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  • The Burger Stop
    The Burger Stop
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  • 4 Screen Rooms 3D Look of actual
    4 Screen Rooms 3D Look of actual
    by myir
  • Al Khubar
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Al Khubar Things to Do

  • Golf World

    The New Golf World In Khobar – Makkah St. The First Screen Golf in KSA Enjoy Playing with your Family and Have Drinks for freeFor Reservations call Tel :03 8897078 Mob:0542277185 0552619574

  • Corniche visits and Amusement parks

    Khobar has a number of beautiful and neat beaches for family visits. Corniche is a stretch of re-claimed land and beautifully maintained leasure point for kids and adults. Many eateries are available along Khobar corniche and they are plenty of playing areas in and around. In Khobar, anyones main entertainment will be corniche and shopping malls,...

  • Shopping

    It is the one and only, shopping. Yes. There is not much else to do here besides that. Just going to the mall is fun, you dont have to buy anything if you dont want to, obviously. Under Address I have listen the three shopping malls I think are the best around here. Rashid Mall and Mall of Dharan are perhaps two of the biggest malls in Saudi...


Al Khubar Restaurants

  • Really GOOOOOOD ANGUS Burgers !!!

    This is one of the newest Burger Restaurants that have opened recently in Al Khobar. The Restaurant is located off Corniche Rd. in Turki Centre.Decor is nice, good wall papers, clean and organized restaurant. Their kitchen is not only open but they also have high chairs so people can sit at the counter and eat there.Staff is very friendly, you are...

  • French bakery

    Pattis France is a French bakery and restaurant, where you can have coffee and croissants or pastries. They also have a full breakfast menu and it's a nice place to have breakfast, after you have done your weekend shopping in Tamimi Safeway. You can then buy a freshly-baked baguette to take home.

  • Persian food

    The Isfahani Restaurant is beautifully decorated and the service is good. But, when I ate there, I had just come back from a trip to Iran, and I didn't think the food at the Isfahani was particularly good value. If you have not tried Persian food before, however, it is worth a visit. The Kebab Deryaii was not bad, but overpriced at 58 riyals.

  • Thai food

    Phuket Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Al Khobar. There are two floors and the upper floor is the nicest, with a warm, intimate atmosphere.The restaurant is mainly frequented by expatriates , especially from the Far Eastern countries, as the spicy Thai food doesn't appeal to most Saudis.The food is excellent value, with most of the...

  • Feel the Culture

    Heritage Village is great. The surroundings are better than the food. The pictures, and all the props there are bound to keep you busy. Its a great way to learn a little about Saudi culture. It was too long ago...

  • The Italian Touch

    This restaurant is Italian by all means. You can tell from the minute you get in there. Its a little romantic, therefore not much of a family place, and not a little fancy, and the food is absoloutly wonderful. What makes the restaurant so Italian is the simple touches it has - its dimly lit, if not a little private too. Its a nice change from...

  • Don't Miss the Famous Grill!

    This resturaunt is awesome. It has a simple yet easy-going setting, with lots of pictures and props, and the food is great. The service is super-friendly, and you get a large selection from the menu. They have a lot of homestyle dishes, and its a great place to go with friends. My favourite dish there would be the country fried chicken, because it...

  • Shawarma

    Mr. Burger is somewhat inappropriately named because, although it is a fast food restaurant, it actually specializes in shawarmas and fresh fruit juices.A shawarma costs just 3 riyals. There is a good selection of fresh juices, including melon and mango.

  • A Muesum with flavour

    Heritage Village is a unique and wonderful restaurant if you want to really feel the full Saudi Arabian atmosphere. This Restaurant is actually located in Dammam which is about half an hours drive from Khobar but I am placing it my Khobar pages as I did not go to Dammam that often. The reason I say this place is unique is because of it's...


Al Khubar Nightlife

  • Spending time with your friends

    Coming to Saudi Arabia can be a bit daunting for the Western traveller, it is a real culture shock for some and others look at it as an experience and think "Hey it's not that bad out here". Unfortunately there is very little to do out here and Shopping plays a huge role in Entertainment for both the Saudi's and Expats. One thing many expats like...

