Palestine Things to Do

  • Things to Do
    by call_me_rhia
  • Inside Church of Nativity
    Inside Church of Nativity
    by Bavavia
  • Spot marking birth of Jesus.
    Spot marking birth of Jesus.
    by Bavavia

Palestine Things to Do

  • Go to Palestine

    Palestine is a fascinating country forming a unique backdrop to people of different personalities and religious backgrounds. This is a land at the crossroads of history where profound beliefs, aspirations, and ideas have been realized. Palestine’s strategic locations at the heart of the ancient World made it one of the most cross-culture stations,...

  • Mount Gerizim and The Samaritans

    Mount Gerizim rises over 500 meters above the ancient city of Flavia Neapolis (Nablus). The mountain has a special sanctity for the last Samaritan community, custodian of the most ancient religious tradition in Palestine and indeed the entire Middle East. The Samaritans consider it the first piece of land created by God .They also believe that Adam...

  • Try the Palestinian food!

    1) In Palestine, the meat grilled on a skewer, we usually know as Kebab or Gyros, is named Shawerma. The difference is, that they marinate the meat before they put it on the grillstick. So it tastes a little sour - which is perfect to fresh the whole thing up. Take it in a Pita bread and with "kul shei" = everything with it, so you get the whole...

  • Dead Sea

    I visited the Dead Sea from the Israeli side but I put it in this page anyway as the Dead Sea is also in the West Bank.This is a typical tourist attraction but it is still worth it, it is a very unique experience. The Dead Sea is so salt that fish and other organisms can't live there. The salt gives you the ability to float on top of the water, so...

  • The best Fruit-Ice-Shake in the Middle...

    At one of the edges of al Manarah Square you will find an Ice stand with the best Fruit-Ice-Shake in the Mideast! Especially when it's hot you have a refreshment at hand that is not only sweet and tasty but also very healthy by the fresh fruit that is added. And it is inexpensive, too. Order a big cup for some shekel and you most likely get a half...

  • The best arab beer! Visit Taybeh micro...

    Visit the micro brewery of Taybeh! They brew beer according to the German purity law (which was announced in my hometown).Call them, go there via Qualandia bus station (ask for destination Taybeh), have a free beer and a little tour by Nadim Khoury, the master of palestinian beer himself!It's great if you like good beer or just want to visit a...

  • Wadi Kelt

    Wadi Kelt is very close to Jericho, St Georges Monastery Clings to the cliff overlooking the Wadi (valley).There was first a building on this site early in the 4th century AD. The first building named after St George was in the 5th century. The Monastery has had quite a turbulent history with being taken by one or another, Persians, Crusaders,...

  • ~Busy Bethlehem~

    Bethlehem, is probably the most famous place in Palestine. The town itself is nothing special or out of the ordinary, but obviously people visit Bethlehem for the Church of the Nativity.I visited Bethlehem a few times whilst I was living in israel, some of the times it was so quiet, we were almost the only people there,surprisingly one of these...

  • Monastery of Temptation

    The Monastery of Temptation is built around the site, where in the Bible Jesus was tempted by the devil, and where he fasted & refused to turn the stones in to bread.The Crusaders called tis place Mont Quarantana (Mount of Fourty), The Arabs Qarantal and it is known today as Mount of Temptation.This Monastery was also restored by the Greek Orthodox...

  • Dead Sea Magic

    When in Israel Palestine WHATEVER, do head down to the lowest point on earth when there's a full moon; watch the sun set behind you while watching the full moon rise over the mountains of Jordan...It's sheer magic.

  • high content of salts and minerals

    As the name suggests, the sea is devoid of life due to an extremely high content of salts and minerals.

  • Lowest place under the sea level.

    En route a stone marker indicates 'Sea Level', but the Dead Sea itself is not reached before descending another 400 meters below this sign.

  • The Church of Nativity in Betlehem

    This church is said to have been built on the spot where Jesus Christ was born. Whether you're religious or not this place is very impressive and touching. Near the altar there's a stairway. Here you can walk down to an underground chapel where you can find a silver star on the floor with a hole in the middle. You can put your hand in this hole and...

