine and Islamic times.

    Most of the ruins you can see today are from the Crusader period, mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries, when the city was fortified and surrounded by a moat. In 1191 the Battle of Arsour was fought here, and the Crusaders recaptured the city from the Moslems. In 1265 the fortress fell to the Mamluke Sultan Baibars.

    There are more impressive Crusader castles in Israel (Acre, Monfort, Yehiam, Kochav-Hayarden to name a few), but Apollonia is well worth a visit: It is easily accessible from Tel-Aviv and Hertzliya; Its location, perched on a kurkar cliff above the Hertzliya beach, with a view north all the way to Netanya: a romantic place at sunset...

    The path from the park entrance hugs the edge of the cliff until it reaches the castle.The main castle (the donjon) is reasonably well preserved to give you an idea of what it must have looked like in the 13th century. You can see the round stone "cannon balls" shot at the castle in the final battle in 1265.

    During the summer months concerts are held in the castle at twilight time on Fridays: the mixture of good music (jazz, Irish, Greek...) and the ruins, which receive a golden hue from the setting sun, is intoxicating.

    Sunset in Apollonia View from Apollonia to the Crusader harbor View north from the Apollonia castle Twilight time concert, Apollonia Moat, Apollonia
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    Vist Apolonia

    by orix Written Nov 7, 2008

    From Herzeliya you can visit the Apolonia archeological park. The site has ruins from Roman, Muslim and crusader times, with signs that provide good information. Also beautiful views and of course you can add the tour by going down to the beach. It is a national park and you need to pay Enterance fees.

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    different Spanish Schools in Quito

    by jonniej Written Oct 1, 2008

    I have taken Spanish classes at Two places in Quito that both have different approaches and could be good depending on what you are looking for and since there are a bunch of different schools out there I thought I´d throw in my two cents about the ones I know.

    The place where I have studied recently is The Secret Garden Spanish School which is connected to The Secret Garden Hostal. It has a variety of options that concern the amount of hours, homestays, etc and have a staff of teachers who cater pretty much to travellers. They are good at taking you through the basics of what you would need to travel and then building on what you use towards expanding your conversational spanish. Classes are held on the fifth story terrace of The Hostal and it is a relaxed learning atmosphere.

    Last fall I took four hours of spanish a day at The Yanapuma Foundation which also offers volunteer projects. The School has a highly thought out method and is great if you have the time and the will to wrestle with the language. The lessons tend to move quickly and build on each other so that you are constantly grasping at things you thought would take you days to learn in a few hours. Since things are one to one you tend to pick up a lot and spend a ton of time trying to sort things out after each class.

    I have been reccomending trying The Secret Garden Spanish School for a week to get a feel for what you would like to learn and get a grasp for basic travel spanish and if you feel like you would like to make more progress than what you are learning then give Yanapuma a shot.. Both are worth it in their own way!

    Since I am in Quito and still volunteer at The Secret Garden and am friends with the folks at Yanapuma please feel free to Email me at Yesterdayschild@gmail.com for more info and help with arrangements! Also if you are interested in Volunteering atThe Secret Garden I can get you in contact with that person as well.

    Hope this helps!.. Jon

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    Marina Herzliya and Arena Shopping Mall

    by Jackiekg Written Oct 1, 2008

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    The Herzliya Marina is the largest marina in Israel and provides moorings for yachts of all sizes. The marina, is a 15-minute drive north of Tel-Aviv. Alongside the Marina is the Arena Mall. Walk outside and enjoy the sea air and the view of all the yachts. Outside as well as inside, are numerous restaurants and shops. Nearby are archeological and historical sites. See my travelogue on Appolonia. If you are here early evening - catch a lovely sunset!

    Arena Mall 09-9589777

    Opening hours of Mall:
    Sunday -Thursday 10:00-22:00
    Friday 09:00-16:00
    Saturday 11:00-23:00

    Herzliya Marina Herzliya Marina Herzlia Marina Outside the Arena Mall Sunset at the Herzlia Marina
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    The marina

    by ophiro Updated Jan 7, 2008

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    There is a nice marina with yachts and a lot of restaurants in Herzliya.
    You can come here just to walk around , to eat , for sport activities or to enter the shopping mall here.

    There is a big parking lot near the place that will cost 10-15 nis as far as i remember.

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    Take a seaside walk

    by Martin_S. Updated Jul 23, 2007

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    If you have the time, take a walk along the coastline here in Herziliya. Much of the area is not good for swimming so there are few people in this area. The rocky coastline and shallow draft make for some beautiful play between the waves and the rocks.

    Herziliya coastline, Israel Herziliya coastline, Israel Herziliya coastline, Israel
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    A nice walk on the beach

    by Nathalie_B Written Jan 28, 2007

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    As I stated on the intro page Herzlyia is not a place with many activities, but walking on the beach is very popular here. You can walk pretty long distance and in case you get tired there are many cafes and bars along the beach, so you can always take a break and continue later.

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    Apollonia National Park (Tel Arshaf)

    by Jackiekg Updated Nov 21, 2006

    I have lived in Tel Aviv many many years but cannot recall going to Apollonia or even hearing people speaking about the place - and I only live about 15 minutes away! I went with friends during one of our festivals and there was a lot of family activity there. (See my travelogue). At the entrance you receive a map of the paths you can take. We spent a couple of hours here and we all enjoyed the visit. Everywhere there are signs that tell about the fortress and the battle that took place here between the Crusaders and the Mamelukes.

    Apollonia is located on a cliff that stretches the length of the Sharon coast. People first settled here some 2500 years ago. The site is located within a national park. The history of Apollonia is vast and there is no room here to write it all but people from the Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Early Arab, Crusader, Late Arab and Ottoman Empires were here.

    Visiting Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Entry fees NIS 18 - seniors less

    The Roman Villa Crusader Fortress Me standing next to a Crusader! This is how the fortress is thought to have looked The Mediterranean Sea from the Apollonia Fortress.
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    Apollonia NP --- Fortress Model

    by gubbi1 Written Apr 2, 2012

    Don't forget to have a look at the fortress model which shows you how the fortress looked like in its short time of existance.

    Fortress Model @ Apollonia NP, Herzliya, IL Fortress Model @ Apollonia NP, Herzliya, IL
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      Hijacking, for that matter, is a viral behavior, but McAfee doesn't think it's worthwhile, doesn't deal with it and was frankly dismissive in response to my request for assistance. My point was that the actions of the snap-do components is for all practical purposes, indistinguishable from viruses with more ominous names.

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      I seriously doubt you will get any joy from its creators for the reasons which I gave and you have reiterated above. As I said, you need to post your question in the Herzliya travel forum (linked in my first reply). Very few people will see it here (pretty much only those who are looking at 'Herzliya Things to Do' and who bother to scroll right to the bottom of the page). Far, far more will see it on the travel forum (including our Israeli members) and, in consequence, you may get some useful information.

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