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  • Smashing of dishes on the stage and dancing
    Smashing of dishes on the stage and...
    by greekcypriot
  • The Night of Bouzouki at the Intercontinental
    The Night of Bouzouki at the...
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  • The Murgh Makhni Stew soup
    The Murgh Makhni Stew soup
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    La Sahtaine: Amazing Cuisine -Business Lunch-Highly Recommended

    by greekcypriot Updated Dec 6, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Now on this second visit to Doha when I arranged to have lunch at the La Sahtaine I decided that since I am returning back I ought to know what the word means at least. I checked it up in the dictionary, so in Arabic we say sahtain, which is the dual of health, like in Greek when we say “stin ygia sou” something similar! In French it means ‘Bon Appétit’.

    So, we are back again to this amazing restaurant but we came here for lunch this time. I was curious to try the Business lunch. I missed the pretty pianist playing I can admit, but of course my timing was wrong. If we had chosen to come in the evening the atmosphere would be different. This time the restaurant was very quiet –I guess not many people are aware of its amazing cuisine yet. Between us, they don’t know what they miss! I wonder if when it gets full the service would still be up to scratch.

    SERVICE: Simply Superb! I was impressed once again and had a warm welcome from the staff who remembered us immediately. From the Manager Stephanie to the waitress’s the service was fast and impeccable. Angeli is an angel. All of them are extremely nice, discreet and courteous. They are real professionals!

    INTERIOR: Modern chic interior, brightly lit and vibrantly colored with an elegant but at the same time, sophisticated atmosphere. There is a bar and a dining area with the piano on one level and an additional dining area above. We chose to sit by the window on the upper level exactly at the same seats we were sitting on our previous visit. This time was daytime and we had a view of the beach as well.

    LOCATION: In the heart of the Diplomatic District Street at West Bay on Corniche.

    CUISINE: The true is that if you choose to come here you will surely enjoy the most delectable French Mediterranean cuisine. Portions are normal and flavorsome. If you check the menu through the web of the hotel you will see that it is varied and covers all tastes for very demanding clients.

    BUSINESS LUNCH: For a 3 course menu, the quality of the food, the exceptional tastes and the perfect presentation I find the cost of QR 88 (€17.50) outstanding! (Extra selection of side dishes at QR 25, (€5.00)
    As a Professional Travel Guide Writer and a person who is constantly trying new cuisines I have learnt to appreciate good food. I have become a food travel enthusiast and a good restaurant critic with much taste and experience. (Through experience comes confidence). Through travelling I seek out and sample all cuisines no matter how weird some are. When I visit a restaurant I feel like a critic and it is like being a consumer advocate. The more the meal costs, the higher will be the expectations. You see, eating out is so much more than what is served on your plate –it is the experience as a whole.

    Exceptionally though and after my request to the Chef de Cuisine, I had the privilege to taste almost the whole of the menu with smaller portions of course, thus having a picture of the taste of most of what is on the business menu.

    BUSINESS LUNCH: Nibbling and trying almost everything!

    STARTERS/MAIN COURSE: We each had the Prawn Bisque, Wow!
    Describing it right now it is as if I have the dish right in front of me. Well, I can only describe the texture as akin to silky smooth, slightly melted soft ice cream. In every bite there was a chunk of tender toothsome piece of prawn. The flavor was full-bodied, a sweetish seafood taste. The garlic bread matched so well here.

    I tried the Confit Duck leg. I have to admit that I have tried this dish in so many restaurants but never had I been that satisfied with the taste. A true confit suggests softness and an intensity of flavor. The word evokes a certain rustic richness. Of course I found all the above on my exquisite confit, I enjoyed it to the maximum even though I knew that it is a calorie orgy. Words cannot describe how delicious the Duck Confit is here.

    The piece of Foie Gras Terrine garnish got a tough cellular structure and was very creamy. It kept the flavor really wrapped up in the texture and it was superb! (QR 30 (€6.00) supplement.

    Another Yummy dish was the Goat’s Cheese Tart (red onion marmalade) Magic crunchy pastry against roasted caramelized onions and creamy cheese… What a marvel!

    Of course I tried everything my husband had. The Penne Pasta, comes in a vibrant presentation, cooked al dente, with a fragrant mushroom rich creamy tomato and herb sauce. Worth a try!

    The Panfried Sea Bream dish comes with ratatouille, potato rosti & chive peurre blanc (creamy butter sauce well-seasoned). It is a delight in the mouth.

    The last dish I tried was the Poached Roasted Chicken Breast. It is presented with green lentils, honey roasted carrots, broccoli & almonds. My husband loved it. It was cooked to perfection, tasty but it was a bit too rich for me.

    BEVERAGE: There is an extensive selection of fine wines displayed in an all-glass wine cellar. (At least here the client has the opportunity to accompany the heavenly dishes with real wine or champagne in place of the fruity juice which is served in other restaurants around Doha.)

    We accompanied our starters with a Cool Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (Reserva) –Chile origin. It matched well with what we had. On the palate, citric, with excellent acidity and notes of bananas. It had long agreeable finish. The bottle costs QR 225 (€46.00)

    Highly recommended for the main course is the Italian wine Ruffino. (Orvieto Classico 2011) It is a well-known producer of Tuscan wines. The bottle costs QR 200 (€40.50) Easy drinking, aromatic and refreshing on its own. It has a pleasant stinging of the tartness of green apple and lime zest, with a dry clean finish and lingering aroma of green almond.

    DESSERT: I tried All 3 desserts from the menu in half portion! Lemon Cheese Cake & Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Profiteroles, and a tried the ice cream (selection of ice cream & sorbets)
    My husband who has a sweet tooth loved all, but I go for the Lemon Cheese Cake and Raspberry delight, although sugar was balanced on all 3 desserts. The Lemon cheese cake was creamy and full of lemon flavor, refreshing, reminding me of summer.

    Lunch is served from noon – 3:30pm while Dinner is served from 7:00pm to midnight.

    CONCLUSION: Highly recommended for a Romantic Outing, a Business Lunch, or a Special Occasion.

    Charmy Interior of the La Sahtaine The exquisite Prawn Bisque What we had at the La Sahtaine What we had at the La Sahtaine Dessert at the La Sahtaine
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  • St Regis Doha Sarab Lounge: Best High Tea in Doha

    by Swardzinski Written Apr 10, 2014

    The most luxurious view of Doha in posh surroundings with exceptional quality tea. They offer two options, the Caroline Astor which is a traditional high tea or the Arabian Tea with all the lovely pastries or small sandwiches. The entire experience was first rate.

    Favorite Dish: The quality of the teas was exceptional and the presentation and surroundings put you in a relaxed mood.

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    IL Teatro: Excellent Italian Cuisine, Impeccable Service!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 27, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had a Business lunch at this restaurant with a friend during my stay at the Four Seasons.

    AMBIENCE: The restaurant is beautifully decorated in an elegant set up and chic design and of course if you come during the evening the atmosphere is much more beautiful with the soft Italian music on and the soft inviting lighting. The restaurant also houses an outdoor terrace which overlooks the Arabian Gulf. Any time you come here the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

    THE TEAM: It is clear that the Italian Restaurant’s Chef, Aldo and his team are passionate about the dishes and each plate you are presented with, is nothing short of a work of art.

