Lebanon Local Customs

  • Local Customs
    by Robin020
  • Local Customs
    by mikey_e
  • Local Customs
    by mikey_e

Lebanon Local Customs

  • Language time

    Bear in mind that in Lebanon They speak Arabic.They have different letters They write and read from right to left,Here are some handy phrases and words (pronounciation) :Hello : MarhabaHow are you : Ki fakI am fine : al hamid lil lahThanks very much : shokran ktiryou are welcome : AfwanMoney : Masarifar : ba'eedNear : AreebNice : Hilo...

  • Jillab drink!

    This is a drink made from grape molasses and raisens mixed together and topped with pine nuts.a drink is favored specially on a Ramadan breakfast.Here is a picture of my glass of Jillab drink,but blended with ice.usually it`s a darker colour when it`s not mixed with ice ;-)enjoy~!

  • Ruins and Traditions

    In Lebanon, there are a lo of ruins. Everything from the Phoenicians to the Romans can be found. I myself am especially fond of Byblos, now known as Jbeil. My aunt and her family live there, and so we have many chances to go there. There are plenty of gift shops, and resturants to eat from. You can see Muslim mosques, and ancient Marionite...

  • When Paying for a meal

    This is the same in many cultures but its definately something i've noticed here...when in lebanon if going out to dinner with a lebanizi you are a guest in their country, and so they will want to pay the bill... by all means offer to pay, fight if you really want to but the chances are they won't let you...so I have learned a few tricks to pay for...

  • Argileh, shisha, waterpipes

    try it you might like it. it's not really like smoking, the water filters most of the harmful stuff out of the fumes so you just get a nice smooth fruit flavoured smoke.... so relaxing, you'll see people doing this all over... when in rome...really though it's nothign illegal, just fruit tobacco molasses, no drugs invovled... it apparently helps...

  • money

    Money money money, looks so funny... in an arab world...in lebanon you can use both US dollars and lebanese lira (pounds) which are held at the exchange rate of 1500LL to 1 USD. It sounds complicated right? well at first you may get a little confused but eventually it becomes second nature to work out...Try and work out your change before you get...

  • Tipping

    You usually tip waiters, hotel staff, guides etc. The average rate in restaurants in 10-15%. Whereas with other people who offer you a certain service, then you can offer them any amount between 1,000LBP and 10,000LBP - it really all depends on the service provided.

  • Car Driving

    If you must...then you'd have to have an international driving license to do so..Also, make sure that you always drive on the RIGHT side of the road. Now, I wish I could actually give you hints and tricks as to HOW the Lebanese really drive - cause I believe, we've managed to create a whole set of roles on our own..actually, each and every one of...

  • Shake Hands & give 3 XXX

    Oh well, if you meet someone for the first time, then it is usually only a handshake. Most of the time, men tend to shake hands rather than kiss, especially when dealing with an acquaitance or a friend of the same gender.However, if you are meeting up with a Lebanese friend, then three kisses- plant one on the left cheek, then the right and then...

  • Bargaining

    It is not as widespread in Lebanon as it is in other countries. If it does exist, it is not regulated by the government, and is limited to certain shops and situations. For example, while you may bargain with a taxi driver for the fare, you should bargain your way for a lower bill at a restaurant.

  • Drinking Water

    In general tap water is not for drinking. Bottled water is available everywhere. Although most Lebanese homes have two water taps; one for domestic use and another which is for potable water. It is not recommended to drink tap water, unless you are certain of its cleanliness.Bottled water is not expensive. For 500ml of bottled water you'd pay 500...

  • Visas on Arrival to Lebanon

    1 - The citizens of the following states are given a direct 3 month renewable multiple entry visa:Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Andorra, Japan, South Korea ,Cyprus, Malaysia,...

  • Meet and Greet

    The Lebanese have also made an art of out meeting and greeting.It's a lengthy process with a lot of polite conversation before the actual point of talking to that person gets discussed... the problem is, sometimes the niceties go on for so long by the time you get around to talking about what you intended to, you cannot remember what it was you...

  • Turkish coffee??NOPES,,its Lebanese!!

