Lebanon Tourist Traps

  • everybody drives mercedes!
    everybody drives mercedes!
    by erikute3534
  • Tourist Traps
    by stappm
  • Casino of Lebanon
    Casino of Lebanon
    by dr.firas

Lebanon Tourist Traps

  • Taxi

    Now, be careful of many taxi drivers as it's likely they'll overcharge you for your journey for being a tourist.. although even by overcharging you it's unlikely to be an extortionate amount unlike the taxi drivers in prague... learn some arabic first... or say service and your destination before getting in walk... I love doing this in lebanon...

  • Solidere Street (Scene 1)

    solidere streets are the most crowded places ever in Lebanon..they are nice for sure and full of new cafes and stuff, but still, it is just so so so crowded, this is the begining of one of the streets, in the next picture you will see a different look of it.

  • Hard Rock Cafe Beirut

    I guess everyone knows its motto: "Love All, Serve All" - and, if I may add, "Stay Home". It's located in Ein El Mreisseh, inside the Bayview Hotel, along the Corniche. But if you need the Hard Rock Cafe during your travels there's something wrong with you Buy the T-shirt! I hope you haven't gone there for the food! If you've never seen a hard...

  • Camel rides? no thanks

    Outside the entrance of the acropolis you can see this lone camel... tied to the fence and ready to be ridden by tourist... where to remains a bit of a mistery, as camels are not allowed inside the temples complex. I'm afraid there's no alternative... nowhere you could ride the camel except around town... with cars and all. I really suggest you...

  • Group Trip!

    It could be that you choused the touristy group trip in many different cities in Lebanon!This could cause one problem; you have to obey the graphic of the whole Bus.In some restaurants waiters could really serve you really slow and delay your order, don’t be afraid please to be strict in a gentle way to ask for a very fast service, to avoid such a...

  • No Discounts!

    Ok in Tripoli the tourist trap you can face in the season of the discounts that many shops and Magazines are keeping the same high prices.No discount indeed is done even though they are putting on the word “Discount”!The reason is unknown for me or for Lebanese themselves, but one thing I’m sure that knowing the Prices in the no discount period and...

  • Pigeon Rocks

    Pigeon Rocks is a genuine tourist trap. The usual Coca Cola and Fujifilm signs and overpriced drinks and food at the cafés. Dip your toes in the Mediterrean.

  • The Cedars

    It may well be the symbol of Lebanon, but a trip to the Cedars, just to watch the trees or to go skiing, is a waste of time. The trees are beautiful, but they are not many, so don't expect a forest full of cedar trees.If you are used to ski in Europe or North America, you'd better leave your skis at home. But if you're into a picturesque and...

  • Massage

    HA HA HA HA IT'S A VERY FUNNY STORY I HEARD HERE!Well one rich tourist from Saudi wanted once to have fun a massage then good sweet love hot night in an amusement place!he paid money to have a massage first and then to invite the massage lady to continue!heh what're you know!he entered and saw a man instead of the lady!LOLwell the poor tourist...

  • Casino of Lebanon

    Its so beautiful but people talk about how did they lost more than4000$ without feeling how they did lost! Please don't get so enthusiastic with all those games and offers you will find!Let your wise judgment to let you know when to stop!

  • The forte of Moussa is a nice...

    The forte of Moussa is a nice place to visit. It was built by someone called Moussa who was a failure at school and a day dreamer...well dreams did actualize for him in building a magnificent forte but don't expect lots more inside...

  • Ok here a tip...Evrywhere in...

    Ok here a tip...Evrywhere in lebanon you can deal the prices even in hotels and restaurents make shure that you dont get bussted because your a tourist and becarfull somtime you have to tip the guide or some people to make them do their jobs right...

  • Taxis: make sure that the...

    Taxis: make sure that the meter is on (or at least there is one in the car) or make sure to ask in advance about the fare.

  • I have been to most countries...

    I have been to most countries in Europe, and some others including Turkey, Morocco and Israel. Most of them are teeming with tourist-traps, but Lebanon is a welcome exception to this pattern. Lebanon is the most under-rated spot I have ever visited. I truly love it. Sorry, I cant be more helpful.

  • 'Bassara Berrajeh' is the...

    'Bassara Berrajeh' is the usual call u hear when u see an apparently healthy woman, carying a child and looking like a gypsy. What she is offering you is a 'reading': do u want to know ur future? will u be successful? etc...The genuine price will probably rise at the end of that reading, and if u refuse to pay, she'll make a scene, supported by...


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Lebanon Tourist Traps

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