Oman Warnings and Dangers

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    Camels on the road
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Oman Warnings and Dangers

  • Visa

    Depending where your passport is issued, there are visa regulations. For example someone holding an UAE passport may need a visa to enter Oman. A UK passport holder can get a visa for 40$ or 26 Omani Riyals valid for one month. I got one of these with no problem at all and the occicial was very pleasant and welcoming. However, my stay of three...

  • Women

    Oman is a islamic country, you have not to forget it.Mostly of women from Oman wear "Bulcan", they just only show their eyes. You never can look at them or their eyes.If you are a woman, you should not to show your legs and shoulders. In the international sites don't use to have got any problem but in the rest of the city you can get in troubles.


    THE ONLY MINOR thing in Omanyou have to bargain the taxis.NOT like in Dubai, where taxis are drive by immigrants with A METER.In Oman they are drive by handsome Omanisthey own there taxis.....BUT NO METERS....SO YOU NEED TO BARGAIN THEMBUTYOU MAY MAKE FRIENDS ALSO..................

  • The Dangers of Desert Travel

    Off-road desert adventures (known as "wadi-bashing") are an activity that is popular among visitors to Oman. There are sand dunes, mountains, wadis, and pools and waterfalls to explore. Because of the dangers of desert travel, anyone wishing to participate in an off-road trip should go with an experienced guide. Otherwise, getting stranded in the...

  • Wadis

    One of the most dangerous things about cruising around Oman is when the Wadis (riverbeds) fill up with excess rain from a downpour. These flash floods can cause havoc for drivers so if you see dark clouds (especially in the Dhofar and Sharqiya region) slow down near every bend because loads of cars hit these wadis full of water at full tilt. Be...

  • Animals

    A major concern and danger in Oman is driving during the day and night and in particular in and around the Hajaar Mountains in the north. Camels and donkeys can appear out of nowhere which causes potential problems for drivers. Zooming out of the way of an animal is a problem not to mention the Omani drivers coming at you at 150 km an hour. Be...

  • Extreme Heat

    Oman is a wonderful place to visit during the winter (November to March) when temps are around 25 to 30 degrees. Walking around in May feels like walking into a hairdryer (40 to 45 degrees daily), June feels like walking in front of an oven (45 to 50 degrees) and July is like a blast furnace with temps topping out at 55+ in the desert. The hottest...

  • Taxi Insanity

    The biggest danger in Oman is by far the driving and if you dont have a car then you will probably need to get a taxi and taxi drivers are notorious for bad driving in the Arabian Gulf. They will speed up to 160km/HR and think nothing of it. Two tips to combat this problem are:1. Demand a seat belt and although they will claim to not have seatbelts...

  • Choose an organised tour carefully

    We booked a five day tour with Nomadic Explorer. Their brochure promised a luxurious 4WD. We did not expect something brand new but a 14 year old vehicle is hardly luxurious. It struggled to make it up some of the steeper parts of the off road sections even though the driver was excellent. Unlike vehicles from their competitors the company name was...

  • Applying for Visa to enter Oman

    The citizens of some countries are required to apply for visa before entering Oman while some are required to apply for visa on arrival at the Seeb International Airport at Muscat. Remember to check whether you are required to do so when planning your trip to Oman.

  • Watch out for Jamal the Camel!

    In addition to the usual dangers of tailgaiting (following too closely), high speed, and unexpected speed bumps which drivers must be aware of, livestock is another danger, especially on the open road outside of the towns. Although you'll never run across cattle or horses strolling the roadways, you will almost inevitably meet up with sheep, goats,...

  • Don't Ignore The Signs

    This is what happens if you think you can drive through a flowing wadi when the water has reached the red limit on the adjacent warning poles. This picture is from a wadi right in the middle of Muscat and the woman was very lucky to escape. The car is (was) a Toyota Land Cruiser. So, when you laugh at the signs that say "Stop If Water Is At Red" as...

  • Flooding in Oman

    This is really an irony but true. According to statistics, more people die in Oman due to floods than due to the desert ! This is because sudden heavy rain can cause severe flood because the shallow wadis (rivers) and drainage system were not built to handle such an event. As such, do travel carefully in Oman in the event of heavy rain.

  • Taking photographs

    In Oman and other muslim countries, it is courteous to ask permission before taking photographs of the locals, especially the women who can be very sensitive. Generally, local men enjoy taking photographs and so are children. Also, you are not allowed to take photographs of embassies (in Muscat), military installations and other senstive locations....

  • Ensure your vehicle is well equiped

    Because the countryside of Oman is rugged, huge and sparsely populated, you have to ensure that your vehicle (especially 4 wheel drive vehicle used for rugged terrain) is well-equipped before moving out e.g. first aid kit, extra tyre is properly inflated, condition of vehicle is OK, bring lots of water for drinking and in case of fire, list of...

