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    Camels in the distance
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    My Rabibah Barge
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Dhahran Things to Do

  • visit the oil exhibit

    Dhahran contains The Saudi Oil Company "ARAMCO" which is the first oil company world wide. there you are advise to visit the saudi aramco exhibit center. It is basically about the history of oil in Saudi Arabia. It shows the origin of oil, oil extraction, oil industry. there are very interesting simulations. and there you can see, read, interact...

  • KFUPM Water Tower

    The Dhahran skyline is dominated by the Water Tower at King Fahd University of Petrolem and Minerals. Near the top there is a clock whose chimes replicate those of Big Ben.

  • Sunset Beach

    Sunset beach is an exclusive residence and resort community. Inside there is a big waterpark, a bowling alley, arcade, pool hall and dining facilities. The water park is fun with numous slides, a lazy river, paddle boats and a nice beach by the lagoon. There is an entrance fee and it is only for families.

  • Four Wheeling Continued

    If you are lucky you will see some camels while you are out four-wheelin. I wouldn't get too close as the owner of the camels wouldn't appreciate you scaring these "ships of the desert".

  • Dune Four Wheeling

    Go out to Half Moon Bay and rent an ATV and cruise up and down the dunes. Negotiate a price and then take off. No silly things like helmets, gloves or protective clothing (so bring your own if you need to). You can cruise all around for an hour and drive through the desert. Be careful going down the dunes.

  • Visit Hofuf

    It is interesting and a good idea to go out to the smaller local communities and do some shopping. Most people are real friendly and you find things you can't find in the big cities of Dammam and Khobar. Hofuf is a neat little town that you can easily walk around in a morning. An old fort is a site to see but it is the shopping that draws people to...


Dhahran Hotels

See all 4 Hotels in Dhahran
  • Le Gulf Meridien Al Khobar

    Corniche Blvd, Al Khobar, 31952, Saudi Arabia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Ramada Al Khobar

    Prince Majed Street, Cross 8 Corniche, Al Khobar, 31952, Saudi Arabia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Ramada Hotel and Suites

    Prince Majed Street, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Dhahran Restaurants

  • Fantastic Indian food and barbeque...

    This restaurant is said to be pioneer of mughal style cuisine in Dhahran. Menu has Pakistani, Indian and Chinese dishes. Weekends are quite busy and had to wait nearly 15 minutes before getting a place. The Family area has cabin seating as well for privacy. The staff was very friendly and overall I enjoyed my evening with friends. I have since my...

  • Chinese, Indian and Persian

    This is the other place in Khobar (other than Copper Chandani) where we go if we are craving Indian food. The decor inside is very nice and relaxing. The food is excellent too. You can get Indian, Chinese, or Persian food here. I have tried all three of them and they are all good. Try to go there before 12PM for lunch and before 9PM for dinner...

  • Excellent Indian Food

    This restaurant serves the regular indian cuisine, from Biryani to Tikka Masala and everything in between. Its cheap and has a nice dining atmosphere. The only bad thing about this restaurant is the wierd opening hours. Its closed from 3PM to 8PM which is unheard of in Saudi Arabia for a restaurant. Anyways, all in all this restaurant is a very...

  • Best Chicken and Rice Place in the East

    This place serves three things only, rotisserie chicken, white rice, and red (bukhari) rice and it can hardly keep up with serving those three things to the hundreds of people they get everyday. This place is arguably the most famous restaurant in the eastern province and it certainly deserves all the buzz. Their chicken is the most delicious...

  • Local Cuisine

    Fortress-like building housing a restaurant and a museum. When you walk in there is an open area surrounded by water and tables. You look like you have stepped back in time and expect Alladin to walk around the corner. You are ushered into the waiting room for some coffee or tea. You can dine in the main room or in small group rooms. These rooms...

  • Quick, Fast, and Good!

    Kan Restaurant is the place to go if you want to pick something up or have it delivered. They offer large portions and their food is really tasty. Sometimes a little on the greasy side, as it is grilled and deep fried foods. But good never the less. Sometimes you are just in the mood for something like this! Favorite? Wow? We buy some of this and...


Dhahran Nightlife

  • Night Golf

    Okay not necessarily night life per se but it is something you can do at night. The Aramco community has a new grass golf course and 9 holes are lighted. Although the shadows take getting used to it is enjoyable as the temperature drops at night. Be careful on the hole near the BMX track as sometimes people like to pray in the nice grass around the...


    Nightlife!?!?!?!?!The only nightlife is going shopping or out to a coffee-shop or restaurant. No shorts, keep shoulders covered, baggy clothing on women. Some locals like women to be shapeless and faceless but you do not have to wear an abaya if you do not want to. For women long pants and an oversized shirt that covers your waist is fine.

  • Go to a BBQ

    Aramco's Dhahran Community has BBQ's every week in 3 locations. Generally they are on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. They offer a variety of different things on thier menu such as schwarma's, bbq chicken, shishkabobs, burgers, hotdogs, etc. They also have sides such as salads, french fries, baked potatoes, corn ont he cob, and fresh made cheese...


Dhahran Transportation

  • Hire A Driver

    There are people here that you can hire to drive you wherever you would like to go. Ladies can not drive around Saudi Arabia. They either have to take a bus, taxi, or hire a driver. If you are with Aramco, you can check at the AAA garage, or at the CCC office to enquire about hiring a driver.

  • Aramco's free bus service for expats

    Aramco offers free bus service for their employees and their famililes. They are nice busses that are air conditioned and will take you all around the community, as well as into Al Khobar, or to the other Aramco Communities. Just grab a bus schedule, hop on the bus, and it will take you to your destination. Sometimes you need to change busses, but...

