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  • "Wine Road" pedestrian street, Zichron...
    by iblatt
  • Ofrah and Sharon in the Byzantine villa
    Ofrah and Sharon in the Byzantine villa
    by iblatt
  • View over the coastal plain from Mansur-El-Aqab
    View over the coastal plain from...
    by iblatt

Zichron Yaakov Things to Do

  • Delicious Chocalate

    Off of the main street of Zichron Yaakov (Hameyasadim Street/Hamidrachov Pedestrian Street), there is a small chocolate shop called Xocoatl. The owner runs the shop himself and is very friendly and helpful. He offers about 15 different flavors that vary throughout the year. When I was there I tried the blueberry, milk chocolate ganache,...

  • Ramat Ha-Nadiv Memorial Park

    "Ha-Nadiv ha-Yadooa" ("the well known benefactor") was the nickname of Baron Binyamin Edmond de-Rothschild, who generously supported some of the first Zionist agricultural settlements ("Moshavot") in the Land of Israel in the late 19th century. His support was essential for the fledgling farms, struggling to survive against all odds.In 1954 the...

  • "Wine Road" Pedestrian Street

    Zichron Yaakov is fortunate that it escaped the construction frenzy which turned many former Israeli villages and small towns into modern cities. Its old Main Street, "Rehov Ha-Meyasdim" (Street of the Founders), as most of the old Moshava (village), has escaped modern development and retains its original character. In more recent years it was...

  • Zichron Yaakov

    Zikhron Ya'akov (meaning in Hebrew: "Jacob's Memorial") is a town in Israel) south of Haifa, and part of the Haifa District. We ' in Israel, just call it by a shortened"Zikhron") . It is located at the southern end of the Carmel mountain range overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, near the coastal highway (Highway 2). It was one of the first Jewish...

  • Visit Rothschild's Mausoleum

    Visit the beautiful gardens and the tomb of Baron Edmond de Rothschild and his wide Ada at Ramat Ha'Nadiv, a little south of Zikhron Ya'aqov. The gardens are located on the western slope of the Carmel mountains, overlooking the Mediterranean. There is no entrance fee and you can also enjoy a wide selection of hiking trails in the nature park...

  • Tishbi - fill your own bottle

    Here at the Tishbi Vineyard is the ONLY place that I know of that provides you with a "filling station"..you bring your own bottle and fill it. You pay per liter and the last time we were there it was only 17 Israeli Shekel per liter (that is about US3.5), a very good price.

  • Tishbi, a good selection

    This is Arie my friend who goes with us on our Wine&Cheese trips...yes, exactly, we take trips just for the express purpose of visiting vineyards and producers of cheese..you can find them in their dozens all over Israel, so each time we choose a different area and just go from one to the next till we acquire enough for a picnic and to take home of...

  • Inside Tishbi vineyards

    This is the sign you have to keep your eyes open for, it is just around a curve of the road and if you are coming from the south, the road also has a white line that you cannot cross, so you must drive a few hundred meters further to make a turn and come back.

  • Lunch Break

    This is a nice statue of a man resting from work and preparing for his lunch.The statue is in front of the bank (Ha'poalim bank).

  • Ha'poalim Bank

    Ha'poalim Bank (Ha'poalim means the workers) on Ha'meyasdim street is a very small branch of the biggest bank in Israel.he looks very beautiful from outside.

  • The view from Zichron Yaakov

    The view from Zichron Yaakov is very beautiful.You can see the mountains and from the other side you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.The place itself looks like something european and people called Zichron Yaakov "small provance"

  • Benjamin's pool

    Benjamin's pool is a big water pool that The baron (Edmond de Rothschild) built for the citizens of the town to help them to carry water.You can enjoy beautiful landscapes from the top of the tower.

  • Ohel Yaakov Synagogue

    Ohel Yaakov Synagogue (The meaning in hebrew is Jacob's Tent) was built in 1886 and is named after baron Rotschild's father (jacob).You will see the synagogue on Ha'meyasdim Street.

  • Carmel Mizrahi Winery

    Carmel Mizrahi Winery is the larget winery in Israel with 75% from the market.This winery is working since 1882 and you can enjoy a nice tour here , learn about the winery , how they are making wine and from what and more.

  • The main street - Wine route

    The main street called Ha'meyasdim (The founders) and there is a project called the wine route.This is a project of reconstruction of the street with many artists , coffeeshops , small restaurants , houses like the old times ,

  • The first immigration museum

    The first immigration museum is about the first immigration to Israel.3 floors about the subject and also a movie.

  • Aharonson's House

    The house of the Aharonson family is now the Nili Musuem.Nili was a jewish group that helped the british during WW1.Here on this house you can read about them , see a movie , see the rooms ,see where Sara was hiding a gun and where she killed herself to prevent being tortured from the Turks.

  • Take a rest....^O^

    Zichron Yaakov has its Midrahov (a combination of Midracha and Rehov, sidewalk and street, meaning a "walking street" for pedestrians only) and many restaurants and artist shops to enjoy on it.. We stopped and Zohara found a friend to exchange a few moments of relaxation with.