    STAFF/SERVICE: Impeccable! The staff was visible without being intrusive and exuded the confidence of people who know what their job is and do it well. They were aware when we emptied our plates, but refraining from immediately whisking them away. The service was unquestionable and our every need was met. In all I found them a bunch of professionals. Francesco your team is unbeatable!

    CUISINE: If you are after an Upscale Contemporary Italian cuisine, with the freshest ingredients and exquisite taste, this is the place to be. The cuisine is emphasized more on tradition than novelty dishes and this makes it one of the Top signature awarded restaurants in Doha. Have in mind that it is not as expensive as you may think. At least for what we had, the prices seemed quite reasonable.

    Personally I try to skip lunch especially when I am out travelling. After a rich and late breakfast at the Nusantao, it was not easy for me to have lunch an hour and a half later. I had to meet a friend though and we had arranged this business lunch weeks back. For this reason we asked to see the Chef and arranged to try different dishes in small portions. Have in mind that the menu list is so promising that it is difficult to decide what to have….but I can assure that no matter what you have, there is no way you won’t like it.
    A HOUSE SPECIALTY: I definitely urge you to try the (Piatto Unico) An express Italian lunch prepared to suite all tastes, ideal for demanding guests. The menu is well balanced, nutrient and is changed on a weekly basis offering the unique Italian experience. It contains salad, soup, homemade pasta and main course.

    APPETIZERS: We had a platter of different appetizers (the antipasti misti). Besides the nice presentation, the matching of colors, the taste of each single appetizer was unique in its kind with incredible flavor and tenderness.

    The platter we had costs QR120 (€24.00) and I can say it was the best daytime option. All 5 antipasti were light and refreshing. We had the Melanzane alla Parmigiana, the Tartar of salmon and mango, the Burrata, Beef bresaola with black truffle and fontina cheese, Tuna Carpaccio with buffalo mozzarella, baked tomatoes, olive and white anchovy sauce.

    SOUP: Words would certainly fail me if I try to describe the soup we had. I highly recommend it as it was one of the best mushroom soups I have ever tasted. We had the Zuppa di funghi, -a Mushroom soup with Black Truffle, Rosemary Grissini. It was fragrant creamy luxurious! QR55 (€11.00)

    What should not be missed is the Millefoglie di Gamberi. It is a Millefuille of Shrimp, Strawberries, fennel, artichokes sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. The dish was like a piece of art. Seasoned and flavored to perfection, the prawns tender and juicy -an out of this world dish! QR50 (€10.50)

    MAIN COURSE: We had the Trio Pasta. In other words we tried the Ravioli agli Asparagi, which was super tasty! (QR60) (€12) the portion.
    The Malloreddus al Brasato di Agnello was another interesting dish made from an Italian pasta that looks like gnocchi. Tender and juicy lamp, Zucchini and Sardinian pecorino cheese. What a delight! QR70 (€14.50)
    The 3rd dish on the platter was a true taste of seafood at its finest. The Fregula mantecata all’Aragosta. Cooked in “risotto style” was so tempting! (Fregula pasta, lobster, green beans, tarragon. Cooked to perfection, juicy lobster with a succulent taste. QR90 (€18.00)

    TIP: The platter as we had it with small portions of 3 different dishes costs QR130 (€26.30) and of course it is highly recommended. So, when back it is easier to choose what you really liked best and get a whole portion. I also noticed this extra care for fresh ingredients used in the kitchen which I believe makes the whole difference. The taste of what we had was superb and quite light.

    BEVERAGE: The unique wine paired with starters is the Bramito, Chardonnay Castello della Sala, an exceptional wine with a richly structured palate and aromas. The cost is QR110 per glass, (€22.50) Bottle QR400 (€80.50)

    The wine paired with the pasta is the Verdicchio dei Cstelli di Jesi, Duda de Valentino. It is a delicate wine with a bouquet that is soft with a clear fruits’ aroma. Cost QR80, (€16.00) per glass. Bottle QR360 (€72.30)

    Finally as dessert wine the Marchese Antinori wine is highly recommended. The cost is QR70 (€14.50) per glass. Bottle costs QR650 (€130.50)

    DESSERT: I had the opportunity to try Italy’s most famous dessert. The “il Teatro” Tiramisu is an elegant treat, not too sweet or too filling. Besides the nice presentation it was a mouthwatering delight that will leave you wanting more.

    If you love mango try the Mango and Strawberry lasagna. A combination of tropical sauce and mango sorbet. It is heaven in the mouth! The perfect finish of an exceptional meal.

    IN ALL: It was a delectable meal but I honestly cannot tell which dish I liked more simply because whatever I had exceeded by far my expectations in taste, presentation and flavor. Guys you are doing an excellent job out there so keep up the good work. You deserve to be first. A hearty thank you to the whole team of the restaurant, from the Chef de cuisine and chefs, the Manager to service. The business lunch I had with my friend was fantastic.

    The appetizer platter (antipasti misti) Enjoying lunch with a friend Mushrooms Soup, Black Truffle The Millefoglie di Gamberi Interior
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    Nusantao: Breakfast From Six Different Regions!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 16, 2014

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Locals have a habit of enjoying the first meal of the day with friends and at different popular hotels. The Nusantao is among the most popular because it is quite different from the rest.

    Besides the American Breakfast which is served out here and it is very common, the chefs of the Nusantao with leader the Chef de Cuisine and a good friend, Toshikazu Kato, deliever here every morning the authentic cooking methods and flavors of the Far East.

    The team comes from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Middle East and India and they are present to help and recommend different dishes.

    The kitchen is on show, thus anyone present is able to see and feel part of this interactive experience that takes place behind the benches.

    Some of these dishes are the Dim Sum, the Fuul Iskandarani, Egg pull noodles, the Masala dosa, the Sambar which is a spicy Indian Lentil stew, the Ratatouille and several more!

    So, if you happen to come to the Four Seasons you will experience all these!

    TIP: Dishes have Fresh Ingredients and cooks use only Authentic Cooking Methods & Flavors of the Far East.

    Breakfast from 6 Regions Breakfast from 6 Regions Breakfast from 6 Regions Breakfast from 6 Regions Breakfast from 6 Regions
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    Nusantao Sea Kitchens -Four Seasons, Doha: Exquisite Cuisine - Steady Value!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 13, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Exotic East Cuisine of the Nusantao Sea Kitchens is by far the Best I have ever tasted through the many trips I had in the Middle East.

    THE NAME: Well, ‘nusantara’ –a combination of words in reality means Archipelago in Javanese while ‘Tao’ a Chinese word signifies way or direction. The combination evokes the memories of the century-old-tradition of voyages of Arab traders to South East Asia. The exchange of goods and knowledge in culture and cuisines.

    THE TEAM: The multicultural culinary team with Chef de Cuisine Toshikazu Kato are behind open display kitchens offering authentic pan-Asian dishes from the Middle East, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and China. The cuisine is emphasized more on tradition than novelty dishes and this makes it one of the Top signature restaurants in Doha.

    STAFF/SERVICE: The highest standards of impeccable service! We had the warmest welcome ever and I was happy to see Mijanur and Laurence, Ashraf and Jon and the other guys whose names I miss. A bunch of professionals, -experts in their work.

    AMBIENCE: The interior is modern and glamorous with leather textiles in colors of bronze, amber and silver with flashes of turquoise.

