Lebanon Restaurants

  • Le Chef
    Le Chef
    by lalikes
  • Napaletano Italian restaurant in Beirut
    Napaletano Italian restaurant in Beirut
    by SedonaDee
  • Wood-fired Pizza like they make it in Napoli
    Wood-fired Pizza like they make it in...
    by SedonaDee

Lebanon Restaurants

  • Sprawling seaside location

    Impossible to miss with its sprawling seaside location and distinctive twin peaked roof, the glamorous Swiss hotel Movenpick is a byword for some of Beirut's glitziest nightlife, especially in the summer when the pool becomes an unmissable destination for die hard party animals and hosts a programme of extravagant events. The Mediterranee...

  • Italian Hometown Cooking

    We walked to this nice, casual Italian restaurant when it was recommended by the personnel and the front desk of our hotel. It is in the middle of the busy shopping area called Hamra. Service was friendly and the food was excellent. Their menu included all types of pastry and pizza choices. They also deliver. Their menu & prices are on their...

  • the food and atmoshphere is great!

    well the japanese restaurant located somewhere near a famous roundabout in city, just ask the location with locals, its fairly new abt 8 months old. the ambience and staff is great. food like standard japnese quality! the damage for 2 people would be around US$ 35 to 45/-including drinks..its a bit average or little more than usual..mind u lebanon...

  • lebanese restaurant

    i like this restaurant very much ( massyna ) lebanese restaurant in the old souk saida city . and the Atmosphere in this restaurant very nice and cozy .massyna restaurant saida proudly announces it's special night 3al 3oud every th,fri,saturday . this restaurant for mr Nader Zein foul and qawrma with eggs and narjeela its very good

  • Lebanese Applebees?

    Kabab-ji seemed like the Lebanese version of Applebees. Cheap, quick service, pictures on the menu and decent food. It was not the best food we had but not the worst. If you need a quick meal I would recommend it. The mezza were decent. Great fatoosh.

  • Soup Nazi Seinfeld Episode... same...

    Favorite local spot but well known by tourists. This place makes me giggle. The lead waiter (possibly owner) took our order without writing anything down and then would YELL it to the kitchen. "I would like to order some hummus, please" HUMMUS!!! "May I have some more water, sir?" WATER!!! "I would love the lentil soup." SOUP!!! LENTIL!!! You get...

  • Great Pizza!

    Try the tasty Pizza with a large variety of toppings. The location is central close to the AUB and Hamra. They even have a mobile web page you can view on your mobile phone with the menu, location map, and easy calling link: FlyingPizza.mobiCheck it out!

  • Fatoosh Salad

    Although you can eat this salad all year round,but it is an everyday dish on a Ramadan breakfast ( Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims).A table would not be complete with out a Fatoosh,(I was taught this from my Lebanese mother).here are the ingredients:-1Tomatoe.(diced)-1Cucumber.(diced)-1Lettece(chopped).-1Cabbage(chopped).(white or red...

  • lovely view

    This restaurant located in the citadel of Byblos is lovely, charming, and very intimate, with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is, indeed, a must during your visit to Lebanon.But the soul of the place is his owner, Señor Pepe (familiar for José), who in the sixties, during Lebanon golden age, he was a true play boy. He was born in...

  • The Best Baklava in the World!

    Sea Sweet must has at least fifty different types of Baklava as well as some other types of sweets for those of us born with a sweet tooth. The outside makes it look like a common bakery but it is anything but common. Usually in the country of USA where I am from, I consider myself lucky just to find one type of baklava. Baklava is my favorite...

  • casual dinner

    it's a marvellious restaurant i liked the food a lot you can have a big meal for less cost and with high quality food .the atmosphere is perfect and cosy old style decor that gives you a glance for an old latin french style ... i found it the best in town ..... they have a lot of good dishes you can start with garlic bread or the crispy calamari...

  • A salad like No other!

    The traditional salad for Lebanon.It is served in all Lebanese restaurants,made from:-minced parsley,-minced mint leaves,-diced tomatoes,-fainely chopped green onions.-bulgar wheat.seasoned with squeezed lemon juice,olive oil,salt and black peper.(and very little of ground cinnimon).If you want to eat it like the locals do then eat it with cabbage...

  • Baklawa or (Baklava)

    The famous Lebanese dessert.filled with nuts and sugar syrup,,very rich and delicious.usually sold by the kilo at the specialised shops,or by a plate at the Lebanese restuarants. Ma`moul with pistachio nuts. take a look at this site http://www.arayssi.com/products.html

  • Another kind of Manakeesh!

