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  • Day Trips
    by machomikemd
  • Day Trips
    by machomikemd
  • Day Trips
    by machomikemd
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    King's Highway

    by machomikemd Written Aug 30, 2013

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    The King's Highway is an old trade route that criss crosses the middle east and one of it's major branches straddles Jordan of which AMMAN is one of the Major stops. Today the king's highway is now in apshalt and runs the breadth of jordan and is Parallel to the Desert Highway. The King’s Highway is mentioned in the Old Testament: Moses was refused permission to travel on it by the king of Edom, and later the Nabateans, from their power base in Petra, used it to trade luxury goods between Arabia and Syria. When the Romans annexed the Nabatean kingdom, Emperor Trajan renovated the ancient road to facilitate travel and communications between his regional capital at Bosra, now in southern Syria, and Aqaba on the Red Sea coast. Early Christian pilgrims visited a number of sites on and off the road around Madaba, whose beautiful Byzantine mosaics still merit a pilgrimage today. The Crusaders used the highway as the linchpin of their Kingdom of Oultrejourdain, fortifying positions along the road at Karak and Shobak , where extensive remains of castles survive – and also at Petra and Aqaba.

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    Go To Petra

    by machomikemd Written Aug 30, 2013

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    Although Petra is a long 3 1/2 hour drive along the Desert Highway or a 5 hour drive via the historical King's Highway (and is 235 kilometers south of Amman), this site is easily the most famous touristm site of Jordan! so having a tour of Petra from Amman is a MUST!

    Why everyone goes to Petra Off Course as This Unesco World Heritage Site is more known than the town that surrounds it, which is Wadi Musa. But all tours pass by wadi musa going to Petra as the Town is the only gateway to petra. Some Tour groups have lunch and shopping stops at wadi musa before going to petra and many tourists also stay at wadi musa area and then go back and forth to Petra on multi-day entrance tickets. Petra, the world wonder, is without a doubt Jordan’s most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction. It is a vast, unique city, carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people who settled here more than 2000 years ago, turning it into an important junction for the silk, spice and other trade routes that linked China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome.

    Petra National Archeological Park is open from :

    Open 06:00 am - close 16:00 (winter time)
    Open 06:00 am – close 18:00 (summer time)

    Entrance Fees:

    Single Day -JD 50
    One Day Visitor to Jordan (From Syria, Saudi Arabai, Israel, Iraq) -JD 90
    Two Day Pass- JD 55
    Three Day Pass- JD 60
    Jordanians, resident card holders and students with valid Jordanian University ID - 1JD per entry
    All children under 12 - Free

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    The countryside

    by mikey_e Written Nov 26, 2012
    Along the Dead Sea
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    I realize that this is a bit of a cheating or false tip. It is not really a direction to see a specific site outside of Amman, but rather a suggestion that visitors to the capital, or those on long, rigid tours of the holy sites, take some time to discover the natural beauty of the countryside. My route was often circuitous, and it gave me the opportunity to experience the splendours of a country that includes rocky deserts, desolate plains, and brilliantly green groves of old trees. My preferred spots were both the road out to Mt. Nebo and Madaba, and the hills just north of the city of Jerash.

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    Day trip: Iraq Al-ameer and Qasr Alabd

    by Shobaki Updated Jul 13, 2010
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    Iraq Al-Ameer Women Cooperative Society

    History, Creativity and Hospitality

    The Society was found by Noor Al-Hussein Foundation in 1994 with the support of Swiss Government. 10 old houses were renovated to create the vocational village that managed to train 156 women from surrounding villages on handicrafts.

    The society was self dependent in 2001 the vocational village aims to maintain and sustain the unique heritage of area and to provide training for members and non- members on different topics

    Hand-made fabric workshop

    At this workshop, hand-run looms are used to create textiles in different colors, designs and sizes.
    The products are used to produce curtains, bed covers, shawls , bags , folk dresses upholstery and many other hand-made and embroideries .