    PATIO: The two nights we dined here it was cool and beautiful so we chose to sit outside in the beautiful patio which is surrounded with tropical plants. A relaxed atmosphere, a live fire and a soothing soundtrack -designed to travel every customer’s culinary experience to Asian shores!

    COCKTAILS: A cocktail appetizer is unique for a start. Out of the 8 cocktails my friend Laurence suggested the Mirchi-Tini and she was so right! It was a Martini with a perfect balance between spiciness & freshness. Never had something similar and I loved it, so we had it the next evening too.

    We had some tasty Chinese dim sum morsels served in a small steamer basket –vegetable dumplings for QR 40 (€8.00) and Har kao (steamed shrimp, bamboo shoots and water chestnut) QR 45 (€9.50). Two pieces a portion.
    The other Chinese appetizer was the Wasabi prawns. I was impressed by the taste of this dainty crispy prawn dish. QR45 (€9.50)

    From the Japanese cuisine we had the Crispy soft Shell Crab salad. QR 60 (€12.50) Yummy!

    Two more refreshing appetizers from the Middle Eastern cuisine the Mohammara (bread crumb, tahini, chilli paste, tomato paste & onion) and the Tabbouleh. Both were at QR 15 (€3.50)
    We also had the Yam Neua yang (grilled beef salad) for QR 70 (€14.50) Instead of the usual bread or rolls we had the Indian Naan bread which I am fond of.

    MAIN COURSE: We had the most exquisite Sushi and Sashimi and Maki rolls ever. Not only were they fresh and tasty but they were nicely presented as well. It seriously looked like art. I can’t tell what I liked best simply because every piece was unique. Price varies between QR 40-70 (€8-14) 6 pieces.

    BEVERAGE: We paired our main course with a bottle of Selaks, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand origin. QR 480 (€96.50). Aromatic with good palate weight, balanced by fresh, juicy acidity that lingers with a persistent finish.

    The next night from the Indonesian cuisine we tried the Cumi goring. It was a crispy calamari fried with Indonesian chili sauce, spicy to the extent that it should be and yummy!

    From the Indian cuisine, a dish I love cooking at home is the Tandoori lamb chops. We had it here and it was really good. Cooked to perfection, juicy and flavorsome. QR 90 (€18.50)

    The Daging sapi bakar is Indonesian. It is charcoal grilled Tenderloin, cooked in soy lime juice. It was yummy for meat lovers! I had a nibble as it was my husband’s dish. It had a complex and unique taste. QR 140 (€28.13)

    The Wak fried Omani lobster (Chinese) was exquisite. I can also call it heavenly! Nicely presented a dish full of color and flavor. The black truffle and the freshness of the lobster made the difference. QR 110 (€22.00)

    An amazing Thai dish that I found exceptional was the Kaeng kali koong. (Prawns in yellow curry) A dish full of color, mild and mellow enough but it does give a little kick of heat at the end of each mouthful, which I loved. QR 85 (€17.50) An irresistible dish that you should try!

    Another dish coming from the same region is the Pia nung manao. I love steamed sea bass and I have had it in several versions through my travels. It is a popular dish and I come across it in all signature restaurants in Europe. I found this extra special, tender and flavorsome because fresh ingredients stand out. The combination of spice and sour flavor makes it unique. QR 90 (€18.50)

    Finally the very last night before leaving we had the Ishiyaki lava stone barbecue which I highly recommend. A presentation that many restaurants would envy, the freshest luscious seafood ever! We had 2 pieces of Jumbo prawns for QR 210 (€42.00) and 180g Hokkaido scallops for QR 270 (€54.00)

    TIP: The Kobe beef strip loin (stone barbecue) (150g) costs QR 450 (€90.00)

    DESSERT: I tried several from the list, the price ranks between QR 30-90. (€6.00 – 19.00) The mango pudding was creamy and full of flavor. The Banana-chocolate Wanton was a delight! The Citrus Crème brulee always scares me, because of the many calories, but in all whatever I tried was sugar balanced and exceptionally yummy. The Milk chocolate Nama is also another delight I urge you to try. Simply superb!

    IN ALL: Big thumbs up goes to the Chef de Cuisine Kao and his unbeatable team but also to the professional staff. The food is divine and finger licking good and I urge those who are planning to come here, to get ready for a taste of heaven.
    We felt that we were surrounded by friends all the time, we had friendly chats with the staff when we were served and I found them extremely knowledgeable about the menu. They are discreet and courteous and it was nice to be back and see everyone again. Attentiveness is key to a great customer service which we found here. Guys you are amazing. Continue to be yourselves. You are doing an excellent job….and I long to be back.

    Ishiyaki Lava stone barbecue Charcoal grilled tenderloin, soy lime juice Dining at the Nusantao once again! Wasabi prawns (macadamia nuts, fruit and caviar) Sushi & Sashimi and Maki Roll
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    La Spiga by Paper moon, Doha: Luscious Dining Experience, Impeccable Service

    by greekcypriot Written Jan 13, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    During our stay at the Four Seasons Hotel we had the opportunity to dine here twice. The restaurant is brand new but I had previously heard about it from family members who happen to be staying in Qatar, even before getting to Doha. In fact I was urged to try it and never regretted it.

    LOCATION: Located on the ground floor of W Doha and within walking distance (almost opposite) the City Central Mall.

    THE IDEA: The authentic details of ‘Paper Moon’ (a family-run Italian restaurant that first opened in Via Bagutta -Milan) was the inspiration behind the launch of La Spiga in Doha.

    INTERIOR: An Italian-inspired sleek and sophisticated décor, trendy and chic at the same time. It includes the signature Paper Moon ‘wall of fame’ showcasing familiar celebrity faces. The iconic disco ball pizza oven by the entrance, with lights on and its bronze mosaic glowing finishing, gives the impression that it is spinning.

    STAFF/SERVICE: Impeccable service. The staff works with commendable zeal. I found them warm and friendly. I appreciated their knowledge of different dishes. This special attention of customer service besides the amazing cuisine, was one of the reasons we returned again the following night.

    CUISINE: Dishes are inspired by the heritage and dining culture of Northern Italy. The two nights I was here I found the tastes original and mouth-watering. It is obvious that ingredients are fresh and I loved the simplicity of flavors.

    COCKTAILS: As an appetizing drink from the list of Special Cocktails, I tried both the East Key West which had a gorgeous taste. (Based on Vodka, Lemon Juice, Strawberry Puree and Ginger Ale) -QR 65 (€13.50)
    The other Cooler was the Paper Moon Club Syle. (Based on Vodka/orange juice, Cucumber & lemon and sparkling wine (Spumante) QR 95 (€19.00) totally different between them but each with its unique taste.

    PRE-STARTERS: A bread basket with roll breads were brought on the table. Both rolls and the crunchy focassia were yummy. I had a few bites to whet my appetite and as I wait for the starters I had time to spot some more details in the interior. The restaurant is designed in such a way to allow diners watch the preparation and display of the food in the kitchen. The bar and crockery are also exposed. Transparent cabinets on the wall are adorned with yellow boxes filled with wheat corns. This is a nod to the restaurant name –La Spiga.

