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  • The tent city of Mina (during the Hajj)
    The tent city of Mina (during the Hajj)
    by pakistanibrain
  • Mina Camps
    Mina Camps
    by DunaKal
  • King Khalid Road to Mina
    King Khalid Road to Mina
    by DunaKal

Mina Things to Do

  • The 3 days rituals after Eid(part II)

    -Jamrah al soghra(small Jamrah)you throw 7 pebbles making an oath to God not to let the devil sawy and tempt them to do sins,and as you throw each pebble you shout saying"ALLAHO AKBAR!"which means Allah Almighty!!when you`re done,you should do prayer,wish for anything for yourself and for your loved ones.-Walk few steps to Jamrah Al Wosta(Medium...

  • 1st,2nd,3rd days after Eid.

    The three days after Eid is called Ayam Al Tashreeg.A pilgrim has an option of staying at mina in all three days,or just at the first two.We chose to go back to Jiddah a day earlier and then return again to Makka after few days , to preform Tawaf Al Wada`a (Farewell Tawaf)...when Makka`s grand mosque is less crowded.On the first day,usually right...

  • Eid Al Ad`ha( Feast of the sacrifice )

    Unlike Muslims all over the world,Eid al Ad-ha is less celebrated among Saudies,specially locals living next to Makka...for that the government is usually busy with the pilgrims.This time when I went to Hajj,I was extermely delighted to celebrate Hajj eid,it had a whole new meaning,by taking a shower and ending our Ihram(check Mina page for Islamic...

  • Arafat day

    The night before Arafat day(the most important day of Hajj)we slept early to prepare ourselves for the big day.(check Arafat page).We left Mina early in the morning 7:30am in the bus towards Arafa.Reached Arafa at 11:00am,then at 5:30 PM we left Arafa towards Muzdalifa.Leaving Arafa to Muzdalifa is called Al Nafra,and usually it`s the most tiring...

  • Al Tarwiyya Day

    Al Tarwiyya day is the day before Arafat day...pilgrims in the old days used to stay one night before Arafat to gather water,that`s why it`s called tarwiyya.It`s on the 8th day of Zul Hijja Month.My husband and I choose to go to directly to the camp,while some other pilgrims chose to go to Makkah to preform Tawaf al Kodoom and Sa`ee Al Hajj.I found...

  • The Mina Mosques

    Apart from the obvious tradition of staying in Mina overnight on the first day of Hajj, be sure to know that Mina also has two large mosques of which one is very historic.


Mina Restaurants

  • open buffet at the camp

    Usually the Hajj orgniser compnay provide all 3 meals,plus an all day beverages(jucies,water,coffee and tea).I didn`t eat anything(expet of apples and some busicuts)to prevent myself from going to the toilet.(not that it wasn`t clean,but I didn`t feel comfortable in public toilets).The buffet contained many...

  • Al Baik

    A Local frenshies that opend couple of years ago at Mina.serves fried chicken nuggets with garlic dip.Look at the picture,see the red and yellow sign? That`s Al baik!

  • Mina Hotels

    0 Hotels in Mina

Mina Nightlife

  • DunaKal's Profile Photo

    Sleeping early

    by DunaKal Written Jan 15, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We slept early most of the nights,unless there was an islamic lecture on things we needed to know about Hajj.
    The only night we stayed up til the the next morning was Arafat day.

    Dress Code: You will carry on wearing your ihram,until you do your ifadda Tawaf,then you will allowed to take a shower,wear makeup and perfume and get ready for the Eid celebrations.

    One note for Muslims,you can change your ihram clothes with out Tahalol of ihram,white clothes get dirty easily,so you might need to take extra ihrams to change it before Arafa day.
    on Eid and the upcoming days,you are allowed to wear what ever you like.
    Women remain coverd though when they go out in public.

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Mina Transportation

  • Budget Hajj

    Preforming Hajj is almost like a dream to many Muslims...it is the 5th pillar of islam and it is combined with the ability(financial ability)so a Muslim might spend all his life saving to be able to travel and preform Hajj.Not all Muslims can afford airconditioned busses.the picture speaks for itself !!!

