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  • "Wine Road" pedestrian street, Zichron...
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  • Golden Dome on the Rock
    Golden Dome on the Rock
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  • Beach, hotels and Judean Desert cliffs: Ein Boqeq
    Beach, hotels and Judean Desert cliffs:...
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See all 1959 Jerusalem Tips
  • Wailing Wall - Western Wall

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Jerusalem Things to Do

    Western Wall is one of the must see attractions in the Old City and by far the holiest spot for Judaism outside Mount Temple. Located in Jewish Quarter it’s part of the retaining wall that surrounded the Second Temple(built in 538BC and destroyed by Romans in 70AD) so this is the closest place that Jews are allowed to pray to where the holiest site...

  • The King David Jerusalem

    Jerusalem Hotels

    Without doubt, the King David Hotel is the most famous and prestigious hotels in Israel and possibly...

  • Bus or Taxi

    Jerusalem Transportation

    as major part of the Visitors to Jerusalem are the Various Christian Pilgrims around the world who day multi-day tours in Groups, the preferred transportation is the big tour buses and large private vans that take the pilgrims around the biblical sites around Jerusalem, but since the Roads are Narrow in the Mount of Olives area and in the Old City,...


Tel Aviv-Yafo

See all 1216 Tel Aviv-Yafo Tips
  • Old Jaffa

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Things to Do

    The Grand Mosque of Yafa, known officially as al-Mahmoudiya Mosque, was built in 1730. It was expanded significantly in 1812 under the governor Muhammad al-Nabbut when the large courtyard and minaret were added. It is said that some Roman columns were re-used in the construction of the mosque. I only walked past it at night and was unfortunately...

  • The Diaghilev

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Hotels

    I stayed at the Diaghilev last December and it was really a great choice. The room was nice and big,...

  • Dr. Shakshuka

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Tel Aviv-Yafo Restaurants

    The place is supposed to serve authentic shakshuka - a layer of spiced tomatoes and peppers with poached eggs on top of it. What was served was tomatoes/peppers with one egg mixed into it and the other one, still raw (!), on top of it. Service was rude and the bill was too high (they charged more than what was written in the menue). Upon...



See all 387 Eilat Tips
  • Underwater Observatory Marin Park

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Eilat Things to Do

    Wanted to show some photos of this wonderful spot in Eilat, but my photos did not come out in a presentable form. The photo here I found on the internet at But I will direct you to their website - This is one of the...

  • Royal Beach

    Eilat Hotels

    This Royal Beach hotel is just between the other big ones, the Hilton and Dan hotels. Located on the...

  • The Red Sea Star

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Eilat Restaurants

    First, no one was at the door to greet us...we had to find our own way to the tables (3 stair levels down). No body was in the restaurant (first tip we should have taken to walk out). We ordered tap water (tourists aren't made of money..tap water = free)...but they didn't have tap water (how?!) they MADE us buy mineral water. Everything we...



See all 274 Haifa Tips
  • Bahai Shrine and Gardens

    Haifa Things to Do

    One of the most stunning gardens in Israel is the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa. The gardens are a number of different arrangements of trees, bushes, flowers, terraces and fountains in 3 different sections. The gardens are lovingly maintained by Baha'i believers who do an incredible job. The lawns are immaculate, the hedges perfectly trimmed, trees...

  • The Colony Hotel Haifa

    Haifa Hotels

    28 Ben Gurion Street, Haifa, Israel

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Fattoush

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Haifa Restaurants

    This Cafe / restaurant look like one of the nices at the area. We only looked for a warm drink after walking around for a few hours and we decided to check this one and look inside, the surprise was big and we immediately "conquered" one of the warm comfi sofa's. The room that we set it was under the ground so it felt like being in a cave. It is...



See all 102 Netanya Tips
  • VT meet at Or's, Nathalie and camera

    Netanya Things to Do

    Nathalie is showing us the correct style on how to make VT pictures, or at least pose for them.The picture was taken at Or's home near Herziliya. Attending were Nathalie, Or, Racheli, Sharon, Hilla, Zohara and myself of course...I was the only male there, apparently invited to keep the girls in check. There should be a few more photos here, not...

  • Blue Weiss Hotel

    Netanya Hotels

    22 Gad Mahnes St., Netanya, Israel

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Here's One To Avoid

    Netanya Restaurants

    My family and I were very excited to try out this restaurant so we saved it for a special celebration yesterday. Unfortunately we were left extremely disappointed. What with it being situated in such a nice area and building (the Island) we definitely expected more. The appetizers were quite good (we had the chicken sticks, edamame, miso soup, and...



