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  • Wadi Rum, Jordan
    Wadi Rum, Jordan
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    wadi rum mirage
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Most Viewed Things to Do in Wadi Rum

  • 1. Rock Inscriptions - Petroglyphs

    There are thousands of Thamudic rock inscriptions, properly called petroglyphs, dotted about all over the Wadi Rum area. The Thamud were a nomadic tribe related to the Nabateans. They lived in the...

  • 2. Jeep & Truck Tours

    Our desert trip was 2 hours and half long and we paid 45 JD for the 4*4 car. The car was driven by bedouin and infact the Wadi Rum desert is also the home of some bedouin tribes, so expect them to ask...

  • 3. Landscape

    Really, the whole point of visiting Wadi Rum is to be sunned by the sheer beauty of the empty desert landscape. At least, that is what the point *should* be imo. If you, like me, take a Bedouin truck...

  • 4. Hiking

    Desert trekking by foot and free climbing are very popular ways to explore the mountainous terrain. The rock is sandstone and at first sight appears soft, but on close acquaintance you'll find (with...

  • 5. Camel Rides

    As we were driving back to visitor centre we came across a mother and three baby camels! The sun was in the right place and you could clearly make out their fur shining in the afternoon sun. The...

  • 6. Bedouin Camp

    My wife and I visited Wadi Rum last week and choose Bedouin Advisor as our guide for the trip. We did the 1 Day / 1 Night trip option. We had a Jeep tour with numerous stops to do some light hiking....

  • 7. Jabal Al-Mazmar - Seven Pillars of Wisdom

    The stunning, weather-worn mountain directly opposite Wadi Rum's visitor centre is now referred to by Bedouin, leaflets and...it seems...everyone else as 'the Seven Pillars of Wisdon'. Whilst there...

  • 8. Lawrence's Spring

    When you visit Wadi Rum I would suggest that you visit Al Shallaleh , better known as Lawrence Spring. This was our second stop on our jeep safari. There are thousands of springs all over Wadi Rum...

  • 9. Sand Dunes

    The Sand Dunes out here are amazing, we visited them on our first day in the jeep, the next day as we were riding our camels back to Rum Village we stopped by again and spent some time here. The...

  • 10. Nabataean Temple

    See the Nabatean Temple in Wadi Rum Village, it's located behind the Resthouse. Afterwards, you can have lunch in the Restaurant. The local mini bus to Wadi Rum leaves Aqaba at 7-7:30am (1.5JD) and...

  • 11. Visitor Centre

    Wad Rum's visitor centre is almost certainly the starting point for the majority of visitors to the area. It's a new complex, located opposite the mountain now called the 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom'. I...

  • 12. Jabal Umm Fruth

    On your jeep tour of Wadi Rum Reserve make sure you climb up Umm Frith Bridge. Scamper up this natural rock formation in the desert in 5 minutes or less. Start on the right hand side working your way...

  • 13. Jabal Khazali

    To the south of Rum is Jebel Khazali - a monolithic lump of sandstone. The rock face facing the village is split by a huge but narrow gorge, which is easily accessible with a bit of scrambling over...

  • 14. Jabal Umm Ishrin

    This is the most natural thing to do if you only have several hours and do not want to pay for a jeep drive. I descended from the massive, and afterwards the route is pretty much obvious. It is best...

  • 15. Camping

    Each touroperator has own campsite. Our camp was more or less we expected. No electricity. Which means you need torch light when you are walking around or going to bathroom. When we reached at the...

  • 16. Sunset

    We were told that our schedule included getting to a recommended special spot in time for sunset - we were behind in our schedule and none of us had had lunch either so most of the group opted for...

  • 17. Lawrence's House

    Lawrence d'Arabie had united all arabic armies in this desert. That's also where some scene of the movie were shot. We can now find its name associated to many places.... Nothing really exceptional...

  • 18. Arriving

    This is some of the scenery that gets you salivating in the lead up to arriving at Wadi Rum - beautiful rocks along the way from the road up from Aqaba. ...similar rocks to Lawrence of Arabia 7...

  • 19. Barrah Siq

    In Barrah Siq you can find some beduin tends and here you can find on a rock the portrait of T.E. Lawrence. He lived in Wadi Rum some years and not to far from Barrah Siq you can see the ruins of his...

  • 20. Rum Village

    After we had enjoyed coffee on the first morning in Rum Village we had some free time and we wandered out of Rum Village to some nearby ruins, they were literally on the edge of the village, but when...

  • 21. Jabal Qabr Amra

    About 6km from the Government Rest House, westwards past Jebel Khazali is Jebel Qabre Amra. If you carry on walking past this Jebel, it brings you in to another wadi, Wadi al-Bgidha. There is not...

  • 22. Jabal Umm E'jil

    We started off the trip from Rum Village where the 4 WD took a U turn to the left around Jebel Umm E'jil. Not sure what I am talking? Look up the map of Wdi Rum in the Lonely Planet Guide. It is good...

  • 23. Siq Umm Tawagi

    Siq Umm Tawagi is a rather dramatic canyon set between three mountains and forming a supposed 'hidden valley'. It's now a standard stop for jeep tours. Your guide may refer to this place as 'Siq...

  • 24. Bedouin

    Near Lawrence Spring is a small Bedouin Tent where a man in his robes lives. I guess that the tent here exists purely for tourists benefit! However, it was nice to lie in the shade and drink Bedouin...

  • 25. Ar-Raqabat Canyon

    Traversing Ar-Raqabat canyon is mentioned in the literature as an easy hike from the resthouse, 3hr return. I tried it and I did not manage to enter the canyon. However, it was nice to get up to the...

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