  • Air conditiond buses

    Each hajj orgnising company has their own buses.here is a picture that I took from the buses next to us

  • Mina Maps

    As you can see in the picture each camp area has maps. These are found in each area. You will notice that this particular map border is red. This denotes that you are in the Europe area. Each country and continent has different areas or colours. Be sure to reference the map before setting off. Its very easy to get lost as the camp area is huge! You...


Mina Warnings and Dangers

  • Garbage everywhere!

    I`m sad to say this,but many pilgrims litter everywhere,and the government can`t do much about it,though it provides large garbage cans,but they can`t collect it,simply because many people are sleeping on the streets,preventing car traffic.By the 3rd day of hajj piles of garbage is all over the roads.so be prepared,take washing eye drops with...

  • Collect your pebbles in advance

    Collect all the pebbles you need from Mozdalifah,you will NOT find any at Mina,as everywhere is paved now.you will need 7 for the first Agaba al kobra.then 7 for each Jamarah soghra,wostah and kobra 7*3=21(for each day)so 21*3 nights=63 pebble not to forget the 7 above..63+7=70 in all.some people advise in collecting more,incase some one needed...

  • Emergency Exists in Mina

    Make sure you know exactly where you are when you arrive in mina. More importantly know where the emergency exists are from your tent in Mina, as NO ONE will tell you. In the case of fire, flood or what ever may come your way, God Forbid, you need to know how best to leave the camp site. Large Emergency exit signs are dotted everywhere and fire...


Mina What to Pack

  • DunaKal's Profile Photo

    Everything you might think of!

    by DunaKal Updated Jan 16, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: The orgnising company we went with gave each one of us a carry on complementary bag.
    you can also take a back pack with you to use on the night you will spend in Muzdalifa.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: If Hajj (like this year)is in winter time,it is advised to take a light jacket with you,or even if your like me(get cold even from an aircondition).
    -extra ihram to change after the tarwiyya day and before going to Arafat.
    -slippers with you to use in the toilets.
    -new garments for the Eid celebrations.
    -if you`re a female take extra head scarves.
    -extra under garments.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: -Take Dettol wipes(you can only use it after Tahalol from ihram)as well as unsented soap for the days of your ihram,and regular sented soaps and shampoo after Tahalol.
    you will need either perfume or anti prespirant deodrent(like Dove stick).

    -Advil,Tylanol or Asprin.
    -cough syrope and lozenges(for sore throat).
    -mosquito repellent.
    -mobile charger.
    -a hair blow dryer,a small iron.(for women).

    Photo Equipment: -cameras are allowed in Mina area,I even saw some pilgrims with vedio cameras!!

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: you might need an umbrella on Arafat day and if your camp is away from Al Jamarat area,it will prevent sun light(as men are not allowed to wear anything on their heads like a hat or a cap while they have their ihram on).

    Miscellaneous: Face surgical masks to wear at Jamarat site.
    Luckly the government provided ambelance and medical teams all over Mina.

    call 997
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Mina Off The Beaten Path

  • Muarrij's Profile Photo

    The Mina Mountains

    by Muarrij Written Jun 10, 2005

    Although Mina is now a very flat area full of permanent tents, around it are moutains in all directions.

    As you can see from the pic these stand out clearly from the Tents.

    Mina's Mountains
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Mina Favorites

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  • Peace through acknowledgement

    Mina is only really visited during the Hajj season for a few days by about 2 million people all at the same time. You would think that such a small area would get quite congested during this time, but no, you still feel at peace. Why?There is nothing really to stress you out and everyone is at peace. No Internet connection, limited mobile coverage...

  • At Al Jamarat

    I insisted to go to the three Jamarat to stone the devil(there isnt really a devil there as some ignorant Muslims might think)it`s only a symbolic action....Anyways,on the first night my husband and I among few others waited until midnight and the crowed was a lot less...I had only seven pebbles with me,but I needed 21,and my husband had none,and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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