    Hand-made paper workshop.
    The goal of this workshop is conserve and environment through processing plants residues and turn them to hand-made paper.
    Okra, Banana, Reed, Lawn, palm leaves, esparto, and other plants are used to produce different sizes of paper than can used for drawing , printing and writing . Out of the paper , the workshop is producing greeting cards, frames, album, paper bags ..etc

    The showroom
    Inspired by the area's history , a showroom was established close to workshop. All the society products are displayed in the showroom where visitors can enjoy shopping in comfortable place.

    Tourist Center
    The tourist center is located in Iraq Al-Ameer village , 20 KM west of Amman.
    It was established in 2008 , to attract tourist to visit ancient archeological sites, the natural caves , the spectacular landscape and the running stream.
    The center provides recreational services, including well furnished air conditional rooms.
    The restaurant provides both local, international Cuisine and seasonal locally fresh fruits.

    Clear Soap workshop
    At this workshop, the soap is produced in the traditional methods , where only pure olive oil is used. The final products have different shapes and colors.

    Pottery and Ceramic workshop.

    At this workshop, ceramic and pottery are produced either by wheel or molds.
    The workshop can produce different items, such as murals, jugs, vases, frames, dining plates ..ect. Addition to the ability to produce any special orders.

    Tel :00962-6-5481385
    Mobile: 00962-777351620
    Telefax: 00962-6-5481153

    Or contact me Dr.Khalid Shobaky

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    Daytrips from Amman

    by PierreZA Written Jun 6, 2009

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    Oval Plaza - Jerash
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    It is very easy use Amman (or Madaba) as a base and do daytrips from there.
    I went for daytrips to Salt and Jerash from Amman.
    It will also be possible to do to Madaba and the surround (like the Dead Sea) from Amman.

    I used public busses for these short trips, which was a very cheap option.

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    by Openseas Written Sep 13, 2007

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    This is a fabulous short sight seeing trip from Amman as its only 30 minutes away. You can take either the Airport route or head down the King's highway for a more scenic route but this does take longer.

    This town is famous for its unique 6th and 8th century mosaics and for being inhabited for at least 4,000 years. If you are a history buff then you will totally enjoy coming closer to the history of the Holy Land.

    After exploring Madaba make sure you drive a little further to Machaerus the hilltop of Herod the Great. This is the spot were John the Baptist was beheaded.

    west of Madaba, less than ten kilometres away. Mount Nebo is approx 700- 800 metres above sea level, and has Syagha and al Mukhayyat valleys surrounding it. Travellers can observe the West Bank, the Dead Sea and Jordan River on the plateau , Bethlehem and Jerusalem can also be seen amongst the wonderful views.

    Southwest of Madaba are the thermal mineral springs of Zerqa Ma'in and Zara, where you can soak in a hot springs or have simple thermal treatments .

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    Day Trip: Aljun Castle

    by Blatherwick Updated Aug 20, 2005

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    Aljun Castle

    This is a really cool castle is located just 1 1/2 hours away from Amman. It's usually good to combine this with a trip to see Jerash as it is only 30 minutes from that site. Supposedly it has spectacular view over the Valley of Jordan but you might want to go on a clearer day than I did. However, the fog did create a feeling that old ghosts were going to appear at any time. Among the ruins there's a small museum near the entrance. It's worth looking at as well.

    The history is all presented in a nice little explanation given at the castle. In 1184 (Islamic year AH 580) Izz ad-Din Usama ibn Munqidh, a commander and nephew of Saladin, built a small fortress on this site. It was built to contain the progress of the Latin Kindom in Trans-Jordan at the time of the Crusades, and as a response to the building of the castle of Belvoir on the shores of Lake Tiberias. Another major objective of Saladin was to develop and control the iron mines in the area of Ajlun.

    After Usama's death the castle was enlarged by Aibak ibn 'Abdallah, major-domo of Al-Mu' azzam Isa. He added a new tower in the southeast corner and built the gate, which is decorated with pigeon reliefs. In the middle of the 13th century AD, the castle was conceded to Salah-ad Din Yousef ibn Ayoub, the King of Aleppo and Damascus. In AD 1260 the Mongols destroyed sections of the castle, including its battlements. Soon after the victory of the Mamluks over the Mongols at 'Ain Jalut, Sultan al-Dhaher Baibars restored the castle again.

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