  • Night life?!!! In Saudi Arabia?!!!...

    Well, what did you expect in Saudi Arabia?!!! There is no night life here except within the compounds of the Saudi Aramco complex which is out of bounds to most people unless you know somebody there!!! Eat and be merry seems to be the way they enjoy nightlife here!!! No drinks at all!!! Except Coke or Pepsi ofcourse!!! Wear anything you want as...

  • Al Khubar Hotels

    0 Hotels in Al Khubar

Al Khubar Transportation

  • shelnlin's Profile Photo

    by shelnlin Updated Nov 28, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In my Saudi Arabia Transportation tip I give the traveller a little bit more information regarding getting around Al Khobar. This is just a brief overview.

    For woman we can only rely on men to transport us around as we are unable to drive, so what is a girl supposed to do? Take a taxi of course.

    OK for everyone I reccomend that you pay no more than 10 riyals for a journey into the city and around the city, if the driver commands 15 riyals he is trying to rip you off so get out and flag down another one.... these guys will try anything on you especially if you are female.

    Going longer distances say around the ten kilometre mark or more should be around fifteen riyals. Anything over that you can then look at paying the driver 20 riyals like say from Al Khobar to Damman (the next city on).

    Most of the compounds should have their own bus service and a good idea is to check out where it goes to and how many days a week it is in service. It is a good idea to see if they have a timetable if not take a pen and a bit of paper with you and jot all the info down when you talk to the Compound staff.

    Saudi drivers are pretty erratic and if you are a male and game enough you can purchase a car out here. Cars are reasonably priced and the drivers seat is on the left hand side just as it is in America (a real change from the right for me as we are from New Zealand). The majority of the cars are American so you will see lots of Chevys (particularly Caprices), GMC's, Lincolns, Buicks, Caddy's etc... There are off course a few European cars too like Mercedes, Volkswagons, Audis etc... The majority of the cars out here are white as the sun doesn't beat down on them so much.

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Al Khubar Shopping

  • old market

    old town, many shops, crowded exept in morning, difficult to find parking. Gold, clothes, gifts, music, other...

  • The biggest mall in the country

    Al Rashid Mall is the biggest shopping centre in Saudi Arabia. Its design is based on a traditional Arab fort and inside there are fountains. The mall has an extensive food court, amusements and numerous boutiques and designer clothes outlets.This is the place where most of the local youngsters hang out at night.

  • The Best Supermarket

    Tamimi Safeway is the best supermarket in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia for wealthy expatriates. It has the widest range of imported goods, ranging from breakfast cereals to pet foods.However, this is not the best place to buy local goods or fruit and vegetables, as the prices are much higher than elsewhere.If you are looking for a...


Al Khubar Local Customs

  • Flying into Saudi for women

    its fine 2 fly into without wearing an abaya (the long black cape Arab women wear to cover up) i just wear jeans and i long shirt which has long sleeves and keep a scarf to cover my headThere really isnt a need to wear an Abaya as long as you are conservatively dressed.Once u get 2 khobar city go to any of the malls (Dhahran or Rashid) and u will...

  • Dont even stare!

    Young Saudis skate at the Fal Ice Skating Project, the only ice rink in the kingdom. Society remains strictly segregated, so women are not allowed at the skating rink, which offers half-price admission for top students.

  • Language to help you get by....

    Arabic is the official language in Saudi Arabia and to help the newcomer get by, it is great if you know a little bit of the language. Here are just a few little words to help you out: Marhaba - Hello Ismy- My name is .... Kaif Haluk- How are you? Alhumdillah- I am fine, thanks to GodNaam/Aiwa- Yes La/Maafi - No Min fadlik- PleaseShukran- Thank you...


Al Khubar Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic violations

    In Saudi Arabia, extra care and alterness is required while driving on roads. It is a common sight to see cars in accidents and people getting badly hurt. Most of the local people have habbit of rash, signal violations and careless driving.

  • Using Credit Cards

    I found out the hard way though to watch the merchants when using a credit card. I bought groceries at the cost of 406 SAR and my bank statement came back at 406 USD even though the receipt said SAR. It took me over a amonth to get it sorted out. Keep every receipt!

