Israel Tourist Traps

  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd
  • Tourist Traps
    by machomikemd

Israel Tourist Traps

  • Fuelling your car at Paz and paying with...

    Whenever you rent a vehicle in Israel DO NOT go to Paz and try to pay with your creditcard or better: Do not go there at all! The only way you can pay with credit card is by the help of a guy of the gas station which means that you will have to pay the SERVICED tarrif instead of the normal one, which is much higher per liter! Also, a lot of...

  • Car return in Ben Gurion Airport

    When you return the rented car you should fill it up. If the tank is not full you'll be charged extra money. Please mind there is no petrol station by the airport nor very near the airport. If you drive from Tel Aviv it is worth to fill it up there. Another problem is paying by credit card. Some petrol stations do not exept foreign cards. Others do...

  • Don't use credit cards in Jerusalem souk

    We were advised, by a local Palestinian, that we should not use credit cards in the Jerusalem souk (market). He said that many people, on returning home, had found two or even three extra zeros on the end of their transactions totals.In addition, always ask the price BEFORE you eat your food if you eat in the souk. We ended up paying US$100 for...

  • Money matters

    The unit of currency in Israel is the New Israeli shekel (NIS).However, you cna bring an unlimited amount of cash or travellerĀ“s cheques into the country.Some shops accept foreign currency, although change will be in shekels.Most credit cards are accepted and money can be changed in hotels as well. In my experience, was not really a problem.The...

  • Entry Requirements

    If you are thinking in travel to Israel the first thing to bear in mind is to have a valid passport. Also is important to check with the Israeli Embassy whether a visa is required.The period of stay with a normal tourist visa is three months and transit visas are issued for five-day stopovers in Israel.If you have some Arabic stamps in your...

  • Tourist Information

    There are Israel Tourist Offices in many cities around the world, but you can also find them in Israel in the major towns as:- Jerusalem: Jaffa Gate - tel (02) 628-0382- Eilat: Arava Hoghway Corner - tel (07) 637-2111- Haifa: 48 Ben Gurion Boulevard - tel (04) 851-2208and at Ben Gurion International Airport - tel (03) 971-1145 You can also check...

  • Skip the Muslim Quarter shuk

    No lie, it's a rip off. Also, they harrass you to death. Go around to the Jewish Quarter, where the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and the shopkeepers do not bully you at all--plus you can sit and eat in peace, and walk to the kotel (western wall). Do not be bullied. Do not get pickpocketed by the hordes of children. The shopkeepers will ploy you...

  • Don't let Arabian people (no...

    Don't get lost in the evening in dark alleys of old Jerusalem. It is dangerous. Don't buy too expensive mineral water, learn some Hebrew and Arabian numbers -locals pay less!-Don't visit Tiberias at the the Lake of Galilea when there is a festival (in august). It is very touristic and too expensive at that time! Visit another time and book your...

  • The Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea (which is actually a lake, not a sea) lies at the lowest point of the 4,000-mile (6,000-km) Great Rift Valley that runs from southern Turkey to East Africa. At 1,348 ft (411 m) below sea level, it is also the lowest point on earth. The water is so mineral-laden that it is around 26 percent solid, heavy with magnesium, bromine and...

  • Coke Floats and so does VERE'

    I was there the 3rd week of September, I noticed that it's not so crowded. Met friendly locals that just loved to talk and and wanted to get to know you... Bring your own chairs, snacks, and drinks, enjoy a free stress day out or overnight only because I saw tents at the picnic area. Masada is not too far may be 20...30 minutes.

  • Shopping at Tel-Aviv's Central Station

    In case you'll decide go shop in some of the stores in Tel-Aviv's Central Station ( especially the ones on the 6th and the 4th floor ) , you would probably come across a unique and somehow unpleasant fact : In plenty of those stores the salesmen do not show up the prices for their goods . In case you'll show some interest in those goods , the...

  • Using taxis

    Taxis are a good way to get around locally especially if a few of you are sharing the fare (this way it can work out cheaper than using public transportation), but make sure always that the driver puts on his meter, it is the law and always comes out cheaper than any price he will quote you. However, travelling between cities by taxi is very...

  • Mobile Phones (Cellulars)

    Ok, this was our nightmare there.We both had roaming from our respective countries, so we though there was not going to be any problem.At the begining was fine, as we were only phoning to a mobile phone of the same company as the one we were on roaming there (orange). But once we tried to phone another telephone from another company, they did not...

  • Apropo and Kapulski

    The restaurants Apropo and Kapulski. Their food is average, but their prices are very expensive and the service in most is slow and not friendly. Try instead "Aroma" or "Naphis", good service and good taste.

  • Caearea by the Sea.

    Caesarea is such an old city and by this beautiful blue sea, people naturally just want to come and enjoy. Just go with the flow, remember this is the Holy Land and every Tom, Dick, and Harry will be here with you or not. When I was there, yes there was plenty of people, but you can alway venture off and be by your self to take in all the beauty....

  • I heard it so many times...

    I heard it so many times, that the girls in Israel are one of the most beautiful in the world.The good thing is also that no matter what is your religion, it is also available in Israel. :-) take gf / wife with you

  • Palmakhim

    Walking along Palmakhim beach you can see pictorial fragments of the ancient sea bottom turned out by coast.

  • Quumran, it's famous for the...

    Quumran, it's famous for the caves in which some very old religious papers was found. But there is nothing except the caves and a souvenir-shop.

  • All the Dead See stuff you can...

    All the Dead See stuff you can buy looks like a big tourist trap to me. It's all very expensive, more expensive than buying it in many other countries.

  • Tip 1: Make sure the Taxi...

    Tip 1: Make sure the Taxi drivers turn on the meter. It's the law and in almost all cases it will be cheaper. Tip 2: When you enter the market in the Old City, walk at least 50 meters before you begin to buy. The outer shops are more expensive. Tip 3: Use sunscreen.

  • Many people 'try' to be...

    Many people 'try' to be helpful...politely asking if you are lost or if you need help finding things...most of them tend to be children. But be prepared. Nothing is free...after helping you they will 'Demand' a tip for there you are better off asking your fellow tourist and the military people. They appeared to be invaluable, and most...

  • Walley of river Zin. Avoid to...

    Walley of river Zin. Avoid to stay in similar places when the rain is expecting. Experienced people said, that if you hear already the noise of running water - you have no chances to survive.

  • Jesus resurection place have...

    Jesus resurection place have an official place (catholic) while the protestants has another highly suspected place. Go to that one if you want to get an impression of what it must have looked like(the burial cave, the stone, etc.) Golgotha has also a different location (just by the bus terminal) take a look from the gates. The place for everyone to...

  • When in Jerusalem you simply...

    When in Jerusalem you simply must visit the Dome of the Rock, you'll have to check the opening times beforehand and plan ahead, but it's well worth it. I found this the most spiritual place in the whole of the old city. The spacious serenity and beauty within the compound were a wonderful relief from the mayhem outside.Be warned though, you may be...

  • basicly people r realy nice...

    basicly people r realy nice over here a bit rude some times but its mantality please try 2 understand.israelies LOVE tourists u'll fill at home but don'tcross borders and check cab drivers when they tell uthe price ,better ask before.

  • The market 'the souk' in the...

    The market 'the souk' in the arab quarter of the old city is fun, but potentially a tourist trap for the un-initiated. The name of the game is hard sell and some of the shop-keepers pull out all of the stops, especially if you set foot in their shop. Keep a cool head and you'll be fine.

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Israel Tourist Traps

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