See all 94 Herzliya Tips
  • the town

    Herzliya Things to Do

    Most tourists prefer Herzliya Pituah district (2,5km NW of the railway station) because it has the beach, expensive houses, the marina and many restaurants. After two weeks of touring around famous Israeli towns we preferred to walk around the main town of Herzliya (east of the railway station) and see a normal residential area, after all we just...

  • Sharon

    Herzliya Hotels

    NIce hotel on the beach side with a fantastic views. it has a great beach and its close to many...

  • the beach

    Herzliya Things to Do

    Although only 8km west of Raanana the bus took about 45 minutes to reach Herzliya beach as it had to stop in about 30000 different bus stops :) Unfortunately it was impossible to swim that day, when we got off the bus it started to rain so lying on the beach with the dark sky above us didn’t seem very appealing, we took some pictures and returned...



See all 94 Tiberias Tips
  • Bus from Tiberias to Capernaum

    Tiberias Transportation

    Não há transporte público entre Tiberíades e Cafarnaum. Uma boa opção de viagem é apanhar a camioneta 450, que vai para Safed, e descer no cruzamento Capernaum (15 minutos). Depois, caminha-se 3.2 km. Pelo caminho há duas igrejas que vale a pena visitar: 1. Igreja da Multiplicação dos Pães e Peixes:2. Igreja da Primazia de São Pedro.Junto à entrada...

  • Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel

    Tiberias Hotels

    There are hotels in the world in which you stay to see the city and area in which they are located,...

  • Bus from Tiberias to Jericho

    Tiberias Transportation

    Se quiseres viajar de Tiberiades para Jericó utilizando o transporte público, podes ir com a camioneta 961 que vai para Jerusalém via vale do rio Jordão. Tens de descer no cruzamento Almog e depois tomar um miniautocarro (NIS 3) para Jericó.Apanhei a camioneta que parte de Tiberiade às 08:30 e cheguei ao cruzamento Almog às 10:50. Depois, enquanto...



See all 68 Beersheba Tips
  • Excellent service and food at The...

    Beersheba Restaurants

    Sitting on the corner of Histadrut street just off Smilanski, the exterior is not imposing, but you walk up a few steps at the entrance and find yourself presented with a glass of wine before you are seated. The interior is almost pure white, the walls, drapes, tables and chairs, with touches of color here and there, a very relaxing atmosphere with...

  • Golden Tulip Negev

    Beersheba Hotels

    I spent 2 days in Beer Sheba (a professional meeting) and stayed overnight in the Golden Tulip...

  • Israeli Air Force Museum

    Beersheba Things to Do

    To the north of the city, at Hatzerim Air Base, there is one of the most famous aircraft museums in the world: The Israeli Air Force museum. Here, preserved by the dry desert air, are aircraft from Israel's entire history. And that history is an eventful one. Not only has the IAF operated planes from nearly every major Western power, it has also...



See all 165 Akko Tips
  • Uri Buri

    Akko Restaurants

    Uri Buri, AKA, "the fish restaurant" is run by Uri Buri. the man behind the luxurious Efendi Hotel. The restaurant is on the beach promenade, about 5 -7 minute walk from the Efendi hotel. He uses the freshest ingredients, focused on seafood of all kinds - it's not kosher! You can choose from the menu or let them arrange a tasting menu for you if...

  • Nes Ammim Kibbutz Hotel

    Akko Hotels

    Nes Ammim Village

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • The Citadel

    Akko Things to Do

    It was, unfortunately, too late to visit the citadel.



See all 92 Caesarea Tips
  • Getting to Caesarea by Public...

    Caesarea Transportation

    There used to be no public bus service to the Caesarea Archaeological Park; The nearest town to Caesarea is Or-Akiva. Bus # 921 goes from the central bus station in Tel-Aviv to Or-Akiva (60 km, 96 minute bus ride, NIS 24.5 only). From Or-Akiva one needs to take a taxi to the Caesarea National Archaeological Park. The price is about NIS 30 one...

  • Dan Hotels Caesaria

    Caesarea Hotels

    Although its been about 12 - 13 years since i've stayed there i can definitely say that this is a...

  • golfing at caesarea

    Caesarea Sports & Outdoors

    if u cant have a vacation with no golf ...well i think caesarea is the only place with golf. (maybe there is another 1 somewhere but there arnt many....)anyway golf while u can :-)


`En Gedi

See all 105 `En Gedi Tips
  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve-the lower trail

    `En Gedi Things to Do

    Indeed Ein Gedi Nature Reserve was the main reason we came here. It’s a 6,250-acre park filled with marked hiking routes, but what makes it unique is the scenery, it’s located at the shores of the Dead Sea at the eastern edge of Judean Desert, so you see a plain environment where an oasis give life and color with waters coming out of the...