    Some Lebanese might get offended when you refer their local coffee to the Turkish coffee,(my mom is one of them)To me it`s the same,,only naming is different.,however the Lebanese insist that it`s called Lebanese coffee....But anyways this is a must have drink and some people believe if you finish your coffee the flip the cup upside down on the...

  • Olives on every table!

    A must have on each breakfast,lunch and dinner table are the olives,you can offer nothing for your guests for dinner but the olives HAS to be there on the table,it`s something Lebanese are very proud of having,or even if the table is full of great food,,,,yet if no olives,,the table is not complete!The Lebanese olives(green or black)are a little...

  • Fresh Pistachios

    Fresh pistachio nuts are a must to try. You can buy them at roadside stalls and in the fruit and vegetable sections of some supermarkets. You should store them in the refrigerator and then they’ll last around a week.

  • Fresh Mountain Tomatoes

    Stop off at a roadside fresh produce stall and buy some Lebanese mountain tomatoes. These are traditionally served cut into thick slices and spread with toom (fresh garlic) and sumac (a reddish tangy spice).


    Lebanon's traditional culinary art combined with the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables make eating out an adventure. Restaurants specializing in Lebanese food are found everywhere and in all of them you will be invited to try the famous hors-d'oeuvres known as mezze. A good mezze has 30 or 40 dishes, but feasts with as many as 100 dishes...

  • Lebanese language and Arabic Language

    Lebanese is one of the most understandable languages among the Arab States*. In the past fifty years, thousands of songs, poems and books, and hundreds of plays and screenplays have been written in Lebanese. The Egyptian language has also been growing in popularity in the past century due to its tremendous media productions in the region. Watching...

  • hail al maza

    Al maza is the yummy local beer. It is a pilsner, so nice and light. Tastes good mexican style (salt around rim, and lemon pulp mixed with beer), which is how we drunk it during the day.

  • kiss three times

    If you are in a situation of shaking hands and kissing you should know that in Lebanon they kiss three times instead of two! In general Lebanese people have their customs in everything but they can adapt and understand quickly in case you dont know about their local cusotms.

  • Eating "loz akhdar" is a regional...

    Loz akhdar, or fuzzy green almonds, are a delicacy that is only available for a few weeks each spring, say from about mid-March until late April. Watch for the mounds of fuzzy, green (immature) almonds to appear at vegetable stands or on vendor carts on the street, and buy a few to try. Wash them thoroughly, then either sprinkle salt on them or...

  • Don't carry your bread in your hands...

    Don't carry your bread in your hands... carry it on your wrist, as if it were a bracelet. As soon as I saw this piece of bread I fell in love with it: round and with a large hole in the middle - suits even the bigger wrists. It's called ka`ik, it's sold by street vendors about everywhere, it costs very little and... it's delicious!

  • entrance fees to archaeological areas

    To visit the archaeological areas, in Lebanon, you always pay the same price. In December 2003 the price was of 6000 Lebanese Pounds, which is roughly 4 US dollars. The only exception I came across was Baalbeck, where the prices are 12000 Lebanese pounds. And it's not too expensive if you consider the fact that you'll be seeing some of the most...

  • Smoking coutry

    Finally!Finally a country where you can smoke in airport, bars, restaurants, hotels and taxis.Here you do not have to ask if smoking is possible as tables are full of ashtreys!awfully not in the flyghts, but it was just a 3 hours and half trip, so I could resist:-)

  • Gebran Khalil Gebran!

    Oh now that is one of my hero's and great example!the famous Lebanese Philosopher and writer and artist Gebran Khalil Gebran!he lived his life in U.S.A and wrote many great books such as:The prophet Madmanand other wonderful thoughts and poems!he is a real genius which every Middle Eastern citizen and Arab is very proud of!I am! :-)

  • The Lebanese National Anthem

    The Lebanese National Anthem was adopted in 1927 and is written by Rachid Nakhlé (lyrics) and Wadih Sabra (music).Koullouna Lilouatann Lil'oula Lil'a Lam,Milo'ay Nizzaman Sayfouna Oual Kalam,Shlouna Oualjabal Manbi Tonn Lirrijal,Kaoulouna Oual' Amal Fisa bilil Kamal.Koullouna Lilouatann Lil' Oula Lil 'Alam,Koullouna Lilouatann. Chaykhouna Oualfata...

