Oman Shopping

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Oman Shopping

  • Souk: gold, inciense and silver.

    Souk is in the old town, close to the promenade.Also there are some shopping centers but they are not very interested.Jewerly and perfums shops are very goods and cheap for European people. In the souk you have to go for a walk not to buy. They want to sell you whatever.You must to see first and later to go to buy.The price is around the middle of...

  • The Most Valuable Perfume in the World

    Amouage Gold is the signature perfume of Oman. It was created in 1983 when his highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said, had a dream to restore the great Arabian art of perfumery. Guy Robert, a famous FrenCh perfumier assisted in the creation of Amouage which has Silver Frankincense as it's main ingredient along with jasmine, ambergris, rose,...

  • pots and carpets

    Driving into Oman from the UAE there is not much to buy except fruit from a few stalls, and carpets and pottery. These last need to be bargained for.there are shops where there are villages with all basic commodities too. pots and carpets according to your bargaining skills

  • Souking

    Old Muttrah Souk has tow entrances - a main one on the coast and then one behind (not far from Muttrah Fort). There are hundreds of stalls & shops selling pretty much everything. Make sure you shop around as while the price probably won't change hugely it will be different. Incense is probably the coolest buy and given that its used so widely in...

  • Mutrah Souq

    This is an essential to-do and shopping experience in Muscat. Very lively and quite a variety. What really makes it enjoyable is that you are not hassled like similar areas in Tunis, Marrakech or The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.You will also find places to eat or have coffe in the souq. There are many winding alleys, but you can't really get lost. If...

  • Muttrah Souq

    Muttrah Souq is the oldest market place in the Capital Area and is located behind the Corniche of Muttrah. Frankincense, spices, dates and antiques jostle for the limelight with electronic products, Barbie dolls and fashion accessories.

  • Little India

    Many different shops, including supermarkets, textile shops, many clothing stores, electronics etc. It reminds me of India, and most shops are also run by the Indian community. There is a great atmosphere at night, many people coming to do shopping, socializing and to eat at the many small eateries. Textiles, electronic goods and clothing. Prices...

  • Souq Shopping

    The Mutrah Souq in Muscat (near corniche) is one of the most popular places for souvenir shopping in Muscat, Oman. The men will ask you for a price but through my experience start extremely low. The local Khanjars made of silver make a great present but the local men demand a high price. Dont buy from the first 10 shops in the souq because they are...

  • Perfumes

    There are shops selling perfumes in the various souqs in Oman, including the Mutrah Souq in Muscat. The perfume in Oman is very famous and you should buy some for yourself, family and friends. There is a large variety to choose from, and it can be placed in a traditional bottle to make it look very presentable. A small bottle will cost about 5-10...

  • Khanjar (traditional Arabic knife)

    Many people in Oman still carry the Khanjar, especially in the rural areas where people are still very traditional. Khanjars are made of silver and a normal sized Khanjar will cost at least about US$100. If you cannot afford it, you can buy the minature Khanjars (also made from silver) at about US$15 each.

  • The famous traditional pottery at Bahla

    One of the things you must buy from Oman is the traditional pottery in the town of Bahla if you are there. The design is very simple and beautiful, and the price is cheap. They have lots of stuff like vases, frankincense burners, candle holders etc etc. More information & photographs are at my VT Bahla page.

  • Dried sardine

    When you are visiting the fish markets in Oman, you should buy the dried small sardines back home. What you can do is fry them and they taste very delicious when fried. One packet costs about 1 Omani rial and they can be stored for very long.

  • Frankincense & its burner

    Frankincense is a hard resin (comes in many grades) obtained from the bark of the Boswellia tree which only grows in southern part of Oman, Yemen and north-eastern part of Somalia. Throughout history, frankincense has been very precious and it was more valuable than gold in the past. Frankincense is famous for its nice aroma when burned with coal,...

  • Find Anything and Everything

    I'm not a big shopper, but when placed in the right situation, I can be a good browser, and I truly enjoyed wandering through the different markets in Muscat. It was definitely a visual feast but turn a corner, and the other senses get aroused - the olfactory is hit with strange aromas, the ear drum is pulsed by a foreign melody. A phenomenal...

  • Bustling center for shopping for local...

    While driving in the city of Suhar in November 2003, we discovered this beautiful fort like structure. It turned out to be a center for handicrafts. On Eid day, it was closed and many tourists were seen clearly disappointed. Here an Indian family discussed amongst themselves the alternate ways to enjoy the vacations.People told us that it is a...

  • Sterling Silver

    There are many shops on the Muscat souk that sell sterling silver. Most pieces are stamped .975 OMAN, which makes for a nice souvenir. Shop around. Very popular are napkin rings, chains and charms, decorative boxes and my favourite a very elaborate cylinder with stand that was meant to hold verses of the Koran but can be used by to hold important...

  • khanjar

    The curved dagger, the khanjar is a distinguishing feature of the Omani personality as well as an important symbol of male elegance. It is traditionally worn at the waist. The Shape of the Khanjar is always the same ans is charectrised by the curve of the blade and by the near right-angle bend of the sheath. Sheaths may vary from simple covers to...

  • Oman, the country of frankincense

    Oman has been associated with its trade in frankincense. So nearly everywhere in Oman you can buy incense, but the Dhofar Province is the place where the frankincense trees grow. So we bought our burner and different types of incense in Salalah.Frankincense is divided into four types according to quality: Hujari, Najdi, Shasry and Sha'abi. The...

  • Shpping centers

    There are severla shopping centers in Muscat. At Quram, there are some malls selling some good stuff and antiques also. try mostly Al-Araimi Mall and Sabco Mall. There is a big Mall at Mawaleh area, not far from the airport, it is called City center. it Contains also a big SuperMarket (Karfure).Enjoy shopping

  • Cheap Gold! Cheap Gold!

    Gold is an exceptionally good buy in the Sultanate and, indeed, everywhere in the Gulf countries. Every city and town has at least one shop where you can buy the glittering yellow metal. Gold is still considered an essential part of a woman's wardrobe, so even the poorest own at least a few pieces. Designs range from the elegant to the utterly...

  • Omani Silver

    The market in Muscat has a wide range of shops. Dates, spices and silver sold together with western tat!All hotels have small gift shops. You can get some lovely souvenirs made with Omani Silver. Its so beautiful. The Kanjar dagger is perhaps the most well known. I buy Bedou necklaces or little silver boxes with stones set in them.


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