Saudi Arabia Transportation

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  • Metro Station near Mina, Mecca.
    Metro Station near Mina, Mecca.
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Saudi Arabia Transportation

  • Taxis

    Jiddah Transportation

    they come in all shapes and sizes those white jeddawi taxis. drivers come mainly from south asia though saudis start to take on this job. taxis are cheap compared to london, of course! there's no counter, so you can always negotiate and make a deal. the longest journey should cost you SR70 and that's 3-hour of getting dizzy around jeddah! you can...

  • Public Buses

    Jiddah Transportation

    Convenient, mostly new with airconditioning, the big buses are operated by SAPTCO (Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company), they have several routes around the city ending up in downtown Ballad. They also have a vast network of intercity and destinations out of Jeddah to most cities in the Kingdom as well as International routes. Their main bus...

  • Airplanes

    Jiddah Transportation

    Jeddah as a commercial & industgrial hub, most major airlines of the world are available to and from Jeddah's King Abdul Aziz International Airport. Domestic routes are serviced by the Kingdom's flag carrier, SAUDIA (reservations hotline 920022222), and few privately-owned airlines with limited destinations are emerging.

  • Car Rentals

    Jiddah Transportation

    As I have described earlier it is extremely cheap and convenient to rent a car in Jeddah keeping in mind you have proper documentation available with you. Gasoline in Saudi Arabia is less than a dollar a gallon. There is also ample parking through out the city and to top it off most of it is free. You must have a valid International License as well...

  • Jiddah Map

    Jiddah Transportation

    I came across this link which shows jeddah city`s map. here is the link,,copy/paste it to your browser address bar.the first one is in Arabic,the second is in English.

  • Luxury Travel

    SAPTCO- the Saudi Arabian Public Transport System is a wonderful bus service which allows the traveller to travel either domestically or internationally.They also make special trips for those who are performing Haj or Umrah and will also charter too. For a round trip a person is entitled to a 25% discount on their fare around to get to most...


    Gosh, why the Saudi Government not provide good Public Transport???The buses only connect between big cities.For local, only taxi available plus no METER :) Lucky we got one Arabic speaker with us!What is wrong if they make Bullet Train between Jeddah-Mekkah-Medinah-Riyadh??? Surely profitable since the visitor there use all year round.Next time...

  • Aramco Bus

    If you are fortunate enough to work for Aramco, you can use their bus system that is free to employees and their families. They have busses that go to their other compounds as well s to Al Khubar. It is a nice way to get there, if you can bear with their bus schedule.

  • Petrol stations

    Petrol Station in Saudi Arabia are ok.They have everything you may need including some basic snack food and of course drinks of all sort.Usually, there is a mosque nearby for praying time.A golden rule to me when I am driving long distance in Saudi, is not to get my tank less than half full ! Distance between petrol stations can be significant...

  • SAPTCO:Saudi Buses

    It is very cheap and easy to get around the Kingdom with buses. SAPTCO is the Saudi leading bus company within the Kingdom. It operates from 7 am to 11 pm everyday, with a network that connects 10 major cities (Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam, Abha, Gaseem, Tabuk, Hael) and serve also trips to international cities everyday to Kuwait,...

  • Saudi Airlines

    is the only domestic airlines to travel between cities. There are 4 international airports in Saudi; King Khalid Aiport in Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz in Jeddah, Prince Moh'd in Medina and another one in Dammam. There are also plenty of domestic airports in Abha, Gizan, Taif, Arar and other cities.Saudi Airlines is one of the most prestigeous airlines...

  • Car Roads

    The main transportation is car-roads and highways.Major cities are connected through a huge net of highways. But to go around and within a city, you need to rent a car or have your own. Car rental per day starts from SR30 and goes higher.Taxis are also available starting from SR10 and up, depending how good you are at negotiation, no counter.Buses...

  • Limousines (TAXI)

    Where to find them?Everywhere and anytime.How to reach them?Simply Scream TAXI or point by your hand they will stop for you. Eye contact is enough to stop them.Who can ride them?Both males and females.How much to pay them?I remember 10 minute of diving he took about 15 riyals. Just bargain and he might low the price. SR3.75 to U.S. $1.00.Taxi...

  • Driving

    driving in saudi arabia is dangerous, thosands of people die each year due to car accidents, and guess what, that's not because saudis are drunk!!! now i wonder what then will happen if drinking is allowed in saudi arabia.saudi arabia is well connected with highways and roads between its villages and cities, and driving is the main transportation...

  • Airlines....unless you come...

    Airlines....unless you come from close countries, then you can use your car or pick a busAir lines,,,Saudi Arabia has only one railroad between Riadh and also can use Buses..many people use them nowor your own car

  • roads

    Many of the inter-city roads have been upgraded to expressways, with up to eight lanes for traffic. Some of the more important inter-city highways are:Dammam - Abu Hadriya - Ras Tanura Highway (257 kms) Khaybar - Al Ola Highway (175 kms) Makkah - Madinah Al Munawarah Highway (421 kms) Riyadh - Dammam Highway (383 kms) Riyadh - Sedir - al Qasim...

  • King Fahd Causeway (Bahrain Causeway)

    The King Fahd Causeway, connects the Saudi Arabian mainland with the island of Bahrain. On 11th November, 1982, the cornerstone of the bridge was jointly placed by King Fahd and the then ruler of Bahrain, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al-Khalifa. This is a four-lane highway, 25m wide and about 26km long. Building works, costing US$ 1.2 billion, were...

  • international airports

    KSAingdom has three international airports. In 1981 (1401/02 AH), the late King Khalid opened the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jiddah. This airport, which has special facilities for handling the annual influx of pilgrims performing Hajj, has a land area of 105km sq. King Khalid International Airport was opened in 1983 (1403/04 AH)....

  • A(NO Women Driving)country!!!

    Women are (still)not allowed to drive,yet I don`t find it a very bad thing as the media tries to make it,,Who wouldn`t love to have a personal driver??to drive you any place you want to go??hehehe I guess this is a part of spoiling us women in Saudi Arabia ;-)Not allowing women to drive has nothing to do with Islam,it`s just a cultural thing here...

  • Taxi travel around Al Khobar

    For anyone who is planning to live or is living in Al Khobar in the Eastern Province, one should only pay 10 riyals to go into town etc... when using one of the White taxis. Anymore than 10 riyals and you have given your driver a nice healthy tip... unless you really want to that is. State you price prior to jumping into the vehicle and if he...

  • The most spectacular road...

    The most spectacular road construction project of all has been the building of the Bahrain Causeway, connecting the Saudi Arabian mainland with the island of Bahrain. Building works, financed entirely by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, were completed in 1986 and the Causeway was opened to traffic at the end of that year.

  • Air travel is safe. Many...

    Air travel is safe. Many airlines fly into the country. I flew Lufthansa, very convenient.You can rent a car for a reasonable rate. Taxis are available in the cities. I do not recall seeing a good public transport system.



  • to the cities of the...

    to the cities of the north,there is a collective taxi from raghdan station,in amman to tabuk;no tourist is allowed to enter saudia,you will have like me to receive a business visa,with an invitation from a saudi company;once you crossed the border,you may go everywhere as a tourist except medina and mecca,forbidden cities to non-moslems

  • Most people fly into Jeddah,...

    Most people fly into Jeddah, Dhahran, or Riyadh, though there are also international flights to both Medina and Mecca, both of which are closed to foreigners. Otherwise, one can drive, take a bus, or use a passenger ferry from either Egypt or Jordan.Like the States, cars are king in the Kingdom. There are also long distance buses as well as a...

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