    APPETIZERS: Out comes the first starter, the Tartare di Salmon with Avocado. It was refreshing and bursting with flavor. QR 80 (€16.00)
    The Vitello Tonnato (Cold sliced veal in Tuna sauce) -a dish of outrageous textural excellence. QR 90 (€18.50)
    Carpaccio di Polpo was good but I admit I have had better. QR 80 (€16.00), however the Tortino di Melanzane alla Parmigiana was a symphony of Italian flavors. It was heavenly! QR 60 (€12.00)

    SALADS rank between QR 40-90. (€8.00 -18.00) I was impressed with the Insalata di Spinaci with goats’ cheese, sundried tomatoes, thinly sliced raw mushrooms and caramelized walnuts. A nutrient full of flavor salad!

    The service is excellent and once we are done, our plates are promptly cleared. Mains follow shortly and they look tempting.

    BEVERAGE: We paired our dishes with Traminer Forchir. (Typically aromatic, and seductive. Sip satisfying, full and round with beautiful closure of bitter almonds.

    MAIN COURSE: The two antipasti were light and tasty. The Ravioli di Formaggi in Truffle cream Sauce was a Wow! Truffle flavor is a favorite of mine. QR 90 (€18.00)
    My husband had the Pappardelle dish, -I had a nibble only to taste. The pasta was fresh and bouncy (al dente) the sauce, well balanced and the smoked beef added the right amount of saltiness to the dish. Both were great. QR 65 (€13.50) Well-worth a try.

    The Battuta di Manzo -beef sirloin QR 110 (€23.00) and the Costoletta di Vitello “Primavera” (Veal chop) QR 145 (€29.00) were nicely presented, very tender and juicy.

    PIZZAS: How could we leave without tasting at least one Pizza! The Porcini e Tartufo topped with arugula was crunchy and hearty and was ultra-satisfying. QR 85 (17.00) –highly recommended!

    DESSERT: I tried both the Millefoglie and the classic Tiramisu, both cost QR 45 (€9.00)
    Tiramisu had a tempting presentation, sugar balanced but too creamy probably lacking ladyfinger. The millefoglie though was the perfect gourmet desert. It melts in the mouth, light and refreshing.

    TIP: Pre-booking is highly recommended. Dress code smart casual. Due to its popularity the restaurant gets crowded and a bit noisy. Smoking is allowed.
    Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00 -16:00; Pizza 16:00 -18:00; Dinner: 18:00 -23:30.

    IN ALL: I could describe the dining luscious. I loved the simplicity of the dishes and found them light and extremely tasty. The team is unbeatable, the service excellent and I have already recommended it to some friends who are visiting Doha next month.

    Interior of the restaurant Battuta di Manzo alla Paper Mood con al Forno Pissa Porcini e Tartufo Enjoying our dinner outing at La Spiga Doha Millefoglie alle Fragole e Crema Chantilly
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    Flying Carpet -Torch Hotel: Exceeding my Expectations by Far!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 9, 2014

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Located on the Mezzanine 2nd level of the Torch Hotel, this amazing all-day dining restaurant exceeded our expectations.

    STAFF/SERVICE: An unbeatable team of professionals in every way, courteous and attentive. They made sure that we were perfectly content throughout the entire meal.

    AMBIENCE: Seeing the flying carpets hanging from the ceiling and its beautiful interior that carries the guest, I felt as if I were part of an Arabian Night’s tale. If the theme of the cuisine was dedicated to the Arab (Persian Gulf Cuisine) that night, it would have by all means be the perfect experience!

    It was the Mexican theme night instead. I have to admit I was reticent at first as I am not a huge fan of this kind of cuisine and thought I would be disappointed. How wrong I was!

    The first impression was the presentation. Wow! Everything was nicely laid out, the buffet was rich with a great selection of Mexican delicacies. There were amazing dips, salads and a variety of Mexican salsa, hot appetizers, Guacamole, Tortilla, Enchiladas, Tacos, Mexican spicy rice and many more. The selection was impressive, and I enjoyed nibbling different things. I loved the hot appetizers!

    Of course there was the open kitchen with (salmon fillet, Beef Rib Eye, Chicken Skewer, Prawns) cooked fresh in front of you. Of course that night, I preferred to try the Mexican cuisine instead and I did not regret it.

    The taste was great, -a proof that the ingredients were excellent, and I enjoyed everything I put on my plate. There was a great selection of delectable desserts, puddings, and cakes, all nicely presented and of exquisite taste.

    In all I highly recommend it for all the above reasons. Suitable for families and groups. Express Lunch from Sunday to Thursday. Children Menu available. (An advance reservation is required)

    Opening Hours from 6.30 am - 10.30am.
    Lunch at 12 noon till 3.30pm.
    Dinner starts at 7.00pm - 10.30pm

    The interior of the restaurant Selection of Mexican Salsas Enjoying the Mexican theme night's dinner A sellection of some fine desserts and my mocktail Breakfast out here is a feast of tastes & flavour
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    Saffron Lounge: A Culinary Journey to Regions of India!

    by greekcypriot Updated Jan 5, 2014

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It Justly deserves its Awards! The Saffron Lounge prides for its Mouth-watering Gourmet Indian Cuisine and I absolutely agree and consider it the Best of its kind. It justly ranks #1 as the best Indian Restaurant in Doha with a Certificate of Excellency for 2013 from TripAdvisor and Time Out Doha! The Saffron Lounge is definitely the Unique place to go to if you are craving for Indian food. It was the First Indian restaurant for Chef Vineet Bhatia in Qatar when the business started work with him early 2009.
    The new professional Chef de Cuisine Mr. Shetty is young but ambitious with a great zeal. Shetty’s combination of cooking is a challenge because he combines culture with cooking and his creative cuisine is one to be remembered. I urge you to come here and before you do, get ready for a Taste of Heaven! We came to the restaurant twice.

    LOCATION: It is located in the Katara, Valley of Culture close to the amazing amphitheater.

    INTERIOR: The colorful and noble Oriental style creates a feast to the eyes and travels you. The authentic Indian culture is kept in the interior which features exquisite luxury. I found it elegant and stylish with a relaxed and comfortable ambience. Your journey to India starts the moment you step in. Dividing carved wooden partitions in different designs separate but at the same time add luxury to the interior decor. Traditional wood arts decorate the dining lounge while the colorful vitro art, dominates part of the windows. Its magnificent chandeliers and marble shining floor, make the interior very inviting. Comfortable channel-back seats in the color of red and white and decorative features in bold warm noble shades of live wood, ruby, violet and crimson colors add further glamour to its warm ambience.

    STAFF/SERVICE: They work with commendable zeal, they are attentive and very professional and well acquainted with the ingredients and tastes of each dish. Thus, they can easily help you choose from the long catalogue the exact dishes that perfectly suite your tastes.

    MENU: A diverse cuisine with several menu options of modern Indian food. The menu provides helpful advice of the origin of each dish and how they have been modified in India over the years through waves of foreign invasion. The cuisine is primarily focused on Vegetables, Lamb, Chicken and also on Seafood. I found the flavors well balanced and exotic and as the Chef was telling me, his main concern is to provide healthy and nutrient dishes. Spices and herbs are used with the aromatic smell of curry and saffron all well blended flavors that give the authentic Indian taste. (Reasonable prices)
    TIP: Have in mind that it is a non-alcoholic restaurant.

    A LA CARTE: The three of us dined in a kind of a privé room. We chose dishes from the a la carte menu, -tastes that excited me and the rest and I admit that I enjoyed to the maximum this culinary journey to the various regions of India. We ordered a range of food to share and I can assure of the attention to detail of the Chef which was impressive.

