Saudi Arabia Warnings and Dangers

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Saudi Arabia Warnings and Dangers

  • Appropriate Clothing

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    When in Saudi Arabia you should respect theyr culture and dresscodes. They appriciate it and it?s just plain polite when you go somewhere else to respect the rules there. Women have to cover up in an Abaya, it?s a black gown worn over clothes. Take a scarf to cover your hair aswell since it?s what they like you to do. In Jeddah they sometimes do...

  • Traffic & Roads

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    watch out for the traffic jam during the holy month of Ramadan. it's just beyond your imagination. all those who never leave their home get to leave it in ramadan! as the working day is shorter, starts late and finishes early, so all people leave almost at the same time, so you end up with a massive traffic jam. instead of spending a 15-minute...

  • Weather

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    We get a sand storm mainly twice a year,when the cool season ends(it`s not really winter)and once again when the summer ends. Here is a picture I got in my e.mail of a sand storm that happend in Jiddah in April 2005. looks scary! it lasted 15 minutes and it was washed away with rain drops,,,then the real heat began!!!

  • Cultural Diffrences

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    First of all it is very safe, but not for stupids. For males: do not act as if your culture is the best even if you belive that it is. For females generaly:'decencey is required' while shopping or walking in streets do not act as if you are 'the only expensive gift God gave males'.

  • Public Photography

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    Most public places prohibit photography,and also taking pictures of local people is something that will make them uncomfortable,you have NO idea how much hassel I go through to take these pictures I place here in VT. The picture below was taken on a Ramadan night right after Iftar(The first meal to break our fasting)....the streets are really...

  • Electricity & services

    Jiddah Warnings and Dangers

    Although Jeddah is an astonishing city to live and work in, in some seasons, it can give you a hard time. When it rains, when suddenly electricity goes off for hours, or when storms blow things away. Jeddah has a poor drainage system. So it drowns when it rains although it's only one season in the whole year. Also, it doesn't have any alert system...

  • People

    I am not being mean but honest. the people here are totally rude and awful. everyday i saw an incident that showed this.. from my English colleague getting whipped with a stick while he was cycling. to children throwing stones and dirt at anyone who is foreign, to treating poor migrant workers with contempt and like slaves, having change at a shops...

  • Crazy Traffic

    If you ever wanted to know what it is like to be in a NASCAR, F-1, or Rally race then look no futher than Saudi Arabia. These are some of the world's craziest drivers. They pass on shoulders, run lights, and anything else you can or maybe cannot imagine. I continue to be bemused and worried about it. If anything kills me over here it will be a...

  • Don't talk to the women

    This is a segregated society and women are separate from men. If you see a woman don't stare and don't try to make conversation. If she asks you a question or otherwise engages the conversation then it is OK but other wise you run the risk of getting in trouble with the religious police.Women cannot go outside unless they wear the black abaya. I...

  • Never drink Tap water

    saudi, generally, has a long battle with water shortage. although there is one giagantic water refining factory by the western coast, the water usually remains semi-filtred and not quite clean and not suitable for drinking. when you turn on the tap at first, it will pour rusty or yellowish water, even though it becomes clear in a few moments...

  • Stay Away from Deera Square on Friday...

    I almost forgot: Stay away from Deera Square in the old section of Riyadh on Fridays from the end of midday mosque service until the "asr" mid-afternoon prayers. The expats call it "chop chop" square for a reason. There's always a big crowd to watch the beheadings and they're all hopped up from a long and fiery sermon...the Mutaween is, of course,...

  • Basic Rules for Surviving in the Kingdom

    Dress like the locals. If possible, buy your Saudi clothes online and wear them out of the airport. Abaya with hijab headscarf for women (and a niquab veil if you think you can take it, though it's not legally mandated), thawb with keffiyeh/agal headdress for men.Act like the locals. Women: driving, riding a bike, or going anywhere unescorted by...

  • Fake Security persons

    Be careful from fake Security (Police) persons, if any one ask you about your Aqama (Residence permit) don't give him until you are not sure about him. If he is in plain cloths then awlays first ask him to show his identity card.Many incidents happened, local young Saudis rob the innocent people by snatching their wellect and Aqamas, which they...