  • Don't Make a Mistake of Talking to Women

    If you are in Shoula Shopping Center or in any mall in Al-Khubar, do not even make a move to smile or talk to a woman especially if you do not know her. For sure, if the Mutawa catches you, you will end up in jail. Moreover, if you are travelling by car in Al-Khubar or in any place of the Kingdom, you should always bring your Iqama and Marriage...


Al Khubar What to Pack

  • by KhobarCanadian Written Jul 16, 2008

    Luggage and bags: Bring little things like family photo frames, favorite kitchen gagets, a throw to use while watching TV -it just makes it feel like home quicker. You can purchase sheets here but I was glad I brought along our duvet - sounds funny but you live in air cond. so again comfort stuff. Most beds are super King size - Queen doesn't exist here.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: You can get everything you'd find at home here - though I suggest if you have larger size feet +10 1/2 to purchase @home and bring -selection is more limited. Summer clothes only but brind a couple of fall sweaters/jackets(you can get them here if you want too) for the "winter" as your blood thins quick after living the summer in 40-50 degrees. Great Malls - Larger than Edmonton's....though no movie theatres - you have to go to Bahrain - about 1 hr down the road

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: you can't find TUMS here and though you can get Crest - I don't trademark so I'd bring supply along. I'd do that for Advil etc too. You can get suntan lotion here but I'd bring along 30-50 block. There is the SAAD Hospital that has a SPA on site - get hair done, massage, nails, pedicure...etc.Bring as much of any medication you're on to give yourself time to find Doctor. Your company should provide medical coverage

    Photo Equipment: You want to have a good digital camera for traveling and you can purchase here no problem. Your cell /mobile phone won't work here. Purchase mobile here - it is a must here. you can buy Ipod/walkman but it's nice to have all your favorite music. EXTRA is the store for TV's cameras Ipods kitchen appliances etc though you might also find at Carrefour and at Giant. Another store is City Plazza and Khobar Plazza. Internet is expensive relatively and complicated to get hooked up. Things don't happen as quickly here so you have to be patient. Once in place wireless works for the most part.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Traveling is great. We've been on Safari @ Kruger and Sabi Sands in South Africa along with Cape Town and have Cruised down the Nile, Abu Simbel, Cairo, Alexandria and snorkled @ Sharm El Sheikh...planning on Maldives or Seychelles next. Travel Opportunities are why I agreed to move over here.

    Miscellaneous: Hi I've been here 15 mths now. There isn't a law that says you have to wear an abaya, rather you will blend in better and it is out of respect for their culture that I wear mine when out of Compound. Here in Khobar you do not have to wear head scarf though I carry mine in purse during Ramadan (this year it's in Sept). In compound it's dress as you would at home. Compounds are varied here but Oasis Gardens (formerly Al Bustan) is great as it's mostly a western Compound, good activities on site. You can call 882-5288 ask for Jackie. I am learning Arabic - a lot harder to pick up than French but you can call the Arabic Cultural Centre to find out info on classes. Be sure to get a multiple exit/entry visa (500 SAR) every 6 months this allows you to go to Bahrain for movies and a night on the town if you want. Mail delivery is terrible here, We always try to send stuff with folks going to europe or North America so they'll post for us. Though you do get mail here - just takes almost 2 months from Canada!

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Al Khubar Off The Beaten Path

  • Get out of here once in awhile.

    Saudi Arabia is not a place for everyone, it can be down right b-o-r-i-n-g for the expat and after awhile they get a bit sick of seeing black and white day in, day out. Living in Al Khobar does have one great perk...... we are so close to the Kingdom of Bahrain and many of us have multiple-exit re entry Visa's which allow us to come and go from the...

  • Walk along the Corniche!!!

    Take a walk along the neatly paved Corniche with nicely designed tiles and a joggers track of more than a thousand metres and a small open air gymnasium too at one end of the track!!! The water is not clean and diving or swimming is prohibited at this stony beach. You will even find a few cats drinking the salty water here!!! And a few seagulls and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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