    Lebanese sajj is a flatbread, crisp yet chewy, that gives a little resistance when you tear through it with your teeth. Sajj refers to both the bread and the squat, bullet-shaped oven used to cook it.Sajj has been eaten since ancient times, long before the birth of Christ. Try it with the minced meat as well.

  • Manakeesh 4 Breakfast!

    A typical Lebanese breakfast,it`s a kinda of pita bread baked with a herb called Za`tar(Thyme)served with sliced tomatos,cucumber and mint leaves and if you you wish you can also add sliced onions.You can also order it with goat cheese then it`s called Manakeesh Jibneh...it looks something like a pizza exept it has no tomatoe sauce.It`s one of the...

  • Mezze is a must!

    While in Lebanon you have to try the Mezze. Lebanon is famous for it's food and this one way to try it. I guess you could call it the Middle East's version of Tapas or the other way around due the age of this civilization. The prices can range from $10 USD and up depending on where you eat at. Most organized tours out of Beirut include a Mezze...

  • Very classy

    On the Corniche near the Rochers.Everything was first class from ambience, surroundings and service.The buffet offers mezze, vegetables, potatoes with the meat and fish courses, and the desserts are a dream. The salmon was excellent, as was the chicken, and of course the Kibbe.

  • Great lebanese Food

    Excellent Lebanese Food. The restaurant is quiet before 10 pm but then fills up. There are plenty of staff so service is good. Decorations are pleasing, and background music not overpowering. There are large windows so one can watch the night scene.There are fairly fixed prices with a variety of menus : different for each day of the week.These come...


    Crepaway is the pioneer in theme of diner restaurants in lebanon.the company debut was in 1984, when a young boy, who was quite an entrepreneur, decided that his mother`s homemade crepes were a product to market.he spent his time in the kitchen, carefully watching his mother create fantastic crepe.with that same recipe,he practiced the art of...

  • A True Feast!

    Located in Anjaar, this restaurant is worth every penny as the spread of food they put out is nothing less than enormous, organic and absolutely delicious. For ten dollars american, you get appetizers(maza), which includes homous, eggplant dip, fresh veggies, pita bread and many other Lebanese finger foods.This is followed by the main course of...


    The extravagant Lebanese mezze represents the high point of the country's hospitality. Mezze staples are hommos - a chickpea puree with lemon and sesame paste - and bahaganouj - a dip made of roasted eggplant, sesame paste, lemon and garlic. Raw or fried kibbe - fresh lamb pounded with ground wheat and seasoned with onion, fresh mint, salt and...

  • Lebanese gala

    My friends took me to this place on my last night in Lebanon - to put the right end to the fairy-tale. And a fairy-tale it really was.You can taste there all traditional Lebanese dishes, prepared with an art and served with finnesse. But most important of all - you can get a taste of Lebanese hospitality. The service is impeccable (and, to my...

  • A star in the Star

    We stopped for a soft drink and a rest.The restaurant is on the Etoile Square in the centre of downtown. It is a pedestrian area , and a good site to watch the night life of Beirut, or families enjoying their time by day.There are tables outside, as well as inside the restaurant. We only wanted refreshment but the fresh strawberry juice was...

  • Italian with big portions!!!

    This place is great, nice atmosphere, great delicious italian food, you can never finish your plate even if u r hungry, the portions are just too big with very fair pricing!!Karaoke nights on sunday, extremly nice!!!EnjoyAt the safir Heliopolitan Hotel, this restaurant is great!! Fettucini alfredoChichekc ceasar SaladLasagna bolonese

  • eating out in Baalbeck

    Food problems in Baalbeck: we tried several restaurants and none of them looked like a restaurant. We were not tempted. The other option would have been some sort of fast-food-lookalike places - once again we were not tempted. At that point we were getting desperate - and especially hungry... until we had a brilliant idea: the Palmyra Hotel would...

  • eating out in tripoli

    The restaurant is.. well, just a simple restaurant. Definitely not the one we were looking for (the Wardeh restaurant), but since neither we nor taxi-drivers could find it, we ended up in the nearest place we could find: Restaurant Damoun The restaurant serves only mezzes: we had 4 different ones: 2 cold and 2 warm ones. They were ok, but not...