  • Always ask for a Permission: sneak pics

    Saudi society is conservative and private. Men or women prefer to head a private life almost in everything. So if you want to take a picture in public, avoid taking pictures of people unless if you ask for their permission.If you are teaching at school or college and planning to have a field trip, make sure to have parents' permission even for...

  • Highway Hazard

    While you're driving merrily on the road between Riyadh and Gassim or Dammam or any other road on the kingdom, and as you drive through a turn, you may come to a very close encounter with a Camel! yes! a camel on the highway! In the middle of the road!and you won't always find signs warning you of a camel crossing, because those creatures jump...

  • If your not Muslim...

    If your not muslim, do not wear any symbols of whatever other religion you may be.Bibles, crosses, star of david etc... will be taken away from you, sometimes at Customs. There are no churches in Saudi Arabis also, they are banned!!Strange, I live in the multi-religious city of London. I find it incredible that Saudi Arabia is afraid of its...

  • Leave The Porn Behind

    Porn is also forbidden in Saudi Arabia. And be warned, that what they consider porn, may not be what you consider porn. A movie with a woman in a bikini can be considered porn here. You will be fined for it.

  • No Alcohol allowed!

    Alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. You can get into a lot of trouble if you are caught with alcohol. You can even be deported. Personally, I don't think it is worth the risk. The best bet would be to go across the causeway to Bahrain if you would like a drink. It is legal there.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water, Don't get...

    It gets very hot here and the heat can be intense. Be sure to drink plenty of water here to avoid getting dehydrated. By the time you are thirsty it could be too late. Always carry a bottle of water with you here, so that you don't dehydrate!

  • Shamals

    Shamals are desert sand storms and they can be dangerous. High winds with sand blowing around in waves. Be careful and try to not be outside during them. Some are worse than others. They make for very bad driving conditions as well. If you can avoid it, don't go out in itl These pictures were taken from the end of my street. This Shamal came about...

  • It's hot here !!!

    Beware about the rising temperature.I found out that the hottest time of the day is around 2 pm and not noon !Be careful and always have enough fuel and water if you are driving around !

  • Crazy Car Drivers

    Saudi Arabia or the Gulf area is considered to be no.1 in car accidents in the world. Actually, car accident is among the top 5 causes of death in Saudi.Usually teenagers have got their own cars and can speed up to 200KM. Taxi drivers also are well-know for their higher possibility of having car accidents than other drivers.Also because 75%of the...

  • For visitor men

    - Clothes: In public, always dress decently, long sleeves and long pants unless in beaches or so. You don't wanna gain attention. Trust me at this.- Restaurants: most restaurants have single and family sections. If you are a single man, you should go to the single section which is only for single men, unless you're accompanied by a girlfriend or...

  • For visitor women

    - Clothes: In public, visitor women should wear the black abaya (cloak like) as soon as they arrive in Saudi Arabia. You just ask any local and they direct you to an abaya's shop. It is a must. Also it would be more favored if you cover your hair, but it's not necessary to foreigners since local women do it and other cover their faces as well.-...

  • ~If you are a female~

    I am sure most people are aware of dress code in Saudi Arabia, if you are a female just conceder covering your body with “Abaya”. Abaya is long black dress. Some women don’t cover face nor hair, which is ok. I been asked what women should wear under the Abaya, well women are free to wear as she wear in her country but Abaya is the magical word ;o)

  • ~If you are a male~

    As for men shorts above the knee would be annoying unless you are at the beach.Jewelry for men will be annoying to most of us Saudis since we believe it is more feminine then masculine. Gold and silk are forbidden for men in Islam therefore try to avoid it while being in Saudi

  • Car accidents!

    Driving in Saudi Arabia requires lots of skills,although there are many traffic lights,stop signs,and wearing the seat belt is a must,yet Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates for car accidents!Sadly most car accident are fatal.(although drivers arent drunk!)I`m writting this after coming from my best friend`s funeral,she died at age of 31 from...

  • Due to the recent events....

    Due to the recent bombing in a Residental compound in Riyadh and the with the war on Iraq being so close to Saudi, many expats are now considering leaving the Kingdom and are returning back to their native Homelands because things have got alot worse since these terrible incidents.At present my I am staying put but are remaining calm and careful...

  • Snakes I

    Like many areas of the Middle East, there are plenty of poisonous snakes. One of the guys I spoke with at the King Fahad Hospital said, 'there are not poisonous and non-poisonous snakes here. Only poisonous."