    PRE STARTER: We had Poppadoms (rolls) served with Mint and Tempered Mango chutneys, and the Dakshini Tomato Shorba with Malai samosa (complimentary) Our pre-starters were yummy, and with these we had each an Orange Mango delight. This amazing refreshing drink is served complimentary for all Set Menus.

    STARTERS: The Dilli Tikki Chaat and the Zaffrani Jhinga were both exquisite! The first were Almond vegetable cutlets on the bed of Chickpea mash. The cost was QR39 (€7.50) and the latter were Tandoori Prawns in a saffron marinade for QR105 (€21.00)

    MAIN COURSE: We had the Bengali Lobster masala, -a savory dish which I urge you to try. The lobster comes with potatoes served in the shell with caraway tempered rice. It was a delicacy and a tasty treat with rich taste. Once you try it you will definitely want more. It was so tasty that words fail me. The cost was QR145 (€29.00)
    The other dish I tried was the Murgh Makhni. An amazing stew! Chicken morsels served in a buttery tomato sauce. A superb dish flavorsome and highly recommended. QR66 (€13.00)

    The Chicken Biryani was irresistible! It is a rice-based dish made with spices, rice and meat (eggs and vegetables). This is served in traditional copper pots and it is Chicken cooked in an aromatic sauce layered with saffron rice. The presentation was a feast to the eyes, a well-balanced and flavorsome dish. In reality it is a baked pie crust and when cut, it reveals a succulent exquisite taste! The cost was QR83 (€16.50)

    TIP: Two of the most popular dishes are the Lucknowi raan mussallam for QR 132 (€26.00) – (Slow roasted leg of baby lamb marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices (serves 2) and the Adraki Badshahi champaen –Tender lamb chops in a home ground, aromatic ginger masala for QR 77 (€15.00) Worth tasting!

    DESSERT: We had the Halwa-Jamun-Malai. QR35 (€7.00) It was a trio of Semolina Pudding, Caramelized milk dumplings topped with saffron reduced milk and Rose flavored milk cakes. Each with a different particular taste, a mouth-watering experience where you can sense the texture as you bite. It was a finger liking good choice!

    TEA LOUNGE: Infinite varieties of tea from all over the world. We enjoyed our cup of nicely presented tea accompanied with our desserts. Open Hours: Saturday to Thursday 12:30-23:30, and Friday from 13:00-23:30. We had a jasmine and green tea and it was served with their own timer to help steep to perfection.
    Two other recommendable desserts are the Khajoor samosa –Crisp samosa filled with dates, pistachio and coconut. This dessert is served with roasted pistachio ice cream. The second one is the Gulab ki Kulfi. It is actually a home-made egg free ice cream flavored with rose petals garnished with silver leaf and pistachios. Both cost QR 27, (€5.00) *

    TO SUM UP: Everything we had was cooked to perfection, the portions were huge and adequate and prices reasonable. I advise that you go along with friends, you will thus have the opportunity to try several dishes.
    The Saffron is very different to other Indian restaurants where food is over-flavored, greasy, overcooked or too spicy. On the contrary, whatever I tried here was a challenge and so tempting.
    For all the above reasons (food, value, service) I highly recommend it and I long to be back and try more of these amazing cuisine. Keep the good work up guys, you surely deserve to be first.

    The Chicken Biryani was irresistible! Dining at the Saffron Lounge is a challenge! Poppadoms (rolls) served with Mint & Mango chutney The Murgh Makhni Stew soup The Saffron Lounge is Popular with locals!
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    Carluccio's: Average Food - Amateur Staff

    by greekcypriot Updated Dec 24, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I judge that the location is the only highlight of this restaurant and nothing else.

    The restaurant is right on the Marina on the Pearl of Doha. It is a chain restaurant and from acquaintances who used to come here several times I had heard that they stopped coming because the food and service is not what it used to be.

    Anyway, we happened to be in the area and very close to the restaurant and thought to drop in for lunch.
    I had heard of Carlcuccio and seen him on TV once, so my expectations behind this great name were higher. I had the feeling that the bad reviews come from people who might exaggerate but they are not.

    FOOD: It was not a wow factor I can admit.

    SERVICE: Very poor and the waiters amateur.

    AMBIENCE: The terrace is the best part, wide and pleasant overlooking the marina. We intended to sit outside at first and enjoy the beauty of the day but the whole place out there was full of flies and one of the waiters suggested that we sit inside because of this reason. Part of the interior reminded me of the Mac Donald’s, while at the other end of the restaurant there was an interesting deli counter with variety of Italian delicacies, pastas, Olive oil, Cookery books and different Sauces, all bearing the name of the owner.

    STARTERS: We had a Cheese Bread for a starter at QR 22, €4.50 and the Caeser Salad Chic. This was at QR 48. I found it flat, it was topped with flakes of cheese but it was not tasty at all.

    MAIN COURSE: My dish was a classic risotto with prawns, squid rings and mussels, chilli and clams for QR 64 - €13. The seafood was definitely not fresh.
    The Chicken and Lemon risotto for QR 62. This was not good at all and it was left untouched on the plate.
    The Milanese dish at QR 66 was the only dish that was ok. We also had the Giardiniera (a schnitzel) which was average.

    BEVERAGE: 3 diet Pepsis at QR 36 and a bottle of water QR 24 - €5.00 total €15.50.

    The bill was QR 322 - €65.00 - 4 people.

    For the quality of what we had and the service, I find it too much. The restaurant might have a good location, I admit that it is in one of the chic and most beautiful spots of Doha, but don’t forget that it is a chain restaurant bearing the name of the Owner only and it is not the Carluccio who prepares the dishes!

    I believe if you desperately want to try the Italian cuisine, try another restaurant.

    The Milanese dish with spinach balls The beautiful terrace overlooking the marina The Cheese Bread appetizer Ceasar's Salad with cheese flakes The dish I had -risotto with prawns
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    Al Bandar - Souq Waqif restaurant: Food and Service -Satisfactory!

    by greekcypriot Written Dec 24, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The restaurant specializes in Oriental, Lebanese and Syrian dishes. We came here several times during our 3 weeks stay in Doha. It seems to be a popular restaurant in the Souq.

    We sat outside the first time, the atmosphere was nice and the evening was cool. In reality I had no idea what to order and the first time I decided to nimble a bit of everything that was brought on the table and which were the orders of family members.

    We had warm bread brought on the table first, and had several salads, tahini hummus, shish taouk and shawarma. Out of all I loved the tahini hummus and the shawarma. I was not that excited with the tabouli salad though! I have tried much better elsewhere. You can also ask for the mix grill platter which is interesting.

    There are many customers who come here for Sheesha.

    If you are looking for a casual meet up with friends this is a nice place to come for lunch or dinner. The last time I was here we had lunch on the terrace and it was nice.

    In all, the location and ambience is great, while the food is ok. I have to admit though that this last time I was not totally satisfied with my shawarma dish!

    Tabouli and hummus salads The shawarma dish View from the terrace Lunch by the terrace
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    BLUE: An Exquisite Cuisine, -The Best Maki Chef Ever!

    by greekcypriot Written Dec 16, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have dined here several times and the Blue is steadily in my list of favourites.

