Saudi Arabia What to Pack

  • A few eroded tombs...
    A few eroded tombs...
    by MM212
  • Wrap in Newspaper then Plastic Cover +Tight Sealed
    Wrap in Newspaper then Plastic Cover...
    by Dthey
  • Sweet Lanzones-None in Riyadh
    Sweet Lanzones-None in Riyadh
    by Dthey

Saudi Arabia What to Pack

  • Clothes/Shoes

    Jiddah What to Pack

    Have as many peices as u like, just make sure to keep them light weighted,,, I discovered that the people who deal with luggage in the saudi airport are so inathletic and fragile... and would treat a heavey suit case roughly which might get ur good piece ruined ... ( what a tip ha ?) If it's ur first time to Saudi.... just keep the lower part long...

  • Weather Gear

    Jiddah What to Pack

    If you are planning on stopping in Jiddah then moving to Makkah for Hajj or Umra,,you might need an umbrella,not for the rain,,but to protect you from sun stroke!! Plus we have many shops that sells umbrellas. Here is a picture of Jiddah from the 13th floor,most houses are coloured with light colours to prevent the heat.

  • UnderArmor!

    Hot weather gear but keep in mind that women must wear the black Abaya when out in public and that men should not wear shorts outside of any compunds. If you are an XL or above size in the US or Europe you better stock up on clothes. You won't find much at all your size, if anything. When you do find XXL once you open it you get one of two...

  • False list of Prohibited items

    I have been reading on the net that these items are forbidden but here is my input:*-contraceptives: not true,I used to bring my pills from abroad....and we do have them in many brands in our local pharmacies.same goes with condoms(take off the shelf items in any pharmacy).- Jewellery: not true(but maybe in enormous quantities!)-musical...


    -Pork and pork products.-Alcohol Drinks.-Pornography on DVDs,Vedio films,porn Magazines,sex toys....ect.-Religious books: only of other than Islam.And any symbol of other religions such as a cross necklace.-children's dolls:not that strict, at a time I brought 10 Barbie dolls to the kingdom as gifts and nobody interfered.- statues in the form of...

  • Don't forget the right type of Suncream

    The best type of Sun cream to bring along with you is one that is non waterproof. Not being waterproof will allow your skin to breathe better and to perspire better. This will keep you more comfortable when you are out and about and not swimming. The waterproof sun cream can be easily purchased here. However the cost may be more than what you are...

  • Bring a ME Travel Guide

    Bring along a guide to the Middle East buy a reputable company such as Lonely Planet, Foot Prints or another company. Read the reviews on Amazon before you buy. My personal preference is Lonely Planet. Although these can be purchased locally, it may not be easy to find. The selection may also be limited so buy before you arrive. Buy a Middle East...

  • Don't forget the sunscreen!

    Light weight clothing for the very hot times of the years. If you are going to be on a compound where you can where what you want, bring that type clothing. But for off the compound, bring conservative clothing. Flip Flops are nice for the beaches and pools, sandals are good all the time. Tennis shoes. A few dressy clothes for dinner parties and...

  • Just a little quote I thought was...

    "Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag" - Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  • Leave your Pork, Porn and Alcohol at...

    The other one to consider when coming to Saudi Arabia is leave anything that is considered 'bad' here in the Muslim world so leave any Pork products at home and have a nice Pork roast before you come over. Yes us Pork lovers we can survive without our weekly fix of bacon, there is always an alternative!! Also for those guys who like a little flesh...

  • Packing List

    Weather is hot and dry although it can get cold in the winter. However, because of the their culture, skimpy clothes like shorts and tank tops are not allowed especially in women. Moreover, women foreigners are required to wear a black 'abaya' when visiting some places where only the head and hands are seen lest you be caught by Muttawas. Don't...

  • Packing List

    Hats, Hats and more hats.... oh and a good pair or two of sunglasses. Bring one years worth of medical supplies with you if you are moving there. Bring the little thing you miss or will miss from home. You will be surprised how much they will mean later in your trip. Buy it there... Get a good Bedouin tent at the tent souk.

  • Packing List

    Its very hot, wear loose clothes, preferable light colored. Avoid shorts, loose trousers are better. For women, abaya and head cover are absolutely essential. DO NOT try to get around this. There are Muttawah or religious police on the streets to monitor this. Insect repellant

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Saudi Arabia What to Pack

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