  • photography

    Photographers must be exceedingly circumspect in where they aim their cameras. I've never had any trouble, but if you do, you run the risk of having your film/memory stick or camera removed! You're in the most danger if you try to shoot women. I have photos of Saudi women on this site, this has gotten lots of people in hot water. Similiarly, it 's...

  • censorship

    The Ministry of Information keeps a tight rein on the media and all publications entering the Kingdom. Any reference to Christianity or Judaism is strictly expunged: if a photograph appears in a newspaper or magazine that shows a cross or a star of David, it is obliterated with an opaque black marker. The same thing goes for any exposed flesh above...

  • saudi society

    KSA is probably the most conservative society in the world. And social life here is determined according to Islamic beliefs.Everything closes for prayertime - 5 times a day. And men and women are strictly segregated in all forms of public life.Women cannot drive, and local women cannot travel intercity/internationally without permission from a male...

  • A Rehab Country

    if you`re trying to quit on drinking,,Saudi Arabia is the place!!!Alcohol is forbidden in Islam and it`s not served almost anywhere in Saudi Arabia.yet many embassies has alcohol beverages...they have a certain licence for it...otherwise you will not be allowed to bring your own alcohol beverage at all.

  • Make sure that you're aware of...

    Make sure that you're aware of the religious rules of the cities before venturing out into the unknown. You wouldn't want to get in trouble with the Muttawas (religious police). As with all places, just give due respect to their way of living and you'll find your visit very interesting. =)

  • Sometimes there is a thorough...

    Sometimes there is a thorough customs check on entry, be prepared to spend time at the airport. Do NOT attempt to access alcohol in any way. I am a woman, the abaya and head cover are musts. Please respect local customs and culture in all ways.

  • 1...Travel to Mecca and...

    1...Travel to Mecca and Madina is forbidden for non Muslims. Should avoid arriving in the Saudi Arabia during the Islamic month of Hajj, which also known as the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, in order to avoid over crowded hotels and transportation services. The date of the Hajj rotate from year to year.2....Identification papers must be carried at...

  • If you are camping in the...

    If you are camping in the desert beware of camel spiders. They bite when you sleep and numb the area of the bit. Then they eat some flesh. Yiou will not feel anything because of the anastetic bit! They mainy feed on camels but they have been know to eat small parts on humans. There is a venoumous sea snake too.

  • Be carefull not to do anything...

    Be carefull not to do anything to draw the attention of the police or the Muthowas (religious police). Driving in Saudi is one of the craziest things you can do. Be careful. The traffic rules are made up as you go along.But remember: If you can drive in Saudi (without an accident) you can drive anywhere.

  • Only drink bottled water....

    Only drink bottled water. Women where the abaja, (for your own protection). Men if you are traveling with a woman who is not your wife, sister or mother, stay clear of the Mutohwas (religious police). DO NOT POSSES ALCOHOL OR DRUGS THE SAUDIES HAVE THEIR OWN WAY OF HANDELING THAT (chop-chop square) Just ask yourself one thing: Are you ready to risk...

  • Don't mess around with women,...

    Don't mess around with women, drugs, steeling or alcool in Saudi Arabia if you wish to keep your head on your shoulders. Rules are very strict.It makes KSA one of the most (if not the most) secure place of the world.

  • If you find yourself driving...

    If you find yourself driving in Saudi, watch out! Drivers make turns in any direction from any lane with few signals; there is no apparent lane discipline; traffic lights mean little; and parking is a nightmare. Photo: Cars parked along Riyadh's Sitteen Street in the inner suburb of Malaaz.

  • You have to be careful at all...

    You have to be careful at all times that you don't tread on a sensitive cultural toe. Women should NEVER go out without a headcovering -- and they should wear an abaya as well. This is mandatory in Riyadh; the coastal towns are more liberal. Do NOT wear crosses, do not talk about religion, do not criticize Islam. Don't even THINK about wearing...

  • Dangers....Or yes. You will...

    Dangers....Or yes. You will fill it time to time.Mad driving. There are silent rules never to give lift to arab(who knows what he is carrying in his bag),what else ....let think,.It is low for women to be dressed in abaya and to have head cover,dont even expect them to be soft about it.If they (religious police) see you, you will be arrested.Or you...

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Saudi Arabia Warnings and Dangers

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