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Ad Dammam Things to Do

  • fishing

    There aren't a lot of activities to do in Dammam but fishing is definitely one of them, you won't catch as much fish to catch as in Jeddah, but you'll sure spend some time, especially when there's good weather, the fishing spots you could go to are beside Funtime on the dammam corniche road, or in morjan island, just make sure you go at dawn, or...

  • Gigantic lamp ....

    Now I have found a lamp taller than me ....maybe there is a genie inside ? Man if the genie in Aladdin's lamp that huge , then this one is gonna be like Godzilla ...better not mess with it !

  • sitting on colourful Persian carpet

    I was speechless when I saw the hall ...the side of the walls were all decorated with ancient instruments , traditional decorations and adorned with arabian furnitures...the ambience is so Arabic , so Persian and so cool ....with nice lightings as wellNot only that , in the middle of the hall there is a pond, so you hear the soothing drips of water...

  • Heritage village

    This heritage building is the jewel of Eastern Province ...a result of 15 years of travelling and passion for Saudi Arabian antiques and architecture....of man ....a man named Mr Saad Al BalahiThe 5 storey fortress like building houses many ancient weapons, apparatus, old photo graphs, jewelleries and many others things that you rarely see. Not...

  • How about those Camels

    Every day in the desert you will see sights like this. They are usually in herds of 10 to 20 with a herdsmen.

  • Brightly lit Corniche

    The lamp post spiralled towards the Cone shape monument that changes colour every few seconds ....what a sight !


Ad Dammam Hotels

Ad Dammam Restaurants

  • Consistently classic soup and salad

    steak house is a locally developed brand of steak restaurants who has earned itself a prominent place in the hearts and minds of both locals and experts alike. It's most notable sales edge is the all-you-can-eat soup and salad buffet, which is always fresh and tasty.The service, cleanliness and decor are excellent, and although they don't change...

  • Great Indian Food in Dammam, Al Khobar...

    The Copper Chandni is a chain of four resturants. The food is excellent, the presentation is very nice, and the ambiance is like going to old Bombay.Open for lunch and then again at 7PM in the evenings. Chicken - Murg Korma, my wife likes the Tawa Prawns

  • No problem with American Food Some Time...

    By Khobar corniche, You can find many American food chains such as Friday's, Chilli's, Apple Bees, Pizza Hut, and for your hot drinks, you can go to Starbucks. BBQ Tacos,

  • Qatif sandwich growing local fast food

    They have started their business with a hole in the wall sandwich shop some 15 years ago as i think, but now, they turned to become the most successful sandwich chain in town, with a very good business. and I love eating their sandwiChs.They have several branchs including two in down town Qatif, one in Alquds street, one in Saihat town. Qatif is...

  • A little bit of everything

    This is what the food court has:1. Mcdonald's : Burgers and happy meals2. Popeye's: Fried Chicken and a little bit of fried fish and shrimp3. Dajen: Fried Chicken4. KFC: Fried Chicken5. Peking: Chinese food, i used to like it then stopped liking them after changing their recipes, their noodles are now made of thick yellowish noodles6. Baskin...

  • Don't miss the fresh Sea Food

    This is basically a source of fresh fish of all kinds with the best prices you could get. There's a huge gap between restaurant prices for fish and what you get there at the fish market, it's just fun to go there and check out the fresh fish even if you won't buy.One of the signs you could look for to know if the fish is fresh is checking the eyes...

  • Marina Mall - A selection of restaurants

    Ok ...Marina mall is a great choice if you wanna have many choices in one place, the following restaurants are open in their food court:1. KUDU2. BAHAR3. TACO HUT4. Ceasar's Pizza5. La Casa Pasta6. Joeffrey's7. Oceana8. Canton Express9. A lebanese food buffet sort of place10. Cinnabon11. A fried potato place12. Isfahani: Iranian food 13. Fresh...

  • Experience the Egyptian Koshary

    This buffet has just the regular, not a fancy place really, but it has Egyptian Koshary, which is a mix of rice, macaroni, lentils, homos, fried onions, and tomatoe sauce, and its amazing!I personally like to buy a medium koshary plate, a shawerma plate, and then dip the shawrma in the garlic sauce then mix it with the koshary plate and eat it all...

  • Chindian restaurant

    This place is (((((supposedly))))) chinese, and it (((((Supposedly))))) serves chinese food, but it doesn't!It serves chinese food with Indian dubbing, the chicken sweet and sour, wasn't sour at all, was actually some lumps of chicken swimming in a red spicy liquid, and the rest of the food followed the same scenario!Beef ala Szechuan :Those beef...

  • not only seafood restaurant -Al Bahar

    Al Bahar means the cpatain in arabic or just something related to the sea, but this restaurant doesn't only serve sea food but also other dishes, such as roat chicken, salads, bbq stuff ...etc.I used to go their for the fish at first, untill i discovered the fish market and the possibility of getting fresh fish there and grilling them there for...

