Oman Restaurants

  • Restaurants
    by travelmad478
  • my meal at the Diamond Plate
    my meal at the Diamond Plate
    by travelmad478
  • The wonderful Iranian bread
    The wonderful Iranian bread
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Oman Restaurants

  • The best restaurant in Sohar

    One of the greatest food experiences we had. Everything was extremely good: from starters to main dishes. Staff was very friendly and prices reasonable. Everything :) but haloumi and meat pies gain gold medal.

  • Just in front of the castle in Nizwa

    It's typical local restaurant. Don't be frighten of on the interior. Food os delicious. Goat and sambosa.

  • Don't bring your fire engineering...

    Good tasting food in a very pleasant outdoor setting, cusioned benches around glass-topped coffee tables surrounded by plants and trees (fine in April, but apparently gets very hot after April and too hot to eat outside). All of my meal came with flames or hot coals under it.Lively meeting place. Bithdays are celebrated with loud singing and...

  • Chicken anf seafood.

    On wendesday, the restaurant of the Sheraton Hotel of Oman offers a really good seafood dinner buffet for only 20 €. Seafood.In the other sites of the city you can eat for a few money.You can go to local retaurants or to a small shops. Spiced chicken is really good, the tea and the coffe are great, and fruit juices are very natural.Coffe is the...


    Late afternoon, go there for a juice, facing the sea,and then have a shisha.Later around 7pm have diner... kebabs...WITH LOCALS !!!!

  • Qurm Fish Restaurant

    Located in Qurm near the Crown Plaza hotel. It was the concierge who indicated us the adress.Food is plentiful: take starters if you're hungry only. They are a whole meal in itself!We had 2 starters : stuffed calamari, seafood plattersThen Octopus platter and a fresh filet that you pick into the fish shop itself. Lemon mint juices to go along and a...

  • Great South Indian Cuisine

    Those familiar with the name 'Woodlands' might associate it to a chain of south India vegetarian places. Well this place has all the veggie options plus some great meaty ones also! According to the Oman Today "Woodlands is one of the best in the city, and the only restaurant specialising in Chettinad cuisine". You'll also find the staff VERY...

  • Tasty Kbabs etc

    Oman has some amazing hole in the wall type restaurants and most travellers would rather choose something from a guide book and that is their choice but I have eaten at dozens and dozens of wee shops in Oman and 90% of them have been great and clean and quite tasty so if you stop in a small town dont be put off by the exterior of the restaurant...

  • Seafood

    The Sheraton Beach Resort near Shatti Al Qurm in Muscat has an amazing seafood buffet for about $25 US but worth every cent. It is in the most beautiful area in Muscat and the food is excellent. After you finish your meal you can stroll down the beach and it is gorgeous in the evening. Everything including the shrimp and lobster.

  • Camel's Milk

    This tip is not about a restaurant, but about a food staple among the nomadic Bedu (sometimes called Bedouin) of the Arabian Peninsula. Historically, the camel has been the most important animal to the Bedu. Its meat and milk were food staples, it was used for transportation and as a beast of burden in general, and its hide was used for...

  • Street Fast Food Like No Other!

    for some reason i enjoy street fast food more often that i should... most times it's safe and it's always very tasty and very cheap- fast food places are either arab foods or indian foods and are usually located in a shopping area- you'll see meat being skewered outside the joint in the arab places- in the indian places you'll see a display case of...

  • Exquisite Restaurants

    Mumtaz Mahal is still one of the best expensive Indian food restaurants. Nice view and has a bar/lounge area at the bottom.Golden Oryx- one of the finest chinese/mongolian restaurants- excellent service. mumtaz mahal- ask the manager to make recommendations based on some of your general prefernces- do the starter, main course and dessert. golden...

  • Buffet at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat

    The buffet at the cafe located at the basement of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Muscat (Qurum area) is a very good experience with delicious food and a very good ambience. It cost about 8 Omani rial per person, and there are many variety of food ranging from western, local and nice desserts as well. After the buffet, you can walk outside and have a...

  • Kargeen Cafe (at Madinat As Sultan...

    The Kargeen Cafe at Madinat As Sultan Qaboos Complex (in Muscat) is one of Oman's finest restaurant with a very good ambience of the old world charm. This is essentially a coffee shop with delicious food such as samboosa, Kargeen salad, New Orleans steak etc. Many locals eat at this place, especially at night and smoking sheeshas can also be seen...

  • The pink coloured drink at Mutrah Souq

    When you are entering the famous Mutrah Souq in Muscat at the entrance of the Cornicle, there is a stall selling various drinks (see photo) and one of them is a pink coloured drink (cannot remember the name). This looks like a drink we have in Singapore called "Bandung" which is a mixture of rose syrup and milk, but the taste is slightly different...

  • You must try the Halwa !

    The Halwa is a very famous dessert in Oman which the locals love to eat, and many overseas visitors buy back to their home. Essentially, it is a paste which is made from sugar, water and some spices with cashew nuts on the top. The taste is very good (though it does not look appetising) and it can be stored for very long time. Best of all, it can...

  • Chicken, mutton or fish branyani

    One of the cheap and filling local food to take in Oman is the chicken, fish or mutton branyani at the local Indian restaurants which are found in various towns of Oman. It comes with a large plate of brayani rice (with spices), curry and either chicken, fish or mutton. The average price per plate is about 1-3 omani rials.

  • Delicious Italian food

    This beautiful restaurant off the lobby of the Grand Hyatt serves wonderful Italian dishes. Service is excellent, warm ciabatta is brought to your table when you arrive, this is served with little dishes of extra virgin olive oil and a puddle of balsamic vinegar - yummy....The restaurant features a distinctive domed roof with a painted sky effect....