  • eating out in beirut

    Le pecheur is a posh-ish fish restaurant on the corniche: great food but quite expensive. Walimah is owned by two lebenese ladies and you'll get home-cooked traditional meals. it's in Hamra. Istambuli is popular with lebanese families and has a large selection of kebabs: it's in Hamra, too Le pecheur: mixed fish platter or fish kebabsWalimah:...

  • eating out in sidon

    A splendid restaurant in a splendid building - in traditional Lebanese style, with plenty of tall arches, and a lush garden. There are also unforgettable views of th crusaders' castle - by day at least. Delicious mezzes and seafood. The spinach-filled pastries were heavenly. We also has grilled tiger-praws: fresh and crunchy! Definitely a...

  • Sweets

    In the souks you can have many delicious sweets on the street vendors or in the small bread shops.The most particular sweet I tried was served in the restaurant Manuela in Jounieh and it was made by sheep milk cheese and honey, it was a pity it arrived after the usual many dishes as I could not finish it! It was served together with an excellent...

  • Seafood

    Being mainly on the coast, you have the chance to eat a lot of excellent fish in Lebanon, just be carefull as usually it is very expensive, as expensive, is the good white lebanese wine.

  • Mezze

    After a day In Lebanon I learnt that you always should go to eat at least with 4 persons, this because every meal is soo full of very kind of foods and portions are always so big that you will hardly eat the half of what the waiter will bring to you.Mezze is the name of the dishes people use to eat as entrance, before the main one, and believe me,...

  • Naser

    NaserHas the Oriental styleActually very special as the windows are placed to show a view of the sea. Order Fishes its very famous in this restaurant.

  • the Monout

    The Monout restaurant:Has the French style and atmosphere. Order something French like : Chauteau brilland with good red wine!!!

  • Don't miss Knafa

    This good restaurant we stopped to have our breakfast in, called Hallab,Ok it is a great advice to you from me to try the sweet dessert that we call “Knafa” it is delicious.You won’t be sorry as in each city there is a famous dessert or food which all people know about it!So please order Knafa once you are in Tripoli.

  • Don't miss the local Beer!

    Le Coin Restaurant:It is very beautiful designed and the food is good –you can order Shawerma- and its bar is really great!Do what I did and order the famous delicious local beer of Lebanon: Almasa.And you won’t be sorry as its quality is really good.

  • Friendly restaurant in Hamra

    This popular family restaurant serves Lebanese and Turkish food. Order yourself a varity of mezze dishes and a bottle of Ksara and feel like home.I celebrated New Year's Eve at this place and was given traditional masks and crackers for the celebration. Friendly. Fattoush

  • Chicken

    KFC of the same quality exactly!Many Beirut people go there!They prefer those famous spices and secret recipe!I prefer a normal good restaurant!

  • Burgers

    Also I think Burger King in my Opinion is the best one for Burgers and fast food!Its my own opinion you can not agree!Please!

  • If you like it!

    There's more than one McDonalds in Beirut for those who likes this kind of food!It's almost the same with one little differenceis some local meals like Arabic Burger!

  • The Kornish street!

    It's Just like all the Pizza Hut series!And the same prices!Well the good thing is that some people can't change their lovely places!So if you're one of those clients!Beirut is full of Pizza Hut restaurants!

  • Socrates

    SocratesHas the American style and decoration.It is a cool Restaurant!I liked it! All sorts of Burgers!!!

  • Tabbouleh

    I just love this traditional lebanese salad made of fresh vegetables. It's delicious specially when the weather is hot.We eat it with crisp lettuce leaves, or fresh cabbage leaves.

  • By The Pigeon Rocks (Raouche)

    There are a couple of cafés/restaurants just above the Pigeon Rocks. There is a nice view over the rocks and the sea. After a long walk (I had walked all the way from Charles Helou Avenue through Hama and were going to walk back along the Cornish) it's nice to sit in the shadow feeling the cool breeze from the sea.The restaurant serves club...

  • Byblos Fishing Club (Pepe's)

    After strolling around the archaeological site and the small town of Byblos (Jbeil) it is nice to sit down and have something to drink at one of the restaurants at the harbour.In the 1960's Byblos Fishing Club used to be one of the most fashionable restaurants in the Middle East. Many famous people came here. Nowdays they can be seen on all the...

  • Down Town

    Around the clock tower at Nejmeh Square there are several cafés and restaurants. In summertime a lot of people are walking up and down the streets. It can be difficult to find a table if you are late. There are many different things to chose from. Delicious ice-creams (a strawberry split will cost you about 6000 LL), pasta, fish or traditional...


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