  • A taste of Lebanon

    The restaurant has dine-in, take-away and home-delivery. The ambience isn't that great neither for singles section nor family section, but the food itself is great, they serve lebanese food primarily with a hint of other arab dishes. and the service is above average. Taboula SaladChicken Cream SoupKharouf Mahshy

  • A general guide to eating out in Dammam

    There aren't many poch restaurants in Dammam, but if we could pin point the concentration areas such as food courts with a lot of fast food places and some restaurants, marina mall and shaea'mall would be a good bet on the dammam corniche road, on first street there are a lot of lebanese restaurants such as abu-nawas, barbar and filfila, there's...


Ad Dammam Nightlife

  • Rent Farm, Walk by Corniche, Join Pals...

    Being with you pals is all great, and to rent farm, or beach resort, or set in cafe for hot drink or water pipe would add more fun to your time. Dammam, Kobar, Jubail, Qatif are full of places for friends to spend their nights in relaxed and wonderful mood. Corniches in these four cities are good spots to find cofe or local (Qahwa) to have hot...

  • Its like alone in Moon

    If you think there is some thing you can enjoy in the night life in dammam you are complitely mistaked, Drinking, Boozing will be a 1000 mile dream over , its totally prohibited,,, nowhere its available.. womens cannot come out in normal dress have to Abhaya ... a black dress some calls it Burkha.. no guy can stay in hotel with any gal ...only...

  • What is happening here?

    I am not sure what this guy is up to but I thought it was very interesting photo. What do you think is going on?


Ad Dammam Transportation

  • Riyadh-Dammam by Train

    Sine 1947, when construction work commenced for the current railway network in the Kingdom linking Riyadh the capital city with Dammam in Eatern province through Hafuf and Biqaq cities. Saudi Railways Organization operates several passangers trains every day between Riyadh and Dammam, some are express non stop, while others make two stops in...

  • Ad-dammam airport

    We flew from Jiddah to Ad Dammam with Saudia Airline,the flight took about 2 hours.I was really impressed with Ad dammam airport,its clean,practicle and well mentained.

  • Ad Dammam Hotels

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Ad Dammam Warnings and Dangers

  • cultural widefall

    Well I was been in Dammam for 1.5 yrs and i had hell lot of a ride of experiences.I seriously admit the fact -its an OPENPRISON.If you are a non -muslim and belongs to a country/culture where you are a big time party freak ,ladies man and bears a "i dont give a ***" kind of attitude then seriously dude you are very much in a wrong place.Liquor...

  • taboo issues

    Do not talk about liquor, drugs or sex openly, even to fellow nationals at work, even if provoked.Do not ask about any nationa'l's wife's health, try to drop the wives out of the conversation, and definitely do not ask about her name or the daughters' names, unless told about the daughters who are presumably children.

  • Conversation Pitfalls

    Try in all circumstances to avoid engaging in political conversations, religious conversations, or any criticizm of the saudi culture, even if asked to!sometimes you maybe provoked to draw a comparison between nationals in two different areas in saudi, try to be diplomatic, and never insult or criticize anyone.Donot be open about your religious...


Ad Dammam Tourist Traps

  • Alleged Taxis

    Once you get off the plane in any airport in saudi you may be bombarded with "Taxi!" offers from nationals, which may at first seem like a legitimate service, regulated by the law and local authorities, IT's MOST LIKELY NOT! Those are usually men and teenagers looking for a quick buck so they go to the airport pickup some visitors and make some...

  • King Fahad Causeway Island

    During my regular driving short trip from Kobar to Bahrain, I notice large number of Asian workers gathering with their families in the artificial island in the midway between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They seems enjoy the view of being some where out the main land of the Kingdom, have some eats in the fast food restaurants located in this small...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ad Dammam Off The Beaten Path

  • anees's Profile Photo

    Take a short tour into the Gulf by boat

    by anees Written Jul 16, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can take a half an hour sea trip by boat from Dammam corniche (Jazeerah Al Marjan). The company called Aroos Al Khaleed, and they operate daily between 4 pm and 9 pm. The trip would cost you 20 Saudi riyals for every adult, and SAR 10 for every child.
    The double decker ship offers groups to take the first level, while second level is coverless one

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Ad Dammam Favorites

  • What are the restriction for Ladies

    What are the restrictions for ladies to move around in Dammam? I mean other than the dress code, can a lady move alone/with kids in shopping malls (the way it is in India)? Do you suggest any website to get more info on this? Will be obliged if you can give practical info.

  • Searching for a flat

    When you want to look for a flat in Dammam, you should realize that you should have be armed with two things 1. a method of transport, and 2. A looooooooooooot of patiencefirst off you gotta know that bachealor accomodation is different from family, and has different areas where you should look, then there's the amount of money you wanna spend as...

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