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    is that gold real???
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Duba Things to Do

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    Scuba diving

    by TinKan Written Feb 25, 2003

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    This is THE place in the world to go diving in the RED SEA .

    On the Saudi side of the red sea it is untouched as the Saudis do not go into the water much.

    Camping here is also awesome as there is no light polution so you can see every star in the sky. There is not another person on the beach for 2 or 3 miles in any direction of you so it is paradise.

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Duba Restaurants

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    The gas station: Road kill chicken

    by TinKan Written Jan 24, 2003

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    When you enter the town there is a gas station on the left. Attached to the gas station is a little shack that sells what we called Road Kill Chicken .
    This is chicken that is cut down the middle and grilled on an open flame.

    It comes with a bag of rice and all for $2.00

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Duba Nightlife

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    The Red Sea: Night diving

    by TinKan Written Jan 24, 2003

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    As this is Saudi Arabia... there is no night life.

    Night diving with the lobsters is the next best thing and it gives you a chance to catch some lobster for dinner.

    More fish

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Duba Favorites

  • Latest info About Duba

    by tazeenhasan Written Sep 17, 2008

    Favorite thing: Duba is one of the most beautiful and spectacular but unfortunately unknown town in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    It is located in the North of Saudi Arabia about 300 KM from the intersection of Egypt, Jordan and occupied Palestine (Israel). It is about 800 Km from Jeddah / Mecca via coastal highway that passes through major port and industrial city of Yanbu.
    It was located on ancient trade route betweem Asia and Arabia and was a destination beween Ancient Petra in the North and Mecca in the South. The trade route is mentioned in Surah Quresh (Rahlat ash ***ai was saif - The journey of cold and hot) in Quran. Caravan's from Mecca to Sham (Syria) used to pass Duba on the coastal route.
    It is a port city and ferries and ships operate from here for Egypt and Jordan. The Hurgada and Safaga ports of Egypt can be reached within about 3 hours (minimum) by Ferry. It is stregitically located at the starting point of Gulf of Aqaba that ends at Ellat (Occupied Palestine) and Aqaba, Jordan.
    Historical and Religous Importance:
    Historically it is part of Madian. The city is mentioned in heavenly scriptures. According to Quran, Hazrat Mosa(PBUH) settled in Madian (the region starts from Jordan river and extends till town of Duba) where Hazrat Shoaib(PBUH) hosted him. The Hazrat Shoib Ki Basti (town) as it is called is said to be located near Maqna where an ancient well can still be seen. The well is said to be the one where Hazrat Mosa (PBUH) fed Hazrat Shoaib's flock.
    Spings of Maqna:
    The springs of Maqna are an interesting picnic spot together with wonderful sea green beaches though not properly developed as a tourist spot. Shalihat (beach huts) can be hired at Maqna beach to spend a day or two in winter season to relax and enjoy.
    Sharma Beach:
    Sharma beach is another cool and serene spot not far from Duba where you can spend a night in a hired traditional Arabian style camp.
    Ras Hameed:
    Not far from Duba (across the Red sea is Sinai Desert (Sahrai Sina). The mountains of Sinai can be viewed from Ras Hameed. A bridge is also under consideration for land connection to Egypt from Saudi Arabia at Ras Hameed.
    Haqqal is the border town and the end of Gulf of Aqaba, situated about 287 Km from city of Duba. Ships of Occupied Palestine (Israel ) and Jordan can be seen as the port of Aqaba and Ellat (also mentioned in Quran) are geographically connected to Haqqal.
    Ancient city of Petra:
    Not far from the border is the ancient Nabatean city of Petra in Jordan which is declared one of the new wonders of the world. Mazar of Hazrat Haroon (PBUH) is located in the vicinity and the cave of Ashabi Kahaf (also mentioned in Quran) is said to be located nearby. Offcourse u have to cross the border!
    Arizona of Middle east:
    The scenic town of Desa between high cliffs, is located in the way of Tabuk that can be truely called Arizona of Saudi Arabia.
    Ottoman Castle:
    There is an Ottoman Castle at the corniche.
    Beautiful Corniche:
    Nothing fasinates the visitors and locals than the beautifully developed corniche of Duba with spactacular pools and walking tracks. A small mosque and tuck shop is also present for beach visitors.
    Masjid Al Amir:
    A beatiful mosque.
    Ruins of the old city:
    ruins of the old city can be seen around the castle scattered not far from corniche.
    The Ferry terminal and the bridge:
    Beautiful views of Ferry terminal can be seen from outside of Fish market and masjid Al Amir.
    Diving: Divers can be seen at the beach with their oxygen masks and special dresses. A nearby shop offers diving equipments but no rescue facility is provided by city municipality.
    Stay: There are various hotels that cater the needs of visitors. Usually the people of Saudia and Emirates leaving for Dubai via Red Sea ferries and ships stay at Duba as the last stop in Saudia. Don't expect five star or even three or four star facilities. No back packers hostels.
    Population:Population of Duba is about 60 to 70 Thousand.
    Eat and Dine: Various Indian,Pakistani Arab and Turki resturants cater locals and visitors and serve variety of Dishes.
    Telecommunication Facilities: Telephone, Mobile, Dial up and DSL internet facilities are offered by Saudi Telecom.
    Local Transport: There is no local transport within the city. You can visit the city on your feet as most of the city is within walking range. Rent a Car facilitiies are present for day trips (or even more for nearby attractions). Some individuals do operate their cars as Private Taxi but they are difficult to trace. Ask your hotel for information about Rent a Car or a Private Taxi.
    How to reach there:
    By Air:
    The neighbouring cities Tabuk (140 Km) and Alwajh (about 160 Km) has airport facilities that connects the region with major national and international airports of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    By Road: Saptco Saudi Road Transport offers bus services from Jeddah and Mecca to Tabuk via Duba and takes about 12 hours to reach Duba from Jeddah.
    By Ship: Offcourse u can reach Duba port from Egypt via a Ferry or Ship.
    Shopping: Local super markets or rather general stores are there. Balagha, Rihab and Sharif offer 24 hour services. They supply mainly food items.

    Visa: Visa is required for almost all countries except some neighbouring Arab countries. Check ur local Saudi consulate.

    Fondest memory: I live here but don't know how to mention. My house is located on the beach. I can view the beech and the pools from the window of my study.
    I can view beautiful sunset from the roof and windows of my house. Can go for a walk in mornings and evenings.

    Sun Rise in Duba Sun Rise Duba

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