  • visit Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi...

    visit Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi Mosque. Al-Khalil, as Hebron is called in Arabic, means 'The Friend of God'. In ancient times it was known as Mamre and Kirjath Arba, 'The town of four' because of its position on four hills. Situated at an altitude of 3,000 feet, Hebron has been continuously settled for at least 5,000 years. It is regarded as holy by...

  • Palms of Date

    Drive past a date palm plantation in the Jordan Valley.Desert landscape and palm trees and the moon rising over Jordan and the hot desert air....aaaaahhh

  • Dawn on the Mt. of Olives

    Go to the top of the Mt. of Olives, in East Jerusalem, right in front of the Seven Arches Hotel, overlooking the Old City. Do this on a Friday during noon prayers! I actually never got to do this, even if I did live there for 4 years. But my friend told me it was stunning to hear the prayers of thousands of people rising up from the dome of the...

  • Salts and cosmetic

    They also provide the raw materials for the renowned Palestines and Jordanian Dead Sea Bath Salts and cosmetic products which are marketed world wide.

  • The Dead Sea

    At a maximum depth of 400 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is by far the lowest spot on the surface of the earth. Its high salt content of about 25 percent above that of an average sea makes it impossible for any form of life to live in its waters. However, it makes swimming an extraordinary experience, as it is impossible to sink! The mud and...

  • Nabi Musa

    Nabi Musa in Arabic means 'the prophet Moses' who is recognized as one of the great prophets of Islam. Maqam Nabi Musa has been the site of an annual pilgrimage festival since the time of Salah ad-Din. Set in an awe-inspiring landscape 20km east of Jerusalem, Maqam Nabi Musa is a splendid example of medieval Islamic architecture. The present...

  • Hisham’s Palace

    The site is 2km north of Jericho and was built by the Omayyad Calif, Hisham Ibn Abdul Malek. The remains are of a magnificent winter palace which was destroyed by an earthquake in 747A.D. shortly after construction. The site contains royal buildings, a mosque, water fountains and spectacular mosaic floors.

  • Qumran and Ein Fashka

    Located 20km south of Jericho, on the western shore of the Dead Sea, is the site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were found. The discovery of the Scrolls was made in 1947 by an Arab shepherd looking for a stray goat in the western region of the Dead Sea. Seven scrolls were found, the most famous being the scroll of Isaiah, which is one foot wide...

  • Deir Quruntal and Monastery of...

    Deir Quruntal and Monastery of Temptation The summit of Mt. Temptation, rising to a height of 350 meters above sea level and commanding a magnificent view of the Jordan Valley, is the site where Jesus spent forty days and nights fasting and meditating during the temptation of Satan. A monastery was built in the sixth century over the cave where...

  • Tell as-Sultan (ancient...

    Tell as-Sultan (ancient Jericho) The ancient city of Jericho is located 2km from the northwestern outskirts of Jericho. Situated on a mound overlooking the Jericho oasis, excavations at Tell al-Sultan uncovered 23 layers of ancient civilizations, dating back to 9000 BC. Many structures are visible, including the oldest known stairs in the world,...

  • Wadi Kilt & Monastery of St....

    Wadi Kilt & Monastery of St. George (Deir al-Qelt) Wadi Qelt is a natural rift in the hills with high, sheer rock walls, extending 45km between Jerusalem and Jericho. Hermits have inhabited the Wadi since the third century. Today, it is a wonderful place for hiking tours, especially in the winter. The Monastery of St. George is carved out of the...

  • The Jordan River

    The Jordan River is an unusual stream that flows from 3,000 feet above sea level at Mt. Hermon in Syria to the Dead Sea at 1,300 feet below sea level. With an average width of 100 feet, the Jordan River twists and curves for 160 miles but covers a straight-line distance of only 65 miles. Jesus came to the Jordan River from Galilee to be baptized by...

  • ...where Christ was born!

    When you're in the Church of the Nativity, you cannot avoid entering the Cave where, supposedly, Christ was born. Silly me, I always thought he was born in a stable...

  • Visit the Basilica of the...

    Visit the Basilica of the Nativity.When Joseph and Mary came to Bethlehem, they could not find room in the inn and so Jesus was born in a cave that was used as a stable. Above the cave was built a magnificent church - The Basilica of the Nativity. The first Church was built in the first half of the fourth century A.D. by the Byzantine Emperor. The...


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