    GRAND HERITAGE HOTEL: The BLUE is one of the three signature restaurants found on the hotel’s premises. From reviews you will be informed that the hotel has many repeaters and I consider myself one of them. During my last visit to Doha some weeks ago, I happened to stay at the premises for several nights, so I had once again the opportunity to dine here. If you happen to be visiting Doha do consider staying here and experience a stay with a difference. To summarize, you will be impressed with the personalized service, the homely hospitality, the exquisite dining alternatives and the great location.

    DRESSING CODE: Smart / semi casual.

    SERVICE: Attentive and courteous as always and was nice to be back and see Tamaryn, Kirk and Fatima. They go out of their way to make their guests feel special. Thank you guys.

    BLUE: The restaurant fames for its first class steaks and sushi. Customers can preview the dishes before placing their orders through iMenus.

    DINING OPTIONS: There is a choice of dining both indoors and outdoors. The indoor restaurant is classically charming and is inspired by the predominant color of the earth, reflecting the global unity and styles available on the menu. However once again I could not resist the alfresco terrace lounge even though it was quite chilly outside this time. Luckily there were patio heaters, so dining out was once again an enjoyable treat. This beautiful outdoor lounge-style terrace overlooks the scenic greenery of the Aspire Park. It is all lit up in the evenings and players can be seen out in the fields playing. What a nice spot to be!

    CUISINE: You can find dishes from different continents, from Western steaks to Oriental sushi’s, and maki which will definitely delight your taste buds and provide authentic culinary experiences.

    STARTERS: I was so excited when I saw Victor the Chef de Cuisine once again and when I asked for a platter of his amazing makis’ I requested if I could get in the kitchen this time and see him at work. Minutes later I was in the kitchen, somebody hands me a hair protective cap and for seconds I feel the magic of creating. As for the platter of makis….well it looked like a piece of art and each and every piece was unique and of exquisite taste.

    Well for QR 190 (€38.00) we had a variety of 15 such pieces of maki which are plenty for two people. You should have in mind that makis is a hearty meal. Honestly I have NEVER elsewhere tasted similar. Of course by mistake I asked for more than I could consume probably over-carried by the emotion of being back to Blue’s friendly surroundings and staff.

    Anyway, the other exceptional dish I had was the grilled Scallops and Prawns. They come with Saffron rice and my prawns were sprinkled by a butter and garlic herb sauce. I found them heavenly. They were cooked to perfection and you could feel the taste of sea and freshness of the seafood -not to mention the nice presentation. Simply Yummy!

    My husband had the Spaghetti meatballs for QR 145 (€29.00). I tried a bite out of curiosity after hearing the sound of “Hmmm it is marvelous”. Indeed the dish was out of this world!

    We accompanied our meal with different cocktails. Ok they were really nice but…everyone’s expectations would be to accompany these outstanding dishes with a real drink and not juice. A glass of wine perhaps or a glass of beer. Here it is only fruity cocktails instead which don’t match at all with the heavenly dishes of the restaurant. Please see to this….probably a miracle happens the next time I visit.

    DESSERT: With all what I had the only thing I could ask for was for some fruit only, while my husband had some ice cream. Pandan (Thai delicacy) and lemon grass crème brulee are the most popular here. I tried the latter on a previous visit and it surely worth trying.

    FAMILY BRUNCH: It takes place only on Fridays from 12:30pm to 04:00pm. Variety of International dishes in a market style buffet with the customer’s choice of grilled meat or seafood, prepared at live cooking stations. Price QR 220 (€43.00) for unlimited beverages.

    If you skip drinks it will cost you QR 199 (€39.00). Children 5 years and below can enjoy a complimentary meal, while the price is half for 6 – 12 years old.

    LUNCH: If you come here for lunch you can savour the classic and contemporary flavors’ combination of Dim Sum & Noodles. The cost is QR 149 (€30.00) per person with dessert included, paired with Chinese tea. Of course there is always the a la carte option for a bigger variety if you wish. (Opens daily)

    In all, once again I found our Blue dinner outing a memorable one. Keep the good quality and high standards up guys till the next time we meet.

    The terrace of the Blue overlooking the Aspire Victor the Chef de Cuisine at work Victor with us for a while My exquisite dish of grilled scalops and prawns The Spaghetti meatballs
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    AGORA: The Best in Doha- It Justly Ranks #1 On the Charts

    by greekcypriot Updated Dec 16, 2013

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    THE GRAND HERITAGE HOTEL: The Restaurant is accommodated in this hotel which is one of my favorite. If you happen to come across reviews you will understand why there are so many repeaters. Summarizing though, besides its architecture and location, what makes it so significant is the human factor. Hospitality, beyond compare, the new SPA and is already a fact. Guests can find exquisite cuisines within the premises and don’t need to seek out to find one. Each restaurant is unique and different in character, and cuisine.

    CUISINE: AGORA is highlighted as a Turkish restaurant influenced by Balkan cookery with touches of the Mediterranean cuisine as well. I have always been fond of the Turkish cuisine but I am very selective about my food. Emre’s combination of cooking is a challenge because he combines culture with cooking. The Chef de Cuisine although young, he is ambitious with a great zeal. His creative cuisine is one to be remembered. I urge you to come here and try it. If you do, get ready for a taste of heaven!

    INTERIOR: The colorful and noble Oriental style travels you and is a feast to the eyes! It features exquisite luxury of the interiors, rich wood paneling, an amazing roof lighting effect and crystal chandeliers. Wall paintings and colorful vitro art dominate the interior walls. Comfortable channel-back seats with high fabric back. Wooden floor partly carpeted, cushions and decorative features in bold warm noble shades of live wood, ruby, violet and crimson colors.

    STAFF/SERVICE: An unbeatable team of professionals in every way, courteous and attentive.

    CUISINE: You have to keep coming back to try everything because the menu list includes a plethora of different dishes. I have to admit that when I am here it is not hard to choose because no matter what I try I know is of excellent taste and I would definitely love it. If you get lost in the menu and need some help, I recommend that you ask to see the Chef de Cuisine Emre Gok who will suggest the best for you depending on your likes. You can totally rely on him and there is no doubt that you will surely be back for more. It offers diners the opportunity to preview the food before placing their orders through iMenus.

    DRINKS: (Alcohol is prohibited) We had a refreshing cocktail at first to start with until we decide what to have, but later on I accompanied my dishes with an ayran, the Turkish drink which I love. I have it in Greece as well because it is nutrient but honestly I wish I had a glass of wine/beer instead. It would certainly match better!

    I believe the Cold Mezze Sampler should be your #1 request. It is a platter with 6 different appetizers (small portions just like the Greek meze). The dish costs QR125 (€25.00) and includes stuffed vine leaves, hummus, Kisir, (Turkish tabbouleh), Acili Ezme, (a Turkish style of tomato dip) Haydari (thick yoghurt dip) and finally the Patlican salatsi which is an aubergine dip. Each starter has a unique taste and I cannot really say which I liked most -all were amazing.

    We had the Gavurdagi salatasi for QR 50 (€10.00) A rocket leaves salad with a pomegranate dressing.

    The next dish the (Arnavut Cigeri) was presented in a silver pot. It costs QR 75 (€15.00) and it is fried beef liver served with sumac, onion and parsley salad. I love liver, I usually have it grilled. The presentation was superb but tasting it was also a challenge. Simply delicious.

