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  • Mystery Mosque
    Mystery Mosque
    by mikey_e
  • A close up view
    A close up view
    by mikey_e
  • View of the minaret from afar
    View of the minaret from afar
    by mikey_e

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  • Jeddawi way of picnic

    by Manyana Written May 17, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    well, i have lived most of life in jeddah and so taken many things for granted, which often go unnoticed. until a south african friend grabbed my attention, i find out how many people have a picnic is very odd and unsual.
    it's very common to see a whole family having a picnic, spreading their carpets, preparing their meals in the middle of a road or next to a pepsi machine. i've never done it myself nor my family but i find it very surprsing really...well after taking a notice of it,lol. when roads are free of cars, you can find families out there as if they own the whole road.
    you'd see one family having two separate carpets (sections); one for female family members and the other one for men, so to keep the tradition of gender segregation even in open areas like the street;^)
    when i was a kid, i remember my uncles and their wives would also have separate carpets at the beach or corniche. funny enough i just realise this at this age!
    next time you may like to try spreading your own sheets next to an ATM machine or at the gate of a shopping mall,lol....don't do this as you may be seen a beggar. don't try copy saudis, you'll definitely be spotted out,lol

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  • hand-in-hand: a manly walk??

    by Manyana Updated Apr 7, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    yes, i've seen men walking hand in hand many times! i have never noticed it until sachara and co told me that it's ok for men to walk like this in turkey. but in london it would be gay! so when i just arrived in saudi, i started to notice all these things and i did see loads of men walking like this, from religious conservative to ordinary men, around mosques or in malls! i even saw two religious men with long beards leaving the Holy Mosque, hand in hand!

    i thought it was not manly to have such a walk, but i asked my brother and he said, it's quite normal and usual!

    huh, guess jeddah is all gay by londoner's standards,lol.

    interesting! i should travel around jeddah with open eyes this time;^)

    hand in hand, not queer
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  • windows and bars

    by Manyana Written Mar 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every single house, blocks of flats, and villa have bars on their windows up to the second floor! these bars are unmovable so in case of emergency, there's no way out! i honestly dont know why they are there. but when i lived in london, i noticed the difference, from bars everywhere to absolutely none even in the ground floor!
    the only reason i'm aware of why houses in jeddah have window bars are 'thieves'! residents are afraid of being robbed or something, but no one seems to have considered fire emergency or something! but to put bars in the second floor, would the thief fly up there? hehe let's think it through again!

    see the bars
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  • Spitting as a cultural heritage

    by Manyana Updated Mar 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I know this is quite digusting but an essential part of daily jeddawi life,lol. I see people spit on everything everywhere anytime! if they get mad at something, they spit on it. if they want to protect themselves against the evil eye, they spit into their chest. if they walk down the street, they spit if they feel like to;^)
    oh goodness! yeah i have seen this scene many many times and the spitter seems not to bother.
    however, the islamic tradition states that one should not spit in public randomly. and if someone does, they should clean it up or cover it with 'sand', symbolising purity!
    wonder if i took a random picture of a spitter, what will he do to me?:D *ugh* don't wanna even imagine;^)

    look for the perfect spit,lol
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  • Saudi expressions

    by Manyana Updated Mar 1, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when marimar_72 and I get together, we just become so soaked in our hijazi and saudi gossips. That means to use Arabic expressions into our English conversations. Trust me, that's FUN:D
    here we go, learn some:
    - Like the Indian movies (zay al aflam al hindiyya): it is often said for over-emotional reactions or exaggerated drama, anything includes tears and cries.
    - I was running in the car (kon ajree bi al sayyara): i was in hurry driving the car
    - Do you drink cigarettes/shisha? (teshrab sajaayir/shisha?): do you smoke?
    - Light on you (alaik nour): yes, you are right
    - They are in a valley and I am in another valley: (homma fi wadi wana fi wadi): we are two different people
    - close the light /open (gafil al nour/aftah): switch off the light/ switch on
    - put out the electricity (taffi al kahraba): switch off the light
    - stand up, enough, stand up (gim bas gim): oh please change the subject
    - turn your face: (aglib waj'hak): oh please leave me alone
    - I am not empty (mani fadhi): sorry, i'm busy not free
    - what is the butter? (aysh al zibdah?): what is the bottom line?
    - you are digestive (enta mah'dhoum): you are cute
    - O father of the guys (ya abu al shabab): hey dude
    - collect yourself before i collect people on you (lom nafsak gabil ma alom al nas alaik): show some respect please
    - what's the inivtation? (aysh al da'wa?): what do you mean?
    - show us your shoulder width (wareena ardh aktafak): please leave

    and many more that i cannot recall, we just laugh when we speak like this.
    i remember i had a french friend who used to translate every french expression into english and i just laughed my head off, 'my feet drink me'...she meant she was tired of walking,lol.

    bas yalla salam...;^)

    weird saudi women, lol
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