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  • Spot the almost-naked lady?
    Spot the almost-naked lady?
    by leics
  • There's more than one naked lady in this fresco!
    There's more than one naked lady in this...
    by leics
  • Qasr `Amrah
    by leics

Qasr `Amrah Things to Do

  • Definitely not a castle....

    You'll find more detail about this unique place in my Qasr Amrah intro page.The hunting lodge and baths now called Qasr Amrah (one of the so-called 'desert castles' of Jordan) were almost certainly built for the Umayyad caliph Walid l between 711 and 715 CE/AD. Although originally beautifully decorated with frescoes (those frescoes are why it is...

  • The Dome of Heaven

    Where?In the calidarium, the last room one visits in Qasr 'AmrahWhat?The Dome of Heaven is a map of the sky of the Northern hemisphere, showing both the largest constellations and the zodiac signs. The room is small, so if the castle is crowded, you're unlikely to have a chance to linger long enough to identify all of the signs. If you can't,...

  • Mini Museum

    Qas'r Amra is probably the most popular of the Desert Castles to visit along the trail. The site houses artifacts and a brief wall of history in its museum.

  • Desert Castle

    Qasr Al Amra one of the famous desert castles east of Amman. It was built in the 8th century AD, by Umayyad caliph Walid I. The castle was used as a hunting retreat by the caliph and his family, hence the walls are covered in glorious frescoes, depicting hunting of all kinds of strange animals. There were also some badly drawn depictions of naked...

  • Transport

    I visited Qusayr Amra as part of a tour (only transport) organised from Farah Hotel in Amman. We were three people in the car sharing the price and I paid 13 JD. The places we visited were Qasr Kharana, Qusayr Amra, Qasr al-Azraq and the Wetland Reserve, Hammam Sarah and Qasr al-Hallabat (in the mentioned order).We had lunch in Azraq and the driver...

  • The paintings in the main hall

    Some of the frescos in the vaults of the main hall represent a homage to all those who worked in the building of the castle. There are some other motives, including some sexual scenes too, something really rare in islamic art. In one of the walls you can see frescos of six of the kings of the medieval times, with their names in arabic and greek,...

  • Qasr Amrah

    The castle is one of Jordan's most importat medieval monuments. It was built between 705 - 715 under the command of Walidi I, who also ordered the building of Damasque's mosque. This castle is very small, but has some unique paitings in islamic art. There are human figures painted in the frescos that cover the vaults. It also has a hamman full of...

  • The frescos at the hamman

    The most beautiful frescos of the castle are located in the vault at the hammam. It has details of the zodiac constellations. Some of them are now gone, but you can still see some of the zocial symbols, such as Sagitarius. The bath itself has three parts or rooms (the warm and resting room, the cold room and the hot room), each of them with frescos...

  • Hammam

    The hamman is divided in three different rooms: Apodyterium (dressing room), a tepidarium and one calidarium.The first room that you can see is the tepidarium. It has got a hiding arch. On the roof there are nice painting of animals and a figure of a nude woman. A very strange painting in this room is the face of a man which the scholars think it...

  • Calidarium

    In this room you can see a big bathtub, On the roof of the cupula, above the bathtub, there is a fantastic painting of the sky-blue map, which reproduce the North Emisphere. You can recognice the Zodiac constellations and some characters of the Greek and Roman mitology.

  • Tepidarium and Calidarium

    In the second room of the hammam there is a big bathtub. On the ground there is a hole where the hot air circled in the room. Here you can see on the roof a painting of a nude woman.

  • Allegorical paintings

    Near the windows there are allegorical paintings of the Victory, the Filosophy and the Poetry. All of them has got the name in Greek.

  • Artisan jobs

    On the roof there are some fantastic paintings of the artisan jobs of the epoch: quarrymen intent to ochisel blocks, a mason which plaster spreads on the wall, two joiners, a blacksmith...

  • Woman that exit from an hammam

    Near the painting of the six kings there is the painting of a woman on a sofa and all around her there are many figures. On the right you can see a nice painting of a woman that exit from an hammam. On the same wall there are many hunting paintings.

  • Painting of the Six Kings

    On the west wall you can see the painting of the six sovereigns, four of which are been identified with the emperor of Bisanzium, the visigot king Rodrigo, the last Sasanide sovereign Cosroe and the Negus abyss. Everyone of them was hostile of the Islam and they are represented in the act to give back tibute to the caliph.

  • Paintings

    The inside of the room of the audiences is decorated with wonderful paintings. The paintings have been attributed to Syrian or Arab artists affected by the Byzantine art. The roof of the central nave is decorated with rural scenes in which one appears on feminine crowned by a victory.

  • Qasr 'Amrah: history

    The castle of Qasr 'Amrah was probably built by the Umayyad caliph Walid I (705-715 AD), the same caliph that built the mosque of the Umayyads in Damascus. The castle was originally a place of relax and an hunting reserve from time to time used as a temporary lodging for member of the rullin Umayyad family. Some scholars think that it was built to...

  • Audience room

    The audience room rappresent the main building of the castle. It is 10 metres long and it has got three arcs to sixth lightly acute that create three naves. The central nave finishes in a withdrawal which was the room of the throne. The side naves lengthen on two little Alcoves which open on the room.


Qasr `Amrah Transportation

  • Taxi

    The only realistic way you are going to see the desert castles, without private transport, is by taxi. They cost about 40 dinar from either Amman or Madaba. Make sure you get a good driver, as the road accident rate in Jordan is very high.

  • Rental Car

    There is no public transport to Qasr 'Amrah, so the easiest way is to hire a car+driver or a taxi, especially since you can visit some of the other desert castles. Highway 40 is mainly a truck road, with lorries speeding on their way to – so we've been told – Iraq. Given this, and the lack of signage to the castles, having a driver is probably...

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