Wadi Musa Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by machomikemd
  • Things to Do
    by machomikemd
  • Things to Do
    by machomikemd

Wadi Musa Things to Do

  • Go To Petra

    Why everyone goes to Petra Off Course as This Unesco World Heritage Site is more known than the town that surrounds it, which is Wadi Musa. But all tours pass by wadi musa going to Petra as the Town is the only gateway to petra. Some Tour groups have lunch and shopping stops at wadi musa before going to petra and many tourists also stay at wadi...

  • Wadi Musa Town

    Wadi Musa Town was just a small settlement then but since petra was discovered in the 18th century, it grew rapildy and is now a like a small city. Wadi Musa has lots of commercial establishments such as hotels of every type, inns, backpacker places, restaurants, shops, souk, supermarket, bars. All main roads to Petra meet just above the Moses Well...

  • Ain Musa (Moses Well)

    Wadi Musa, the town where the Petra National Monument is located is named after Moses, the famous Biblical Figure who had made a stop here in Wadi Musa and is believed to struck a rock and hence forth, spring water started gushing and hence, the spring well in Wadi Musa, located along the highway going to Petra is now named Ain Musa (Moses Well)....


Wadi Musa Hotels

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Wadi Musa Restaurants

  • Good grilled meat

    This is a small local restaurant on the main street. They have a limited menu, thing that I always appreciate as it usually means products are not precooked or frozen.We ate some friend kebab a mixed grilled meat and paid 10€ each, much cheaper than Amman.

  • Restaurant at Taybet Zaman Resort Hotel

    Sahtain is the restaurant of the Taybet Zaman Resort Hotel. Like the hotel, Sahtain gets top ratings for charm, as it is located in one of the old stone houses of the village. It serves a large buffet of a variety of Middle Eastern and some international dishes, which are OK, but nothing to write home about. Although the restaurant is open to...

  • Excellent shawarma & falafel

    Small and casual, al-Afandi Restaurant serves mainly shawarma and falafels. It only has a couple of tables, so it is perfect for a quick lunch or takeaway. The shawarma is excellent and quite inexpensive. Al-Afandi is adjacent to al-Arabi Restaurant on Shaheed Square in the heart of Wadi Musa.

  • Good dinner option

    Located on Shaheed Square, in the heart of the commercial part of Wadi Musa, al-Arabi restaurant serves good shawarma and other Arabic mezze. It has a recently renovated dining room with plenty of tables and is thus a great option for dinner, tastier and cheaper than what the big hotels offer. No alcohol is served, though.

  • A Little Western Flavor

    I have no idea what the name of this place is. All I saw was "PIZZA" on the window and decided to try some. The place was totally empty despite the foot traffic below. It could have been due to Ramadan but who knows, there are tons of tourists here (most staying at the Movenpick near Petra).I had the supreme which includes everything. The price is...

  • Hooray for a western style breakfast...

    Pretty simple here. A western style breakfast buffet with many local selections also available. Numerous juices served and something to eat for everyone. if you are not a guest the charge is 7.750 JD.


Wadi Musa Nightlife

  • If you want a beer...

    We first went to the famous Cave Bar but we found it too formal for us, so we decided to go back to a pub we saw on the main street.It turned out to be the bar of hotel Hidab, they had a good selection of beers, though not draft one.We enjoyed local Petra beer which is nice and also pretty strong.http://www.hidabhotelpetra.com

  • Drinks in a 2000 year old Nabatean tomb!

    One of the most original bars in the world, Cave Bar is set in cave tomb carved by the Nabateans in the 1st century BC. The tomb is one of a few located just outside the Petra site, in what is now Wadi Musa, the town that developed at the entrance of Petra. It is a great place for a drink at the end of a long tiring day in Petra.

  • Lounge at Taybet Zaman Hotel

    Small and charming, this bar-lounge is part of Sahtain Restaurant of the Taybet Zaman Resort Hotel. It is located a good 10 minute-drive south of Wadi Musa, so it is not convenient for everyone visiting Petra and Wadi Musa. However, if you happen to be nearby or staying at Taybet Zaman, then this bar/lounge is a great place for a pre- or...