  • The First Immigration Museum

    The museum is situated at the old Centter of Zichron in one of the towns most impressive buildings.The museums presents the beginning of the Israeli settlements and illustrates the Prograss of the immigration.

  • The Pioneers Memorial

    The memorial can be found at the town Center. It was established to immortalize the founders of Zichron Ya'akov that came to the region at 1882. Thier names are written on the ceramic surface. At the sight you can also find a small room where there are some rare pictures of the town at the first years after its establishment.

  • Monument For Baron Rothschild

    The Baron was one of the most famous (and also one of the most rich...) jews in Europe. At the end of the 19th century he decided to help the developing town with its difficult financial situation. He Organized agricultural and town planning begin. Today you can find a monument dedicated to his memory in the town Center, near the Monument for the...

  • The Wine Road

    The Wine road is the most famous street of Zichron Ya'akov. Every visitor that leavs Zichron will always remember that beautiful pedestrian streets as one of the most elegant and relxing in Israel. The path is situated at the town Center, it is very artistic and include many bazaars, art galleries and other small exhibitions. Many people also come...

  • The Gate To The Wine Road

    At the entrance to the famous Wine road you will notice a small arch. This arch informs you that you arrive to the pedestrian street.

  • Aharonson Memorial House

    The Aharonson family were from the first settelers in Zichron Yaakov. The son Aharon was had a big influence on the towns agriculture success, other 2 persons from the family - Sarah and Alexander were essential of the N.I.L.Y (Netzah Israel Lo Yeshaker) organization that helped the British forces at WWI. At the latter parts of the war Turkish...


Zichron Yaakov Hotels

Zichron Yaakov Restaurants

  • Best Coffee in Town!

    Cafe Kilimanjaro has a wealth of local charm; brimming with rich and fresh coffee, delicious and unique dishes, and a friendly and warm staff Cafe Kilimanjaro is a local staple.If you are looking for the best cup of coffee around, make sure to stop by Cafe Kilimanjaro! Once you're hooked you can buy their house-roasted beans and take them home with...

  • Seafood and a Homely Ambience

    This restaurant is located in the center of Zichron's pedestrian street, in a small, old residential house which was partially restored. If you choose to sit inside you will enjoy the home ambience of Zichron in the good old days of the late 19th or early 20th century. If you choose to sit outside you will enjoy people watching in Zichron's...

  • Good central restaurant on the...

    We had lunch in Limma Restaurant on a hot summer Saturday afternoon. It is strategically located in the center of the popular pedestrian street of Zichron; if you choose to sit outside you can enjoy the special ambience of this street and watch the passers by: young and old, families, groups, locals, tourists...We ordered fajitas in chili and...


Zichron Yaakov Shopping

  • G&I BOUTIQUE: Beautiful Boutique in Zikhron Ya'akov

    by RGN Written Aug 16, 2011

    אחת האהבות הגדולות שלי היא זכרון יעקב. אני אוהבת לטייל בסמטאות ובחצרות היפיפיים והספוגים בהיסטוריה של ההתיישבות בישראל לפני למעלה ממאה שנה. המושבה היפה בעלת האופי המיוחד מלאה במסעדות ובחנויות שונות. בביקורי בשבוע שעבר, גיליתי בוטיק יפיפה עם בגדים מדהימים מאיטליה. הבגדים באיכות גבוהה מאד מבתי אופנה מפורסמים באיטליה. בעלת החנות היפיפייה והחמודה עזרה ושרתה אותנו כ"כ יפה שממש לא רצינו לעזוב וללכת. אני ממליצה מכל הלב לבקר בזכרון יעקב ובמיוחד לבקר בבוטיק שנמצא בחצר הרשקוביץ (המיסדים 51), לא רחוק מבית הכנסת.
    החלק הישראלי בבוטיק הם התיקים והחגורות של עינת סקלסקי
    הבגדים בבוטיק הם מבתי האופנה האיטלקים,
    TWIN-SET ו - MASTRO MODA (הידוע בבגדי הפשתן המדהימים שלו).

    חובה לבקר!

    חצר הרשקוביץ בזכרון יעקב הבוטיק מעוצב בטוב טעם אירנה המדהימה
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Zichron Yaakov Warnings and Dangers

  • ophiro's Profile Photo

    Ha'meyasdim Coffee

    by ophiro Written Jun 11, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a small coffee-bar on a quiet alley on the main street (Hameyasdim 56).
    We went to sit here and drink something.
    The service is bad and we waited for Milkshake 10-15 minutes and when we got the drinks we replaced them because they were not thick as they supposed to be.

    Hameyasdim Coffee - Hameyasdim 56 st. - stay away

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Zichron Yaakov Off The Beaten Path

  • Mansur-El-Aqab Byzantine Ruin

    In the nature park outside Ramat Ha-Nadiv -(see my tip: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/d29d6/1a0f74/4/), there are a few hiking trails. One of them (marked in red) leads west, to the Byzantine ruin of Mansur-El-Aqab.The location is impressive, at the edge of the Carmel mountain south-western slope, overlooking the coastal plain. You can see...

  • En Hod

    En Hod is a small village very close to Caesarea and Zichron Yaakov.This is an artists village with many statues everywhere , beautiful houses , small and narrow streets and beautiful view to the Mediterranean Sea.

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