  • Mercedeses and sheets

    The most common car in Lebanon should be the Mercedes. At least almost all taxises are Mercedes cars. This car is standing on a street in Manara, western Beirut.People living in the house behind have put big sheets over the windows for protection from the sun.

  • LOL

    Hee hee I told my daddy who was smiling all the time of my no trustable look in my face during the climbing trip to the mountain in the Tele ferric:"You can laugh as much as you can, but I believe that a human life is the most value thing he has".He laughed and told me that I am right,Well I can not do anything with my fear of high places like...

  • View

    Yeah this is a view of how it looks like,Check it in an enlarged view:The green mountains behind, and surrounded by Buildings of the modern city of Beirut,Great memories of that place!

  • Poseidon

    The statue of the gorgeous Poseidon the God of seas and Oceans is placed between the passages of the 2 parts of Jeitas cave, the upper and lower caves,Great place to have a rest and eat something and wait for the small funny train to lead you down to the lower cave from the upper one!Tourists like me adore having a great picture with Poseidon.

  • Sidon

    An important seashore city, in the south west coast of Lebanon!Over 600,000 of population,Sidon has a very beautiful Citadel to be visited,And it was in the pages of the art and pictures of many foreign artists during different years of its history, Sidon is really a worth must see activity in Lebanon.

  • Church of Jounieh

    This is an out side view to the Mother of God Church in Jounieh.Very beautiful church and in a very beautiful location!I am not religious but some how some way I like all the holly places, of any religion.Paradox huh!

  • Seller

    The nice seller of Aleppo Pistachios “that’s what we call it in all the Arabian countries”, but he has in his little chariot Bananas and Grapes and Peaches.That is how he is making his little business much successful

  • Local People

    Those guys and Girls where shouting and yelling when they saw me photographing this street of the shops, they were so enthusiastic to be captured in my Digital camera!Hee hee hee I won’t disappoint a bunch of kind young people!So I took this photo.Actually in Tripoli the young population is much bigger than the old one, which is typical for the...

  • Street

    The main street of the centre down town of Zahle!It is a continuing way to the long street of the shops.But with the square yard and the clock and fountain in it, but surrounded also by houses and shops and magazines.

  • Luxury

    And some where in the Eastern part of the city of Zahle there are streets and areas of Luxury.Hotels near the rich new modern region with the beautiful view of the red breaks ceiling!Swimming pools and so!It is really a beautiful city.

  • Buildings

    Just like in Jbail, Zahle has the 2 kinds of styles of buildings: the old and modern!But a moment of difference between the 2 cities is that Zahle has much more old buildings and even sometimes ancient houses and buildings!And that is what most of the tourists like to see.

  • Bardouni River

    The Bardouni River is the famous river of all the region of Bekaa and it is running and passing through Zahle and making it another beautiful green city in Lebanon!Also people and tourists enjoy the beautiful views near the River in the cafés and restaurants placed on the River side.

  • Chicks

    Oh I have to tell and assure that I liked the chicks of Zahle, they are really very sexy.Hee hee more even than the Beirut chicks!!!Yeah why not it happens that a small city has more beauties than the main capital,And that is my opinion after I saw the chicks of Lebanon and compared them!Yeah zahle’s chicks are really something.

  • Buildings in Byblos

    The Buildings in Byblos has 2 kinds of styles!The old one like in this picture!I like it more!and the modern one which is only showing a good ten dens of modernization in Lebanon.

  • Old Egyptians

    Yikes!Old Egyptians!in the wax museum of Byblos!Yeah why not?The connection was thousands years ago between the 2 Civilizations!so it is naturally to put Egyptians here!

  • Venus

    Very beautiful presentation of Venus and as I read the wounded cupid!!!!!How they gathered them together!I don't care!But it was fun to look to the real beautiful Venus!LOL

  • Cave People

    Yes they are presented on the Wax museum!As you know this area the Middle East is the first place settled by people and first civilizations!

  • Jesus

    Here you can see Jesus with Mary and St.Youhan!it is great that they made this in the Wax Museum!giving it more life!


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