Wadi Musa Transportation

  • Taxis around town

    Yellow taxis are almost always available to take you anywhere in town - and beyond if you like. The standard fare should be 1 JD, though they might ask for more or tell you to pay however much you like.

  • Take the bus

    Jett operates 3 buses a wek from close to the Abdali Station in Amman (but not exactly in it...the Jett station is 1km up the road). It leaves Amman at 6:30 am and leaves Petra/Wadi Musa late in the afternoon around 4. The trip takes 3.5 hours. This is by far the cheapest option available. Round trip is 12 JD.

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Wadi Musa Shopping

  • machomikemd's Profile Photo
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    by machomikemd Written Aug 23, 2013

    Petra is actually Part of Wadi Musa and The Petra Complex is more known than the town of which it is located. there are many souvenir shops lining the wadi musa area at the entrance to petra and along the ticket booth and before the entrance to the Siq and around the Petra complex that sells assorted souvenir items of Petra like the fridge magnets and shot glasses and other assorted stuffs like post cards, key chains, glasses, petra books, paper weights, local crafts like carpets and pottery and ceramics and a lot more. All the souvenir shops and stores along Wadi Musa Town and in the Petra Complex sells Petra Related Souvenir Items.

    they also sell bottled water, fruit juices, gatorade, powerade and other sports drinks for the thirsty traveller (at double the regular prices!).

    most of the shops are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 am everyday

    What to buy: all the souvenir items you can think off like post cards, books, carpets, potteries, mosaics, fridge magnets, shot glasses, key chains, etc. Again, most of the souvenir items are related to petra and you can hardly see wadi musa souvenir items like fridge magnets or shot glasses or keychains,but there are many wadi musa souvenir t-shirts.

    What to pay: JD 3 to 5 for shot glasses, JD 2 to 8 for fridge magnets, JD 15 for Petra Historical Books, JD 1 per keychains and a lot more

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Wadi Musa Warnings and Dangers

  • triplehelix's Profile Photo

    by triplehelix Written Apr 9, 2007

    Be warned, never show interest in doing anything within Petra, Wadi Rum, or anywhere else in Jordan. Many young men hang out around busy street corners waiting for Joe Tourist to walk by with his fat American wallet. Why did everyone think I was rich? Was it my Armani Exchange pants? My outrageously bleached hair? Whatever the cause, i was approached left and right asking if I wanted to go to Wadi Rum. I stupidly said yes and they kept throwing prices at me. I knew from my guide book not to listen as they will give me a sub par deal. When I began walking away, the price came down but I was still uninterested. Don't ever give these guys a hint you want to do anything at any given time. Be unpredictable and they'll leave you alone.

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Wadi Musa Tourist Traps

  • by RblWthACoz Updated Mar 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As far as I am concerned, the whole town is a tourist trap. Prices are extremely inflated and I know the tourists are paying way more than the locals. I mean $3 for a large bottle of water? I don't pay that anywhere in America for goodness sakes. My favorite is the little candy bars that are like a 3rd of the size of the ones we get in the U.S. and they charge 3 times as much as I pay here for it!

    Fun Alternatives: Buy all your stuff in Amman or elsewhere and bring it in. It might be hard to carry all the water, but I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to bring nuts, snacks, etc. in.

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Wadi Musa Off The Beaten Path

  • Damascene design

    by RblWthACoz Written Mar 28, 2006

    Even if you aren't staying here, it's worth taking a walk through to see the beautiful Damascene style this hotel has been done in. For an international chain to show such commitment to local design is applaudable and should be emulated at all costs. After another 2,000 years if the area should somehow become deserted again, hopefully this hotel would stand as a sight for future sightseekers to behold.

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Wadi Musa Favorites

  • Want to mail those postcards??

    If you want to mail post cards or anything else, a post office is available at the end of Wadi Musa and right by the gate to Petra. It is attached to the building the visitor's center is in. The attendant put all my stamps on - by licking them and slamming his fist down onto the stamps. Thanks, man. Trying not to get a headache while he slammed...

  • Need an ATM and can't read the Arabic?

    Not far from the Petra Gate (2 km) is this ATM, which is the closest you will find. There are none nearby the Petra Gate. Be aware though that it will ask you what language you want - Arabic or English. Both choices are written in Arabic though!! Press the bottom right button and it will continue in English.

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