  • Dangers of the wadi (Part 2)

    If you need to cross a wadi (river) with running water using your 4 wheel drive vehicle, always check the warning pole. This pole is erected along the main roads with wadi crossings in Oman, and it has a white colour at the bottom and red colour on top. If the water reaches the red colour, it would mean that it is too deep even for a 4 wheel drive...

  • Dangers of the wadi (Part 1)

    Most of the wadis (rivers) in Oman are dry and it is very tempting to camp or have your picnic on the dry wadi bed or near to it. Please do not try this as it may be raining elsewhere and the water can rush down the wadi very quickly and powerfully (something like a tsunami). If you observe that dark clouds are gathering (or raining) somewhere...

  • Driving in Oman

    It is not that easy to drive in Oman because there may not be an signboards at some junctions and you may get lost. One french couple whom I met in Oman were lost for a while when they took a wrong turn and went up the mountains. According to my Omani guide, always drive along roads when you can see the power lines running near the road (indicating...

  • Camel rides

    Riding camels can be a fun and memorable experience, but you have to be careful especially when mounting and dismounting on the camel. During mounting and dismounting, you have to hold on tight as the animal will lift up and down very quickly. If not, you will fall onto the ground and may injury yourself as the camel is a rather tall animal.

  • Driving in the desert (Part 2)

    Before you enter the desert, the tyres of your 4 wheel drive must be deflated to a certain extent to ensure better grip on the sand. This can be done at the numerous auto-repair shops at the few towns at the fringe of the desert area. After leaving the desert and back to normal roads, you can inflat the tyres at the auto-repair shops again. Also,...

  • Driving in the desert (Part 1)

    If you are not experienced in desert driving, do not attempt to drive in the desert. This is because the sand in some areas can be soft and your 4 wheel drive (do not drive normal cars into the desert !) will be trapped if not careful. Also, driving up the sand dunes is not easy and require lots of experience. If you really need to drive in the...

  • Blowout!

    When traveling the desolate backroads of Oman, be sure to have a tire repair kit or a spare tire with you. Mobile reception is not always available outside the urban area, and in the more remote areas, you may not see other drivers for some time. Be prepared.

  • Watch Out for Animals

    Along the desolate roads, you may encounter a variety of animals, so of course, be mindful as you drive. Some of these animals, however, are domestic (sheep, camels, etc) and their owners are usually not too far away, so be careful.

  • Omani people

    In general , the locals are very friendly and compassionate...Westerners are very welcome.Unfortunately- like everywhere in the world, Muscat crime is on the increase brought on by high unemployed youth rates and a lack of social activities.There is hardly any violent crimes which is the best part of Oman.I left 2 gold rings after checking out of...

  • If you don't need it don't do it.

    The sun, OK so this place is so hot it gives you a warning as soon as you walk out in the open, but if you really don't need to be in the sun stay out of it, the slightest breeze feels like it's blistering your skin off.

  • Alcohol

    In Oman, non-Muslims are able to drink alcohol (yay!!). There are no bottle stores. So you either have to buy it in duty-free at the airport, or large hotels.The hotels have exorbitant prices - try OM 3 (USD 7.50) for a beer!!Better choice is to buy a 12-pack duty-free, for OM 5 in Muscat at Seeb International Airport.

  • Driving in Muscat

    If you are accustomed to driving on the left please study the road layout at Muscat roundabouts , in order to realise that cars can suddenly appear on your right when entering or leaving roundabouts . Giving way is not written into the Muscat code of driving conduct . If you are to drive fully round the roundabout it is essential that you access...

  • Land of magical spells - it is true?

    Although we have not experienced it, but it is a well known fact of the Arabian Pennisula that Oman is a place of magical spells. Lot of people in the interior practice magic and many a people have been affected. Other than the above, be careful of staying in overnight camps at unknown places. When going for an off road adventure, plan to leave...

  • What immunisations do I...

    What immunisations do I need?If you are travelling from an infected area, you will need a yellow fever vaccination certificate. If you intend to visit rural areas, or will be working in a hospital, you should have Hepatitis A & B vaccinations. Typhoid vaccination is also recommended for travellers to remote areas. According the World Health...

  • There is no real danger in...

    There is no real danger in Oman.The city of Muscate is a very little one and the people are firendly.Please remember that is is an isamic country, which means that tourist should avoid to walk through the city or the different village in bathing clothes. It s forbidden to visit the mosquee if you are not moslim. You won't find any alkoholic drink...

  • Flash Floods and Driving Are Potentially...

    When you're out in the Interior, don't camp in dry river beds (wadis). It can be dangerous. Flash floods are no joke!The following warning pertains to all the Gulf region:If you're driving, be extremely careful. Although Oman's traffic was once relatively sedate, this is no longer the case: first, because there are many, many more cars on the road,...

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Oman Warnings and Dangers

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