  • Dhahran Hotels

    4 Hotels in Dhahran

Dhahran Shopping

  • Khobar Electronic Stores

    All the big name electronic brands are in Khobar. Sony, Panansonic, JVC, etc. You can find just about whatever you want. Remember the equipment may be 220 volt and PAL instead of 110 volt and NTSC. You can usually get TVs that are "multi" that will work "same-same" with PAL or NTSC. Cameras, Camcorders, DVD players, stereos, TVs, etc.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Your camp/compound may have a little store but Khobar/Dammam has lots of big grocery stores. Farm, Tamimi (old Safeway), Geant and Giant stores have just about all you could want to buy. Geant and the new Giant stores are like Super Walmarts or Targets. There are also markets that you can visit to get specialty items, like the fish market, asian...

  • Hofuf Shopping

    Hofuf is the principal city in the giant date producing oasis of Al-Hasa. Visit the many stores or the central market for all kinds of items. Items like furniture, antiques, jewelry, crafts, blankets, camel saddles, old swords, clothing, etc. You will get better prices here than in the big cities (Dammam, Khobar) so don't forget to bargain. Lower...


Dhahran Local Customs

  • Kissing and holding hands

    Kissing and Holding HandsSaudi men often greet each other with kisses.The opposite sexes should never kiss in public.Men sometimes hold hands with each other in Saudi Arabia (although not with women in public). Holding hands with another man is a sign of friendship.

  • Traditional Dress For Saudi Women

    When a Saudi women appears in public, she normally wears a black abayah and a scarf covering her hair. You will also see some Saudi women wearing face veils. There are varying opinions regarding the wearing of the abayah and the veil; however, Saudi women cover themselves in public and in the presence of men who are not close relatives. Although...

  • Traditional Dress For Saudi Men

    Traditional clothing for Saudi men and boys is a thobe. When the weather is warm or hot white thobes are worn by Saudi men and boys. When it is cooler out they sometimes where wool thobes in darker colors. At special times, men often wear a bisht or mishlah over the thobe. These are long white, brown or black cloaks trimmed in gold. The head piece...


Dhahran Warnings and Dangers

  • High walls and concrete barricades

    Due to all the attacks most compounds and buildings now have concrete walls or concrete barricades surrounding them.

  • Security Concerns

    After numerous attacks around the country and especially after the Oasis compound attacks all the compounds began to construct high walls with barb wire, electric wire and security cameras. Now, unfortunately, all these compounds look like small prisons. National guardsmen serve as security. The weird thing is that before these attacks the Oasis...

  • Driving

    Driving around the country can be hazardous if you don't pay attention. Often there are unmarked potholes, unmarked or badly marked construction sites, no one stops at intersections and forget about turn signals. Once at night we almost hit a camel on the way to the Dammam airport. You have noticed that I have yet to mention the drivers. This can...


Dhahran Off The Beaten Path

  • I lived here

    Like most foreigners, I lived on a compound. The houses on my compound were based on traditional Arab architecture, which means there are no windows that people outside can see, and inside you need artificial light day and night. This is because the two main priorities in Saudi houses are total privacy and protection from the sun.There is central...

  • Walking Pets

    There are a lot of dogs in Aramco's Dhahran Community. Although it is not of the Saudi Culture to have a dog for a pet, there are a lot of people from other cultures here that do have pets. There are plenty of places to walk your pet here. But as a courtesy to others you should clean up after your pet. Throughout the main walking areas you will...

  • Nice, Refreshing, and Very Cold!

    Aramco's Dhahran Community has water cooler's all throughout their community. Especially around the main road areas, the walking trails, parks, and sports facilities. This is very nice and makes things much more enjoyable. Usually you will find a paper cup dispenser there, but it is always nice to have something incase it is empty. We generally...


Dhahran Sports & Outdoors

  • Bowling

    There are a few bowling alleys in the Eastern province. Each of the Aramco communities has a bowling alley. There is also a bowling alley at Sunset Beach (families only). Bring your ball(s) and shoes if you have your own. You can also rent your shoes and use the public balls if you don't mind touching dirty balls.

  • Softball and Baseball

    There are men's softball teams in Dhahran and Khobar. Aramco has really nice fields and it is fun to get out on the fields and pretend you can still play. The kids have baseball leagues and really enjoy playing. The Aramco Little League team has been to the Little League World Series in Williamsport Pennsylvania more than any other League.

  • New Grass Golf Course

    Aramco has a new grass golf course. Rolling Hills Country Club was remodeled and now there are 18 grass holes. 9 holes are lighted. You don't have to go to Bahrain anymomre to play on the grass. There are still 9 old oil-tar holes if you want to kick it Old School and play in the dirt.


Dhahran Favorites

  • Temperaure in Dhahran

    Actually temperature is well within 40s most of the time in summer, however, its temperaure with humidity that makes it "appear" higher, hence "apparent temperature". Late July and early August can be quite humid with high temperatures.Google "Heat Index" and press "I'm feeling lucky button" (ironic, isn't it!). This will take you to a wikipedia...

  • Rabibah Barge in Tanajib

    Yes, I lived on the Rabibah Barge for a couple of years docked at the shoreline of Tanajib in Saudi Arabia complete with resident physician, nurses and crewmen. It is like a community considering that my Engineering Office is just a stone throw and accommodation camp of other companies are just nearby. It is an 8-storey barge accommodating...

  • Money, money, money

    Dhahran is the centre of the oil industry in the biggest oil producing country in the world.Saudi Aramco, the main oil company, is based here.


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