    How could I leave without trying Lahmacun. The taste was yummy but the flat bread really makes the difference. A dish you should try. The cost is just QR 55 (€11.00)

    Another outstanding appetizer that is refreshing and I urge you to try is the Iskender Kebab. It comes in a Silver-plate cover pot, the presentation is noble, but the surprise is inside. It is a dish that will excite your palate. (Beef and lamb kebab topped with Turkish tomato gravy, accompanied by strained yoghurt). You can have it with a crispy pita homemade bread and it is heavenly! A dish with strong flavor and rich texture of yoghurt.

    MAIN DISH: We had the platter of Grilled Lamb chops, Anatolian kebab, Rib-eye and Chicken. ( In the catalogue you will find it as ‘Agora Izgara Tabagi and it costs QR 190. (€38.000) It is a meat-lovers’ delight and a great choice for summer grilling. The meat was seared over charcoal flame and was so tender that could be cut with a fork.

    If you prefer Chicken instead you can have the Beyti Chicken kebab for QR 140 (€28.00) I have to say that I tried this as well. It comes in Saj bread folded kebab with cheese, yoghurt and tomato sauce. The presentation is outstanding and the taste exquisite.

    DESSERT: The list includes several tempting alternatives. After all the above feast I could not take much but I had saved space for something light. My husband wanted to try the Crème Broulete and when Emre the Chef joined us for a while he decided to try the Kaymakli Kunefe, a dainty morsel not to be missed. It costs QR 55 (€10.00) and it is a very crispy kadaif dough with cheese filling and clotted cream. I tried both and found them finger licking good.

    CONCLUSION: Highly recommended for a romantic outing, a business meal, or a special occasion.

    Considering the fine cuisine, the impeccable professional service and the glamorous chic ambience I can say that it impressed me once again. It surely deserves to be first on the charts but it is first in my heart and my list of restaurants too.

    Agora Izgara Tabagi The Cold Meze Sampler With Emre the Chef de Cuisine The noble oriental interior The Kaymakli Kunefe
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    FLAVOURS: International Cuisine, Elegant interior-Satisfying

    by greekcypriot Updated Dec 15, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    GRAND HERITAGE HOTEL: The Restaurant is accommodated in this hotel which is one of my favorite. If you happen to come across reviews you will understand why there are so many repeaters. Summarizing though, besides its architecture and location, what makes it so significant is the human factor. Hospitality, beyond compare. The new SPA is already a fact. Guests can find exquisite cuisines within the premises and won’t need to seek out to find one. The three restaurants of the hotel are unique and different in character, and cuisine, to meet the needs of the demanding guest.

    FLAVOURS: Opens daily for breakfast, but then again at 12:30pm -3:30pm for lunch. Dinner starts at 07:00pm till 11:00pm.

    INTERIOR: Interior that travels you….Classic style with an essence of luxury.

    SERVICE: Attentive, the staff are all very friendly and will go beyond their way only to make you feel special. Service is impeccable on all 3 restaurants of the premises by the way!

    CUISINE: Buffet option, serving International cuisine, with a rich and varied display of delectable tempting dishes. There is of course an open kitchen station where guests can choose between seafood and meat and have everything cooked at the time the order is set. I had a couple of fresh prawns and squid this time for dinner.

    SALADS: Salads are varied and I had a little bit of the ones that attracted my attention but a bit more from what I really wanted to eat. What I usually do is to fill up a plate making it look beautiful for a photo. I do the same with dessert. This does not necessarily mean that I am going to eat everything. I have to say though that in this case, all salads/dips I had were really tasty that I almost licked the dish.
    The seafood that I had was just as good, juicy and tender cooked to perfection, thanks to the chef in the kitchen station.

    DESSERT: The variety of cakes and exotic fruit are again ample. In my case this time I had fruit which was freshly cut and delicious, while my husband who has a sweet tooth enjoyed the gateau.

    In all, I can tell that the food variety is enough to fill you up for many hours. The quality is good and everything seems to be fresh and delicious. The presentation is also quite tempting. I cannot say that I found something that was less delicious than the rest, at least from what I chose to have.

    There is no way not to find a dish to suite your taste.

    As from 1st December till the end of the month guests can try Traditional Indian dishes presented in a contemporary twist, so if you love Indian cuisine, this is a good option. The restaurant and staff will definitely not disappoint you.

    TIP: At breakfast when you come across halloumi cheese (Cypriot) take a few pieces and take it to the cook at the open kitchn and ask to have it grilled. You will be amazed how different and exquisite the taste is!

    Care to join us anyone? The presentation of the dinner buffet The interior of Flavours restaurant Open kitchen stations -cooks at work! Starters and dish is yummy and nutrient
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    MYKONOS: Experience the Real Greece at Doha

    by greekcypriot Written Dec 11, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The ‘Mykonos’ of Doha offers the best in fresh, wholesome fine Greek and Cypriot cuisine. It is the unique spot to experience the Real Greece and savour the flavours of the Mediterranean right in Doha.

    I came for lunch at Mykonos restaurant during my last trip in Qatar last November and I was so impressed with the great cuisine, the skilful and very talented Chef -Constantinos, the impeccable service and the stunning view. Well this time when back we did spent a few nights at the Intercontinental and dined twice out here.

    LOCATION: Unbeatable! Based at the Intercontinental close to Katara -the valley of cultures, the tables at the terrace of Mykonos overlook the hotel’s amazing pool and just beyond in a short distance across it, the longest private beach of Doha. The location and the tables’ setting gives an impression that you are on a Greek island.

    DRESSING CODE: Casual to smart mostly in the evenings.

    SERVICE: Impeccable service, positive mood and Greek Warm Hospitality! The whole stay at the Intercontinental was exceptional, but being around the Mykonos restaurant, dining here and coming across the Greek guys made me feel like home.

    THE GREEKS: The Executive Sous Chef is Konstantinos, formerly the Master Chef of Mykonos but as from this year he is responsible for all the Restaurants of the hotel. Talented and very skillful with initiative, Konstantinos has several awards on his background with a promising future.
    The new Chef of Mykonos is Ilias Kafalis and although quite young, he is extremely talented, gained considerable knowledge and experience in Paris, and he is quite popular in Greece. The two other amazing Greeks are Dionysios and Panagiotis (outlet managers). They are both ambitious and possess a genuine zeal for their work, they are extremely friendly and professional. I believe that all four make an amazing team and people keep coming back to Mykonos not only for its cuisine but believe me, these Greeks do make the difference.

    Where else can you enjoy the antipasti buffet and see the Souvlaki turning on the hot coals! Dishes are complemented by a selection of Greek & Mediterranean wines. I chatted a lot with the two Chefs who assured me of the fine quality of the ingredients used here.

    THE ROTISSERIE DINNER: We turned up on a Monday as this is the day of the rotisserie, after making reservations, had a nice little corner by the side out at the charming terrace. The waiter promptly whetted our appetites with a glass of wine and an ample and varied breadbasket (homemade breads) with some delicious Greek olives, virgin olive oil and sun-dried tomato tapenade. This specific dinner offers a good range of starters focusing on Greek Meze. (Variety of dips, salads and appetizers). Food lovers should know that the quantity is unlimited and the cost is QR 170. (€35.00)

    The evening was looking promising and at the other corner there was the Bouzouki band playing and singing for us all. What a nice feeling this was! November and still warm, us out in Doha enjoying Greek music and Greek cuisine surrounded by other guests who seemed to be enjoying the beautiful dinner outing just as we did.