  • Ein Gedi - Beit Sarah Guest House

    `En Gedi Hotels

    D.N. Dead Sea , 86980

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Nature Reserve:David Waterfall

    `En Gedi Things to Do

    Most people that follow the Lower Nachal David trail try to hurry themselves and go directly to the end where the David Waterfall is. It’s a pity because there are many other smaller waterfalls before and many pools that are ideal for photo breaks or/and some refreshing swimming :)Of course David Waterfall is more impressive because the water...



See all 151 Masada Tips
  • Masada archeological site

    Masada Things to Do

    For me (as a visitor) Masada is impressive mainly because of its location and not because of any sentimental connection I guess jews have. It's a breathtaking rock plateau overlooking the Dead Sea with steep cliffs that used to house the ancient fortification. Don’t forget to take a hat, sunscreen and water bottle with you as the sun was a killer...

  • Masada museum, video and Light Show

    Masada Things to Do

    Unfortunately the Masada Museum (where the Visitors Center is) was closed and couldn’t check inside and see the archaeological findings. But before we take the cable car we watched a nice 10’ long video about Masada which sets you nicely into the history of the place and its tragic final events when the Jewish defenders decided to commit...

  • how to go there

    Masada Transportation

    Masada is located 20km S of Ein Gedi, 16km N of En Bokek, 100km SE of Jerusalem, 160km SE of Tel car you can drive there through Road 90 that runs down along the Dead Sea coast. There’s a big parking to leave the car and then walk up (you can hike through the path or take the lift which still requires some walk until you reach the ticket...



See all 124 Nazareth Tips
  • Bus from Nazareth to Tiberias

    Nazareth Transportation

    Bus 431 travels between Nazareth and Tiberias. Until 11:00, it departs from the city centre, Bus Station, close to the Basilica of the Nativity. After this time, it departs from the Upper part of the city.After waiting for about 1 hour for the bus supposed to depart at 11:15, a tourist guide noticed me I had to go to the upper of the city. Then, I...

  • Casa Nova Hospice

    Nazareth Hotels

    Casa Nova Street, POB 198, Opposite Basilica of the Annunci, Nazareth, 16101, Israel

    Good for: Families

  • Sabah W Masa

    Nazareth Restaurants

    We stopped at Sabah W Masa for a light lunch before we visit the orthodox church of Annunciation. It’s located on the square in front of the church (just over Virgin Mary’s well) so the outdoor seating is also a good spot for watching the people passing by.Unfortunately the menu was only in Hebrew but the waitress was helpful with us, the name of...


Zichron Yaakov

See all 41 Zichron Yaakov Tips
  • Best Coffee in Town!

    Zichron Yaakov Restaurants

    Cafe Kilimanjaro has a wealth of local charm; brimming with rich and fresh coffee, delicious and unique dishes, and a friendly and warm staff Cafe Kilimanjaro is a local staple.If you are looking for the best cup of coffee around, make sure to stop by Cafe Kilimanjaro! Once you're hooked you can buy their house-roasted beans and take them home with...

  • Hotel Beit Maimon

    Zichron Yaakov Hotels

    We have recommended Beit Maimon to several people since our visit. The hotel is beautifully located...

  • Delicious Chocalate

    Zichron Yaakov Things to Do

    Off of the main street of Zichron Yaakov (Hameyasadim Street/Hamidrachov Pedestrian Street), there is a small chocolate shop called Xocoatl. The owner runs the shop himself and is very friendly and helpful. He offers about 15 different flavors that vary throughout the year. When I was there I tried the blueberry, milk chocolate ganache,...



See all 209 Arad Tips
  • Arad Museum, Gideon Fridman "Blue...

    Arad Favorites

    Glass sculpture by Gideon Fridman "Blue Expression".As I have previously said, not impressed with this sculpture (and many others here).Have you ever visited a museum or workshop and said to yourself "My god, I can do at least that good, if not better"....well that is how I felt since I had experimented with "melting glass" and just "seeing what...

  • Moriah Classic Hotel Dead Sea

    Arad Hotels

    Mobile Post Dead Sea, Arad, 86910, Israel

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Arad Museum, Gideon Fridman "Another...

    Arad Favorites

    Glass sculpture by Gideon Fridman, "Another Level".I was not overly impressed with the sculputre, but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and I have many friends who did like what they found in the glass sculptures on show at the Arad Museum.


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