  • More Staff Training Required

    Ali had been working hard tidying up our temporary house and we had not been eating out with our usual frequency. So, come one Thursday night, I decided that we deserved a treat. Having looked at the wafer thin restaurant listing section of Oman Today, I selected Olivo's as a candidate for our custom. It was Ramadan and the listing stated that...

  • Omani Cuisine

    Some Omani foods are:Kahwa - a strong bitter drink flavored with cardamom.Halwa - a sticky sweet made with brown sugar, eggs, honey, and spicesLokhemat - deep fried balls of flour and yeastMaqbous - saffron rice cooked over red or white meatAursia - mashed rice flavored with spicesShuwa - spiced meat slowly cooked in an underground oven for...

  • A Restaurant with a Difference!

    The Restaurant was recently voted the best place to eat in Oman, and also voted as having the best ambience. We can see why!The menu is extensive because it is divided in to four groups - Arabic, Western, Asian and Indian. You can pick and choose from a huge selection of starters and mains, and everything we tried was beautiful to look at and to...

  • Enjoy the Mutton Dip

    Not really a restaurant, but even better! At the end of each course we would go somewhere 'exotic' for our 'fuddl', or picnic. This is a picture taken at Seeb in 1975. Can you spot me haha!(enlarge the photo please. Some of the students would go to the local market and purchase vegetables and meat - usually chicken or mutton - and produce a...

  • Halwa

    HalwaOmani halwa (sweet) is famous at home and abroad as a symbol of traditional Omani hospitality. It is usually served in Omani homes before drinking Arabic Coffee.The Main ingredients which go into the making of halwa are: starch, eggs, sugar, water, ghee, saffron, cardamom, nuts and rose water from the Jebel al Akdhar. The ingredients are mixed...

  • A Jungle in the Desert

    The Kargeen is a little difficult to categorize. It's hard to say whether it's a restaurant, a coffee house, or a bistro; the food ranges from French onion soup and Salade Niçoise to homous and mezze. They serve pizza, but they also serve Chicken Tikka... What it gets down to is that they're most likely to have something on the menu that you'll...

  • Indian food at its best

    Situated not far from the Sheraton Oman in Ruwi , which we used as our marker when driving to Ruwi . The restaurant is basically situated in the business / banking district and is accessed up a small flight of steps .The interior is extremely cosy and all tables are covered with freshly laundered linen . Seating is comfortable and there are areas...

  • The buffets really ARE great.

    This is the rather sumptuous-looking Intercontinental answer to the hotel coffee shop. Marble, wood, Maroccan tiles, and thick damask table linens are everywhere. Clearly, no expense was spared when this restaurant was put together. The atmosphere is quietly, though casually, elegant. For my money, the seafood offerings are probably the best,...

  • There are a lot of nice fish...

    There are a lot of nice fish restaurants, where the people are proud to show you your fish before grilling it. Especially in Sur, you can find some great addresses.And not expensive... But my favourite dish, i ate at home...An indian friend used to cook for was a real miracle; we had to eat on banana leaves!! (no dishes!!LOL)It was hot and...

  • How about Pakistani/Afghan food?

    Well, we are lovers of a combination of Arab and Pakistani food (the latter incorrectly clustered with Indian food) and will find out the best places even if we are a total strangers in the land. In order to distinguish Pakistani restaurants from Indians, look for names like Pak-Arab, Pak-Oman, Sindh-Punjab, Frontier, Afghan, Karachi Darbaar,...

  • thats will depend on your...

    thats will depend on your budjet, we have here in Mustat differnt style of resturants. for me i like the arabic ones. u can find some of good resturand at Alkhwair at the front of Radison Sas Hotel. or u have another choises in Alqurm near to the shoping centers.

  • There is plenty of nice...

    There is plenty of nice restaurants in the city of muscate which offer sea food but also more arabic specialities, but i didn't hear about any particular famous one.The restaurants of the Albustan paace are very very good.This a Picture of the city of Muscate.

  • All the hotels have fanatstic...

    All the hotels have fanatstic buffets every night including seafood, Indian, Omani. They are very cheap about £10.00 a head. Alcohol is expensive. (1)Sea food(2)Try to make this wonderful salad .................. FATOOSH SALAD. 2 small (4 inch) pita breads, 8 leaves romaine lettuce - rinsed, dried, and torn into bite-size pieces, 2 green onions,...

  • There are so many restaurants:...

    There are so many restaurants: Arabs, Asians, and Europian restuarants. I like to eat at Pizza Hut (Italian) and Omar Al-Khayam (Arabic. There are some local resturants for Omani Dishes and Sea food.note: the attched picture from Grand Hyatt Hotel (Muscat).The taste and the atmosphere (colors, smell, decorations....etc.) I like the Pizza of see...

  • The Shwarma Shop

    In Greek they're known as 'gyros' or 'souvlaki', but 'shwarmas' are essentially the same: layers of beef, lamb, or chicken are placed on a vertical rotisserie and slowly roasted. The meat is sliced off the skewer and placed on a small round of pita bread, garnished with tomatoes, onion, cilantro (fresh coriander), a dash of tahina (sesame) sauce,...

  • At Shatti Al-Qurum (Qurum...

    At Shatti Al-Qurum (Qurum Beach) just minutes away from the main business area in town, there's a lovely beach restaurant by the same name. These boys were enjoying a 'shisha' break.

  • The Automatic Restaurant

    Wonderful humus. Excellent kebabs. Yummy felafils. Generally excellent Lebanese fare with wonderful service and very, very reasonable prices.

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