    We had Tzatziki with carrot at first, Tyrokafteri with smoked pepper -a cheese dip and a few other starters. We had 2 kinds of salads –one with white and red cabbage with pomegranate and celery and the other was a salad with figs, peanuts but Ι miss the name. Both were refreshing and nice.
    The Eggplant roll with feta cheese cooked with sautted tomato was Yummy too! Pasteli kaskavali (kasseri cheese) served with sesame seeds, honey and smoked paprika. I found it tempting and so delicious!

    BARBECUE: A great selection for meat lovers where they can enjoy Lamb chops, Beef slices, Chicken, Beef patties, Veal sausage and Lamb leg. This last one had an exquisite taste and this is what I had. It was tenderly delicious. The reason is the many hours of cooking. In an attempt to congratulate the Chef I found out that this specific meat is cooked in the oven for 6 whole hours. Now the side dish that can accompany all the above can either be potatoes, rice or sauteed vegetables. I preferred the latter and loved them because they were crunchy and fresh just like I have them at home. You will feel spoilt here with all this choice.

    DESSERT: A big selection to choose from. Here again you can try anything –unlimited portions. We tried both Galaktoboureko and Baklava and accompanied both with some ice cream. A heavenly taste! There was an appealing selection of other desserts on offer too. If the other options are of the same quality and taste as the ones we tried, I would have no problem recommending them too.

    Personally I prefer this than buffets so another night we came to Mykonos to experience the a la carte menu.
    SERVICE: Staff could not have been more attentive, cheerful and courteous.

    APPETIZERS: I love tasting different things and we had the Octopus marinated xidato with Eggplant salad (agioritiki) for Qr.80 (€16.00) I found it delicious.
    We had Steamed Mussels which smelled sea, but what makes them exceptionally delicious here besides the freshness, was the Greek Red Saffron added to them (Krokos Kozanis). It takes about 50.000 stigmas to obtain 100 gr and Greek saffron is the top best in the world, quality-wise. The dish costs QR.75 (€15.00) Highly recommended.

    MAIN DISH: Kritharoto Shrimp cooked with (ouzo) parsley and virgin olive oil is another dish not to be missed. I felt spoilt for this choice and I urge you to try it. The cost was QR 105 (€22.00)

    Throughout the night there was live music (Dimas band) with some of the most popular Greek songs while the atmosphere was beyond my expectations. It feels like a dream being in Doha and experiencing all these. If I were permanently living here I would at least come every week.

    BEVERAGE: Beverage is prohibited in the majority of hotels in Doha. This does not happen here though! The wine selection is varied and sold by the glass or bottle, but the prices may remind you that you are eating in a five-star hotel.

    We had the Xinomavro-Negoska (Goumenissa). (QR 55 glass) It pairs well with food with intense and rich flavor. I found it ok but it did not excite me though! We paired it with our Greek meze and the rotisserie menu.

    The wine we had to pair our Seafood the other night was ‘Chenin Blanc’ and it comes from South Africa. The glass costs (QR 60 glass -285 bottle) I found it fresh and fruity. It is a wine that has a clean finish, shows a balanced minerality and acidity. I preferred this one more than the first wine we had.

    DESSERT: An appealing selection for people who have a sweet tooth. I tried a few bites, found them wonderful, but I preferred to finish with some exotic fruit instead.

    THE BOUZOUKI NIGHT: The most incredible was that we had the opportunity to return a few days after we checked out of the hotel for the “Bouzouki Night.” I could never have imagined that I would feel like home, surrounded by Greeks and Cypriots that special night with plate smashing while savoring the Greek/Cypriot Mediterranean delicacies. A night to be cherished!

    In all, I found the restaurant superb in every aspect. I urge you to visit it if you have not as yet. It opens daily from 12:00 noon to 11.30pm.
    The new menu interesting and Ilias has set impressive standards. People prefer it because of its unparalleled service, fine quality ingredients and good value for money. I highly recommend it for a friendly gathering, a romantic outing or a special occasion.

    Business Lunch at QR 99 for 3-course menu from Sunday to Thursday, 12:00 noon – 3pm.

    Thank you guys for the impeccable service and attention to detail. Thanks to Rima (waiter) who had been so nice too. Be yourselves and keep the good work up.

    Smashing of dishes on the stage and dancing With the Chef de  Cuisine Ilias An authentic Bouzouki night in Doha The Night of Bouzouki at the Intercontinental
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  • greekcypriot's Profile Photo

    CORAL: A Restaurant with a Difference – Superb cuisine!

    by greekcypriot Written Dec 11, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SEAFOOD SURF NIGHT: The allure Seafood night has an endless selection of dishes on display, show kitchens with professional chefs where the guest can choose exactly the dish they wish to have and have it ready in minutes.

    If you choose to come here on a Sunday night as we did, the seafood is unlimited, fish is cooked in any style you wish and the full international buffet will surprise you happily. If you love sushi & sachimi then this is the place to be.

    AMBIENCE: Cool and very relaxed interior, clean lines with an array of colourful design features and lighting hues. I found it extremely inviting.

    SERVICE: Prompt, efficient and the staff is very courteous.

    The Executive Sous Chef who happens to be Greek was telling me that the Coral like the rest of the restaurants of the Intercontinental strive to serve guests exceptional meals. They use as much as possible top-quality locally grown products and what they are after is to meet the taste of every palate of each and every demanding guest.

    I was spoiled seeing the different kitchens with absolute top quality fresh seafood. Indeed, a cosmopolitan blend of Asian, Arabic, International and Mediterranean cuisines. Chefs are stationed around the restaurant cooking, the presentation is excellent and there are so many stands with appetizers, salads, quail eggs, variety of cheese, fresh prawns and oysters, steamed mussels and exotic salads and fruit. Counters with hot soups, culinary delicacies of different continents and many more.

    What can I say about the array of sweet temptations! One thing is definite. You cannot try everything but you can keep coming back. This is what I would have done if I was staying in Doha anyway.

    If somebody told you that this is an amazing restaurant with food that gets your mouth watering he is absolutely right.
    Staff? Professionals –very attentive, sometimes more than the usual. Food? I would say dreamy. Price? Affordable. Totally worthy it? Definitely!

    THEME NIGHTS: Depending on the day there is a different one. I suggest that you pick the one you like most and leave it up to the Chefs to do everything else. It is a guarantee that you will have a hell of a time out here no matter what time or day you come. (Booking recommended)

    TIP: A glass of house beverage is complimentary.

    BREAKFAST: It is here at the Coral that breakfast is also taken each morning. I found breakfast sumptuous.
    Rich, excellent quality, tasty with a nice presentation. Try the nutrient oven fresh breads and country loaves. They are yummy!
    The pastries here are exceptional too as well as everything else.

    To sum up, there is everything you need to fill you up till dinner. Breakfast like the rest of the meals here at the Coral is adequate and absolutely meets the needs of the demanding guest. I believe it delivers what it promises –a descent fresh buffet with impeccable service. I undoubtedly recommend it.

    Sushi & Sachimi display Sushi & Sachimi display on the buffet Fresh Oysters on display among other seafood Breakfast time My first dish of starters
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